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Chapter 2: Multiple Surprises

Mushroom Kingdom airport, 3:22 P.M.

14 days before the race

Devon Williams had gotten his Mushroom Kingdom crew together and they were waiting for the 3:40 flight to Germany. Nobody knew which team Rosalina had joined, though Peach suspected perhaps Zelix Motorsports got their offer to her first.

"Isn't that the XQ group? How'd she manage to get to their hideout?" Daisy asked.

"Seriously, Daisy, you're forgetting the fact Rosalina happens to be XQ agent 07M. Storm Brazie found her for his brother Jet to bolster XQ's OZ-native team. From what i've heard they now have three such members."

"How'd they get the third one?" Mario asked.

"I'm not sure who found her, but i think it might've been Kaelynne Sakuraba in her homeworld's OZ version bumping into the new agent on the most recent September 10."

"So it occurred on the first OZ native agent's birthday. My GX counterpart relayed that bit to me, getting it from a girl with amethyst purple hair named Dominique." Luigi said.

"Wait, bro. When did he get in contact with Rochelle's twin?"

"51M was present when Rochelle, some blue-haired girl who looked like she was only twelve, the blonde second-in-command, and a perfect lookalike of the redhead in question pulled a group tickle scheme on her; they needed Hollie's help because she's the only one faster than said redhead since they both know that Solid Transparency technique."

"And the ability can only be canceled outside the Omega Blitz range by a faster being with knowledge of the ability and having it active at the time." Peach added after Luigi got done talking.

"Plane's in." a Toad on their team randomly said to get the others back to earth in terms of where they were and the current time. The group then boarded the plane and were off for Germany.


The Nurburgring, BMW Test Centre, 12:36 P.M. Central European Time

13 days before the race

The group of racers from the Mushroom Kingdom, now at the twenty-something meter long Nurburgring, were simply waiting around recieving instructions about the 24 hour race. Their pit box, Peach noticed, was next to the one marked with the number 5. Over the pit box read the name Zelix Motorsports, using the XQ organization's golden X insignia as their own. Then a siren shrilled off in the test centre next to the one Peach and the others were using. A cyan Corvette ZR1, with the number 5 on it, pulled into the pit box next to their's and a number of people started servicing the vehicle. Climbing out of the Corvette was a girl measuring at about five foot nine, wearing a cyan racing suit almost identical to her own, as Peach noted, removing her helmet revealing her to be blonde with amethyst purple highlights and passing an unfamiliar brunette who was heading into the vehicle.

'NO WAY! Rochelle's here. But who was that brunette she passed during the driver switch?' Peach thought. Sure, she almost failed to recognize her GX counterpart with the racing suit on instead of her usual tank top and miniskirt, and sure she was at her base height because she wasn't in her usual platform sandals, but her hair coloration was a dead giveaway. Rochelle then walked over to two other girls wearing similar suits. One had platinum-blonde hair in a style Peach recognized. She quickly charged back into the test centre.

"Guys, guess what. I've found which team Rosalina's racing for! It's that Zelix Motorsports team in the next pit box over. Just as i suspected; they used the XQ connection to give her an offer before Devon got his to her. And, you'll never believe who one of the other drivers is."

"You spotted your GX counterpart Rochelle, didn't ya?" Daisy's first guess was.

"Yeah. I almost didn't recognize her in that racing suit when her helmet was on, but once it was off her hair coloration was a dead giveaway."

"Much like how it's impossible not to recognize me from the sides or back." came a male voice. Everyone turned around. It was Jet.

"I take it you gave Rosalina the offer she accepted before i got mine to her." Devon said.

"Yup. And as for the brunette who was switching in during that pit stop test, she's a close friend of my sister Hollie. Her name's Jasmine Bray."

"Figured you'd choose to have your team drive a Corvette. 51M relayed that preference to me a lot sooner. Three months before that mention of that one redhead having her birthday on September 10 he got from a girl named Dominique, saying she had predominantly amethyst purple hair."

"Double A, i'll have to let my twin know not to reveal crucial info about others." a cool female voice was heard saying.

"Oh, man, first it was someone close to me and now it's someone close to you. What're the odds the next bit will be from someone close to Dawn?" a second voice responded. Peach looked up, spotting Rochelle and a redhead standing side by side. Normally the blonde was taller; this time it was the redhead who had four inches on her. She was in a near-identical racing suit compared to that of Rochelle, but the reason for the four inch advantage was because this girl's boots had a five inch heel to them, making her look six foot one. Her hair was mostly a wine red color, with numerous pink highlights in it. Luigi, meanwhile, was running something through his head.

'Whoa. The number 5 Corvette ZR1 has Rosalina, this Jasmine girl, Rochelle, AND the Amethyst Angel as drivers. Those unknown-looking team members must be from Jet's homeworld; the only one i recognized was Thundrana.' he thought.

"Is there only one car your group's running?"

"We got three, actually. All are Corvette ZR1s: the number 5 that pulled into the stop next to this one, a second one with Kaelynne Sakuraba as lead driver, numbered 24, and one with our newest recruit Lily Cielena Stewart - one of Double A's homeworld buddies - among the drivers, numbered 74 as the lead driver of that car is my cousin Dawn. Watch out for that number 69 Porsche 997 convertible, however; Kaelynne was on her way out of the pits when she saw one of the vehicle's drivers being a very large Koopa with a spiked shell during one of their test stops."

"AW, MAN, NOT BOWSER AGAIN?! Why does he always have to turn up wherever i try to do something?" Mario blurted.