Curse: Pt. 2

Change your face.
Change your mind.
What does it matter,
you will always be the same.
The same voice.
The same attitude.
Nothing will change.
You will still be you.

The snake that raps around you,
You say that it eats you up.
That you are slowly dieing.
It tears and shreds.
That it makes you Different.
But what does that matter?
Nothing to me.

You don't seem to get that.
That you are you,
and nothing can change that.
It gives you a wonderful look.
The perfect look for someone like you.
Strange and different.
Almost pure.
As strange as that sounds.

You are still you.
The gray and the red.
People say that you are now a demon.
The eyes of Hell.

And you say, "Who would want to be near me?"
People are so shallow.
All that matters are the material goods.
The looks, the latest fashion.
But that is so stupid.
Why would it matter what you look like?
All that I know is,
it completes you.

And here you are. The promised Part 2! I hope that you liked it! As you can tell it is a bit more, for lack of better terms, bright. It isn't as dark and depressing as most of my others. I hope that I didn't mess it up to bad. Well hope that that was worth the reviews. And yo can tell me by, drum roll please, REVIEWING! I bet that you didn't see that one coming.

Sincerely th e ever INSanE,