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They made it back to the tower just as the sky was starting to lighten. While they had a thousand questions for Clara they didn't have the time. So instead, they piled into Clara's apartment. When the sun finally rose, Elisa was the only one who wasn't stone. "I hope this works for you", she said to Clara's stone form. "I really do and I'm sorry." With no one else to talk to, Elisa curled up on Clara's bed and fell instantly asleep. It was just a little past noon when Elisa woke up. She stretched and rubbed her eyes. "Time for some damage control", she said to no one in particular as she exited the tower. The police station was in complete chaos, just like she predicted. Nearly every detective was taking a statement and the phones were ringing off the hook.

"There you are Maza", her boss yelled from across the office. "I need you to man the phones and take statements about last night's attack."

"Yes ma'am", Elisa said and with a sigh sat down to deal with the crazies of New York. She would do the best she could to "lose" any reports of what really happened. As long as the city didn't believe in gargoyles they were safe. "Detective Maza. How may I help you?"

The sun was setting by the time Elisa was able to get a break so she decided to check in on the gargoyles. She made herself a strong cup of coffee, made some dinner, and then sat down to wait. The sun set and night darkened but the gargoyles hadn't woken. Anxious, Elisa peeked in the training room where they had retired; she was surprised to see that they were still stone. She walked in and ran her hand over their stone forms. "What's going on?" Then she heard the sound of stone breaking. She turned and saw that it was Clara who had woken. "What's going on", Elisa asked again, "why are they still stone?"

"They needed more time to recoup", Clara said stretching. "Wow. I feel like a million bucks!"

"When will they wake up?"

"Shortly", Clara said with a snap of her claws. Six small balls of green light formed, flew around the room, and then landed on each of the gargoyles. "They should wake up in a few minutes now." Clara turned with a smile on her face but it fell when she saw the look on Elisa's. "Are you alright?"

"If if wasn't for me trying to be a hero", Elisa sobbed, "You wouldn't be like this!" Clara reached out, grabbed her friend and pulled Elisa to her chest. "I'm so, so sorry", Elisa cried over and over again.

Clara stroked her hair and murmured comforting words. "It's alright", Clara said once Elisa's crying had stopped. "No really it is. Wouldn't you want to change if it meant that you could be with the one you love?" Elisa stared at Clara with her mouth slightly open and then she slowly nodded. "Well there you go. Now don't feel bad for me." The women shared a smile. "But I was wondering if you could do something for me?"

"Name it."

Clara walked out into her apartment and grabbed something to write with. "If you could just tell these people that I had a family emergency and had to leave for Ireland." Elisa nodded and took the list. One name was Clara's boss and the others were her witch friends. "Just let them know that I'm sorry I couldn't say goodbye first."

"I'll take care of it when I go back to work." Elisa gave Clara another hug and then went back down stairs promising to check in when she could again.

Clara started on breakfast knowing that the guys will be hungry when they wake up. Instead of waking up all at once, like they normally did, the gargoyles woke up in stages. After her came Goliath, Hudson and Bronx. Then Broadway and Lexington but Brooklyn remained stone. Although she kept reassuring the guys that he would wake up, Clara too started to worry. Brooklyn finally woke up at midnight, confused and alarmed. The last thing he remembered was being shot in the chest. It took him a few moments to realize that he was in Clara's training room. He took this for a good sign. His whole body was sore and when he looked at his chest he saw a large scar where he had been shot. "Clara's healing abilities are awesome!"

Slowly he made his way out to the main room in the tower. He was glad to see that the rest of his clan was alive and they didn't seem to have any injuries. There was only person missing. "Where's Clara?" he asked. The other turned around and their faces were a mix of relief and sorrow. "She isn't…"he whispered feeling his heart drop.

"She lives", Goliath reassured, "but…."

"What!" Brooklyn demanded. "What happened to her? Where is she? Did they take her?"

"I'm right here", she said coming out of the shadows. At first Brooklyn was confused. Instead of the woman he love there was a female gargoyle. "Who are you!" The female just smiled sadly and walked towards him. Brooklyn looked to his clan and saw their faces. He slowly turned back towards the strange gargoyle that couldn't be who he thought she was. However, once he met her eyes he knew, Clara was now a gargoyle and it was entirely his fault. With a shout Brooklyn turned and ran out of the tower. He didn't stop and launched himself into the sky. Clara watched with tears in her eyes but made no move to go after him.

Hudson walked up and laid a claw on her shoulder. "Go after him lass", he urged. "His own thoughts will be worse than the truth and he should hear it from you." Clara reached up and clasped the elder gargoyle's claw giving it a squeeze. The clan watched as she took off after Brooklyn with solemn faces. "It's up to them now", Hudson said taking a seat in his recliner.

Clara felt like she was learning to fly all over again. She had been told a hundred times that gargoyles only glide but she never really believed it till now. She ran into the side of a building, the fifth one, and tried to catch her breath. "I hope he hasn't gone too far", she gasped. Clara had tried to change her gargoyle wings to her feathered ones but couldn't. It seemed like she wasn't going to be able to do everything that she used to when she was a Peacekeeper. She hoped that she would be able to keep some abilities so she closed her eyes and reached out for Brooklyn. She found him instantly but it felt different from before. His soul seemed to tug at hers and she felt his pain. Filled with new determination, Clara took off once more.

She found him a while latter at the Statue of Liberty. He was staring out at the city, deep in thought. Clara tried to land gracefully, but ended up crashing into the torch. Brooklyn spun around, eyes glowing, but when he saw that it was her he turned to leave. "No! Please wait", Clara begged. To her surprise, Brooklyn listened but his back stayed turned to her. Clara walked slowly towards him. "Brooklyn."

"I'm sorry!" he blurted out as he turned around. Clara saw that he was crying. "If I had been stronger or faster then maybe…"

"Stop", Clara sternly said. "There is nothing to forgive."

"How can you say that?" he snapped.

"When you got shot the world ceased to exist for me and then they threw you over the edge. I jumped after you because I couldn't let you die. I didn't care what happened to me but I couldn't let you die because I love you." Brooklyn turned away from her. Clara wasn't deterred and had a mischievous smirk on her face. "Course if you don't feel the same way that's ok. Broadway and Lexington may be willing to have a life with me."

Brooklyn spun around eyes blazing and growling but when he saw her smirk he calmed down. "Not funny."

"I know", Clara said sitting next to him. "But I got you to look at me."

Brooklyn tried to turn away again but Clara took his face in her claws. She looked him in the eye and smiled. Brooklyn noticed that her eyes were still the same and just as beautiful. He reached up and took her claws into his and then whispered, "I love you too." Clara smiled and kissed him. Brooklyn felt like he was falling, but in a good way.

"So no more tears or blame", Clara said when they broke apart and Brooklyn nodded. They stayed like that for a while, happy. "Can you help me do something", Clara asked.

"Anything." Clara stood and held out her hand which Brooklyn took and together they soared into the night sky.

In central park there sat an old woman. This wouldn't have been strange except it was in the middle of the night and there were balls of light flying around her head. She seemed to be waiting for something or someone. "Well it's about time", she snapped.

"Sorry grandmother", Clara said coming out of the shadows with Brooklyn.

Clara's grandmother showed a moment of surprised before she returned to her stony expression. "So you did it then", she sneered, "well I guess it was inevitable. I hope you realize what she has done for you." Brooklyn and Clara shared a surprised look. "She mirrors you", her grandmother explained. "That's what happens."

"I will watch over her", Brooklyn promised which caused Clara's grandmother to snort.

"What do you want", she snapped at Clara.

"To give you this back", Clara said touching her chest. A green light shone and from her body Clara pulled out her family's magic book. Her grandmother's eyes widen but that was the only emotion she showed.

"You still have your magic?"

"Yes", Clara replied.

Her grandmother looked at Clara and then the book but she didn't take it. Her grandmother got up and brushed her skirts. "Keep it."


"If you can still do that then you are still a Peacekeeper", Clara's grandmother explained. "When and if there is another the book will appear to them. Till then guard it well." Clara's grandmother summoned a doorway and without a glance backwards left. The balls of light went with her but for one that flew up to Clara and Brooklyn. The fairy gave them her blessing by kissing each on their forehead before it too left. Clara put the book back the same way she took it out and gave Brooklyn a curious look. He shrugged and then held out his claw, dawn was approaching.

The gargoyles were glad to see Clara and Brooklyn back and when they saw their clasped claws broke out into cheers.

"Welcome to the family lass", Hudson said beaming.

"What did you do to the Knights", asked Goliath once everyone calmed down.

"I made them forget about me and about you", she replied. "They're probably already working on their move."


"Yeah, to Siberia."


"Well the safest thing is to get them out of the city and the only way to do that is to send them after something else", Clara explained.

"You sent them after someone", Goliath said shocked.

"Not exactly", she said, "you see there's nothing in Siberia; at least not that I could tell."

"And how do you know that lass", asked Hudson.

"When I changed, I saw everyone, everyone who had magic or was a creature of magic", explained Clara. "I couldn't see anything in Siberia so I figured that was the safest place to send them." Hudson busted out laughing and so did the others.

"Well then", chuckled Goliath, "let us retire for the night."

All together they exited the tower and took their positions on the balcony. Clara was in between Brooklyn and Broadway, who let out a sigh. "What's the matter", Clara asked.

"Oh nothing really", replied Broadway. "I'm happy for you and Brooklyn but…"

Clara started to laugh which confused Broadway. "Don't worry my friend there are other gargoyles out there."


But the sun came up and turned them all to stone with surprised looks on all but one; Clara's who was smirking.

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