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Full Summary: After the successful retrieval of Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto is banished from Konoha for injuring the Uchiha badly. However, he is not going to leave alone. Several years later, a war is brewing that threatens Konoha and the whole shinobi world. In addition, the Akatsuki is not helping the situation and have begun hunting down the tailed beasts. Will Konoha be able get the help they seek? In addition, whom will they get this help from and will they be willing to? This story is rated M for violence, language, and future lemons.


Chapter 1: Prologue

With everything that has happened in the last few days, he could only stare at the clear blue sky. No one could really blame him. He was just banished from his home, Konohagakure no Sato Village. He lost his friends and his fellow Konoha shinobi, his comrades in arms. He was crushed and humiliated by the one he thought he loved since early childhood.

Who was this exiled shinobi? Well, he stood 4'8", which is pretty short for his age and wears an orange tracksuit with blue on the upper shoulders area as well as around the waist, a white swirl with a tassel on the left side, a red swirl on the back, a large white collar, orange pants, blue sandals.

He has blue eyes and blond, spiky hair. On each cheek are three whiskers-like birthmarks. Yes, Naruto Uzumaki, Konoha's Show-Off, Number One Unpredictable, Noisy Ninja has been exiled for the successful retrieval of Sasuke Uchiha.

Did those old fools honestly expect him to return willingly? He asked to himself.


Two bloody and ragged bodies were heading towards Konoha. Out of the six Konoha shinobi that were sent to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha, the last "loyal" Uchiha of Konoha, five have been successfully brought back home. One had barely any injuries, another one was severely injured, and the other two were in intensive care at the very least. However, none of them can possibly compare to the last two.

The less injured of the two was being carried by the other one. What Sasuke was wearing was the ragged remains of what was once a blue, short-sleeved shirt with a high collar and the Uchiha crest on the back and white shorts. They were both soaked in water and somewhat covered in blood. His black chin-length hair was covered in blood. While strands of his hair were covering his face, it did not matter. It was all bruised up and swollen anyway. His skin tone was pale, opposed to his normally fair-skin tone. Bruises, cuts, scrap, and other injuries covered his entire being. By the position of his arms and legs you can guess he has some fractured and broken bones and muscle ligaments. A look at his chest showed there was a high percentage of some broken ribs and damaged organs. In addition, he is the less injured of the two.

For this individual, it is a miracle for him to not only to be alive, but to be walking about while carrying someone with just purely will power and determination. There were burn marks all over his left shoulder and other areas of exposed skin. His clothes were triple-coat painted in blood. Well, with what was left of them, anyway. You could barely tell he had blond hair. He had a gruesome hole on his chest. Only a few centimeters in and his heart would have been ruptured. A few more to the left would have destroyed his right lung, and some of his left lung was still trying to heal. Blood just keeps oozing out of the wound as if it is a leaking faucet. The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, was doing all it could but it could not completely heal all of his vessel's wounds. He could only heal the minor ones, slow down the process of blood lost in the major ones, and keep him alive. The boy's skin was so pale it was ghostly.

"Hehehe…I told you…I'd bring you back ttebayo…" He said to his passenger in a raspy voice. "…Even if I had… to break every bone…in your body… "

"…You bastard!" The dark haired boy retorted.

"I…told you…pant…that I have no need for Konoha anymore…" He stated as he was trying to breathe through his injured lungs.

"Oh…shut up!" Naruto groaned before finally all of their will power and strength leaves them.

Naruto collapses right there with an unconscious Sasuke on his back. The world around him goes black. Unknown to him, Kakashi with Pakkun showed up just in time to catch him and Sasuke. They both then hurried back to Konoha.

(End of Flashback)

And to think I really liked that heartless, shallow-minded bitch ttebayo! He thought as he shakes his head of the painful memory while heading in an unknown direction. Well, at least I know someone I can count on.

What happened next would leave him scarred and honored for the left of his life. Nevertheless, at least there was a positive aspect.


We find our blond friend waking up to the bright lights and gray ceiling of a hospital room. When he looked to the left, he saw his friend Shikamaru Nara, who was the leader of the Sasuke retrieval team.

"Oh, you're finally awake," he said, seeing Naruto move in the bed.

"Hey Shikamaru. Um…how are the others?" Naruto asked as the color was back in his skin and the hole in his chest completely gone. The only way to tell he was injured would be the fact he was dressed as a mummy, covered in bandages. "They did make it right?"

"Troublesome. Yeah they made it. Chōji and Neji were in serious care from their injuries, but made it through. Kiba and Akamaru are fine; they just need to take it easy for a few days," he explained to the blond. "Sigh…Lee was the most troublesome."

"Why? Did that bone freak actually beat Centipede Brows?" He asked, becoming a little worried for his friend.

"No and yes. If it were not for the backup Hokage-sama sent for us, Chōji would be the only one left. Those troublesome sand siblings," Shikamaru muttered at the end.

"Wait! Gaara is here?" Now, Naruto was confused. He could understand another team being sent, but from another village? Well, I hope Gaara is not still bloodthirsty.

The laziest member of the Rookie Nine just sat there while shaking his head, "Yeah, he and his team are."

"Well they helped us out. I guess that's means something good, right?" Shikamaru just nodded his head yes, too lazy to answer.

Just then, the door to his room slides open to reveal three new visitors who soon entered. There was a girl holding a bouquet of flowers, in a beautiful arrangement of yellow and pink flowers. In addition, there were two other people next to her.

The girl is about the same height as Naruto. She has dark blue hair, fair skin, and white eyes that have a tinge of lavender in them. Her hair is in a short, leveled hime-cut style just above her forehead, with chin-length strands framing her face. She wore a cream-colored hooded-jacket with a fire symbol on the upper right and left sleeves and fur around the cuffs and hem, with navy blue pants and blue ninja sandals. Her headband was hanging around her neck. She had a weapon pouch strapped to her right thigh. Her face was imitating a tomato with how red it was. She was also shaking from shyness and nervousness.

The one to her right was in a wheelchair. He has messy brown hair, sharp black eyes with vertical slit-like pupils, and pronounced canine teeth. He also has the distinct red fang markings of the Inuzuka clan on his cheeks. You could see his hair, because the hood to his grey, hooded fur-lined coat was down. He was wearing dark grayish pants that reached down to his calves and blue ninja sandals. There was a white furred puppy in bandages on his lap. He had a look on his face that said, Say anything about this and I'll hurt you.

The one to the right was standing straight with his arms crossed over his chest. He was one that "shocked" Naruto the most. He had fair skin and short, spiky, auburn hair that was more close to being red than brown. He had a red tattoo of the kanji for "love" on the left side of his forehead. He had tanuki-like black eye rings around his green eyes. He wore reddish-brownish overalls with long sleeves and an upright collar. He also wore a white cloth over his right shoulder and the left side of his hips, had mesh armor on his wrists and ankles, and a wide leather band system over the left shoulder and right side of his hips that helps him carry around his Sand Gourd.

"Hey guys! What you doing here?" Naruto asked his new visitors.

The red head just moves to the other side of Naruto's bed and forms a chair out of sand from the gourd.

"I came to see if you recovered yet," he stated in a dead tone voice.

Naruto locked eyes with Gaara and saw what his voice lacked – emotion! He saw care and worry. Something he never thought possible from Gaara.

"You know Gaara…you've changed since our fight," he replied to the now peaceful red head.

"I have you to thank for that," Gaara said with a smile.

"Ah…how sweet. I want to know what that girl is here for?" a dark voice in his head asked.

What the hell? Nine-Tails, is that you? He asked the creature mentally.

"Of course it is, you idiot; who else is sealed inside you?" The Nine-Tails answered back. "It seems that fight with the Uchiha boy opened a pathway for us to talk. Oh sweet vengeance. Hahaha…"

It continued before letting out into a menacing laugh at the end. While that conversation went on, Gaara was looking puzzled at his friend who has been still, which is very unlike him, "Naruto, are you alright?"

Naruto shock his head to clear his thoughts and turned to Gaara.

"Yeah. I think we have another thing common now Gaara," he said to his fellow Jinchūriki.

Gaara just leaned his head to the side thinking what he could mean. Then he sees Naruto's eyes dimmer again.

Could his demon be talking to him as Shukaku does with me? He wondered to himself. "Naruto do you mean…"

Naruto just nodded his head, "Yes."

"Well, don't worry," he stands up and the sand began to return to his gourd. "You'll get use to it."

He then started to head towards the door, "Well, I'll be back. I have to report with my team."

"So what was that all about?" The confused boy asked in the wheelchair. "Looks like you two have some secret."

Naruto just stiffens up a little at the word secret. Thankfully, only Shikamaru noticed this but thinks that it is too troublesome to mention it right now.

"Ah..! N-no, there is no secret at all Kiba. Hehehe…we just understand one another," he replied nervously with a nervous laugh. "Our lives growing up were about the same."

Everyone else just nods in understanding of what he meant. It was no secret to everyone that Naruto had a rough time growing up. And if this Gaara had a similar life then it is understandable if they both were close friends.

"So Naruto, looks like you got the shit beat out of you," Kiba joked with a chuckle to a mummified Naruto. "You feel better then you look?"

"It's not as bad as it looks. Tsunade-Bāchan probably thinks I'll need to stay here a while," he said as he rubbed the back of his head with his arms. "I feel fine. I should be all ready to leave this nightmarish place in the morning at the latest."

That caused Kiba to sweat drop and mentally cursed. Damn, how do you heal so fast? Kiba thought with jealousy as he looked away.

I'm so glad Naruto-kun, thought the blue-haired girl, who is just staring at Naruto with relieved smile.

"So, what do you want, dog breathe?" Naruto joked back at Kiba.

With a tick mark forming on his head, Kiba just answered, "Me? Nothing, you idiot."

He then pointed his thumb at the shy Hyūga next to him, "Hinata's the one who wanted to come and say 'hi' to you. I just wanted to see if you had died yet."

The said girl just squeaked and started shaking more intensely with Kiba putting her in the spotlight.

With the way she is acting…I wonder if she's going to confess to him, a very perspective Nara thought.

Naruto had a confused look on his face before he replaced it with one of his foxy grin and asked, "Well then, what do you want Hinata?"

Hinata was shocked and a little wide eyed for a second at being addressed by him.

"I…I uh… I… wanted to…" She stuttered as she looked at Naruto, then the flowers, and then back to Naruto. She repeated this pattern for a few seconds, and then stepped closer to Naruto. All the while, she was getting redder in the face.

"…H-here. I hope you… feel better…N-Naruto-kun," she shuttered out while holding out the bouquet of flowers.

The said blond-haired boy just stares at it in disbelief. No one has ever really cared if I got injured before, he thought to himself.

"Uh… Thanks Hinata!" He practically yelled as he accepted the flowers, after noticing this is for real. This caused Hinata to feel all warm inside and smiled back.

Just then, the door slid open with a "slam" to show a pissed kunoichi. She had bright pink hair, large green eyes, fair skin, and a rather large forehead. She wore a red qipao dress with white circular designs, without short sleeves, with a zipper, tight dark green shorts, and a forehead protector, which she is using to accentuate her face. She marched/stomped over to Naruto.

"Sakura-ch—" That was as far as he could say before she slapped him. When he looked back, his face had a completely shocked look on it.

She then punched him in the face, sending him off the bed into the window next to the bed that he was just seconds ago occupied. He slowly slumped to the floor.

"SAKURA! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" An angry Shikamaru demanded as he knocked over his chair as shot up. Kiba was just frozen from shock. He was doing a good impression of a fish with his mouth opening and closing that fast.

"Shut up, all of you!" Sakura stated with her killer intent as she turned her head to glare at them. There was fire in her eyes and anger in her voice.

"Uh…cough…Sa-Sakura-chan what the hell… (Hacks up some blood) …did I do ttebayo?" Naruto weakly asked, raising his head-up a bit with his left eye open. She turned her attention back to Naruto.

"What did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO?!" She repeatedly yelled at him. "I asked you to bring him back, not kill him! It's a miracle he's still breathing!"

She then punched Naruto in the gut, which caused Naruto to cough up some blood.

"SAKURA, STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!" Shikamaru and Kiba yelled the latter just got over his shock.

"Sasuke was trying to kill Naruto! He had no choice but to fight back! He just wouldn't listen to reason!" The shadow user tried to explain to her.

Sakura just stood over Naruto with fury radiating from her.

"I SAID SHUT UP!" She screamed as she turned her face towards them.

"Sa-Sakura-san please…you must understand. N-Naruto-kun did what he could…" Hinata barely managed to get out.

"You're one to talk Hinata. You're only defending him because you like him," Naruto and Hinata's eyes widened to the size of saucer plates. Naruto then looks at Hinata in shock. Sakura then headed over to Hinata now.

"Everyone but him can tell how you feel about him. He is just so pathetic he cannot see it! And so are you!" Sakura yelled before backhanding Hinata across the face who crying out in pain.

Hinata stumbled backwards and fell to the floor. Meanwhile, the pink banshee walked back over to Naruto who was now glaring dangerously at her to continue his beating. She pulled her left arm back to punch him, but she then realized she could not move.

"What?! Shikamaru!" Sakura exclaimed as she realized that it was his doing.

"Hah… Shadow Imitation Technique was a success!" Shikamaru stated with a sigh as he is in his familiar kneeling position, "Sakura, how could you do this? Naruto is not only our comrade, but injured one at that!"

"Konoha shinobi don't attack each other unless it is a spar or an official match! And even then, you don't go for the kill!" Kiba ranted with a now barking dog agreeing with him. I remind you while they are not yelling they are loud.


The Shadow Imitation Technique soon subsided. With the ability to move again, Sakura leaved the room with a "Humph," stomping away. Before Shikamaru could blink, Hinata was by Naruto's side and was heartbroken at the sight of him.

Naruto was in ruins. His heart was left permanently scarred, again. He could not possibly hope to hold back the tears. Hinata was on the floor holding him in her lap. She was rubbing his back to try to ease the pain.

Hinata was in tears herself, but was staying strong for Naruto.

"Shh... Everything's okay Naruto-kun," she continues to console the heartbroken ninja.

The others were both sad and moved by the scene in front of them, "Don't worry, I'll never hate you."

Naruto looked up at her with a tear stained face and red shot eyes. Looking into those sparkling lavender eyes, he sees she meant what she said. Much to her surprise, he latched onto her, holding on for dear life while the water works started up again.

"Thank you…Hinata," he cried into her. Regaining her composer, Hinata smiled affectionately and hugged him back.

That is all that was said before the door re-opened revealing a pissed off Gaara and Hokage. After calming down Gaara and explaining things to Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, everyone but Naruto and Hinata left the room. Naruto was sleeping by Tsunade's orders after re-healing his old and new wounds. Hinata refused to leave his side.

"Naruto-kun, I hate seeing you like this," Hinata whispered to herself. "If only I wasn't so weak. I could help you."

"Is that so? I might be able to help you there," a voice said from behind Hinata.

This startled Hinata to the point where she actually jumped off her chair she was sitting on. When she turned around, she saw the Fifth Hokage staring at her.

She was a tall, light-skinned woman with light golden-amber eyes and straight blonde hair. Her hair is waist-length with shoulder-length bangs framing both sides of her face. She had a violet rhombus mark on her forehead, which she obtained some time after leaving the village. She wore a grass-green robe with the kanji for "gamble" written in black on the back, inside a red circle. Underneath she wears a grey, kimono-style blouse with no sleeves, held closed by a broad, dark bluish-grey obi that matches her pants. Her blouse is closed quite low, revealing her sizeable cleavage. She had open-toed sandals with high heels and red polish on both her fingernails and toenails. She also wore a soft pink lipstick.

"Uh… Tsunade-sama? W-what can I do for you?" Hinata asked the woman in the doorway.

"Um… Nothing," She walked over to the girl, "I've heard all I needed to hear."

She smiled at Hinata as she goes to the end of the bed for the medical chart.

"He'll be alright and will be released tomorrow morning," she said as she checks his vitals and the chart one more time.

"Th-that's great!" Hinata exclaimed.

"What's wrong Tsunade-sama?" She asked as she sees the worried look on her leader's face.

"We should go. You need your rest just as much as him. And don't worry about Sakura. I'll have a little chat with her about what she did," she said as she ushered the young Hyūga out of the room. "Listen if you're serious about what you said, talk to me tomorrow afternoon. Alright?"

Hinata just nodded her head before bowing and left to return home. Tsunade sighed before looking at one last time.

Naruto, you are going need to be at top shape for tomorrow's Council meetings, Tsunade thought as she too left to get some rest.


What the others thought was a peaceful slumber was actually a meeting of sorts itself. Naruto was dragged to the Nine-Tails' cage when he finally fell asleep.

"So what you're saying is it was this masked man's fault at you attacked Konoha?" Naruto asked as he stood in front of the giant steel bars of the entrance gate in front of him.

Within the cage, lay a giant kitsune with red-orange fur and red eyes. It possessed the upper-body structure of a human, complete with opposable thumbs on its clawed hands. The fox was almost as big as the cage (which can almost rival the Hokage Residence), with nine tails swinging behind it. It used to be, if not taller that the Hokage Monument, but with its Yin chakra sealed away forever by the Fourth Hokage, it was now half its original size.

"That is correct, my young jinchūriki. Now do you understand my predicament?" Its demonic voice asked with amusement.

"Yea, but why are you being so kind all of a sudden?" He asked while taking up a serious and accusing pose. "Up until now you were mean and trying to get out. If this is some trick for freedom…"

He now points his finger and glares at the giant red fox.

"-I'll never allow you to escape and hurt my friends, dattebayo!" The jinchūriki proclaimed to his tailed beast.

The Nine-Tails sweat dropped at its container's action.

"Uh… Okay, whatever you say Naruto. Now on to other more current matters…" A weird and creepy smile appeared on its face.

An hour later Naruto was sweating bullets and had a crimson red face. In the background is a laugh ringing throughout the basement-like landscape.

"Hahaha…you should…Hahaha…see your face. It's priceless!" The giant fox said as it stated to regain control of itself.

"Sh-shut up," Naruto stuttered out.

"Now listen Naruto, I am saying this because you need love in your life," the Nine-Tails explained more to its vessel. "With her help, some of these old wounds might be able to heal."

Naruto then just stared at the flooded floor.

"I couldn't lead her on like that," he said in a weak unsure voice.

"Surely you could learn to love her back," The Nine-Tails growled with frustration of the boy's negativity. "Besides, we are practically one and I know you already feel something for her. It may not be much, but it can grow to be so much more. All you have to do is give it time."

"But why are you trying to help me like this?"

"Sigh…because my anger at that damn Uchiha as faded. Now I can see what I have done to hurt you. Now talk to her and bring her here."

"But…what if she turns around and hates me when I tell her about you?" Naruto asked as tears started to reform in his eyes from thought of rejection.

"She won't. Trust me." Naruto looked at it questionably. "Just call it a tailed beast's intuition."

Naruto just nodded as the world around him starts to fade out.

"Just do what I said and everything will all work out!" The Nine-Tails roared out before the dream world of Naruto's mind goes black.

(End of Dreamscape)

It was morning in Konoha. One certain Hyūga could be seen making her way to the hospital. She did not know why, but she felt that today, something horrible would happen and she just wanted to see her crush before he was released so they could talk.

I need to tell him. Even if he already knows, she thought to herself while jumping from rooftop to rooftop, But, what if he does not return my feelings?

This caused her to stop for a minute. She then quickly shocked her head of such thoughts.

"I'm sure he'll return them," she reassured herself and was on the move again. With this newfound confidence, she would not take no for an answer.

Naruto was just waking and up. A nurse told him a couple of minutes ago he could leave in a couple of hours. He was glad to be finally out of here. He never liked hospitals.

He got up, showered, and changed clothes.

I wonder what she will do when I tell her the truth; he thought as he remembered his talk with the Nine-Tails last night and just could not feel at ease with it. Even if she does like me now, that will change when she finds out.

He was brought out of his thoughts by a knock at the door.

"N-Naruto-kun, a-are you up?" A shy voice asked from behind the door.

"Yeah, come on in Hinata," he called out to the door behind him.

Hinata then walked in to see him sitting on the side of the bed looking out the window. She couldn't help but blush when he turned his head around to see her. The sunlight reflecting off his face gave him this guardian angel-like aura around him.

He is just so cute, she thinks while a blush finds its way onto her face.

Naruto was just staring at her. The Nine-Tails was right. While it was small, he did feel something for her. They noticed each other staring and quickly looked away. Hinata got redder in the face while Naruto gets a mild flush in his cheeks. Regaining his composer first, Naruto patted the area next to him on the bed. Hinata took it as an offer to sit and joined him on the bed.

Here goes nothing! They both thought simultaneously.

"Um... Hinata?" Naruto asked as he tried to start the conversation.

"Y-yes?" she answered.

"Um...there's, uh something I need to tell you." They turned and faced each other. "Sakura said you liked me, is that true?"

Hinata gulped at his question before she answered, "Y-yes… I-I like you N-Naruto-kun."

He then took her right hand in his.

"Listen Hinata…" She noticed the worried face and fears the worse.

Oh no! He doesn't like me! Hinata thought with dread and horror.

"Um, do you remember what we were told of how the Fourth Hokage killed the Nine-Tails?" He asked while hearing a fearsome growl in the back of his head at the last part.

When she nodded, he continued, "That isn't completely true."

Hinata gasped at this. He goes on to explain how he learned he was a jinchūriki, one who has a tailed beast sealed inside of them, from the Mizuki incident. As he explained his meeting with the Nine-Tails and the times when he uses its power, her eyes widened at some parts. However, when he was finished her reaction was one that sealed it for him.

"Now you know." He looked away from her, tears entering his eyes.

"I really am a monster, a freak." She brought her hand away from his. That was it. The tears started to form and stain his face.

Hinata who was in shock about what he just told her quickly got over it. She then wrapped her arms around him, pulled him into a hug, and started to cry too.

"You are no monster Naruto-kun!" She cried which left Naruto in shock at her proclaim. He then returned the hug.

"Thank you Hinata," he said softly and sweetly into her left ear, while he rested his head on her left shoulder.

Those words combined with his warm breath on her neck sent shivers down her spine.

"Hinata, I do feel something for you. I have never been in this situation before. If you can understand this, I know a way that'll make it so we end up together, but there is a catch," he broke from the embrace with her. Her face was red and sported a slight frown from the separation.

He looked her dead in the eyes, "If you accept this, I'm promise I'll do everything in my power to keep you happy and safe."

Hinata just tackled him, crying into his chest, "Naruto-kun I've always loved you and will never stop doing so."

She looked up to his face and said, "I'll do whatever I have to do to be with you Naruto-kun."

Naruto just smiled with one of his foxy grins, which sped up Hinata's' heart pace. She always liked the way he smiled like that.

"Now this might hurt a little and you need to follow my exact instructions. This will only work if it's done right. You understand?" She nodded her head and waited for her instructions.

"Good. Now when I…" He then leaned down to her neck and stops as he continued. "…Bite you, you must bite me as well and pour your chakra into it understood?"

He doesn't get a verbal answer. Hinata then leaned into his neckline to await further instructions. Feeling each other's breath on their skin sent chills down their spines and throughout their body.

Naruto kissed the area right over her left neck pressure point and gentle bit down. Hinata, feeling the kiss, shivered lightly before biting down on his right neck pressure point. They both then focus their chakra into their teeth to send into the bite. Hinata finished first because she does not have any tailed beast chakra to control, yet anyway. She soon finds that her body was giving out on her. Electrical shocks fill her entire being; if she was standing; her knees would surely have given out on her. Hell, they were doing that while she sat which was awkward.

Right as Naruto ended the flow of chakra, Hinata had her head tilted back from the pleasure and intense chakra she received. Coming back to her senses, she could not help but frown from a little disappointment Naruto was staring at her making her blush and poke her index fingers together.

"Now don't get scared. It's time to meet the Nine-Tails." At his words, her eyes widened as the world around her starts to phase out. She closed her eyes when it felt like she was being pulled towards something.


When she opened her eyes, she was… scared. Well, she would be if her hand were not intertwined with Naruto who appeared right next to her. The sight before her was that of a giant gate. Looking around she noticed the whole place was like that of a basement of an industrial plant, with pipes running along the ceiling and the floor — the latter of which was flooded by water. Suddenly two giant red eyes and a mouth full of giant white teeth appeared inside the cage.

"Well Naruto, you didn't mess up. Not bad," the Nine-Tailed stated in a strong voice. Naruto looked at the fox with determination in his eyes.

"Now then, Hinata correct?" The said girl just slowly nodded her head. "I've heard your confession and you don't care if I'm sealed in him correct?"

Naruto then tightened the grip on her hand for reassurance.

"Y-yes. I have…always loved Naruto-kun. Nothing could change that," she answered confidently. "I'll do...anything for him."

"Is that so? Then I have a deal for you," a strange glint appeared in the Nine-Tails' now glowing red eyes. "If you could hold half the burden for him, would you take it?"

"YES!" She yelled out.

"Ah good. No worries then. With my help and the Hanjū Conversion Seal that you just gave to each other, a portion of my chakra was sealed inside you. You're now what is known as a pseudo-jinchūriki. On top of that, you both are also now a half-human and half-tailed beast, a hanjū. But, there are other things you will need to know."

Hinata swallowed the clog in her throat and asked shakily, "W-what are… what are they?"

"First of all, you will never truly be apart with being marked," The Nine-Tails started explaining as Hinata started to calm down at that idea, "If there ever comes a time when he'll have to mark others, you'll have to also mark them, making them a hanjū as well. It is kind of an all or nothing deal with a built-in seal of approval for you, so to spoke. But, the question still remains Hinata, are you willing to share him?"

Hinata looked down with slightly pink cheeks and does that thing with her index fingers again, "I'll do anything for Naruto-kun. Even-even if I-I have to share."

Naruto then released her hand and just hugged her. He moved his hand to her chin and lifted it up to see into her eyes. When she opened them, they were swelling with held back tears from the thought of losing her one and only love. By just staring at each other they knew everything would be okay and if it ever came to that, they would find a way to make it work.

"Now if you two would mind, I'm not done here yet." The two end their embrace with blushes on their faces. "I believe that I can trust two of you with my real name and my other form. My name is Kurama, which was bestowed upon me by the Six Paths Sage and this–"

The temperature in the basement started to increase all of a sudden and the fox went up in a crimson flame. When it died down, out stepped a human female with waist-length red-orange hair, fox ears, and nine foxtails. She was wearing a red kimono that went down to right above her knees. It had a cut out in the middle of her stomach that revealed her belly button and surrounding area. It had pink flowers on the left shoulder. She had red eyes with vertical slit-like pupils and more defined version of Naruto's whisker marks. Her bust was anything but average. Hell, those things could almost rival Tsunade's knockers for crying out loud.

"–is my Alternate form. So-o, what do you think guys?" She asked as she did a few poses for the stunned and breath-taken preteens.

Naruto and Hinata's reactions were same and different at the same time. They both had fish impressions and a blush on their faces. Hinata was awed at the beauty in front of her. Naruto on the other hand did what every man, who didn't have a death wish, would do. He looked at Hinata and keeps yelling to himself to not to stare.

If I had looks like that, Naruto-kun wouldn't need anyone else, Hinata thought with admiration. Dear God O Mighty! Where are our "shy and timid" Hinata thoughts?!

Naruto was thinking along similar lines. Could Hinata be like that? Throwing away such thoughts, he started to think critically. Why in the name of God am I thinking such thoughts? Wait… Oh My God! That Perverted Sage! He had more of an effect on me than I thought dattebayo!

"You're a woman!" They both stammered out as they regained self-control. Their response however caused the fox woman's face to turn red with fury.

"And what's wrong with that? From both of your reactions, I was under the impression that it was a good thing," She replied angrily with a scary look on her face. After which, she then just smirked upon seeing their faces flush a deep red.

Noticing Naruto's shade is a lot darker; Kurama decided to have some fun at her vessel's expense as she thought; How about I give the kids a little tease for the hell of it.

"If you were a little nicer to me Naruto-kun, I could be yours or I could show Hinata-chan the secret to a great bust." As she saying this, she bends forward revealing some cleavage and combined with her pose, Naruto's face flushed atomic red with steam coming out of his ears before he goes flying backwards with a burst of blood shooting from his nose.

Hinata is just numbed with shock from what Kurama just said.

"Could you...show me the secret?" Hinata asked, barely even a whisper. Kurama just tilts her head in her direction, standing up straight once more.

"Um…you have nothing to worry about Hinata. You are already developed for your age as it is. Adding more now would give him a heart attack when you finish your development," she said in a sweet love-filled voice. "Now listen–I'm going to send you two back soon, so can you hear me out Hinata?"

Hinata nodded her head "Yes" while she cares for the passed out blond haired boy.

"I need your help. Naruto has gone through worse shit then anyone I know, except others like him…maybe. Memories will be transferred to you. You'll feel what he felt, see what he saw and such."

Hinata looked at her love now cuddled into her resting on her lap.

"With your help, we might be able change a few things."

"What is this place exactly, Kurama-san?"

"Please, no san. I was never one for honorifics. Now to answer your question, this is his subconscious, his mind, his soul," Kurama answered which caused Hinata's eyes to go wide at that.

For the next five minutes, until Naruto finally awoken, they talked on how to help heal Naruto's wounded being.

(End of Mindscape and Flashback)

Naruto was brought out of his thought by the shy sweet voice of his traveling companion, "Naruto-kun, are you okay?"

He looked to his left to see his new reason to live. His love and soul mate, Hinata Hyūga.

"I'm fine Hinata," He assured giving her his foxy grin. "Just looking back on how all this happened is all."

She formed a frown on her face at that, but she quickly gave off her own cute smile.

"Well, at least we're together," She commented as she leaned into him, holding onto his left arm. Her head rested against his shoulder.

"I still can't believe Tōsama approved of us being married so quickly," she said without a single stutter.

After the seal transfer and talk with Kurama and Naruto, she gained her lost courage and only did it with certain 'activities.' After all, having it for almost her whole life makes it impossible to get rid of all of it so soon. Besides, Naruto said he liked her little shyness quality.

"Yeah, same here. I seriously thought he was going to kill me." A shiver goes up his spine from the memory. However, the look on their faces when they met Kurama was priceless.

Hinata could only agree with him on that. After their meeting with Kurama, Tsunade came and took Naruto into a Council meeting while she waited in the Hokage office.


In a big room with a long table sat the Konoha Council. Naruto stood in front of them with Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Iruka Umino beside him. They were arguing with the Council, which consist of two advisors and the top jōnin of the village. Word of his use of the Nine-Tails' chakra from his fight got out and things were not going so well. Somehow, the Third Hokage's law was broken and people that didn't know found out of him being a jinchūriki. If Tsunade and Jiraiya didn't escort him there personally, then he figured he would have been attacked. Even with the two of them, the glares and whispering continued. Some weren't even bothering to keep it a whisper. A mob almost formed too, if it was not for who he was traveling with. Nevertheless, something did surprise him. Some people had a sad look when he looked at them. Perhaps, maybe the villagers were starting to come around, even if it was only a few them.

"YOU OLD FUCK! HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO HIM? IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT THE FOURTH'S SACRIFICE?" Tsunade yelled, her patience quickly disappearing and her temper rapidly growing every second. Shizune was trying to calm her mentor, but even she wasn't happy about what was happening.

Shizune was a fair-skinned woman of average height and slender build with black eyes and brown hair. Her hair is straight and shoulder-length with bangs that cover her ears and frames her face. She wore a long bluish-black kimono with white trimmings, held closed by a white obi, and open-toed sandals with low heels.

"He is unstable. You saw what condition at Sasuke Uchiha was in. It is obviously he cannot control the Nine-Tails. He must be detained and kept under surveillance at all times."

Homura Mitokado, an old wrinkly old man with grey hair, a beard, glasses as well as a constant frown that he's always worn, even in his youth. He also has a strong jaw-line a facial structure he has retained even in his old age. As a member of the Konoha Council, he wears similar garbs to those that Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, would when acting in his capacity as Hokage, which consisted of a simple long kimono, closed by an obi, a jacket, and a sash over it. Because of the dark room, Naruto could not actually tell what they were all wearing. The room was lit, it was just a dim light unless in his possession. He was an old teammate of the Third. He was also one of the Head Elders/Councilors.

"It was necessary! Sasuke used a powered up version of the Chidori and thrust it into his chest. HE WAS USING OROCHIMARU'S CURSE SEAL FOR GOD'S STAKE!" Iruka accused, screaming to get his point crossed.

"SILENCE!" Koharu Utatane shouted with authority, another old prune, and ex-teammate of the Third Hokage.

She had her hair pulled back in a twin bun locked by a traditional Japanese hairpin with two pearls dangling off the side. The pearls on her hair needle have also increased since the time of her youth and tassels were added to the other end. Her earrings are also considerably longer. As a member of the Konoha Council, she, like Homura, wore a simple long kimono, closed by an obi, a jacket, and a sash over it. Koharu has also taken to squinting, barely opening her eyes at any point in time.

"You are crossing the line Iruka Umino. Do not push it. This is what's best for the safety of Konoha and its people."

Jiraiya huffed at that statement.

"You're more like covering up with your hate of the Nine-Tails breaking free," He mumbled but loud enough for everyone to hear him clearly.

Jiraiya was one of the Third's students, the Legendary Sannin of Konoha. He was a tall man with waist-length, spiky white hair usually tied back into a ponytail, with two shoulder-length bangs that framed both sides of his face. He also had red lines that ran down from his eyes and wore a horned forehead protector with the kanji for "Oil," which denotes his affiliation with Mount Myōboku. He also had a noticeable wart on the right side of his nose. Jiraiya wore a green short shirt kimono and matching pants; under which he wore mesh armor that showed out of the sleeves and legs of his outfit. His outfit was completed with hand guards, a simple black belt, traditional Japanese geta (wooden sandals), a red cloak with two simple yellow circles, and a scroll on his back. He also had a tattoo in his left palm, which resembles one that Gama has in his as well.

"Are you accusing them of being unfair, Jiraiya?" Danzō Shimura asked with his left brown eye was staring right at Jiraiya.

This person was a frail, old man, who walks with a cane. He was once a close friend of the Third and competitor for the seat of Third Hokage. He had black, shaggy hair, and his right eye was bandaged. Danzō has had an x-shaped scar on his chin ever since his youth. He wore a white shirt, with a brown robe over top of it covering from his feet, to just over his right shoulder. The robe conceals his right arm, which was bandaged.

From the first moment Naruto saw this village elder, he knew that he was just evil. The felling that he lived for the pain and suffering of others came to mind when one looked at him. Realizing that Naruto was watching him, he glared at the boy. Naruto did not take shit from the other two, so he was not going to make an exception for him.

"I would advise you watch who you're glaring at boy," Danzō stated with anger and annoyance.

"Like I give a fuck, you ungrateful bastard!" Naruto countered back in almost equal tone.

"Naruto!" Iruka and Shizune gasped who was just at shock as everyone else as he watched the two verbally attack each other.

"See – He has no control over his emotions. It's because of this that he can't control the Nine-Tails' power," Danzō stated with a slight 'I told you so' voice, "He's a danger to everyone in this village. We must do something about this."

Tsunade was cut off right before she was going to speak.

"Tsunade! Our decision is final!" Koharu stated with authority, "Naruto Uzumaki, you are now striped of rank, statues, and are hereby banished from Konohagakure no Sato until further notice!"

Naruto didn't know what to think. Hell, he didn't know what to feel. Everything he did was for this village. There were so many emotions going through him right now. Any normal person would just shatter like glass. Well, if he did not already he might just do that. However, someone beat him to it.

In Tsunade's office sat a now destroyed Hinata Hyūga. When Tsunade came to take Naruto, she said to wait in her office. Everything he just learned and went…no, is going through was crushing her. Kurama was doing her best to steady the flow from their now active seal links.

Why do I get the feeling that this is not over yet? The fox half heartily thought too focused on the link between her two hosts.

Naruto was with Tsunade heading to her office to meet with Hinata. Shizune left to help the staff at hospital. He now has one week to gather his things and leave. How was he going to tell her? He just found someone to care for – To love. How was he going to end that?

Suddenly they stopped. Standing in front of them was Hiashi Hyūga, head of the Hyūga clan.

"What can we do for you, Hyūga-san?" Tsunade asked as they walked further along.

"I wish to tell you that all of the clans where against this. None of us wanted this to happen. But, those two were calling for execution," He stated in his usual dead tone, "Even without our votes they would've found something we did, so in the end, we did the only thing we could think of at the time."

"I see. It's good to know that not all of you are as foolish as those two shriveling old crones and that war hawk," Tsunade just could not hold back her anger anymore, "Care to join us Hyūga-san. We're on our way to my office to meet your eldest daughter."

Hiashi was shocked by this development. To hear his shy, timid daughter was waiting to meet the Hokage was not a normal every day thing.

"May I ask what you need with her?" He asked raising an eyebrow at the busty blonde-haired woman.

"Come if you want. However, I have things to do. So don't pester me with your pointless questions," Tsunade stated as calmly as she could. Well there goes her self-control. Anger just surrounds hers as brightness surrounds the sun.

Jiraiya left the two of them with the curtsy of a chakra-enhanced punch by Tsunade for a perverted mark she just did not need right now. Iruka left because he had things at the Academy to take care of. He was also too depressed and shocked at what had just happened. Now with Hiashi, they make their way to Tsunade's office to meet Hinata, and for Tsunade to get her cup of sake.

When they got into the room, Hinata was leaning against the wall on the left. The office itself was not that big. In the back behind the square desk, covered in paper work, was a wall made of windows that over saw the village.

Hinata was on her feet in no time when she saw the door open. Her eyes widened when she saw her father among them. In addition, the stare he gave her as he passed her to stand in front of the desk Tsunade was now behind sitting in her chair. When she saw Naruto, she ran over to him and they met in a hug.

Naruto lifted her up a few centimeters off her feet and they shared there first, but quick kiss. Hinata was practically glowing with delight in a red shade. Naruto was giving off one of his fox grin smiles.

Tsunade was wide-eyed and mouth open for a second at what she just saw. Not at the two genin, even though that shocked her still, she just found out about her feelings yesterday! No, she lost herself at Hiashi's reaction. Flabbergast is the only word I know that can describe what he giving off. He was staring directly at the blond haired boy holding his eldest daughter.

Oh, yes. Hiashi was stunned, but not just that. He was pissed! Now mind you, he didn't hold any grudge against the boy, but he was the girl's father and they were doing such things right in front of him! Even if she was deemed a failure in becoming the next successor of the Hyūga clan, she was still his daughter. He was only tough on her to help in making her stronger, when he really only accomplished the opposite. She even lost to her sister, Hanabi who was five years younger than she was in a mock fight some time before she graduated for the Academy, which sealed her fate of not becoming the next head of the clan.

From the sounds of someone clearing their throat, the two broke the embrace and stand at attention. Well, they tried to. Hinata was red in the face and playing with her index fingers. Naruto's head was up with one of those smiles and his hands behind his head.

He opened his blue eyes to see the look of the adults in the room. Upon looking at Hiashi, he was ready to piss himself and run from the Hokage tower. He laughed sheepishly while scratching the back of his head. When he saw Hinata in her usual shy pose playing with her hands he could not help but stare at her beauty.

I cannot help but look at her. Why can I not stop looking at her? Why would I stop? He asked himself. Noticing his stare, she gets even more nervous, Damn! She is so cute when she does that.

Another throat clearing and they were all paying attention.

"Now that I got your attention," she moved her arms to gesture towards the seats.

"Seeing as I've missed something here, mind explaining why you are acting that way?" She asked pointing towards the two lovebirds on the couch to the right.

"Yes, I would like to know that as well," Hiashi stated, gaining control again, from the chair opposite of them.

The two looked at each other and where contemplating what to tell them. Thankfully, the seal link was now fully active and they can have communication through thoughts. A couple of seconds of thinking to each other and they got it. "Love!" is all they said.

The two adults sweat dropped at the comment.

"And…?" Tsunade asked, while making continue gestures. Hiashi was debating if he could kill the boy and escape the Hokage's' wrath.

"Naruto, Hinata." At that both young sets of eyes wide for a second. This didn't escape the eyes of the adults.

Yes Kurama, what is it? Naruto replied.

"Listen. Now I think I have a way to help you two out of this. Just tell them you will tell but not to freak out. I am going to need your help. Channel your chakra when they agree."

Why? Hinata asked.

"Simple, we're going to pull them into Naruto's subconscious," the tailed beast explained.

From what the two knew, they agreed with the plan. Now to get the stern father and protective mother figure that could hide emotions at shocks like this.

"Um…if we tell you two do you promise not to over react or anything?" Naruto asked.

"Fine," Tsunade and Hiashi replied.

"Okay then," Naruto and Hinata then started channeling their chakra until red aura blazes around — BOTH OF THEM! Before the others could react, they were covered with the same red chakra and felt as if they were pulled away somewhere.


"We're here," Naruto said as they became organized.

What they saw was a basement of an industrial plant with a massive gate in the center of it. Naruto and Hinata were in front of them holding hands.

"WHERE ARE WE?" Tsunade screamed while Hiashi activated his Byakugan. The veins by his eyes bulged out to be seen by everyone. After a quick survey of the area, he deactivates them and muttered, "Clever."

"What's that suppose to mean?" a confused Tsunade asked the head of Hyūga clan.

"You both are inside Naruto's mindscape," a voice answered for him from in front that they did not recognize. When they looked back towards the kids, they were fish out of water at the site and were nervous. Behind the pair who was now inside the gate, was the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, or what they thought was the strongest of the nine-tailed beasts that nearly destroyed their village. In addition, she was in her human form with only her ears and tails giving her identity away.

"Hey, so you two care to know why Naruto and Hinata acting this way?" She asked stating the obvious while she kneels and puts an arm around each of them.

When she gets a nod from two shock parental heads, then she continued. "Well then, that's easy to answer. They're both married." She gives off a grin and giggle at the two she is talking too.

"WH-WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" Tsunade asked while Hiashi demanded.

"Well, it is simple really. They–are–married! In tailed beast and hanjū terms, at least. When you mark your life partner, it's just simply the same as a wedding ceremony for you humans," Kurama explained to the shocked adults.

Naruto was looking at her suspiciously. Hinata was in a gaze that her dream came true sooner than she thought it would. Sure, she wanted to marry Naruto, but this was too soon.

Looking at the two in her arms she innocently asked, "What? Didn't I tell you?"

When they shock their head "no," she held a fake "oops" look.

"Anyway, back to why you two are here. It is time to tell you the deal and my plans are for these two."

She then goes into their happiness and the new seal she made with the same properties as the Fourth Hokage's Four Symbols Seal, just split. She then explained the meanings of the Hanjū Conversion Seal, Hinata's requirements for the seal, and mating. Nevertheless, Kurama cleverly left out the ones to share Naruto with other women. Hey, there is no reason to kill the new son-in-law right? Moreover, the deal with Hinata and Naruto to kill this 'masked man' when they are strong enough was what really shocked them.

"Well, is there anything else you need to tell us?" Tsunade asked digesting all she just learned.

"No. That just about covers it," Naruto answered back.

"Well, I have a question," Everyone looks at Hiashi as he asked, "Why do you speak of them as if they're your own children, Nine-Tails?"

Tsunade nodded wanting to know the same thing.

"I have been wondering that myself, but never put much thought into it," Naruto lifts his head back to look into said vixen's red eyes, "Why is that Nine-Tails?"

"Why? Well, Tsunade maybe like a grandmother or something, but she just meet you. I've known you your whole life," She explained before she gives an unexpected bear (well fox) hug to her blond host. "And you need all the love one can give. I have caused too much hatred in your life and I need to make up for it. Besides, I feel for both you two as my own, even if it isn't true."

"Okay. I…understand. Please…let go. I…can't...breath." Naruto muttered as he started to turn blue in the face. Seeing this, she quickly released him and apologized sheepishly.

"Now that everything is settled, can we get out of here?" Tsunade asked, having seen what she needed to see.

The trio nodded before Kurama said something to the pair that left them blushing. Hiashi and Tsunade felt they don't even want to know what was said to them, considering who was the one that said it. Next then she and Hiashi knew, they felt that dragging feeling again before being pulled from Naruto's subconscious.

(End of Mindscape)

Tsunade slumped in her chair in exhaustion. "What a day," she mumbled quietly to herself. Hiashi was still staring critically at Naruto. However, that was a predictable thing. He would get over it any way.

"So Hokage-sama, what was it you needed of me?" Hinata asked to everyone's surprise.

She didn't shutter, they all thought in almost complete unison.

Damn–She is so much cuter when she does shutter. Just not when it is a lot, was Naruto's complete thought.

"Before I answer that, Hiashi is there anything you need from me?" The Fifth asked the Hyūga head.

"The same as what my daughter asked you," he replied.

"Sigh… Fine, Hinata before all this, I was planning on asking you if you would consider being my apprentice…" Hinata goes wide-eyed, while Hiashi raised an eyebrow at what coming next. "…But, because of what just transpired, I can't let that happen."

Hinata then got depressed and hung her head down low in depression. Seeing his love so sad, he just had to make a scene.

"Hey! What's up with that Bāchan?" He yelled angrily. Now it is his turn to be angry, if he was not already. "This has to deal with me, not Hinata too ttebayo!"

Hinata's face turned red at Naruto's attempt to defend her; Tsunade waited for Hiashi's reaction. Hiashi just blows it off. He understands there is nothing he can do. In addition, he understands fairly well, what Tsunade is implying.

"First off, stop calling me that! Second Naruto, I cannot take her as an apprentice because she would have to stay here. And if she is to be with you, she must leave along your side," Tsunade explained to him. "All her ties with Konoha except her Byakugan will be erased like yours."

"…" He doesn't know what to say. He wants to be with her but…but not at the cost of her happiness. It is then that he makes up his mind.

"Then Hinata stays here," he said with confidence. Now this caught everyone of guard. He then turned to her.

"Hinata stay here. You will be much stronger and happier here if you stay. There is nothing else left for me here. I can give you only my feeling when I leave. I do not know where to go. Alternatively, what will happen…sigh…besides do you not have family here? Hell, even if they don't show that much emotion," he smiled while pointing a thumb at her father who narrowed his eyes a bit.

This boy keeps making this much harder than it needs to be, Hiashi thought as he groaned to himself.

"N-Naruto-kun? II don't mind any of that. I don't care, as long as I'm with you," she then grabbed hold of his arm tightly.

Looking into his blue eyes, she begged, "Please Naruto-kun. Please let me come with you."

She started to cry a little. This hurt Naruto, so much that he almost couldn't bare it.

"B-but what about your training? You could be so–" Naruto started to say but interrupted by Tsunade.

"As moving as this is, I never said I couldn't train her. I just said she couldn't be my apprentice."

Everyone snapped their heads so fast in her direction they should have broken. Tsunade then sweat drops at the looks on their faces, "I can give her scrolls and books she'll need to memorize to be a medical-nin. Besides, you have about a week before you have to leave. I can give her pointers and advice one my strength and medical expertise."

Now she gave off a smile.

"Well, if everything is settled, then I have one thing to do," Hiashi started to head towards the door but stops as he cracked it open just a bit.

"You do realize you'll probably never see I or Hanabi ever again if you go through with this, right?" he asked looking at her firmly.

Hinata nodded sadly, as she has considered it, "Yes Tōsama."

"Good, then come by in a few for your things and say your goodbyes. I'll have a few scrolls for you." He exited the room and started closing the door slowly to had effect to his stare at Naruto. "Naruto Uzumaki, if you hurt my daughter, even if you have the Nine-Tails inside you, I'll hunt you down and I'll kill you."

All but anger were gone and the level of killer intent was suffocating if you were not use to it as he was.

"That was surprising and unusual, wasn't it?" The recovering knucklehead blond genin asked.

Everyone that was left in the room just nodded. They quickly went over the banishment and Tsunade had both of them returned their forehead protectors, despite how much she didn't want to. As they left, it finally sank into Naruto that he will never become the Hokage. After everything he had done for the village, they were once again punishing him for something that was beyond his control.

After that, everything went back to normal. Well, for Naruto that was. He was beaten by villagers a couple of times, but he pushed the pain away. The word of him being the jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails, things got worse and better. His friends got more respect for him. They did not care about him being a demon jailor. Many of the shinobi population didn't, but some old fucks you are better without. Sasuke and Sakura treated him the same as the villagers. Hell, they started by treating him like the plague.

The week came and went. It was time for them to move out. Hinata had some advance Gentle Fist Art scrolls and other moves from her clan. She was able to train with Neji for a short while after he got out of the hospital. Tsunade was able to give her some advice one which books to memorize first and which healing techniques to learn first. Naruto got a couple scrolls from Jiraiya, but not much. They both said their goodbyes to their friends and family, which for Naruto, was everyone who was precious to him. With that, they left the village and didn't look back.

This outraged Gamabunta greatly. He promised, no…swore to Naruto that the Toad clan would always be by his side. He also stated if he ever found another summons, it was all right for them to become their summoners. All he had to do was let them know. Apparently, people have a misunderstanding on summons. You can have more than one, but you need permission from your currents for it. You also have to think of the animal you want to summon during the technique. Otherwise, it would either not work or you would end up with one from your original contract.

(End of Flashback)

Now back to the present. Naruto and Hinata head in a random direction. They stop several miles from Konoha. They were at the shore and border of the Fire Country and the Wave Country. They stood in front of the bridge Naruto and Team 7 help protect and build.

The plaque on the bridge read; "The Great Naruto Bridge"

There were so many questions ran through his mind. But, that my friends, is for another time.

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Bāchan – Grandmother

Byakugan – White Eye

Chidori – One Thousand Birds

Hanjū – Half-Beast

Hokage – Fire Shadow

Jinchūriki – Power of Human Sacrifice

Konoha – Hidden Leaf

Konohagakure no Sato – Village Hidden in the Leaves

Medical-nin – Medical Ninja

Mount Myōboku – Mysterious/Exquisite Tree Mountain

Pseudo-Jinchūriki – Simulated-Jinchūriki

Sannin – Three Ninja

Shinobi – Other word of Ninja

Tōsama – Casual way of saying "Father," expresses a higher level of closeness or reverence, respectively