Chapter Eight:

Kairi smiled feeling her hand in his. She didn't know where her small bit of confidence was coming from but she liked it, it was giving her an edge she didn't usually have.

The fall air was breezy as the scent of autumn filled her senses. Kairi looked over at Sora, who was still blushing, and smiled softly. She still couldn't believe he'd kissed her just last night. Sora looked back seeming to feel her eyes on him and smiled back at her with that same old goofy grin, making Kairi giggle quietly.

"What's so funny?" Sora asked with a slight pout on his face. Kairi just shook her head and smiled as Sora stopped walking to turn and face her fully. Kairi stopped just before walking into him and looked up curious. Sora's crystalized blue eyes looked into hers as she felt her heart start racing in double time, whatever confidence she had vanished in a matter of seconds when their eyes met.

Kairi could feel her heart racing; her breath quickening like she'd just ran a mile in two seconds flat. She was almost sure Sora could tell, but if he did he didn't let on. Sora leaned down toward her and whispered softly.

"No really, what's so funny?" Kairi bit her lip from opening her mouth and saying something stupid. Why is he so darn attractive? Kairi took a deep breath in and smirked.

"Just the fact that I can make you blush, maybe a little weak at the knees, you know that kind of thing. It's cute."

Sora was a little taken back by Kairi's sudden openness, blushing crimson again. Kairi continued to smirk before moving forward a little, a slight breeze lifted her hair off the back of her neck making her move that much closer to Sora.

"Cute?" His question took her a little off guard as he smiled down at her. Kairi nodded once before placing her head on his chest.

"Mhm cute, very cute." Kairi smiled to herself.

"I can't be more than just cute?" Sora whined softly.

Kairi lifted her head looking up at him. "Not at the moment."

Curiosity flashed in Sora's eyes before Kairi took off walking again. Sora turned with her, watching as they walked in sync together and looked at the ground.

Autumn had turned the leafs to a beautiful sunset orange, a soft dull yellow and a burnt sienna color. Kairi smiled at them, fall had always been her favorite season. The coloring of everything was that much more beautiful than usual.

Sora squeezed Kairi's hand lightly trying to bring her back from wherever her day dreams had taken her. He loved that about her though. The fact that she could get lost in a day dream so easily, she was always thinking of new ways to keep him interested. He was honestly never bored by her, she was so much bundled up into one, and he was amazed. She squeezed back lightly smiling at him.

He stopped suddenly stopping Kairi with him. She looked up a bit confused before she felt him lean down and place his lips lightly against hers. A small wave of electricity flowed over her before she realized her was out of breath. She kissed back slowly, feeling as his wrapped her waist and she laced her hands behind his neck. Her heart raced, basically stuttering over itself.

Kairi wasn't sure how long they stood there like that. Wrapped up in each other's embrace, but she didn't care. In those few moments nothing else mattered but his mouth pressing against hers. She smiled softly through the kiss and leaned against his chest when he pulled away from her breathing heavily. Sora rested his chin on her head, as both of them tried getting their heart rate back to normal. Kairi listened to Sora's heart closing her eyes and smiling.

She started thinking again, losing herself in the moment. He's kissed me again, but this one had so much more emotion to it. He really does have to care about me or something close. There's no way you kiss someone like that and it no mean anything more than just the physical stuff. Kairi moved closer to him as another breeze floated through the air. Sora smiled before looking down at her.

"Cold?" He asked softly.

"A little." She admitted just as quietly.

Sora nodded as he took her hand. "Come on, my mom makes the best hot chocolate you'll ever taste. I promise."

Kairi blushed and nodded following after him. 'Hot chocolate sounds amazing."

Sora smiled proudly at her before setting off toward his house Kairi in hand.

I'm going to meet his mom, his mother, the lady that gave him birth. What if she doesn't think I'm good enough? What if she hates me?

Kairi's mind took her away in worries, but Sora gave her confidence. If he likes me enough to take me home, he must think she'll approve. Kairi nodded to herself as they walked toward his house. As Sora's house came into view Kairi began to lose some of that confidence and as they climbed the steps to the door, Kairi had lost all of her confidence.