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Chapter One: The Offer

Toad Town, 10:42 A.M.

One Day in the Mushroom Kingdom the Mario Bros. were walking through Toad Town on thier way to meet Peach and Daisy. It took a little while because of heavy traffic but they managed to get there. The two girls were already at the meeting point waiting, Peach in her usual pink dress, Daisy in a yellow tank top and orange sweatpants. However, there was also someone else, in a black business suit and glasses.

"Who's this guy?" Mario asked once he and his younger, yet taller bro got there.

"So you're the Mario Bros. i've been hearing a lot about. I'm Devon Williams, vice president of BMW M." the guy in the suit said to the Bros. "The reason i'm here right now is to tell you guys about a ride in the Nurburgring 24 Hours endurance race. BMW M is mainly a GT class team, and as all the elevation changes and the southern Germany track's 88 corners a lap would be an LMP car's worst nightmare this race is GT only, so we have a better chance at first overall. I heard you four all made top five in the most recent Special Cup Tour - the winner of that tour, Rosalina, couldn't make it here because she already accepted another team's offer as she told me last night - so i was wondering if the four of you would like to enter as drivers for one of BMW M's two cars in this race. Doing so would put the Mushroom Kingdom on the map, in a sense."

"I'm in! I've tackled the Nurburgring circuit in Forza Motorsport 3 multiple times." Luigi said.

"Count me in too." was Mario's response.

"I got a question, Devon. Will BMW M provide the team members' gear?" Peach asked.

"They said they will."

"Then we're in." Daisy said with a look to Peach.

"Well, that's out of the way. Now we just need to find members for the other positions on the team."

"I'm sure Koops and his buddies would like to join as tire carriers as they can withdraw into their shells and carry stuff on them at speeds they can't normally reach on foot - i know, having done just that method with Koops while chasing those Crystal Stars - and i've seen Boshi practice using the air jack before. That ought to fill a couple spots." Mario suggested.

"While you're on that topic, bro, perhaps i can get Torque to join as a mechanic. He knows a lot about what tool puts what part where on which car."

"Good thinking, Luigi. Maybe i should try to get Toadsworth and Skolar to join as engineers, with their vast knowledge about stuff involving cars - those Super Duel machines are proof of Skolar's car-related knowledge." Peach added.

"Okay, let's see here. Besides you guys, if all the people you mentioned join, we'll have the jack-man, the tire carriers, the mechanic, and the engineers out of the way."

"Make that three enigneers, not two. Professor Elvin Gadd oughta be able to help with cars as well; after all, he's the one who designed my Poltergust 4000 kart for the DS Mario Kart Racing League."


BMW HQ, Mushroom Kingdom division, Toad Town, 4:21 P.M.

"Now, let's see here. We have three engineers in Toadsworth, Skolar, and Professor Elvin Gadd; Koops and his friends have the tire carrier role; Torque as the main mechanic,along with a few others who wanted a mechanic job; Donkey Kong as the gas man; Boshi manning the air jack; a couple Yoshis with the wheel guns for changing the tires; a couple Toads as tire catchers; plus the drivers." Devon said to himself while reading the team roster list for the race. "If only Rosalina would've told me who made the offer she accepted first." It seemed Rosalina was waiting for the right moment to reveal who she had joined for the endurance race, as not even her four friends knew. Well, her four homeworld friends, that is. She knew that several teammates of hers from the GX system knew, being part of the team themselves.


XQ Main Base, Soluna City, Zelixena, GX System, 6:31 P.M.

Rosalina was floating along one of the many hallways inside the XQ organisation's main base, located in their own unique dimension created by the second-in-command. She was heading to one of the larger (and by larger, i mean capable of holding at least the entire XQ roster six times over - Darn it, broke the fourth wall there) meeting rooms in the base. It was easy for her to get there by the 6:35 P.M. roll call with her levitation ability as she wasn't very fast on foot, especially when wearing high heels, which she was now.

'I oughta get Hollie to help me improve my speed level so i don't have to rely so much on levitation. Actually, i don't have to have Hollie's help specifically; i could just have my fellow OZ-native agent Anise help me out as she had some speed training with Brazelica.' Rosalina thought to herself en route. Hollie, the second-in-command of the XQ organisation occassionally referred to by the nickname her brother, the XQ captain Jet Brazie, created, Brazelica, was known for her phenomenal speed, and was also the teacher for XQ's first OZ native agent, the Amethyst Angel, Anise Azeat, in raising her speed.


Captain's Office, XQ Main Base, Soluna City, Zelixena, GX System, 8:11 P.M.

Jet was in his office on the third floor of the base looking at the roster sheet for his Nurburgring 24 Hours endurance race team. He was using specifically his own agents to fill the roster, and they would be piloting a Corvette ZR1 in the race. The decision of using a Corvette in the race fit in well with Jet's preference of Chevrolet vehicles, specifically Corvettes, and the vehicle would be number 5, fitting in with the designation number of one of his drivers from her homeworld in the OZ system.

Here's what the team roster looked like:

Team Name: Zelix Motorsports

Car: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Car Number: 5

Engineers: Ryan Siwak (Agent 15), Cody Newkirk (80), Mike Oliver (102), and Shawn Mosher (137)

Mechanics: Jeremy Guerreri (17), Dan Spencer (70), Kevin Johnson (90), and Adam Trombley (131)

Gas Man: Ty Trombley (266)

Flag Man: Chris Wachala (132)

Extinguisher Guy: Brent Johnson (94)

Wheel Gun Carriers: Brantly Ellis (141), John Linnan (227), Jared Kamholtz (240), and Chip Murphy (296)

Tire Catchers: Sondra Warriner (04), Allan Duncan (32), Nikki Stewart (59), and Ethan Kamholtz (120)

Crew Chief: Taylor Johnson (91)

Jack Man: Marty Donnells (342)

Drivers: Rosalina (07M, OZ native), Anise Azeat (07GA, OZ native, lead driver), Rochelle Gordon (29M), and Jasmine Bray (96P)