The Bloodbath (sorry this took so long).

kneeling in the bloody carnage of the fight i wipe my hands on my pants and stand to take a look at the horrific scene unfolding before me. Its a fucking mess i think to myself. I'm holding a knife i retrieved from the back of my third kill, droplets of blood dripping off the tip of the blade. Cato is sauntering my way triumphantly. Glimmer, Marvel, and the girl from district four are with us. The boy from four was too weak and was cut down by Cato as previously agreed upon. The boy from three escaped earlier. My theory was that he tricked us so that we wouldn't kill him in the initial bloodbath. Although we had previously turned down the girl from four she had proved to be a worthy fighter and was allowed to live. They are gathering weapons and checking bodies for movement. You were slower than usual out there Cato smirked. I killed way more than you. Shouldn't you go and check if your girlfriends alright i retorted. He looked hurt, but only for a second. He stared blankly at me and then walked off. I know i shouldn't have treated him like that. I agreed to this .

It was my turn to be hurt then as he took Glimmers face in his hands and kissed her softly on her forehead. The gamemakers will be loving this. I started to head over to the others when i heard a noise in the bushes behind me. Curious, i stalked forward. Pulling back the bushes i peered into the helpless face of Peeta Mellark. District twelve, i sneered at him. He was as frightened as a mouse cornered by a cat. He had a large cut on his arm that was oozing crimson blood.

Get up i snarled at him, yanking his hurt arm. He screamed in pain as my fingers dug into the cut. I snickered at him. How could a person be so pathetic and weak. Of course not everyone is trained to withstand pain and that cut looked like it would probably hurt. I loosened my grip and continued to drag him back to the cornucopia.

The look on everyones faces when i dragged him into their sights was priceless. I had managed to actually capture one of the tributes we had agreed upon killing first. No one else had. I would keep secret the fact that it was incredibly easy to capture him and completely by accident that i found him.

I smiled at them smugly. Marvel looked unhappy that i had outshone him and walked over to a tribute who was lying twitching on the ground and stuck his spear into her back. She let out a blood curdling scream and then went limp. We had managed to secure the cornucopia easily and all the weapons and supplies were ours. There were a few backpacks that had gone astray but we had managed to keep all the weapons from the cornucopia.

Glimmer sat on a box and wiped her sword clean. Her golden hair had come loose from the plaits she was wearing and it hung loosely around her shoulders. Her face was beaded with sweat and her biceps rippled as she roughly wiped the blade, the blood proving to be more difficult to remove than she had initially anticipated. She looked so beautiful that a pang of jealousy hit me. I noticed Cato looking at her intently. He walked over to her and brushed her hair behind her ears. Waves of jealousy swept over me and i forced myself to stare blankly at them all. Adamant not to show how much his display of affection was bothering me.

After i had tied up the prisoner i went to scan the area. The arena was beautiful. It reminded me of the forests in district two where we used to train. I climbed a tree to view my surroundings. From the top i spied my fellow careers lounging around. They looked happy and contented. Things had gone exactly as planned and they felt safe enough to relax. I, however was not laid back and remained intent on properly securing the area. I wa about to climb down when i spotted something unsettling. Cato was stroking Glimmer's hair as they talked. Winding a strand around his right index finger he pulled her face close to his and kissed her passionately for everyone to see. For the first time since we arrived here i was suddenly nervous about what was to come. What if Cato genuinely liked her and was using the charade as an excuse to get close to her. Did i have some real competition to worry about. Anxious, i returned to camp. Glimmer looked smitten with Cato and he was doing his best to look equally pathetic.

The crowd would be thoroughly enjoying the romances this year. Two star crossed lovers. Or so they thought. Angrily i snapped that the area was clear. On closer inspection of my prisoner i realized that he had acquired a new friend. The boy from district three was tied up next to him. He had tried to run away earlier and Glimmer caught him and brought him back Cato remarked.

Well then i exclaimed cutting his rope with a knife from my belt. You better get started. If its not finished by tonight i'll cut your throat myself i snarled pointing my knife at his jugular. You're more angsty than usual Clove, Marvel exclaimed. I shot him my signature death stare and he abruptly went silent.

As night fell everything was silent. Birds chirped in the trees, leaves rustled in the wind and the careers curled up to each other as the air got cooler. If i didn't know this place was man made i would never have guessed. Cato and Glimmer were intertwined in each others arms. The air was cooling down and i could see my breath. Cato looked at me with a longing he reserved only for me. It was no use though. Even though i knew his heart belonged to me i couldn't help but be fearful that he desired her too and was using the situation to his advantage. I turned away unable to bear the sight anymore.

I slipped of my shirt so i could put on my vest of knives, forgetting i had long scratches down my back. Who are they from Glimmer teased. No one i replied feeling my face heat up with embarrassment. Cato looked nervous and let go of Glimmer. It was Marvel i exclaimed defeatedly. What! Glimmer couldn't hide her surprise and anger. Well when you dumped him he needed someone else and i was bored. There's nothing else to it. He was lonely and i was bored. When Glimmer looked at him Marvel he cast his eyes down pretending to be ashamed but really hiding the fact that he was just as shocked as she was.

Later he approached me. Why did you say that he prodded. I had been expecting this and i was ready for an answer. I decided letting Marvel know the truth was ok as long as i didn't tell him the whole truth. I used you as an excuse to hide the fact that i'm screwing Cato i said. He raised an eyebrow but didn't look too surprised. I knew you two were more than just friends he answered. So what's he doing with Glimmer then? She almost caught us so we ended things and now he has a thing with her. Things were never serious between us. We're just friends who occasionally sleep together. Now he sleeps with Glimmer. I didn't want Marvel to know too much so stretching the truth was easy. He looked satisfied with my answer. I'll be your decoy he said. On one condition. What i asked hesitantly. You make it look like you're madly in love with me. Why? Because i want Glimmer to think that you do. She'll never buy it Marvel. She knows me better than you do. She knows i'm not capable of love. Fine he sulked, but you're not as lost on love as you think.

I watched him walk back to camp with a triumphant look on his face. Glimmer thinking i was sleeping with him was enough to make her jealous and the look on her face was one i will remember forever. Maybe Cato was just a strategy and she really did care about Marvel. Time will tell i thought to myself as i strode back to camp.