Why, why me?
I survive, only to be cursed.
Why does He hate me?
I have done nothing wrong.

He has sent the Snake of Hell to eat me.
It is slowly rapping around me.
It is choking me,
killing me from the inside and the outside alike.

The world is so cold.
It is turning me into something new.
A monster in human skin.
It's eyes are staring back at me.
I know that they are mine,
but I want them to close and look away,
just so that I can breath again.

The glass shatters.
There is nothing left of it.
All that I see is my terrified face.
You would be too if you saw the Monster.
There is nothing normal about It.
It is frightening.

You say that it will be alright.
You are so sure.
You think that I look wonderful like this.
But what would you know?
Have you ever been cursed?
Have you ever had to deal with looking at a demon,
every time you look in the mirror?
I didn't think so.

I survived, only to be cursed.
Why must this world punish those who have bested it?
It just has to have It's way.
No one can escape it apparently.
Fate is not pleased with me.
The curse will last for an eternity.
No way to break it.

Once again, you say that it will be alright.
That it is just a blessing in disguise.
Why would you still want to be seen with a demon like me?
I am nothing.
Not worth saving.
But still you try.

Hey how ya doin'? This little thingy is about when Shion first sees himself in the mirror after the 'Bee Incident'. I thought that it would be interesting to get inside of Shion's mind when he first sees himself. Hope that I got at least some of it down right. And even if I didn't, I hope that you still liked it.

Who knows, if you guys review, I might just put a little extra chapter in here from Nezumi's POV (hint, hint). Let's say, three reviews and I will put it out there, okky? (It will be under this same story.) That is if you guys want it.


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