This is the last hug I can remember in Supernatural, at least up until the end of Season Six, as I haven't seen Season Seven yet.

If you think I've missed one let me know!


As I have already written a similar story "The Reunion" about this hug, which was from Sam's point-of–view, I will go with Dean's

POV on this one.


Like A Virgin.


The cluttered red-wallpapered room was occupied by a thoughtful Bobby and a hyper-tense Dean as they sat opposite one

another around the antique desk, discussing the latest news bulletins.

A small private plane had crashed in mysterious circumstances and Dean welcomed the distraction as it helped take his mind off

that which was eating away at him, namely the wait for Sam to come out of whatever unconscious state he found himself in

down in the panic room.


Dean's mind wandered back for a second to the incredible conversation he had had with Castiel a few weeks earlier. It was the

night they were going to raid Crowley's lair

He had found it hard to comprehend exactly what the angel was saying to him when he had begun to ramble on about Sam's soul

being better off left where it was in the Cage, as it was now possibly too shredded and mutilated to be rejoined with Sam's body.


Dean had been packing his duffle with the items he deemed necessary for the assault, and at first he wondered if he had

misunderstood what Castiel was saying. How could it be better for Sam's soul to remain in the Cage?

Wasn't the whole Heaven / God thing about saving as many souls as possible, and so why was Cas advising him to leave his little

brother's soul to the eternal mercy of an extra-pissed Lucifer, when there was a chance to free it.

Just what exactly was the angel trying to say?


Then he had thought about it. Cas had never suffered the tortures of Hell.

Dean didn't know if or how angels were punished, and he really didn't care, but he was sure that if Cas had been tortured for one

hundred and eighty years in the Cage, he would have been more than happy to be pulled out.


Dean had been there and the nightmares came to him still. He just pushed them down in true Winchester tradition.

"Ignore it and it'll go away " was Dean's motto but that didn't work for everyone.

It didn't apply to Sammy for instance, who would brood and agonise over things unendingly.


In any case, Cas be damned! He was getting Sammy's soul out of Hell even if there was only a thin strip of it left. Whatever

happened after that was always preferable to suffering at Satan's hands for all eternity.



Castiel's words had come back to mind again when he had laid himself down on Dr. Robert's cheap table, waiting for his sadistic

nurse to send him off to the after-life for a meeting with Death himself, and he found them no more logical now than before.

Cas was wrong. He would get his brother's soul back, come what may!


Dean wasn't afraid of much, certainly not of dying; he had "been there done that "so often that he had lost count, but the physical

embodiment of Death himself scared the crap out of him.

The memory of those hollow cheeks and sunken eyes made him shake to the toes of his boots.


He swallowed his fear. This was for Sammy after all, and a stand-off with Death would be more than worth it to get his soul


He missed his puppy-eyed brother so much it hurt, and although he knew it wasn't Robo-Sam's fault that

he was such an uncaring dick, it was imperative to get his own Sammy back.


So it was that he pushed down his fear and pride and begged Death to give him back his brother's soul.

The choice that the powerful being had proposed to him between saving Sam's soul or Adam's had given him no hesitation.

"Sam" had been his prompt answer.


He felt sorry for Adam, but there was no way he would ever have chosen him over Sam.

Dean didn't know for sure what was going on in the Cage but he was ready to bet that Sam was the one taking all the

punishment; after all Adam had ended up being Michael's vessel and it certainly wasn't his fault that Michael and Lucifer had

ended up in the Cage, so why should they have it in for him at all?


Dean had been literally flabbergasted when Death had volunteered to rescue Sam's soul even although he had failed to carry out

Death's job for the allotted twenty-four hours.

If Dean had had the courage, he would have hugged him there and then, but just the idea was enough to make him quake and




Later when he had rushed down to the panic room and seen the beauty of Sam's splendid white soul, he had been overwhelmed

with love and pride for his brother. He was looking at his very essence. Dean wondered about his own. He was pretty sure that it

was much blacker than Sammy's, which even after one hundred and eighty years in the Cage, was still as white as the driven



Death had explained the whole Wall affair to him and knowing Sam, he realised that it would be the Devil's own task trying to

keep his curious little brother from searching for answers; but Dean was ready for anything.

That was just one more responsibility to add to his big brother hand-book, and zero compared to having his beloved brother




Dean's mind returned to the present.

"Dean, boy! Are you listening to a word I'm saying?" the older hunter chided. "Sorry, Bobby but, well you know…..."


Bobby just nodded, but in that instant Dean heard a feeble voice calling his name; a voice that no longer sounded like that of the

over-confident Robo-Sam, but the scared voice of his little brother calling to him, needing his big brother to assure him that

everything was alright.

Dean was somehow afraid to turn around in case what he saw wasn't what he needed to see, but as the footsteps came slowly

closer, he cautiously stood and was immediately swept up into the familiar embrace of his little brother; an embrace that he had

lived without for eighteen barren months.


He felt Sam's arms tightening around him as if he would never let go, and neither he would, Dean vowed, as his own arms found

their natural place around his Sasquatch's broad shoulders; they would never again let go of each other.

Dean felt a sensation of completeness wash over him as he desperately hung onto Sam and he understood that the bond

between them was forged by more than simple brotherhood but by something that went beyond their understanding, something

almost spiritual. Whatever it was, he was in no rush to find out. Having Sammy back was enough for him.

They might bitch or argue or even throw punches, but there was no way in Hell they would ever be separated again.

Dean Winchester would see to that, and Dean Winchester's word was his bond.




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