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EP 5: The Genin Exam Pt. 4

Narumi had nearly forgotten just how scary the village could be at night. Everything looked so much more fearsome when shrouded in darkness and only barely illuminated by the light of the moon. It all screamed danger in the end, and every shadow wound up taking on a life of its own, big or small. It reminded her of when she herself had been one of those shadows, sneaking around like a rat in the darkness, scavenging for whatever scraps those more well-off than her had left behind on the side of the road, digging through garbage and just trying to survive on a day-to-day basis. Back when she didn't have a home or any place safe to hide in.

All sorts of childhood nightmares had been a possible reality for her back then.

She had to constantly remind herself that she wasn't five years old and living on the streets of the village anymore, that she had a home to return to and that she wasn't out there on her own. She had her friends, Shikamaru and Choji with her right now, and no one would dare to try and attack her when she was being accompanied by two clan heirs, no one with any sense of self preservation, or common sense for that matter, would attack her even if they weren't by her side. She was a shinobi of the village now, and though she wouldn't attack them, wouldn't even entertain the thought of doing so, they had been afraid of her to begin with. The very fact that she had the skills to pass the academy's genin exam meant that probably one of their worst fears had been realized. The "demon" as they so often called her, was a bigger threat to them then she had been before.

"Gut feeling still acting up?" Narumi rounded on the two boys so fast she nearly gave herself whiplash, causing the other two to blink at her in barely hidden surprise. "You're getting really fidgety there." Narumi sighed, fighting to calm down her already frayed nerves. It seemed that the past day had been anxiety attacks one after the other.

"Sorry, just…"

"Some bad memories?" Choji finished for her, reading the poor girl's facial expressions like a book. It scared her sometimes, just how empathetic the friendly boy could be was somewhat disturbing, but it had also been what had caused her to get so attached to him when Shikamaru had first introduced the two to each other. Fast friends if the term had ever actually applied to any real situation. She was dragged away from her own thoughts once again by a hand on her shoulder, her eyes following the offending limb from the wrist all the way up to a shoulder which was attached to the forever lazy Nara heir.

"You're not alone, remember that." Was all he said before he, for once in his "as little effort used as possible" life, took her by the wrist and began dragging her along, Choji trailing behind at their heels, bag of chips in hand and chomping away the whole entire time.

"Yeah, we're your idiots, remember?"

"Shut up, both of you." The suddenly friendly atmosphere was relaxing, and the three basked in it while they still could, relishing in the innocence childhood and the wonders it brought with it provided. While in that time, Narumi was reminded ceaselessly that no matter what happened tonight, they would still be her friends, they would still be attached to each other's' hips, still be as closely knit together as siblings. They were her friends, her precious idiots, if she even dared to go so far, she could even say they were her family.

They all knew though, were fully aware that the happy times were going to end soon. They were on a mission, and though it wasn't assigned by the village leader, or any one of any sort of importance or higher rank what-so-ever, it was still very dangerous. The chances of getting caught and prosecuted as traitors was far too high for any of their liking. Choji and Shikamaru themselves weren't just placing their own lives on the line either, there was a high chance their respective clans could pay the price for this bought of recklessness, and it would be their entire fault. All the same, here all three of them were, genin fresh out of the academy and not even having been placed into their respective squads yet, though it was very likely that Choji and Shikamaru would be placed in a squad together. That much even Narumi knew was inevitable, and most likely the Yamanaka heiress would be put in the squad with them. Narumi herself, would probably be placed in a completely different team, either a group that those in charge thought held no talent, or if the hokage were in charge of groups, than maybe the group with the Uchiha heir.

"Um… Naru, sorry to interrupt that probably really interesting thought bubble of yours… But…"

"We're here." Both boys barely managed to contain their own screams as their reached out, hands immediately hooking onto the backs of their respective shirts and dragging them into a nearby alley and over several rooftops before finally coming to a halt. They had forgotten just how physically strong Narumi could be sometimes.

"Warn us next time?" The eldest of the three hacked out, rubbing at his neck as he tried to force his lungs into taking in some much needed air after nearly being chocked by his overtly energetic friend. From behind him, Choji chuckled, sounding almost as nervous as Narumi looked. The twelve year old didn't even look back at them for a few seconds.

"I'll think about it…"

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