"Should I call the ambulance?" Freddie said.

"Are you mad?" Abhijeet snapped. "Of course we can't call an ambulance here. We are trying to escape from a villain's den for God's sake Freddie talk some sense for once."


"Listen Sachin you give me the car keys and I will take her to the hospital. I'll go through the back door." Daya said his voice shaking slightly while he kept a hand on Muskaan's wrist not letting go of her pulse.

"I'll come with you Sir. Don't go alone." Sachin said.

"Alright." Daya said as he heaved Muskaan up and he and Sachin made their way out.

"What now?" Vivek said.

"Now we look for the girls and beat the shit out of these jerks and then leave." Abhijeet said firmly.

Tarika began to move back slowly. Vikram as still standing there and she did not want to attract any attention to herself but as luck would have it as soon as she turned she banged into something….it seemed like a gas cylinder she supposed but in any case, that hardly mattered anymore. What mattered was that Vikram had seen her and was pacing towards her. She turned around to run but he was too quick for her and caught her and grabbed her.

"Hey honey! What are you doing here? Missing me?"

"Let go of me." Tarika said through gritted teeth.

"Or what…." Vikram said making a pathetic baby sound. "Abhijeet will hit me. OO I am scared. Not. He has run away as I see you have heard already and you my dear are going to help me get him back." He added firmly.

"No you are not." Tarika said equally firmly.

"You don't have the upper hand here babe. I do." He said as men suddenly appeared out of nowhere and surrounded them. Vikram cocked an eyebrow as if telling her 'you see what I mean'.

"We have seen worse." Tarika said simply.

"I will make you see the worst in minutes."

Just a little away in another dark corner Tasha and Kaajal were watching this.

"What do we do?" Kaajal said slightly panicked.

"We'll have to do something but they are too many for us to take even if we do meet up with the guys." Tasha said.

"But we just can't leave Tarika here."

"No of course we can't."

"We'll have to cause a distraction."

"OK yes I got it." Tasha said. "Look I will go over to the other side and shoot. These men will rush that side. You give Vikram some kicks or punches or whatever but get him away from Tarika and then run with her."

"What about you but?"

"I will run towards the other side and follow you, okay."

But alas for them it didn't quite work out that way.

Abhijeet and Vivek were just round the next corner (Freddie had been sent to look out) and they heard Vikram and Tarika practically screeching at each other. They began to make their way towards that side. Tasha meanwhile made her way towards the other side of the room and according to the plan fired. As expected the men made a beeline towards the shot. Vikram still held on to Tarika not sure what was happening. But Abhijeet suddenly appeared there and gave Vikram a kick and pushed him out of the way causing him to recoil and fall back.

Now everything would have gone alright but Kaajal who according to the plan was making her way towards Tarika tripped over Vikram's fallen body and crashed into a pile of gas cylinders causing them to fall. Abhijeet was able to pull Tarika out but the crashing had startled Tasha who could not run as fast as she had expected she would have and the men reached out surrounding her and then Vikram getting onto his feet in the chaos fired in the air causing everyone to stop and stand still.

"I have still got one of you." He said obviously irritated from the uproar that had just taken place and pointed at Tasha and the men.

"You let her go now." Vivek said.

"What if I say I won't?"

Vivek was about to launch himself on Vikram when he said. "No boy. One wrong move and the girl goes."

But Kaajal lying on the ground realized that another distraction had to be caused so she pushed all the cylinders up front and Vikram again rolled over and Tasha dodged out from in between. Then they all ran out as fast as possible.

Vikram stared after then and then turning to John's men said. "No point in following them. They will overcome you in some way or the other fools as you are. I have another plan. Listen."

It was dawn time now and there was the dim red light of the sun as they made their way towards Tarika's house. She had been holding Abhijeet's hand through out as she had buried her head into his chest and slept. And finally they were there.

Tarika opened the door of her room and her eyes opened wide in shock!

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