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Chapter 3: A Reunion of Old Friends

Naruto could only stare at the four lovely women in front of him in stunned awe. They were in their sexy sleepwear, which was both stunning and arousing. The four young women smiled happily, as they saw the reaction of their husband from their appearance.

Hinata who was in front of him was in a champagne pink chemise and matching bikini panties. On her left was Fū in a peach camisole and matching boyshorts. On her right was Yugito in a black and purple tank top and navy blue cheeky panties. On Yugito's right was Kimiko in a red babydoll with scalloped edges and matching v-string.

He just couldn't help but marvel at their beauty and stare at them in awe as he aroused from their state of dress. They all had lustful, but loving smiles on their faces at his reaction. The whisker markings on their faces don't help the matter with their sex appeal as it only enhanced it except for Fū who has eye rings around her eyes. (Hinata and Kimiko have the same three marks like Naruto from Kurama while Yugito's from Matatabi were wavier and Fū has grayish blue eye rings from Chōmei caused via becoming Hanjū.)

"Well, do you like what you see, Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked with amusement at the look on his face.

Fū came up beside her and muttered with a smirk, "I think he is, judging from how speechless he is ssu."

Before Naruto could say anything, Hinata smiled all so innocently, as she pulled him onto the bed despite his yell of protest. They all then stalked over to Naruto, whose face was bright red as he took in at the sight of his women as they swayed their hips. They soon flanked him on all sides. If only they can me greeted like this ever time ttebayo, Naruto thought as he took in his girls' lovely beauty and figures.

"You really thought that you could come home late, sneak into bed, and get out of having that 'talk' with us, hun? You're such a bad boy, Naruto-kun," Yugito said with an evil grin that made Naruto break into a sweat as he was both nervous and excited which caused the girls to giggle at the reaction he was making.


Before he knew what was happening, the four women rushed him and quickly removed his forehead protector, his cloak, his jacket, his shirt, and his pants, tossing them to the floor as they were removed, laughing as they did it, leaving Naruto as naked as the day he was born.

"WOW!" was all he could say after being 'mauled' by four beautiful sexy, but sometimes scary women. And where they really laughing while doing it? Man, when did they become so evil? Inside his mind, he could hear Kurama laughing her ass off at what just happened to him. Naruto soon came too realized at she may have had something to do with it. You goddamned traitor.

Then the sound of more giggling and clothes hitting the floor caught his attention. Moving his head down, Naruto couldn't help but stared with wide eyes in fascination as Kimiko, Yugito, Hinata, and Fū had removed their clothes which were currently all over the floor. Hinata crawled forward with seductive smirk on her lips and a sway to her hips, her eyes filled with lust and deep love. She straddled his waist suddenly pressed her soft lips to his, wrapping her arms around his neck. Naruto was taken aback by the gentle kiss, but he knew it was because he hasn't been spending much time with them lately, especially Hinata.

Seriously, have I not been spending much time with them? Has the recent completion of the rebuilding of Uzushio and the threat of war been keeping him away from Hinata and the others? He asked himself before smiling against her delicate lips. Well, then I guess I'll make it up to them tonight, mainly Hinata. And I promise I won't let it happen again. He quickly closed his eyes, and returned the soft, passionate kiss as he wrapped his arms around her which she moaned contentedly as well.

As they kissed, Fū, Yugito, and Kimiko swarmed around his manhood. They then eagerly started licking it like an ice-cream cone, earning some moans of pleasure from Naruto. The two main lovers broke from their kiss and took a gulp of air. Naruto then trailed kisses down Hinata's neck sending shivers of pleasure down her body. Glancing at her D-cup breasts, he subsequently had his left hand gently folding her left breast causing her moan lightly. Naruto soon clamped his mouth over her right breast and began sucking on it, his tongue teasing her red, harden nipple. Hinata arched up with a gasp, her mouth dropping open soundlessly as Naruto sucked and folded her breasts. His fingers then playfully teased her left nipple before pinching them earning a scream of pleasure from Hinata.

''Please, don't stop Naruto-kun,'' she whimpered as he removed his left hand from her breast only to be replaced with his mouth.

His hand moved to her nicely toned stomach as he groaned from Fū taking his manhood into her mouth. Then it trailed down to Hinata's lower region and began rubbing her naked folds. She moaned with ecstasy and shudder from the pleasure she was feeling. After a while, she then stood up and placed her crotch over his face. She moaned as Naruto licked and sucked her womanhood. She squirmed as he swirled his tongue, sucking and swirling her little nub, watching her body tremble at the same time.

"Oh Naruto-kun," she gasped, her fingers clutching at his hair as she shook, "Hmm..."

Her hips were bucking as his tongue worked inside of her and he slowly inserted one finger. Naruto moaned as Fū continued to suck on his manhood while rubbing her own womanhood as Kimiko and Yugito both licked, folded, and sucked Hinata's breasts. Naruto worked his finger in, sliding it in and out, as she moaned and trembled in pleasure. Finally, after a few more seconds, Hinata exploded onto his face and finger before collapsing onto the bed, panting.

Fū soon stopped sucking his cock and looked to Hinata, "Hinata is it okay if I go first ssu?"

Even though she was exhausted from the orgasm, Hinata still lifted her head up and replied, "Sure, I don't mind. I wanted to go last anyway."

Hearing that, she climbed over him, grabbing his manhood and rubbed her entrance with it. After she lubricated it with her juices, she placed the tip at her opening and lowered herself down onto him, drawing him into her womanhood, moaning in satisfaction. She loved the feeling of him inside her being. He then looked up at Fū's B-cup breasts and folded her left breast causing her to moan in pleasure. Fū started to move her hips up and down, causing her to moan cutely. He also began to slowly slide in and out of her to match her thrusts.

Their thrusts soon synchronized and they went faster and deeper. While they were at it, Yugito and Kimiko were enjoying themselves until it was their turn. They had their crotch in each of their faces and were eating each other out, moaning in ecstasy. While thrusting, Naruto pulled Fū down and put her left breast into his mouth, sucking on it and teasing her dark pink, harden nipple while folding the other. Fū arched up with a gasping moan, her mouth dropping open soundlessly as Naruto sucked and folded her breasts while pounding her.

After a while, they started speeding up their thrusts, feeling their climax was getting closer as their moans heightened. Fū soon brought her face down to Naruto's and shared a passionate kiss with them, moaning into their mouths from the thrusts. After a moment, they both reached their orgasm.

Fū's mouth fell open and her head flew back as she cried out in bliss, her fingernails digging into Naruto's back who moaned as released his seed inside her. After a moment of rest, Fū dismounted him before she fell back onto the bed, panting and sweating as the other two had their turn, the first being Yugito. While Yugito and Kimiko had their 'fun', Hinata and Fū spent some time together as Naruto's first wives and his alpha and beta. They both cleaned each other of Naruto's seed that was leaking out before watching Naruto and Kimiko finish up their round.

When she finally finished up, Hinata crawled over to him and asked gently, "Naruto-kun, you up for one more round? It's my turn now."

Naruto smiled at her and replied, "Of course, Hinata. I can always go another round for you."

"Oh Naruto-kun, you do so much for me. Fū-san, would you like to help us?"

With that being said, Fū crawled over to the pair and helped position him at Hinata's entrance. She then rubbed him against her womanhood folds. After a moment of lubricating it, she placed the tip at her opening as Hinata leaned back, drawing him deep inside her wet, warm vagina, earning a moan from the pair. She felt so complete with Naruto deep inside of her. Letting Hinata rest for a moment, Naruto raised his arms up, formed a half Tiger Seal in both hands, and crossed them, calling out, "Shadow Clone Technique!"

Three more Narutos appeared much to Fū, Yugito, and Kimiko's delight. Each took one of his remaining wives and gave them another round of passionate sex. He listened to the moans of their lovemaking before he turned back to Hinata and began slowly sliding in and out of her, causing her to mewl cutely in ecstasy. Hinata soon started to move her hips up and down to match his now thrusts.

Their thrusts soon synchronized and the pace only got faster and deeper. The faster and deeper they went, the more Hinata cried out with bliss. Naruto's hands found their way to Hinata's chest. Hinata thrashed against not only his hands, but his pumping as well. When Naruto pulled away, he removed his right hand to get a grip of Hinata's left breast, causing her to arch against the sensation and forcing Naruto's member deeper inside her.

After a while, they both felt their abdomens starting to burn and both knew they were not going to last much longer. From the sound the others were making, they won't last long either. In an attempt to feed as much of the desire as he could, Naruto moved Hinata onto her back and pounded into Hinata harder and faster, resulting in her wrapping her legs around his buttocks and the bed starting to squeak. Right now, Hinata was having to best time of her life. She couldn't remember the last time they has such great sex. Soon, their pleasure was starting to reach their peak.

After a few more pumps, they both reached their orgasm. Hinata's mouth fell open and her head flew back, a strangled cry escaping her throat, her fingernails digging into Naruto's back who followed only a few seconds later, letting out a low moan as he released his seed inside her. They both fell back panting and sweating, Naruto resting beside Hinata. The others soon followed suit. Naruto met her gaze with his sharp cerulean gaze and lift up to kiss her. After the short kiss, Hinata lied on Naruto with her head resting on his chest and soon Fū, Yugito, and Kimiko joined them on the bed who then took the remaining spots next to him. Naruto then pulled the covers over himself and his exhausted wives. It was suffice to say that tonight was one to remember for a long time.

(End of Lemon) (In Konoha)

Tsunade was thinking about the day's events. More importantly, she was thinking back to conversation she and Jiraiya had before he left to investigate the rumors of the Akatsuki leader living in Ame. She still found it hard to believe that this person defeated Hanzō of the Salamander when she, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru combined couldn't.

She couldn't help but worry about him. Who in their right mind wouldn't be? You would have to be a fool to underestimate someone who was able to defeat an opponent that not even you could. She stared out at the night sky across Konoha recalling the conversation on a certain blond and the bet he made with her before he left.


As the sun was setting and sky was glowing orange, Tsunade and Jiraiya sat on a beach as two children raced by, heading home as it was getting late. A while ago, they were at the Shushuya which was a Chinese-styled restaurant/pub where they were drinking sake and having some dango with it while talking about the Akatsuki leader in Ame and the old days. After leaving the restaurant, Jiraiya and Tsunade went into an alley where she started vomiting from drinking too much sake. They then came to where they are now, taking in the sights and relaxing.

"Akatsuki…" Tsunade said with a grim face and pink cheeks from the alcohol in her system. "This guy is able to control a group of such powerful people. Who knows how strong he is? And you want to just waltz right in there…"

Jiraiya leaned forward and said, "Well… I guess I'll be on my way now." And with that, he stood up and turned away.

"Come back alive," she said to him which sounded like plea than an order. This caused his head perked up and he turned around moderately with a touched look on his face.

"If I was to lose you too, I would…" she then trailed off with a look of worry on her face.

Jiraiya grew an amused smile and said "You'd cry for me? I'm so honored!"

He then completely faced her and asked with smile, "But not as much as when Dan died, right?"

"Idiot!" she replied in annoyance without even looking at him.

"Well, then let's have a gamble, shall we?" Jiraiya suggested which got Tsunade's attention as she turned her worry-looking face to him. "You should bet that I'm going to die."

Tsunade's face grew a surprised look as he looked away from her with a deadpanned look and continued, "Knowing your luck, you'll definitely lose."

She just stared at him with a completely shocked look as he suggested they bet on his life. She couldn't believe he would suggest such a thing. Why would he do that?

Jiraiya stood there with closed eyes while hinting, "Then, if I come back alive…"

He then turned and looked at Tsunade with a serious look on his face as she stared back at him with a flabbergasted look on her face at what he was hinting. Her heart was racing as she stared back at him with trembling brown eyes.

Jiraiya then ruined the moment by giving a hearty laugh and said, "I'm just joking! Just joking!" He stared backed at her with a smile. "I'm really grateful to you."

Tsunade stared at him now with a sad look on her face, though she was confused to why he was grateful to her. He then pulled out a copy of Icha Icha Paradise and said, "Getting dumped makes a man stronger. And if he's not able to laugh it off, he won't be able to fulfill his duties as a man."

He then puts it away and continued with a smile, "At least joke about it."

"So, a man's duty is to be strong?" she asked with confusion.

"You could put it that way," he answered with face turned sideways with a goofy smile on his face. "Besides, men aren't supposed to pursue stuff like happiness."

Tsunade stared at him for a moment before she closed her eyes and lowered her head with small smile, "Humph. Stop trying to act so cool. If women weren't around, there'd be no one to dump your ass."

This got a laugh from Jiraiya and replied, "So true."

After that, there was a moment of silence from the two of them. Jiraiya then turned around and stared at the setting sun. The silence continued until Tsunade turned to him and said, "If anything happens, use your toads and let me know! I'll get there immediately!"

"There's no need for that," Jiraiya replied with his back to her. "You need to stay in the village."

He turned around partially and said, "The village is dependent on you now."

Tsunade smiled gently at him and lowered her face a bit saying, "There are tons of other candidates for Hokage."

"The village will never be stable if the leaders keep changing," he replied as he stared at her sideways. "And there are none better suited for the job than you."

With the same look on her face, she countered with, "We have Kakashi here too, you know. (Raising her head) And someday, maybe Naruto, as well."

Facing her, Jiraiya chuckled a bit when she mentioned Naruto, "You're really sold when it comes to Naruto, huh?"

He subsequently turned his head to her left before turning completely around saying, "Although, it's understandable. Your brother, Nawaki… Your lover, Dan, too."

The images of all three entered their minds, simultaneously saying the same thing, "Because, becoming Hokage is my dream!"

Tsunade stared up at the imaginary image in awe. She then thought back on everything that has happened since Naruto came into her life.

"And even Naruto… I guess you can say there were all chasing the same dream," Jiraiya said before facing her again. "Kakashi's a given, so he's able to step in, but Naruto still may have a ways to go, judging from the last time we saw him, even though you gave him that necklace. That is if he can ever return to the village."

With a smile still on her face, she said, "You have high hopes for him yourself. You even taught him the Rasengan."

"Ha. Yeah, I was feeling nostalgic," he admitted with a smile. "It reminded me of the days when I was training Minato."

Tsunade hunched over and stared the ground as she thought back on the man with slightly narrowed eyes, "Minato Namikaze, hun? He certainly resembles him."

Jiraiya closed his eyes with a smile and stated with pride, "Minato was a once-in-a-decade genius. There hasn't been anyone like him in a while. He was gentle person, but also had nerves of steel and, before you knew it, he became the Fourth Hokage."

He then opened his eyes and stared off at his face on the mountain, "I've never had any kids, so I wouldn't know what it's like, but if he was my kid, I'd brag about him all the time."

With that, Tsunade now had a laugh of her own, "Now that you mention it, Naruto isn't that much like him after all. Instead of being a kid that you would brag about, he was mostly just a troublemaking brat. (Glancing at him) Actually, he's more like his mother."

At this, Jiraiya started thinking back on it as well, "Wasn't she a former kunoichi from the Whirlpool Country?"

"Yeah," Tsunade replied glancing at him before leaning back with her head tilted to the side as she reminisced, "Both his personality and his ninjutsu style are just like Kushina Uzumaki's."

That was when it clicked for Jiraiya. He leaned forward saying, "Oh that was her name! (Glancing up) That babbling, redheaded tomboy. She was just like one of the guys."

"Kushina grew up to become a beauty, but Naruto looks like his father," she continued as she reminisced on the subject.

"That's why I can see him in Naruto," he stated with a smile. "Actually, I've started to look at him as my own grandson."

"It's being passed on… Form the past to the future, the Will of Konoha," Tsunade stated as the street lamps around them started turning on one-by-one, signaling it was turning to dusk.

Jiraiya now turned for the final time, walked over his scroll, and grabbed it. Seeing this, Tsunade gasped as she realized that he was now leaving and grew a saddened face as she clutched her blouse tightly.

He then tied it to his waist as she soon gazed up and adjusted it a bit watched before saying, "Well, I'll be heading out now."

She stared at his back with a concerned look.

"Oh, that's right…" he suddenly said causing Tsunade to gasp with a look of hope. " I have one last warning for you."

"Heh?" she voiced her confusion.

Turning his face half way, he stared at her with a serious look on his face and said, "Beware of Root."

"Yeah, I know," she replied realizing what he meant.

"Hum. That's good," he said before starting to walk away.

"See you around," and with that, Jiraiya walking off into the setting sun with his right hand raised into a fist. Tsunade just stared with trembling eyes at his raised fist which quickly turned into a thumps up. Even as a gust of wind blew her hair, she continued to watch his retreating outline disappearing into the shadow of the trees with tears in her eyes at soon trailed down her cheeks.

(End of Flashback)

With the recollection of the day's events ending, she stared out across the moonlit Konoha a little while longer before turned away and headed towards the door, retiring for the night. As she closed the door and walked down the hallway, she prayed for his safe return with, Just don't die, you stubborn old fool. Come home alive.

(Next Morning - In Kiri)

Mei sat at her desk in front of Team Kurenai that snuck into her village. By her side was Suigetsu on her left and Shin on her right. The other swordsmen surrounded the prisoners. In the corner, Ao was watching them carefully, ready to jump in if the Konoha-nin so much as tries anything funny. After looking over the three and the dog, Mei couldn't help but sigh at the situation. We should have known that Tsunade-sama would pull this stunt.

"I bet you know why you are all here. I received word moments before your capture yesterday from the Raikage that his Anbu apprehended your friends sent to spy on Kumo," Mei spoke with authority as they stared back at her in shock, "I sorry you had to spend the night in a cell, but you forced my hand when you committed espionage in my village. And I had to be sure of your intentions. I'm guessing that Tsunade-sama sent you here to find out if we were siding with Oto and Iwa or not. Am I right?"

Kurenai and her team nodded shamefully at her question, "Yes Mizukage-sama. It's as you say. A war is looming on the horizon and we were ordered find out whose side you're on. I never thought we would be caught, but given that Guy's team had been caught before us, it makes sense we were captured."

Mei sighed and muttered, "Just as a thought." Naruto-kun isn't going to like this one bit.

Kurenai stared back up at Mei and said, "But, if I may ask Mizukage-sama, are you siding with Oto and Iwa or Konoha in this war?"

Mei took a deep breath and said with a frown, "No Kurenai-san. Kiri will be neutral in this conflict if it happens. We don't have a grudge or anything against Konoha and we aren't the same Kiri from the time of my predecessor's reign. We don't even have any jinchūriki anymore. Both captured by the Akatsuki. Thru, I'm sure Kumo would have joined Oto and Iwa in the past maybe, but they will also be neutral as well. All due to the ally we both made an alliance with."

This grabbed the interest of Team Kurenai. Kurenai more so, as she asked, "An ally you say?"

Mizukage smiled at the three and nodded, "Yes, it's a village we helped rebuild. The leader of the village helped reestablish the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, as you can see. In Kumo, he helped create some new techniques for them and shared a few of his own."

"Mizukage-sama, are you sure we should give them this info? I don't know if Uzukage-sama would approve," Suigetsu stated with concern while accidently slipping out the name of the leader of this new village that caused the three to raise an eyebrow at the name. Uzukage?

Shin nodded in agreement, "I agree with him on this, Mizukage-sama. This is sensitive information that is dangerous to his village if it falls in the wrong hands."

Mei turned to them and said, "I understand your concerns Suigetsu, Shin, but it's alright. Uzushio is already well back on its feet. Uzukage even said that they would have to announce the village's return to the world eventually. Besides, I already sent a message to him before I called them here. Even through its unexpected, I am sure Naruto-kun would want to see his friends again and Hinata to see her team as well. And it's because it's her former team that I'm giving them this information."

This got a reaction out of Team Kurenai. Hearing Naruto and Hinata's name made Kurenai gasp, Kiba to smile, and Shino's eyes to widen.

Kurenai then asked in surprise, "Wait! You know Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyūga. Are they all right? How are they doing?"

Mei smiled back that them, "Yes, we know them. They're both just fine. They're the reason Kiri and Kumo have changed so much and for the better. They have done so much for Kiri that we cannot thank them enough. Hell, Naruto-kun would have been the Fifth Mizukage if it wasn't for the fact Uzushio was being rebuilt and the people wanted the last known member of their honorable clan as their Kage. But, he seemed happy enough to be the Uzushio's first ever Uzukage, the Whirl Shadow. In the past, the leader of Uzushio was the head of the Uzumaki clan who had close ties to Konoha's First Hokage, Hashirama Senju and the Senju clan. It's a shame you couldn't be there for their wedding and the start of Uzushio's reconstruction, they was the happiest moment of their life."

Kiba started laughing up a storm and said, "So, those two finally got together, hun? About time if you ask me. And Naruto finally become a Kage? Man, when Hokage-sama and Jiraiya-sama hear about this, they're going to have a field day. And I'm guessing Naruto was here not too long ago?"

Kurenai and Shino both turned to him in surprise and Kiba explained to them, "When Akamaru and I went around the village; we picked up Naruto's scent at several places. I was trying to tell you before we were arrested. I'm guessing you noticed the same thing, right Shino."

Shino nodded, "Correct. My insects were able to pick up faint traces of Naruto's chakra."

"You're right Kiba-san, Shino-san. He was at a meeting with myself and the Raikage about this possible war and a little of his troubled love life," Mei said with a smirk and a giggle. The Seven Ninja Swordsmen joined in at his expense.

This made the three Konoha-nins stare back at her in confusion. Shino then asked, "What do you mean by that, Mizukage-sama?"

Again, the Mizukage giggled at his question and replied with an amused smile, staring off in the distance, "Well, you see, he has married three other women since Hinata. The first one was a Taki kunoichi named Fū, jinchūriki of the Seven-Tails. (Kiba and Shino quickly remembered her from the Chūnin Exam that they were promoted to Chūnin.) About a year and a half ago, after catching wind of it, Naruto-kun and Hinata rescued her from the Akatsuki when they ambushed her team after the Chūnin Exam I believe you were also a part of. Taki then wanted to hand her over to them peaceful since they just wanted to be rid of her and didn't want any harm to come to their village. Naruto-kun didn't take to kindly to that. He nearly wiped Taki off the map, if not for Shibuki, the leader of Taki who allowed him to take her with him as he wanted her to be safe and happy. After having to sacrifice some of the Seven-Tails' chakra to create a decoy in the battle, Naruto-kun, Hinata, and Fū were then able to escape without too much trouble. Since then, they both grew closer until he asked her to marry him, which she accepted. While she was ok with Hinata being married to him, she grudgingly agreed to allow him to marry other woman to bring the Uzumaki clan back on its feet. Six months later, just after being named the Uzukage, he had an arranged marriage set up by me and the Raikage and the Kiri, Kumo, and Uzushio Councils to secure our unbreakable alliance."

Kurenai and Kiba both yelled in shock, "SAY WHAT?!" while Shino stared with widened eyebrows.

Shin laughed and said, "Yeah, you should have been there. The girls had a whole hissy fit about it."

Mei giggled even harder than before. She then continuing, "The Raikage requested Yugito Nii, jinchūriki of the Two-Tails, and I request Kimiko Yuki, one of two surviving members of the Yuki clan, a clan known for the Ice Release kekkei genkai. Although there was a bit of a disagreement at first with the current spouses and the future one with Naruto-kun being caught in the crossfire, he and the two girls agreed to marry after getting to know each other. Hell, he made Yugito his assistant, mostly because she was older and is more knowledgeable on very important things. And recently, he hasn't been spending much time with his wives, being as busy as of late, with the upcoming war and all. So, I'm guessing they reminded him how much they love him and 'had their way with him' last night. Hah, those lucky girls."

Kurenai blushed red at the hidden message and Kiba's face had a huge grin on his face as he was happy for the lucky bastard. Shino remained neutral despite the pink blush under his dark sunglasses.

Kurenai shook her head to rid herself of the blush on her face and asked as it dawned on her, "Then the villagers' reaction to us being Konoha-nin…?"

Mei sighed sadly before nodded her head, "Yes Kurenai-san. The people of Kumo and Kiri are all aware of the treatment Naruto-kun received back in Konoha and his banishment for being an 'unstable jinchūriki' as well as Hinata's for being a 'demon lover.'"

Mei then smiled as she turned to them and said, "But, you should know that since two years ago, Naruto-kun has 'tamed' the Nine-Tails and mastered her chakra. And Hinata and Kimiko have also mastered her chakra as well."

This new information got the team confused again as Kurenai asked, "What do you mean by that, Mizukage-sama?"

Mei leaned back in her chair and smile, "That information is personal to Naruto-kun and his wives. You'll have to ask them that yourselves when they arrive."

Kurenai gazed at the floor in response and nodded, "I understand."

"Anyways, Naruto-kun should be getting my message soon," Mei said as she looked out the window.

(In Uzushio)

Naruto was currently in the kitchen standing in front of the stove, cooking breakfast for him and his wives. They have done so much for him and Uzushio, so he should make it up to them for neglecting them. The wives were still in the bedroom, sleeping with his shadow clone that he made to switch places with before going to take a shower. It was when he finally got down with making it and was preparing it on the table; they were finally waked up and Hinata, Yugito, and Fū come into the kitchen after putting on some robes.

Naruto turned to them as he sat down the final plate of food and said, "Hey, good morning. Did you all sleep well?"

This brought a giggle from Hinata, Yugito, and Fū but they replied while stretching, "Oh, yes. Like a baby."

"Yeah, good morning Naruto," Kimiko greeted after coming in to the room before taking a whiff of his delicious food which caused her mouth to water, "Wow, it smells so good! You've really gone all out, didn't you?"

Naruto chuckled sheepishly, "Well, I realized I haven't been spending that much time with you girls, so want to make it up to you."

The four wives giggled at his response before Hinata commented as they all sat down at the table, "Well considering last night, it's a good start. But, can you answer me why you didn't come home the day before yesterday Naruto-kun."

Naruto started to sweat a little and chuckled nervously before answering, "Well, you see…"

Naruto then went over what happened during the meeting with Mei and A about the possible Fourth Shinobi World War with Oto and Iwa against Konoha. They were interest about what was going on and were happy that Mei and A declined in joining Oto and Iwa. Yugito was happy to hear was fine and chuckled about being the same as ever. All the girls laughed when he told about A's comment on "what Yugito as in store for him as punishment" for leaving without having a quick sex session with her. Naruto sighed as he knew he's not going to hear the end of it.

He then went on about going bar to have a drink and laughs with Suigetsu and the other Swordsmen. Hinata giggled when she was reminded at Kagura wanted a godchild to spoil. But, she knew that will happen later down the road. She would love to have a baby with Naruto and so would the others. But, right now is not the time to have a baby, especially with this possible war looming overhead. She then told him this and promised that the next she sees Kagura, she will tell her to lay off, for now anyway. He then said that he passed out at the bar and had to stay at an inn for the night. The next morning, he got a ride to the port from Gamakichi and got on the next boat to Whirlpool Country which arrived just before dusk.

When he finished telling the news, they all had finished eating and Naruto started cleaning up with Hinata. Fū, Kimiko, and Yugito all went to take a shower and get ready for today's work. Just then, there was a knock at the door. He turned and muttered as he walked to the door, "I wonder who that could be at this time?" and opened the door. At the door, he found Eriko, the best and brightest member of the Uzushio Cryptanalysis Team which was based off Konoha's version waiting for him with a scroll in hand and ready at attention. This made him raise an eyebrow at why she was here, unless...

"I'm guessing you have something to give me that's important," he stated with in a serious tone.

She nodded and said as she handed it over to him, "Yes. It's from the Mizukage about a shocking new development."

After looking over the contents of the scroll, Naruto couldn't help but sigh at what had happened. I should have known that Bāchan would pull this stunt.

Hinata then walked over to Naruto's side which caused Eriko to blush a light pink at her state of dress. "Naruto-kun, who is it? Oh! Good morning Eriko, what brings you here at this time?"

"I come to bring urgent news from the Mizukage," Eriko answered while trying to suppress her blush.

"From Mei-sama?" she asked before looking at the scroll as well. She gasped as she read the contents and now understand why Naruto was so serious all of a sudden. It made her blush when he was like this. But to think that Konoha had sent two teams to spy on Kumo and Kiri, it was quite shocking, but understandable as well. And to top it off, it was Guy's team and her old Genin team that were sent.

"Eriko, call together the council members. Tell them it's an emergency. Tell them that I will send a shadow clone when my wives and I learn more," Naruto stated with a tone of authority. It seems those lessons from Perverted Sage and Bāchan have paid off.

"Yes!" She replied before she teleported away with a gust of wind. All of the shinobi in Uzushio learned that when Naruto was in Kage Mode, he was all business and won't take any bullshit, even from his wives. It was this that A held much respect for him, just like his father.

He turned around saying, "Let's go Hinata, we have to inform the others about this. We have a reunion of old friends to get to."

"Right," she replied with a stern look as well before following her husband back inside, closing the door behind her.

Once they were in the bedroom, they explained the situation to the others. They all didn't like it one bit and they all what to do. With that said, they all into their clothes and equipment. Given what has happened, they knew that thing can get worse and they should prepared for.

(In Kumo)

Team Guy once again stood in front of the Raikage with Mabui and Kumo Anbu surrounding him. He stared intently at the team. They were just brought from the hold cell that they spent the night in to face judgment.

Neji decided to speak for the others and asked, "What do you plan to do with us, Raikage-sama?"

A stared at Neji for a moment with a stern face before he closed his eyes and groaned, "Normally, I would have you all imprisoned for trespassing and espionage or even executed."

Neji lowered his head, steeling himself for what was to come. "But, considering who you are, I will have the Uzukage and the Councils decided your fate."

Neji looked up in confusion. "Uzukage? Councils?"

Just then, a group of people appeared before them in a golden flash. One was male, the rest were female. The male wore the customary hat of a Kage with the cerulean kanji for "whirlpool" on it and cloak over a full-length gown that he wore over normal attire. One of the women wore a loose fitting, long-sleeved, lavender and cream zip-up jacket with the hood up, lavender cuffs over mesh armor with navy blue pants and black, low-heeled sandals. An Uzushio forehead protector with a blue cloth hung loosely around her neck.

The blonde wore a short-sleeved black and purple blouse, black pants both of which had a design similar to clouds on them, purple fingerless gloves and a chain of white beads wound around her left hand. She also wore the standard Uzushio forehead protector, sandals and kunai holster that was strapped to her right thigh. She also wore bandages around her arms and legs as well as a red belt around her waist. Her arms cross across her chest. She is fidgeting with the wrapping around her hands to elbows.

The mint green haired woman with orange pupiless eyes with grayish blue eye rings and caramel colored skin wore a short sleeveless white midriff shirt with fishnet armor underneath, long white armlets, and fishnet shorts with a short white apron skirt over it, similar to that of Sakura's. Her Uzushio forehead protector is worn on her right arm. On her back was a cylindrical object in red wrapping.

Last was a woman with light brown colored hair and chocolate brown eyes. She wears a gray short sleeve shirt with a black slash in order to hold her sword on her back dangly and a green blank like scarf wrapped around her neck. Her pants consist of a matching gray shinobi class pants and a black Uzushio forehead protector around her forehead.

The group except Guy recognized the mint green haired kunoichi as the Taki jinchūriki that they met in the second most recent Chūnin Exam as Lee called her out, "Fū-san!"

She too was surprised to see them and waved back shouting, "Ah! Lee-san, Neji-san, Tenten-san! It's nice to see you again ssu!"

Tenten and Neji quickly got over their shock as Tenten then asked, "What are you doing here, Fū? And why are you not wearing a Taki forehead protector? I thought you were from Taki."

Fū looked away with a sad smile. "Well, a lot of things have happened since the Chūnin Exams. I was nearly captured by the Akatsuki shortly after the Chūnin Exams and had my tailed beast extracted."

The group was stunned by this and noticed as she looked at the mysterious Kage with a smile. "Then he and his wife saved me and gave me a home in Uzushio where I have made lots of friend and found a husband."

The man then coughed into his hand. "Fū, you can talk with them later. We have important business at the moment."

Fū laughed sheepishly, "Right, sorry Uzukage-sama ssu."

The Kage fixed his hidden eyes on them before looking to A, saying, "So, it's them, hun?"

A nodded, "Correct, Uzukage."

They both then turned to the team as the Uzukage spoke.

"So, from what I was told, you came here for two reasons," he said with a vaguely familiar voice. "One would be about the war that could happen."

They remained quiet, but nodded.

"Seeing how the Fifth Mizukage and the Fourth Raikage have formed an alliance, you attempted to get any info about Kumo joining the war. Am I right?"

Again, silence was his answer.

"And, you're here to help find info to locate and kill a former Konoha shinobi that you banished three years ago," The team shot up at that question. The Uzukage smirked under his hat. He took it off his hat and revealed himself. They were shocked to see who it was under the hat. What shocked them more was the women removed her hood revealing to be the former heiress of the Hyūga clan.

"No way," said a dumbfounded Tenten

"It can't be," Neji exclaimed, not believing his eyes. Hinata-sama.

"Naruto-kun? Hinata-san?" Lee asked.

He gave them a cheeky smile, "How's it going, guys?"

Everyone was still in shock as Naruto kept the smile on his face. He had to admit it was somewhat funny.


"YES, GUY-SENSEI! THEIR YOUTH HAS OUTSHINED US ALL! WE MUST WORK HARDER TO INCREASE OUR YOUTHFULLNESS TO THEIR LEVEL!" Lee exclaimed loudly as he pumps his arm into the air with tears in his eyes.

Their youth nonsense goes on as Naruto leaned over to Tenten and asked, "So, they're still doing that, hun?"

Tenten groaned, dropping her head, "Sadly, yes."

Naruto shuck his head in amusement. Some things never change.

Then, his face soon hardened considerably, "So, you haven't answered my questions yet."

Everyone got serious again.

"I'm afraid that we cannot answer that question Uzukage-sama, but I can say that we aren't after you. You are no longer a shinobi of Konoha, so there is no reason for us to kill you," Guy explained.

"That's surprising. I thought for sure that the Council would want me dead. I do know a B-rank and A-rank technique that happens to come from your village," They didn't miss the tone in his voice when he called Konoha their village but they kept it to themselves.

"Naruto, Tsunade-sama would not allow that, nor would Hiashi-sama," Neji said firmly.

"I know that, but I just thought that they would have overruled her by now. Danzō had sent a couple of Root Anbu a few weeks after we left Konoha. He was hoping to secretly force us into his Root or eliminate us if we refused. It was one of the reasons that Hinata and I went into hiding," He said, which surprised the team before him.

Hinata lowered her gaze and replied, "It's true."

"You can rest assured that we're not after you Naruto-san, Hinata-sama," Neji said in firm tone.

"So if you're not here for info on me, then you're here about the war that you might be fighting in." They were silent at that. "By answering the second question in a negative, you've all ready answered the first." Guy sighed and looked at him.

"We were without knowledge of your involvement with Kumo and Kiri and their alliance," he began with complete his statement. "Knowing that Kiri and Kumo have been allies for a while, we thought that Kumo would join the alliance that is threatening our village with Kiri joining too if Kumo does. We had to find out if that would happen."

"So you were sent to spy on us to see if we had joined them in their fight?" Guy nodded. Naruto placed his head on his hands. He took a deep sigh and looked at them. "Under normal circumstances, all of you would be imprisoned." They all looked at him like they were expecting it. "But… that is something for the Council to decide." That shocked everyone which made Naruto smile. "In Uzushiogakure, Kumogakure, and Kirigakure, we do things a bit differently than in Konoha. We follow our own code, our own nindō."

"Because that's your nindō" Neji said as quietly as before. Naruto just smiled and stood. He turned to A.

"We're taking them with us to Kiri, then to Uzushio. They'll be tried together," He said in a serious tone.

"Agreed," A said with nod. Naruto then walked up to Team Guy.

"Come on. Let's go." He ordered. They stood and they all were teleported away with Naruto's Flying Thunder God Technique.

(In Kiri)

Just then, the group appeared before Mei, the Swordsmen, and Team Kurenai in a golden flash.

"Right on time, Naruto-kun," Mei said with a smirk which Naruto returned before everyone turned his or her sights onto Hinata's old teammates.

He gave them a cheeky smile, "Hey guys!"

Everyone was still in shock as Naruto kept the smile on his face. He had to admit it was somewhat funny. Coming out of his daze, Kiba looked at him which got Naruto confused.

"What?" he asked

"Are you really Naruto?" he asked

"Are you serious? Are you really doubting me?!"

"Then do something only Naruto would do and I might truly believe you," Kiba said with a smirk.

Naruto stared at his former comrade with a wicked grin and placed his hands together in a seal. Everyone tensed as he gathered his chakra. With a short shout, Naruto used a Transformation and transformed into a very beautiful and very naked blonde pigtailed woman. The male swordsmen turned their heads away and Kiba had to hold his nose from blood that was flowing. You really could not tell with Shino since he had his face covered. His wives and the female Swordsmen found the scene quite amusing despite the fact Naruto was a woman butt-naked in public. Fū was laughing her butt off at the display and the reactions that followed.

"Do you believe me now, Kiba-kun?" she cooed, batting her eyelashes suggestively.

"All right, all right, I'm convinced. Undo that damn technique!" Naruto did as he was told and had a huge smirk on his face. Kiba was busy wiping the blood from his nose. Hinata tossed him a hankie after she had calmed her giggles.

"I can't believe you still use that technique," Kurenai commented with slight annoyance.

"I can't believe it still works," Naruto said with a grin and a hearty laugh. This got some of the Swordsmen to chuckle as well. Then his face-hardened again asked the same questions to Team Kurenai with the same results. After which he then filled them in on what is about to happen. When he finished, A and Mei already left with Hinata and Fū to collect the Kiri and Kumo Council for the meeting and Naruto teleported the rest to Uzushio.

(In Uzushio)

Upon arriving at the Uzukage Residence, they were greeted by Uzushio Anbu who were ready for the prisoners and the Kages to arrive.

"Take them to the bedroom in the building and watch them. They'll be spending the night here." He said with a stern voice.

"Yes, Uzukage-sama," they said standing at attention. Naruto stood and began to head out to the Council room when he stopped. He turned his head slightly and said, "It was nice to see you guys again."

He walked out of his office with Sansei and Sayuri behind him. Sentaro walked up to Team Kurenai and Guy with the Anbu.

"Come on. Let's go," He ordered. They stood and followed the rest of Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kiri.

Naruto walked toward the discussion room with Sansei and Sayuri. He sensed a question coming from Sansei since he rarely fidgeted.

"Is there something that you wish to ask, Sansei?" Naruto asked with a glance.

"Yes. I'm not questioning your decision-making Naruto. But, don't you think that it would be unwise, by not imprisoning them? They are quite notorious for gathering information, this team, and despite the fact that you have the best of the swordsmen guarding them, they could still be a threat." He said with seriousness.

"I am aware of that and I see your reason but you must see their reason as well." Naruto said, looking forward again.

"What do you mean by "their reason," Uzukage-sama?" Sayuri asked with a raised eyebrow.

"They face an incredible task ahead of them. They are desperate and have their backs against a wall. They are scratching for any advantage they can get. Even with Gaara's help, they may not pull out of this one like the last time."

"I understand, but will they now see you as a threat?" Sansei asked

"No because we are staying neutral in this fight."

"What?" Sayuri exclaimed. "Are they not your old comrades? Do you really hate Konoha for what they did to you?"

"Sayuri, how dare you?" Sansei shouted in shock of his teammate's accusation.

"It's alright, Sansei. To answer your questions, I hold no grudge against Konoha. I may have been angry at them in the past, but that was for about two hours," Naruto said with a shrug. "Truth in the matter is Konoha is my past, not Uzushiogakure's. I will not drag the people who have overcome so much into an issue between my hometown and me. As for the comrade thing, the only ones who stuck up for me was Gaara and Hinata. I don't really know where Shino, Kiba, Tenten, Lee, and Neji stand. When I really needed them the most, they weren't there for me. I still do consider them comrades, but we've past the part of being friends."

"And Tsunade?" Sansei asked. Naruto stopped to think about that.

"She's the Fifth Hokage and someone I consider very special to me," He then turned to the twins. "You two have a report to prepare for Mei and myself."

"Yes Uzukage-sama," They both disappeared, leaving Naruto alone.

Naruto stood there with a slight sad expression. In truth, he wanted to go and help his former home, but as he said to the twins, this was not Uzushiogakure's problem. He sighed and headed to his scroll room. Bāchan, I hope you forgive me for the decision I am going to make.

Kiba, Shino, Kurenai, Lee, Tenten, Neji, and Guy sat in a bedroom that had a bunch of books in it. Kurenai looked at her surroundings and knew that there was no way out. There were no windows. The only way out was through the front door where four members of the swordsmen were standing guard. She sighed and looked around the library. She walked up, took a book out, and was quite interested in it.

"He has some great books," she said almost fondly.

"Naruto and reading don't seem to go together," Kiba joked.

Tenten giggled as she petted Akamaru.

"You all seem to be taking this situation very calmly," Shino observed.

"Come on Shino, this is Naruto we're talking about. No matter if he's not a shinobi of Konoha anymore, he won't kill us," Kiba said confidently.

"I would not think that, Kiba," Shino stated simply. "Naruto is a Kage now and as the Uzukage, he has to protect the people. You know how far he would go to do that."

"Are you saying that you have no trust in Naruto?" Tenten asked.

"He is no longer a shinobi of Konoha. You were there when he was talking. He clearly doesn't forgive us," Shino explained

"Can you really blame him? After all he did for Konoha; he was still banished for it."

"He was unstable. Did you forget what he did to Sasuke?"

"Are you defending that traitor?" Kiba growled. The two looked ready to go at each other.

Shino sighed before said, "All I'm saying is that he should had more control of the Nine-Tails' power when using it. Sasuke was lucky that that was all that Naruto did to him. If Naruto had lost control when use its power, Sasuke would had died that day."

Then Kiba countered back, "Well, he didn't, so lay off Shino! Besides, he had no choice when Sasuke started using the Curse Seal. You weren't there with us on that mission anyway. We all had our tough battle to win with those freaks. We were lucky that Suna team came to bail us out or Shikamaru, Lee, and I would have died. Even with all the trouble, Naruto still brought Sasuke back and he was banished for it. Maybe if Naruto was still in Konoha, he could have stopped Sasuke's second attempt at leaving the village."

Kiba then glared at Shino intensely and said, "Do you remember what Naruto and Hinata told us earlier? The only reason that the Council agreed to Naruto's banishment was so that they could secretly capture Naruto and turn him as a living weapon like Gaara was. When that failed, they tried to eliminate them, so they could make a new Nine-Tails jinchūriki and prevent other countries from getting the Byakugan."

"And you believe his word?" Shino asked with raised eyebrow. "How do you know he wasn't lying to us?"

Kiba then got into his face and said, "Because he had no reason to lie! Even Hinata supported his claim! Do you doubt her word too? She was our teammate or did you forget all about that!"

Shino flinched at that statement.

"That's enough," Kurenai ordered. The two backed off and took up opposite sides of the room. "Look, in our current situation we cannot do anything. Naruto has the ball here and we must approach this carefully. So, for now, we will wait for the decision of the Kiri, Kumo, and Uzushio Council," Team Kurenai nodded as did Team Guy and went back to their own devices. Shino had some serious thinking to do. While everyone was doing their own thing, no one noticed that Kurenai was rubbing her stomach.

(Inside the Uzushio's Council Chamber)

In the two years since Naruto entered Whirlpool Country and allied with Kumo and Kiri, he become a big help with the restoration of the fallen Country. The first thing he did was establish a steady economy. The money that was left over from its destruction was given to the people that returned, so the money ran low. He branched out to other countries, mainly Wave and Sea Country. He only went to them to make them clients to bring in money for the village. Both counties hired them and income slowly but steadily came in. When Naruto became the Uzukage, the leaders of these non-shinobi countries wished to become part of Whirlpool Country, while retaining their countries' names. They were accepted and the small country became big, as big as Water Country.

Seeing as Naruto couldn't really rule his mother's rebuilt country and village by himself, a new Uzushio Council was created. There were three members, each coming from a different place but had the best interest of the people. The first one was Saito Genko.

He was a former member of the old Uzushio Council, but was forced to flee when Uzushio and Whirlpool fell during the Second Shinobi World War. Later in life, he became part of Kiri's former Council. But, he was stripped of his land and worldly possessions when he went against the Fourth Mizukage. His family was sold into slavery and he was sentenced to death and would have been killed if it was not for Naruto, Mei, Suigetsu, Sentaro, and Kagura. After the overthrow of the Fourth, he went in search of his family. He found them quite easily with Naruto's help since he was friends with the leader of Sea Country. Since then, he pledged his loyalty to Naruto.

The second elder was Rugen Yamashima. He was a trader that helped in Uzushio's restoration. He set up the deals and missions that were given. He also set up trade lines to increase Uzushio's development. He really had no reason to stay until he allowed himself to get passionately in love with one of the Hibachis. He didn't wish to be hunted down by the whole Hibachi clan.

The third member was an old friend and Naruto's first serious client as a Genin of Konoha, Tazuna. It didn't take too much convincing. He left everything in the capable hands of his grandson, Inari, so he took on the position of an elder. Though, he was given permission to help Inari on big jobs if he needed it. Sansei had just finished his report to the Councils.

"All right Sansei, you may leave," Mei stated. Sansei bowed and left. Naruto, A, and Mei turned to the Councils and looked at each man and women; they were not pleased.

"So why are we discussing this again? It seems clear that we must imprison these ninja," Rugen said with a frown.

"I'm asking for a favor to allow them to leave," Naruto said with hope.

"You can't be serious, Naruto. We've got them dead to rights on trespassing and spying," Tazuna said

"They will be needed for the war that they will have to fight, should it break out."

"Even so, we can't just allow them to just walk out without as much as a punishment," One of the Kumo's members said.

"I'm not suggesting that at all," Naruto said, trying to keep his cool. "I called this meeting to find a different way; a way that as a whole, Konoha feels the punishment, but allows them to return back to their home."

"Naruto, I know that these people were once friends of yours, but you must put your personal feelings aside. Are you really willing to just let this go after years of healing?" Tazuna asked with all seriousness. Naruto just sighed and lowered his head. The Raikage and Mizukage were watching him closely. They and Tazuna knew that Naruto held no grudges toward Konoha and he knew of Naruto's want to go to Konoha.

Sighing, he turned to his fellow council members, "Perhaps there is another way."

"Are you kidding?" Saito asked in disbelief.

"Please, just here me out. What if we place an embargo on Fire Country?" He asked with a smirk.

"Did you say an embargo?" Rugen asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes I did, Rugen. If we restrict Konoha from coming to Whirlpool, Wave, and Sea Country, we would easily cripple them in a financial way. I know for a fact that many have come for Fire Country to Wave Country." The councilors and elders seem to be thinking about it.

"What of the spies?" A member of Kiri's Council asked changing the subject a bit.

"Well, we do need messengers to relay our decision," Tazuna said with a slight smirk. The elders and councilors seem to think about what was suggested. Saito suddenly spoke up.

"While I don't agree with this, I do feel that this will send a message, not only to Konoha, but to the rest of the world as well."

"It is a win-win situation for us. Anything that would cripple someone's finances is a clear message," Rugen said with a small smile.

"So are we in agreement?" asked Tazuna

"Yes," They both said.

They looked to the other Councils and they agreed as well. Naruto and the Kages bowed to the Council.

"Thank you for this," He said with gratefulness.

"Yeah, yeah, just get out of here kid," Tazuna said as he waved him off.

As he, the Kage, and the other Councils left, the elders looked at each other.

"So what was that about Tazuna?" Rugen asked with curiosity.

"For all he has given, I think this is the least we can give back," He replied with a smile.

"We are all grateful for what he has done, but we will be exposed now," Saito said with some worry.

"Perhaps it is time to stop hiding and show our true strength."

(On the border of Wave and Fire County)

Naruto along with his wives, Kagura, and Sentaro stood on the end of the Great Naruto Bridge. Kurenai and her team as well as Guy and his team stood there as well. Naruto had informed them of the council's decision last night. Kurenai and Shino were shocked while Kiba and Guy weren't too surprised. The two groups stared at each other until Naruto spoke.

"This is where we part," Pulling a scroll from his robes, he handed Kurenai.

"This is the decision handed down from the Council. Let Tsunade-bāchan and the Council know that the price for letting you go was very high. Also…" he said handing another scroll to Kurenai.

"…this is for Tsunade and Jiraiya eyes only. Only they can see it. It shouldn't take you more than two days if you really push it to make it back. I wish you luck on your journey," He said they turned around and started to walk away.

"Naruto," Kiba called out. Naruto stopped and turned around. "If it means anything, I'm sorry."

Naruto stared at him as if he was searching for something. Kiba tensed as he awaited a response. What he got was not what he was expecting.

"Just don't get your ass handed to you like you did when I beat at the Chūnin Exams," Naruto shouted with a childish grin.

"What did you say?" Kiba demanded hotly. "Hey, listen here dobe. That was a lucky win. I know that I would have beaten you if you hadn't farted in my face!"

"Say what you want," the blond man answered, his grin never fading. "You got beat. Just admit you suck and you'll live happier."


"YOU WANT TO GO MUTT?! LET'S GO DATTEBAYO!" Kurenai and Kagura both sighed at their childish antics and pulled the fuming Kiba and grinning Naruto apart. Hinata couldn't help but giggle at the scene and Fū was having a good hearty laugh.

Just then, Katsuyu in miniature form landed before them exhausted. This was a great surprise to everyone, especially Hinata.

"Katsuyu-sama, what are you doing here?" she asked in surprise.

"Ah, Hinata-san, Naruto-kun it's good you're here. Kurenai-san, it took me a while to find you. I have an urgent message from Tsunade-sama," she said in between huffs.

This caught everyone's interest. What she said was very shocking. Naruto's former team is hunting down Sasuke again and has been ordered to if possible; find and capture Itachi to help bring Sasuke back to Konoha. They had finally tracked down Sasuke and are in need of reinforcements to continue the pursuit.

"She wants your team to support them, Kurenai-san. And if it's possible Naruto-kun, Hinata-san, can you go with them. I know Tsunade-sama would really appreciate it," Katsuyu stated with hope.

Everyone then turned to Naruto who was deep in thought about this new situation.

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