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Chapter One-

Kairi moved around the tables, pushing her bangs out of her face sighing before moving again. Saying the same lines; giving the same smile, and receiving the same responses from the same people. "Welcome to the Disney Castle. May I take your order? Yes ma'am/sir." She walked back toward the kitchen handing her paper to the cook and moving to fill another cup, clean up another table, pass another plate; she was actually becoming bored but needed the munny desperately.

"Kairi!" the familiar voice floated over all the conversations and right into her heart. Spinning around quickly she saw him, his spiky dirty blonde hair sticking up all over the place, the same style of clothing as he always wore, the crown pendent hanging from a silver chain around his neck, and those beautiful blue eyes staring at her through the crowd. Kairi felt her heart stutter for a moment before she controlled herself and waved.

"Over here Sora!" She watched as he smiled and walked over toward her. She preoccupied herself as she began to wipe off the tables and clean up the dishes left when Sora was at her side. Looking over at him she giggled. "Sora, you lazy bum, did you just get outta bed?" Kairi watched as a blush crossed his face and he smiled.

"What me? No . . . okay yes, but in my defense I was up late last night and I had the strangest dream!" Smiling at him Kairi just shook her head.

"Sora, you're always having strange dreams." Sora seemed to catch that she was teasing him playfully.

"No I'm not." He smiled not daring to tell her what he was actually dreaming about. "Anyway Kairi I was coming to see if you were still coming tonight?"

Kairi looked up at him blushing deeply and nodding slightly. "I just gotta get off work first, but I'll be there."

"Great! I'll pick you up around seven tonight?" She nodded smiling still blushing like crazy. Sora opened his arms inviting her to hug him before she gave in. Hugging him tightly she sighed when he let go and walked back out the door.

Kairi finally finished her shift before punching her card and taking off down the street heading home. I gotta get home soon . . . Sora will be waiting for me. I don't even have anything ready. . . Kairi walked up the walkway and into the house. Heading toward her bedroom Kairi lay down on her bed and closed her eyes for a moment drifting off slightly dreaming up scenarios for tonight.

I'd asked him to do this, I asked him to go to this thing with me . . . We walked into the building the lights low and Sora tipped his head down looking at me from under his lashes, a smirk crossing his face, tilting his lips just a bit closer to mine. "Are you blushing?" His voice wrapped itself around me making another smile cross my lips as my heart seemed to beat faster at the thought of him actually kissing me. "Who, me?" I asked softly. "Yes, you." Smiled looking up at him watching his eyes watch me, seeing something in his eyes as he leaned closer. My heart began to beat quicker as my eyes started to close on their own accord and I felt myself moving to let my lips met his. Only a few centimeters were separating us- Kairi sat up quickly gasping. Looking down at her phone she realized it was ringing. Rubbing her eyes she picked it up looking at the name.


"Hey Kairi, you almost ready?" Sora's voice came through from the line and Kairi looked over at the clock. 6:23pm.

"Uhm, yes! You'll be here at 7 right?"


"I'll be ready! Gotta go!" Kairi hung up the phone quickly and ran off to jump in the shower. Washing up quickly Kairi left her hair damp and rushed to the closet. Staring at the clothes Kairi was practically begging for something to jump out at her. Something red caught her eye and she smiled. Pulling the dress out of the closet she laid it on her bed and turned to her mirror. Adding make up and then slipping on the red cocktail dress she studied herself in the mirror.

The dress fit to her nicely, fitting to her curves and the slant at the bottom accented her skin tone beautifully. The makeup applied allowed her natural beauty to just shine more and she smiled her lips glossed with a star fruit flavoring. Moving back to the closet Kairi picked up a pair of silver heels, putting them on she did a few practice runs in her bedroom before she was satisfied. Grabbing her purse and heading toward the kitchen, getting a glass of water she glanced at the clock. 7:02pm. Kairi sighed before pouring the rest of the water down the drain.

Kairi jumped when there was a knock on the front door. Breathing in deeply she stood and walked over to the door, messing with her hair before she got to the door she moved to open it both excited and nervous to find Sora on the other side.

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