Hello all, it's Neeka here (The Eye Behind The Lens)

Well, it's been one hell of a year writing this with my wonderful co-writer and I can't thank her enough for asking me to be involved in this with her. I've had so much fun with it, made a wonderful friend and I can't believe the amount of positive feedback we've had on it :) it's amazing to have all our hard work appreciated and enjoyed :)

So I just want to say thank you so, so much. It means the world to me that you've enjoyed our story and the way that we saved River. It was really important to us to do it in a way that was believable and I'm so chuffed that you've all responded to positively.I'm really, really going to miss writing this but I'm pretty sure this wont be the last thing you read from me and Dragonsbain :) fingers crossed anyway :) So yeah, thanks so much. I hope you've enjoyed this story as much as we have.

Hello all,

This is Dragonsbain

Thank you all. This has been a great year. I have made a great friend. I have learned so much about:

Copyright Law ( Thanks to Eyes for all the help on the British Laws. Enough said there.)

2. Medical Information ( What truly happens when electricity and flesh mix. Thanks to all the Doctors and Nurses that helped me with this.)

3. Electricity ( Much thanks to Duke Power.)

4. Human Psychology( Much research from both Eyes and I on this one.)

5. Expanding my musical horizons. ( I have so many new bands I listen to because of Eyes.)

Music played a huge part of this story. I went back through all the letters between Eyes and myself. I found this little blurb between the two of us and wanted to share it. It points out basically how we worked off each other.

This is after Eyes introduced me to the Clint Mansell piece "Together We Will Live Forever". This is me to Eyes.

OMG! The Clint Mansell piece. That hurt in such a great way. That piece is the Singing Towers. I closed my eyes and saw the sunrise with River in the Doctor's lap. That is so perfect. Matt and Alex wouldn't have to make a sound. The music would start. The sun would start rising . That wonderful look between the Doctor and River. Then the Doctor breaks. Then have the scene fade out with River just holding him. OMG! There is a picture for you. Wow!

I really want to work with Eyes again. I am so happy to have met all of our reviewers. Many of you are also very talented writers yourselves.

Ok. I'm gushing. I'm going to stop. See you all later.

Love and hugs to all.