Pairings: Eclare, Fimogen, Krew, and a Bianca/Adam friendship


The seven teens arrived at the Goldsworthy household. It was Halloween night and all of the teens were excited for events that would take place on this fine Halloween night. They all stepped in and greeted Eli in different ways, the girls hugged him and the guys fist bumped him.

"So what's first on the agenda?" Katie asked excitedly.

"I was thinking first a movie because its still light out and we can't start the real fun till the sun sets," he answered motioning everyone into the living room.

"What movie?" Adam questioned. Scanning the movies that littered the coffee table.

"I don't know I thought we'd all chose," he replied "How about It" I asked holding up the DVD case.

"No way Jose," Imogen shrieked grabbing the case and stuffing it in a potted plant on the opposite side of the room.

"I guess It is not going to make the final list," Eli commented still holding his hand up and formed in the shape of where the case once was.

"How about we just watch Twilight," Fiona suggested and Clare nodded.

"Not happening" all the guys yelled at the same time.

"Shesh," Clare muttered.

Afterwards they decided on Skeleton Key, it wasn't too scary but it had some suspense. The movie finished quickly and it had fallen dark outside.

"Wait here a moment," Eli commanded before running upstairs.

"So lovely weather we're having." Adam casually commented after Eli had disappeared up the dark staircase. Everyone turned to stare at him oddly "What?" he asked defensively.

"Of all the topics you could've started a conversation on something as mundane as the weather and it's not even lovely it's thunder storming" Clare replied.

"Well it's just a-" he was cut off by Eli coming back downstairs holding what seemed to be a box for a board game.

"Oh my God," Adam complained "I am not getting in another eight hour monopoly battle with you"

"It's not monopoly" Eli snapped back playfully "it's a game I found at a creepy antique store."

"If it's creepy for Dr. Doom then it must be scary," Bianca stated excitedly. Eli opened the box and pulled out the board, the game pieces, and the dice.

"Hmmm…" he trailed off "no instructions." He discovered.

"Let me see that" Adam demanded grabbing the box. He looked inside then turned it around to read the back, "Hello my dear players, this is a game were not only are you going to face your biggest fear, but defeat it. The rules are unknown just roll the dice and see where it takes you. Have fun and good luck my dears you'll need it." He read slightly shivering at the end.

"Who's gonna roll first?" Bianca asked snapping most of the partygoers out of the eerie trance that had settled around the room.

"I guess I will," Eli volunteered taking the dice and rolling it.

Author's Note- Hey I just wanted to let ya'll know I'm putting We Used to be so Close on hiatus because of writers block (I will try my hardest to work on it). This is a short chapter but its kinda a prologue for the rest of this story.