New Story! Again! Yay!

That's right; a brand spankin' new story for you guys and gals to enjoy, free of charge!

Okay, seriously though. This story is an idea I've been tossing around for a while now. It was something I had originally planned to as my first Harry Potter crossover, but back then I didn't know enough about both series to write it. Now I do!

So, in this crossover, you'll notice something a bit different from others. The key thing being that ages shall be canon. Yeah, that's right: CANON! That means:

Harry Potter: July 31, 1980

Luke Castellan: sometime 1987

Thalia Grace: sometime 1989

Percy Jackson: August 18, 1994

Annabel Chase: sometime 1994

So yeah, Harry will have at least a good decade on most of them. Another thing that you'll all notice is that I'm not even going to bother writing the tired and drown out "Harry is a Half-blood Wizard at Hogwarts and THIS happens Yadda Yadda…" or "Half-bloods go to Hogwarts for Yadda Yadda…"

It's old. It's tired. It's done. It's DEAD! Normally I don't rant about these things, but really, what the hell can we change about Harry's years in Hogwarts by adding Dyslexic kids with ADHD? Harry'll still get into the same exact situations he would have in canon, because he has no control over Voldemort's half-crazed plots to kill him.

So instead, I will most likely gloss over Harry's time in Hogwarts. True, he will have new and old friends from canon, but other than that, I don't see much changing. Truth be told, I search very hard for stories that have Harry go to Camp Half-Blood without the whole Hogwarts business. I like the idea of Harry being a half-blood, and going to stay at Camp Half-Blood year round, or even that he goes and stays with his Godly parent every now and then.

Now, I know what I've done to Harry's parentage and life will actually play a part in the story. I know that once you get to the part I'm talking about, everyone will be like, "This is crap!" or something close to that. But don't worry, "they" are not the only ones who can be sneaky. Trust me, you'll know who "they" are when you've finished this chapter.

Sorry for the length of this A/N, but yeah… I needed to say all that. In fact, it felt good. Empowering, even.

I think I'm gonna go yell at a deaf person now. Not to mock them, but just to feel empowered without getting bitch-slapped… On second thought, I'd probably still get bitch-slapped just because of who I am… FML…

Chapter 1: Gazing up at the Son

Hades sighed from his throne in the Underworld. Being the Lord of the Dead, Master of Death, and all around Badass of the Underworld just wasn't doing it for him today. Hell… or rather, him, he couldn't even brood over how his baby brother Zeus had cheated him all those years ago into ruling over the Dead and the Underworld.

"Oh wait… I can always brood over that. The miserable little cheat…" Hades muttered to himself as he rose from his throne.

Hades' dark black robes seemed to turn to smoke at the floor beneath his feet, as if disgusted by even touching such a thing as the floor. His dark black, unruly hair was pushed behind his ear as he walked out of his throne room. His intense dark eyes scanned the hall leading toward the front doors. He wanted some time in… her garden. It always helped cheer him up when she was gone for half the year.

He sat on one of the stone benches as he admired the flowers all around. They were grown by her, and he loved each and every one of them. He might not have been the God of Plant-life, but he took special care of her flowers while she was away for the spring and summer.

He would do anything she wanted him to, and protect as well as care for anything she loved…

"She is always so surprised and pleased that I do… I don't know whether it is amusing… or hurtful…" Hades said as he gentle traced the petals of one of her many sunflowers. He always patted himself on the back for being able to grow sunflowers in no sun at all. It amused him greatly each and every time. He even gave a hearty chuckle at the thought.

He rose from the bench and walked around the garden more, smelling all of her wondrous flowers. He picked up one of his own creations. A rose made from ruby and emerald. He always liked the two precious gems, especially together. He was born in May, so emerald was always a good color and gemstone for him, but ruby…

…that was the stone of her month…

He picked the flower made of jewel, it being easy for him since he was a God after all. He gave it a sniff, always amazed at how she could get just about anything to smell like an actual flower. He placed it back onto it's emerald stem, the flower melding back together perfectly thanks to his power over riches. He sometimes forgot he was also the God of Wealth and was the richest being in the universe.

"But one has no need for riches if you have no one to share them with…" Hades muttered depressively as he eyes found the floor and the smoky bottoms of his robes interesting.

"Brooding over Persephone again I see, Uncle?" a mocking voice came from above as Hades' eye narrowed.

What was that fool doing in his domain?

"What is it, Hermes? You had best have a good explanation to being here. You only annoy me ever time you come, and I have no patience for it today." Hades said, his normal edge back in his voice as Hermes flew down into sight with his normal mocking grin upon his features.

"But of course, Uncle. Why wouldn't I have a good reason? No one ever comes here of their own free will anyway." Hermes said as Hades' fist clenched, his pride wounded as he was once again reminded that mortals and Gods alike would rather fear and cower before him than come to one of his parties or birthdays.

"As if I ever had parties…" Hades thought with a mental roll of his eyes, "Only Persephone and the others of the Underworld celebrated my birthday. How thankful I am to have them…" Hades thought bitterly and pleasantly before he scowled up at Hermes.

"Persephone comes here of her own free will, year after year." Hades said as Hermes' grin only grew upon hearing his words.

"Yes, but not her first ever trip here. If I remember correctly you had to rip open the Earth and drag her down here to be with you and fall in love with you." Hermes said as the air around him grew cold as death.

"That is a lie and you know it! One can not be dragged into the Underworld, or brought here unless of their own free will or dead. It was one of the laws I, myself, established long before you were born, Errand Boy. Now speak your business before I cast you out." Hades said, his voice a harsh and cold whisper that seemed to echo and chill the entirety of the Underworld. Hermes could see the Underworld shaking as if an earthquake had occurred. He was ticked over the Errand Boy comment, but didn't let it show as anything more than a small frown.

"Peace, Lord Hades, peace. Your shaking up the mortals." Hermes placated quickly as Hades regained his composure, "Anyways, I came here to give you a message from Persephone… and strangely enough Hecate and Aphrodite. They have gotten you permission from Lord Zeus to walk the Earth… in broad daylight. Wow, wonder what they had to do to get that…? Anyways, they want you to meet with them in the morning." Hermes said as he unrolled a scroll of parchment and read it. His eyebrows rose as he read the two extra names and the "daylight" part. He wasn't the only one as Hades almost felt his heart stop.

"She got me permission to enter my brother's domain of day…? Her, Hecate, and… Aphrodite…? Hecate I can understand… a little, but Aphrodite? What tricks is that bog witch up to?" Hades thought, but none of this showed on his face as he calmly rose an aloof brow.

"Where on the Above Ground could they want to meet me? If they wanted to be with me then I could have come to… Olympus." Hades said, spitting out the name of the home of the Gods like a foul curse. Hermes' frown deepened at the disgusted tone used for the name of his home.

"I don't know, and I much don't care. Oh wait, it says here that they want to meet in Hecate's British domain. A Potter castle. Do you know of it?" Hermes said as he finally handed the scroll over to Hades, who, unlike Hermes thought, took it calmly instead of snatching it away in annoyance. Hades seemed to be deep in thought as a pensive frown appeared on his face before he nodded.

"Yes, I know of it. It was a castle she had me create from the Earth to house those of her most devoted families. They were one of the only magical families that respected me in not only fear, but in wonder as well." Hades said, a ghost of a smile on his face as he remembered the family.

Such a shame that they had dwindled down to only one and the man's wife. Oh well, he was sure that each good member of that house had a special place on the Isle of the Blest.

"Well then, have a great time wherever this Potter Castle is. I hope you all die of fun. Get it? Die of fun. I'm too much!" Hermes said, joking as he nudged Hades who gave him a deadpan look.

"You're not funny. You weren't funny thousands of years ago, you're not funny now. I suggest you take comedy classes when the 21st century hits. It can only do you a world of good." Hades said as Hermes' smirk turned to a pout.

"You had better be lucky your one of my favorite Uncles, or else you wouldn't be getting your mail on time." Hermes said as Hades smirked.

"You're one of my favorite Godly nephews, Hermes. Then again I have to chose between a deformed blacksmith, an idiotic poet, a battle-hungry fool, and a little drunk that lusts after even me though he fears to speak my name. I still like the blacksmith best, thought you're a… close second." Hades' said as he walked away, leaving a gaping Hermes in his wake.

"Wait, so you like Hephaestus better than me! But I'm pretty! … I mean handsome, and he's… him! Wait, come back! Why do you like him more? Is it because he can make jewelry and all that? I can do that, too! Uncle! Lord Hades! Wait!"

Hades only chuckled heartily as Hermes followed after him, bugging him and buzzing in his ear. It was good to be the normally unbiased Lord of the Dead…


Hades hugged his dark cloak closer to himself. He disliked sunlight, not used to being in it for very long. For some reason he could never figure out, the sun's rays upon him always made him feel so cold. He shuffled through Diagon Alley with his hood on. He didn't want Helios identifying him anytime soon simply so the ass-kissing moron could go blabbing to Zeus and spy on him all day. He only hoped that whatever the three Goddesses wanted with him, that was well worth all the annoyance he was putting himself through.

"But if it's for Persephone, it'll be more than worth it. Even seeing my best friend Hecate is worth it. But Aphrodite… now that puts a sour taste in my tea…" Hades thought as he entered into a bar of some sort. It hadn't been there last time he was on Earth, but then again that was at least a century ago.

"Ah! Welcome, sir, to the Leaky Cauldron! What can I get you to drink?" the man behind the counter said as Hades sat at the counter.

"Get him a shot of Firewhiskey and us three glasses of Pixy-Mixies. Thank you, Tom." a voice, filled with it's own brand of music, sounded behind Hades' back before he could answer for him. He glanced over his shoulder, seeing a sight that brought a true smile to his face.

Standing there behind him, all smiling at him were three women he knew from the time they were each born, though he had to admit that the second and third women were almost as old as he was (though he wasn't quite sure even he was brave enough to tell them that).

The first was a tall, beautiful, young woman with creamy pale skin. Her long, flowing, and curled black hair ran down her back and shoulders while framing her face. She fidgeted with the white dress she was wearing. Hades knew that, in fact and despite appearance, that white dress was actually a colorful one, though the colors have been washed out from it due to her time in the Underworld each year (a fact Hades felt saddened for as it was one of her favorites). Hades also noted that her eyes were a lively shade of warm chocolate brown, unlike the washed out and mournful brown they were from her time in the Underworld. Hades long since though that his domain sapped at her Godly life-force, but she denied it doing so every time he brought it up. He say that her hair had a more vibrant and lustful look to it than it did in the darkness of the Underworld. He smiled up at her as she fidgeted in her spot, practically bouncing in retained excitement.

This woman was his darling wife Persephone and she seemed as youthful, giddy, and nervous about something as when he had first courted her.

Hades let his gaze drift over to the second as he sent her a nod. The second was another beauty to behold, just like the other two. She looked only a bit older than the first, but seemed to carry the same teenage excitement as she bit her lower lips while he gazed upon her. She had long hair and intense grey eyes that seemed like magical mist was forming right in her irises. She was beautiful and lean, wearing an elegant white and grey dress that seemed to have been created from thin air. Her long black hair was kept back in a simply low ponytail. Hades couldn't tell why, but she wouldn't exactly meet his eyes, and every time he looked into hers she would look away and blush like a teenage schoolgirl with a crush.

This woman was his great friend and confide Hecate, and she was acting rather strangely toward him.

The last woman was nothing to sniff at, Hades begrudgingly admitted honestly. She exuded confidence in her looks, and seemed to greatly enjoy his gaze upon her. While Hades knew mortals and even Gods would see her in whatever form they wanted to be their "ultimate desire", he saw nothing but her true form, the one she purposely took. She had bright chocolate eyes, and wavy brown hair that shine and was tame with great care. A Hawaiian flower was behind her ear as she subtly smoothed out her dress. Her skin was the perfect peach color; not to dark and not too light, and knew nothing of scars or blemishes. It was an even constant all over her skin as Hades raised a brow. He knew this was a form she had picked, because if she was trying to be his "perfect woman" she would have looked a bit more like his wife.

This woman was the sexy and cunning Aphrodite, and Hades was sure she was up to no good with the way she was smiling seductively at him while his wife and close friend seemed so giddy and nervous.

"Ladies…" Hades greeted suavely as he gave them each a nod. He took Persephone's hand and kissed it while she blushed and giggled. He loved having that effect on her…

"Mr. Gloom and Doom." Aphrodite greeted back brightly as she took a seat, leaving one on either side of him which Hecate and Persephone took.

"My love…" Persephone said as she kissed his cheek. He could feel his cheeks heat up, mostly because he was never one for heat or warmth.

"Hey." Hecate said as she gave him a small wave. Hades nodded back as their drinks arrived.

"So… did you hear?" Hecate started as she sipped at her drink. Hades raised a brow.

"Hear what?" Hades asked as he gulped down his shot quickly. The warmth from the Firewhiskey spread through him quickly as Aphrodite gave him a look of approval, probably thinking something dirty.

"About this…" Hecate started but paused as she leaned toward him and lowered her voice, "This Voldemort character. Apparently he's the reason you've had so much work as of late and the reason why souls entering and leaving the Underworld have been doing so, so erratic."

Hades gripped his shot glass tightly as Tom poured him another when Aphrodite signaled him to.

"So that's it! I thought Zeus would have told me something about it; about something like this! What with it happening on the Above Ground and all. Why didn't either of you tell me anything before today?" Hades said as Hecate shrugged and Persephone looked away.

"We kind of figured you either knew and wasn't truly worried about it, or that you didn't and Lord Zeus didn't want you to." Persephone said as Hades sighed.

"It could be worst. Remember that other one that was taking souls from the Underworld to use as his own army?" Aphrodite said as she drank with all the grace of one trained since birth for doing such. Hades was always amazed at just how graceful any being could be, especially the Goddess of Love herself.

"Yes, I remember. Zeus was angry that I had allowed it to happen, and we had that huge argument about it. It was a good thing that other wizard dealt with the problem." Hades said with a sigh as he ran a hand through his dark black hair. He caught a glance of Aphrodite licking her lips, but couldn't figure out why.

"Well this mortal is said to be even worse. Killing other mortals left and right with that fancy Killing Curse one of my more hateful children came up with. It's revolting how little respect this mortal has for life… and death." Hecate said as Persephone and Aphrodite nodded in agreement.

"He's got the other mortals so scared of his wrath that they've started calling him He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and You-Know-Who. It's utterly ridiculous." Persephone said with a shake of her head.

"Not nearly as ridiculous as calling every human "mortal" for over thousands of years. How on Grandmother Gaia am I supposed to tell one mortal from another if you just say "that mortal needs to be stopped" or "that mortal's so precious". It's so foolish, and it's a bit redundant as well as tedious." Hades deadpanned as Persephone and Hecate slapped him on his arms while Aphrodite smirked coolly.

"But we are above the trifles such as knowing mortal names, Hades." Aphrodite said as Hades frowned, downing another drink.

How many had he had…? Six…? Seven…? Maybe even ten…?

"The point is, the mortal needs to be stopped. But, he's not our concern until he becomes Lord Zeus' concern. When Zeus feels the weakening of his powers, that is when he'll finally intervene." Hecate said as Hades nodded, motioning for the bartender to pour him another drink.

"Yeah, but Zeus is too prideful and stubborn to be moved against a single mortal. He'll probably have one of his children… or one of your's to deal with the issue instead." Hades said, a slight slur in his normally cultivated voice. Aphrodite's smirk widened from where she was as Hecate and Persephone exchanged nervous, yet blushing looks.

"You're probably right…" Persephone said as she chewed on her bottom lip nervously, "But… that isn't the actual reason we've called you here, my love."

"Oh, and what is the r-real reason?" Hades asked as he gulped down another shot of Firewhiskey. Yet however, the last shot had tasted slightly altered.

"We've called you here, to spend time with us…" Hecate began carefully as Hades suddenly found her far more appealing than normal.

"Yes, and what a… lovely time it's been." Hades practically purred out as he looked his close friend over with a lusty look. Hecate blushed as his gaze ravished her every detail with an intensity that only his dark eyes could give.

"What she means, my love, is that we'd like to spend some truly… intimate time with you…" Persephone whispered sensually in his ear as he felt a shiver run down his spine while placing his hand around her waist.

"Mhmm… I don't know why, but that sounds all too pleasant to be the only reason." Hades said as he brought his wife closer and inhaled the flora aroma of her hair, "Tell me more."

Aphrodite raised a brow as she discarded the empty packet of her most potent ecstasy. Even after having that in his drink, the man was still lucid enough to form coherent thoughts and question their motives, unlike Zeus or even Poseidon, both of whom would have simply bed them as quickly as possible.

As the only God she hadn't lay with no matter her attempts, Aphrodite was quickly finding Hades far more attractive than her simple "hard to get" crush. No wonder Persephone enjoyed the Underworld, if Hades was so… unnervingly sexy and intense in everything he did.

She really hoped he was so intense in everything he did.

"We will, later, husband. I promise." Persephone said as she allowed him to kiss her jaw line and the crook of her neck. Good Zeus, did she love the man!

Hecate and Aphrodite were fast to be sure he stayed from asking more questions as they each began their own sensual attacks on Hades.

"But as for now, Hades dear, will you concede to joining us in a bout of… intense and passionate love-making?" Hecate asked scholarly as Hades chuckled, a sensation that made Persephone moan from the vibration of his mouth upon her neck.

"We promise to make it well worth your while." Aphrodite whispered as her hands snaked down to his lower regions. Hades moaned lightly into Persephone's collarbone as Aphrodite's hands and Hecate's mouth attacked his body while his wife's hands were laid on his chest to keep him seated.

"Mhmm… I think I will." Hades said, as though he were still musing the thought while Hecate stopped kissing at his jaw line to nibble at his ear.

"Then to Potter castle we go… my dear Hades." Hecate said as Hades eyes closed in pleasure. He didn't know what Aphrodite was doing with her hands anymore, but in the name of Mother Rhea was the woman skilled!

"To Potter castle it is, then." Hades said as Hecate smirked. Not even waiting a full second later, the pleasure-driven four disappear with a crack of displaced air, leaving Tom the Barman and Landlord of the Leaky Cauldron to shake his head.

"Those darn wizards from Greece… never paying after they want to go off and have a lay. I swear they-"

Tom's rant was cut short though, from seeing a note with a smiling Hecate drawing on it atop a noticeably large pouch of gold.

Dear Tom the Barman,

Please accept this as payment for the drinks, and the rest as both a tip and a vow for your silence in our being here.


Hecate, Mother of Magic

"Oh sweet Merlin… it's Merlin's Gran!" Tom whispered in awe, picking up the bag of solid-gold drachmas and quickly putting it away.

They were never there. That was his story and he was sticking to it.

Ending A/N: Now, I know what I've done to Harry's parentage here (because who couldn't have figured it out by now?) seems like utter crap, but trust me: I have a plan! Just remember: "they" are not the only ones who can be that sneaky, they were just the first.