I thought I'd seen it all.
The repulsive.
The addictive.
The disgusting.
The incredibly arousing.
But nothing compared to seeing him in a Burlesque club. Usually, in Burlesque, you pay more attention to the scantily clad women fashioned in pin-up decor.
However, I knew it was him. And that made "paying attention", twice as hard.
I would know him anywhere. Ever since Bella left for some baseball player, he was all I had on my mind.
Those lips.
Those biceps.
Those eyes.
Those abs.
I found myself asking questions that I shouldn't. I found my mind wandering. In the process, I drug Jasper into it.
The few times I saw him after the initial splintering of her leaving, my emotions skyrocketed. He never knew. He still didn't. And he possibly never would.
He just carelessly lifted half-dressed women with the rest of the male Burlesque.
At least he wasn't in drag; I wouldn't have been able to control myself.
Right now, I was barely containing my emotions. My eyes had darkened, I'm sure.
It even persuaded me to grab a gin & tonic off of a waitress' tray.
He made me feel that human. That vulnerable. And I felt oh so vulnerable as jealousy bloomed through my chest. How dare he touch that blonde slut. I almost growled.
A heavy hand landed on my shoulder, and a I stared up to Jasper, who has just joined my appreciation of the stage. He licked his lips slowly, human pace.
I wasn't the only one in slow-motion because of him...Because of Jacob.
His caramel skin glowed underneath the spotlights. I could hear every thought.
He associated the girls with different positions he had them in.
I growled.
He heard.
His eyes shot out the the audience for the first time.
His mind panicked.
He left La Push and the wolves way behind. He had stopped phasing; even though he could pick up any time he wanted to, with the right, angry push.
He looked his 22 years now. The lines in his face spoke volumes. He was noticeably older, to the human eye. But it gave him so much more character.
Arrogance was wiped off his face.
So was petulance.
Misdirected anger was no more.
He had grown.
And we had stayed the same...

As usual.