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Part One

"Hey, Bella, wake up!" shouted Leah through my door. I groaned and tried to ignore her by covering my face with a pillow, but my sometimes-ingratiating best friend walked right into my room and yanked the pillow off of me. "C'mon, lazy ass. We've got patrolling to do."

I rolled over and pouted at her. "Can't I just stay in bed for a while longer?"

Leah snorted and poked me in the stomach. "No, you can't. Raina wants us out there early so we won't have to worry about it tonight when we go to visit our second favorite place in the world. Or did you forget about the plans we made? I mean, considering the fact that you get to be with your Alice, I know it couldn't have slipped your mind."

I smiled and sat upright, knowing full well what she was referring to. The Cullens, the only vampires to ever become allies to the Quileutes of La Push, were having a special family dinner tonight for the wolves, both as a get-together and a thank you for our camaraderie. After all, three members of our pack were imprinted on members of their family, a definite first.

Before I'd phased for the first time last year, I wouldn't have known a thing about vampires or shapeshifters, namely since I was only half-Quileute on my mother's side, and while everyone was friendly to me on La Push, no one expected me to shift. Still, once I shifted, my entrance into the supernatural world was an easy one unlike most wolves.

It was due to my love of the paranormal from my childhood. Ironically—and much to the annoyance of a few wolves in particular—vampires had always been my favorite supernatural race and they still were, since my wonderful girlfriend was one.

As Leah exited my room and I stood up to shower, I thought about Alice, my sexy, confident, stylish vampire mate with the power to see the future. Knowing her and how perverted she could be, she was likely watching me take a shower, muttering to herself about how good I looked, which, while I wasn't the vain type, I had to agree with.

"Hope you're enjoying the show, Ali," I said, smirking because I knew she'd be grinning giddily in response while I slowly and sensually washed myself. Fifteen minutes later, I walked out of my shower and into my room without any clothes on, Leah waltzing in seconds later.

"Damn," Leah said, eyeing my naked body. "Nice ass."

I wiggled it playfully as I opened my closet up. "Thank you. I figured I'd tease my girl a little before we meet up later on tonight, since it's too damn fun not to."

Leah laughed. "Yeah, she's probably having an orgasm as we speak just from the sight of you parading around ass-naked for her. I bet if she could, she'd be here in the blink of an eye, pouncing on top of you. Tell me, when's the last time you two fucked, anyways?"

I blinked. "Uh…last week?"

"Uh huh," Leah snorted. "Right, the couple who can't keep their hands off each other hasn't gone at it in bed for nearly a week. I find that hard to believe, Bells."

"Does it matter?" I asked. "What about you and Amara?"

"Every day, baby," Leah crooned with a proud grin. "We don't hide it, either."

"Whatever," I said. "That'll change once I move in with her. From what I was told, Esme is going to rebuild the entire house so it has more room in it for you and me to move into. Of course, that'll likely be the biggest mistake of her life, but I'm not complaining."

Leah snickered in agreement. "Anyway, what are you going to wear tonight?"

"Clothes?" I replied with teasing sarcasm. "I don't know yet, but I'll probably wear one of the things Alice bought for me. Which would be everything, wouldn't it?"

I rolled my eyes when I remembered the numerous times Alice had taken me shopping with her and had me try on ten thousand different outfits. I enjoyed it, but it still baffled me how one girl could love fashion as much as she did. Then again, given the fact that she looked drop-dead gorgeous in whatever she wore, in a way, it made sense.

"You should show off your bellybutton ring," Leah said, flicking the silver ring dangling from my navel. "Alice will explode in her pants if you do since she loves it so much. I still remember seeing the look on her face when you first got it done last month. My God, I honestly thought she was going to fall into a fucking coma. Not that I blame her."

"Good idea," I replied, grinning at the piercing. Alice loved it. She fondled it and played with it constantly because, in her words, it was 'the sexiest thing in the world,' though I knew it had a lot to do with her apparent fascination with shiny objects in general.

"I'd save the getup until after patrolling," Leah stated when I couldn't choose a good outfit to wear. "Knowing Raina, she's already out there waiting for us. We better get going."

"Raina's not going to bite our heads off if we're a little late," I commented.

"Yeah, but given our record, I'm not sure that'll last much longer," Leah replied, unable to hide a sly smile. "Since we're technically "retiring" soon, though, I guess it doesn't matter. It's not like she's going to tell us we can't move in with our mates."

"She's mated to one of the Cullens too," I pointed out. "She and Emmett have gotten pretty damn serious lately from what Alice has told me. And believe me, Alice isn't sugarcoating it either. The poor thing walked in on them once and I think it might've scarred her for life."

"Until she sees you naked again, which she just did," Leah replied.

"Pretty much," I agreed with a chuckle.

I ended up choosing a plain attire that I found distasteful, but I didn't bother being picky since I didn't want to keep the Alpha waiting too long. Raina was a generous, even-tempered leader, but Leah and I had a tendency to be troublemakers, and, on more than one occasion, late for assigned duties, either due to our laziness or some other lame reason.

Once I was dressed, I followed Leah out of our shared home and sauntered on to the beach, nodding to familiar locals who passed us by and ignoring the stares of tourists who had come to surf because of how warm it was despite the lack of the sun's presence.

"You'd think they would stop staring at us," I remarked, rolling my eyes.

Leah chuckled. "They're not used to seeing a couple of tall, sexy amazons strutting around."

True enough, I agreed with a knowing smile, since we weren't exactly unnoticeable.

Each of us stood at 5'10, with Leah standing a half an inch taller. It was partially due to our wolf genetics, which always made you grow a few extra inches than you normally would. For Leah, it fit her perfectly because of her natural exoticness and sexiness. For me, it was difficult at first because I used to be fairly clumsy, and being taller only made it worse.

Thanks to Leah, whom I truly considered my best friend, I was able to adjust fairly quickly, with the smugness and slight vanity following due to constantly being in Leah's mind while I was in wolf form, since there was always an established telepathic link between wolves.

"This should be far enough," Leah said, breaking me from my random train of thought. We were standing in the forest near the outskirts of the land, away from prying eyes.

I nodded and closed my eyes as I allowed my body to transform. The process wasn't something I could describe to someone in detail because of how strange it was, but within seconds, I was standing on four legs instead of two and could now see, hear and smell better than I could as a human. Soon enough after, I could also hear Leah's thoughts echoing in my head.

Is it weird that I still haven't gotten used to shifting? I wondered in my head, knowing Leah would hear and likely have a snarky response.

I heard Leah snort. Not everything I say is snarky, thank you. And for the record, I was going to say no, because it took me fucking forever to adjust. You'll get it in time, I'm sure.

I moved forward, the feeling of the ground beneath my paws reverberating through my body as I turned to Leah, whose massive brown eyes were looking straight back at me. Even in wolf form, she was bigger than I was and prettier too with her silver fur. She rolled her eyes at the comment, and I mentally pictured Leah strutting around looking fierce and gorgeous.

As true as that is, you're much more beautiful than I am, Leah remarked. An image formed in my head of a large white wolf with sky blue eyes as the sun beamed down on it, making it appear the wolf was almost glowing. See? That's pretty as hell, Bells.

I snickered. Yeah, you're right. C'mon, let's go meet up with Raina.

We dashed further into the forest, catching wind of Raina's scent fairly quickly. It didn't take us long to find her sitting in the shade of several trees, her large frame clearly visible since she was the biggest wolf in all of La Push. Her vibrant yellow eyes watched us as we neared before she sat upright, the dark gray fur covering her body, helping her to blend with the shadows.

You're late, Raina said with a light hint of amusement, tilting her head to one side. As usual.

Bella's fault, Leah replied, shooting me a brief toothy grin.

That's total bull, I huffed. I told you last night to wake me up at the right time, but you never did, so therefore, it's your fault, not mine. An image of Leah chatting with Amara late into the night popped into my head, but it disappeared seconds later as Leah cursed in her mind. Ha! I win.

Shut up! Leah grumbled.

Raina rolled her eyes. You two nitwits never change, do you? Here we are again, me waiting here for you while you take your sweet time waking up and getting ready. And then when I point out your tardiness, you point the finger at one another. Will that ever stop?

No, Leah and I thought at once, grinning when Raina shook her large head.

Maybe it's a good thing you two are "retiring," Raina sighed. It means I won't have to put up with this crap anymore, since the other wolves are either terrified of me or respect me enough to do what I ask of them without complaining or slacking off. She paused for a moment and Raina groaned. Damn it, why do you two have to fucking retire? I'll miss this!

That surprised me. Miss what? Us being lazy?

No, Raina replied. Spending time with you two like this. Since you'll be living with the Cullens from here on out, you'll spend more time with them than anything. I know you'll visit and it's not like you're living a country away, but still. It won't be the same without you.

Jeez, Raina, Leah said. You can still hang with us. Shit, you're mated to a Cullen too, remember?

I know, Raina replied. And I love my Em-Bear to death, but I have my responsibilities as Alpha to deal with. I was hoping you would be able to take over in the future, Leah, but since you imprinted on Amara, that won't be happening. I guess I can always see if Sam would be willing to do it…for now, though, I'll remain the Alpha. I don't mind.

I knew she'd miss the nights we spent lying in the forest, bickering about how annoying the boys at La Push were or talking about our respective mates. I'd always seen Raina as an older sister even when I was little, and, for some odd reason, it felt like I was leaving her behind and betraying her because I wanted to move in with my soul mate.

Stop that, Raina said, frowning at me. That's not how I feel at all, Bella. I understand what you and Leah want to do. I just…I guess I wish I wasn't the Alpha so I could do it too. That way, when the Cullens move next year, I'd be with you. That can't happen yet, however.

Sure it can, I disagreed. Sam can lead. After all, he was Alpha before you shifted, right?

Maybe, Raina said. I'll have to ask him. Alright, enough chatting. Sweep your usual areas and we'll meet back here in three hours, got it?

Yes, boss, Leah snickered.

Without another word, Raina and Leah bolted off in different directions while I remained standing where I was, watching Raina until she was no longer visible. Then I turned my attention forward and started moving, the various scents of the forest filtering into my nostrils as I ran past the trees, bushes and rocks spread throughout the area.

I kept my nose trained for the sickeningly sweet scent of vampires—or any other intruders—as I surveyed the area, admiring the beauty of the trees and remembering how free I'd felt the first time I'd ran out into the woods as a wolf. The feeling still remained and there were days I would spend most of my time in wolf form just to experience that and nothing more. At least, I used to.

Everything changed the day I met Alice Cullen. It happened three months after I phased, by which point in time I'd learned everything I needed to about being a wolf, except for the most important detail I learned later on: vampires were our mortal enemies.

And then, of course, I become the first wolf in centuries to imprint on a vampire when I ran into Alice in the woods that day. Our eyes locked, we stared at each other for what seemed like hours, and within a month, we were together, learning about one another as we came to accept the fact that we were soul mates despite supposedly being enemies.

Alice, I sighed in my head, wishing I could be with her now instead of having to wait.

Dude, quit that, Leah said. I grumbled to myself; that was the irritating thing about being in wolf form—even if we were far away, there was always an established connection between us. I don't like it either, Bells, but I don't need to hear you go on and on about Alice every stinking day.

Give me a break, I groaned. You do the same thing.

Not in wolf form, she replied, which was true for the most part.

I decided to try to not think about Alice and simply focus on my patrolling. For the better part of two hours, I ran around my designated area of the forest and found no signs of any vampires, shifters, or anything else. I ran into various animals like deer and even a bear, but they scurried off whenever I came near due to my being much bigger than them.

I was growing bored fairly quickly when I caught wind of something faint in the distance that wasn't a woodland creature or a tree. Curious, I moved towards it and felt my heart fill with glee when I recognized the scent: it was Alice!

Sure enough, within seconds I was staring back at my wonderful mate as she hopped down from a tree, her eyes immediately zeroing in on mine. Her nose wrinkled, but the smile that formed on her face was massive as she danced over to me and pressed a single kiss to my furry forehead.

"Hey, Stinky," she greeted me, giggling. I rolled my eyes and poked her with my nose. "Let me guess, Raina's got you out patrolling one last time, huh?"

I nodded. She's a slave driver, I swear.

I heard that, huffed Raina.

Alice cocked her head to the side and I noticed her nose remained wrinkled. "As much as I'd like to spend some snuggle time with you, I have to go hunt. If you stay here, I'll come right back to this spot when I finish, is that alright with you?"

That was when I noticed her eyes were pitch black, a sign that she was hungry, and, since she drank animal blood, I must've looked appetizing to her right now. However, I'd scanned the area long enough that most of the usual creatures that lived here had run off, which meant Alice would have to go farther to find a meal.

That could be a bad thing, Raina said, flashing a thought of Alice slipping and killing a human.

I care more about the pain she'll be in, I replied. Hell, she's probably in a lot of pain now.

An idea suddenly popped into my head—a dumb one, but an idea nonetheless—and I stopped Alice from moving and tilted my head to the side. Alice furrowed her brow in confusion, so I further moved my head to the side so my neck was more visible to her.

"Bella, I don't…" Alice's eyes widened when she either saw what I planned or realized it. "No, Bella! I can't take your blood!" I gave her my puppy dog eyes, which made Alice coo and fall to her knees as she stroked my cheeks. "Damn your puppy dog eyes…but still, no. I won't drink your blood, Bells, I don't know if I'll be able to stop myself if I do."

I gave her a look. Really, Alice? You've done it before and been fine.

Alice, recognizing said look, sighed. "Are you sure, Bella?"

Deciding that my wolf form wasn't communicating with her enough, I shifted back into my human form and was soon standing directly in front of her, fully clothed—which no one understood, since the assumption was our clothes were destroyed upon shifting, but I stopped caring after the first time—and immediately captured her lips.

Alice happily kissed me back, curling her arms around my waist as we held our lips together for several minutes until I heard a rumbling noise in her stomach. Knowing that wasn't a good noise, I pulled my lips away and gazed into her coal black eyes.

"Go ahead," I said, resting my head on her right shoulder.

Alice looked at me for a moment, hesitated, then closed her eyes and leaned forward. The painful pricking sensation of her razor-sharp teeth caused me to flinch for a brief moment, but the pain healed quickly as Alice began to slowly drink my blood.

Alice's grip on me tightened as she moaned while drinking my blood, the sensation of blood leaving my body slowly growing as the seconds passed by. Apparently my blood must've tasted extra good today, because she didn't stop after her usual minute of drinking and continued, which started to worry me, so I pressed my lips to the side of her neck.

"Ali," I whispered. "Not too much, okay?"

Alice's eyes opened and stared back at me as she paused, recognition flickering in them as she gently pulled away from my neck, the holes left from her teeth healing up instantly. Alice took a step back and wiped her mouth, then licked her lips.

"God," she moaned. "Your blood tastes fucking amazing, Bella."

I cracked my neck and smiled. "I smell bad, but my blood tastes good? That's a little weird."

"It's not my fault you stink," she giggled, the natural gold returning to her beautiful eyes. "Well, I guess the stench is only noticeable when you're in wolf form. And even then, you don't stink like the other wolves do. I think my nose is slowly adjusting to it."

"And it only took you a year to get used to it," I teased, poking her in the belly.

Alice pressed her lips to mine. "Eh, it doesn't matter to me if you stink, I still love you."

"I love you too," I replied.

I sat down on a soft patch of grass and lay back with Alice curling into my arms. Her 5'7 frame was only a few inches shorter than I was, but that wasn't a bother. I brushed my nose into her hair and breathed in her sweet, lovely scent of vanilla as Alice nuzzled into the crook of my neck. Moments later, Alice began to purr, her body vibrating pleasantly against mine.

I felt Alice's fingers begin toying with my shirt as I kissed the top of her head. "What're you doing, you little troublemaker?" I asked, knowing the answer.

She gave me an innocent smile. "Can I see your bellybutton ring?"

Yup, I was right, I thought. "Yes, you may."

She squealed in delight and yanked my shirt up to expose my flat midriff, her eyes fixating on the silver piercing dangling down my navel. Alice marveled at the piercing with utter fascination as she started playing with it while she remained lying down and purring, much to my amusement. I watched her pull, rub, and flick the ring, as well as poke my navel itself.

"You're strange, Alice," I remarked with a chuckle.

"It's so fucking sexy," Alice said, licking her lips.

Without saying a word, she leaned down and latched her mouth onto it, suckling the ring and playing with the entire area with her tongue, causing a pleasurable jolt to shoot through me. I closed my eyes and relaxed while she did this, moaning quietly while Alice buried her face into my stomach and had her way with my navel and ring.

Minutes passed and neither of us budged from where we were lying, which I was fine with, but the sound of movement caused me to stir slightly as my eyes darted to the area from which the noise had originated. Fortunately, it was just Leah, who immediately snorted when she saw the position Alice and I were in before coming to a stop.

"Hey, Lee-Lee," I greeted her lazily, running my fingers through Alice's hair. Alice suddenly nipped at my stomach area, tugging the ring with her teeth. "Whoa!" I looked down at her as she paused to give me her best innocent expression. "Alice, please don't. Remember what happened when you did that the last time? You almost took half my belly with it."

"Sorry," she mumbled.

"It's alright," I replied. "Now please, continue. I'm enjoying the tongue massage."

Alice smirked and proceeded to swivel her tongue around the inside of my navel, but before she could become too intimate, Raina's massive form appeared next to Leah, who was sitting down, watching on with a mixture of amusement and arousal flashing in her eyes.

Raina made a low grunting noise that I usually associated with "get into wolf form," and the way she nodded her head made me realize she knew was I was thinking.

I groaned. "What? We've been patrolling for a while and there's nothing. Can't I just go on break or something so I can be with Alice?"

Raina made a sighing noise while Leah laughed, a very scary thing to hear from a wolf. Alice stopped what she was doing and sat upright, her lips curving downward into a scowl as she crossed her arms and wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Yuck," she said, covering her mouth with her hand.

I snickered and sat up, pulling Alice back into my arms. "What's wrong?"

"What do you think?" she asked through her hand.

"I know Leah reeks," I said, smirking when Leah growled at me. "But Raina?" I glanced at the large gray wolf as she narrowed her eyes at me. "She can't smell that bad."

"They do," Alice mumbled, pulling me closer. "Ugh. They smell awful."

The two of us guffawed, much to the annoyance of my fellow wolves, but their expressions only made us laugh harder for several minutes. Eventually our laughter died down and Alice pulled me on top of her to kiss me. I smiled against her lips and returned the kiss as her arms wrapped around my chest, ignoring the grunts Leah and Raina were making.

"Bella?" Alice whispered, rubbing her nose affectionately against mine.

"Yes?" I replied.

"Fuck me," she said huskily, cupping my cheeks to kiss me again. "I want you." I shuddered at hearing Alice use dirty words—one of my major weaknesses—and gazed into her dark gold orbs, which pulsed with love and a hint of lust. "You like when I say "fuck," don't you, baby? Yeah, I know you do. So why don't you indulge me, hmm? I'll say it a lot more."

Shit, I breathed mentally. However, despite the fact that I was more than willing to give Alice what she wondered, I felt a pang of guilt for ignoring my duties—especially since it was my last day—so I decided against it. "Sorry, Ali. That'll have to wait."

Alice pouted. "What? Why?"

"I have to finish my patrolling," I replied, standing up and pulling her with me. She slumped into my arms and scowled at me petulantly, which I grinned at. "You're so cute, Ali. Look, I know you don't like it, but it's not like it'll be that long of a wait, is it? We'll see each other in a few hours, after all. And then, after dinner, we can head upstairs…"

Alice titled her head to the side, her eyes glazing over briefly, then her scowl turned into a triumphant smile as she giddily kissed me. Clearly, she'd seen my words come to pass.

"Are you sure you don't want to have a preview now?" Alice asked, lifting an eyebrow.

I leaned in close to kiss her neck, lightly sucking the area where her pulse point was. Alice immediately let out a moan as her arms tightened around me. I did this for a good minute, then switched to the other side, which had the exact same effect. Once I finished, I pulled away and pressed my lips to hers, then stepped back.

"There's your preview," I said, unable to stop smiling. "There's much more where that came from, you can bet your sweet ass on it."

Alice pouted. "But Bella…"

"You can wait, Ali," I said as I playfully tapped her nose.

"Fine," she grumbled, slumping into my arms. "I can't believe I'm fucking pussy whipped…"

"You still love me," I pointed out.

"And you still stink," Alice huffed with mirth in her eyes. She kissed me again, then sighed. "Alright, I'll leave you and your smelly friends to do your patrolling. See you in a few hours. Oh, but before I go, I have two things to say. One, thank you for the show earlier, I truly enjoyed it. And two…that bellybutton ring better be on display tonight."

She winked, turned on her heel, then bolted back the direction she'd came from while I watched after her, chuckling until she was out of sight. Once she was gone, I turned back to Leah and Raina, who were waiting expectantly for me, and shifted back into wolf form.

Happy? I asked, annoyed that I'd been interrupted in the first place.

That shit was hot, Leah crooned loudly, as if she'd been holding it in the entire time, something that became apparent when I could feel her embarrassment. Um…I mean…damn.

As entertaining as it was, I still have you for a few hours before freedom, Raina said. Let's get back to our patrolling, just in case your shenanigans have given some bloodthirsty leech an opening to get into our territory. Not that it would do any good.

I giggled. Shenanigans.

We went back to patrolling and, as I'd known from the beginning, there were no vampires or any other creatures trying to intrude upon our territory or the Cullens' territory. It was completely free of problems and I couldn't have been any readier to run back home, shower, change, and head over to the Cullens' mansion to be with my Alice again, uninterrupted.

It didn't take me long to trot out of my room wearing a sky blue crop top with a cool wolf design stitched into it—bought by Alice, who had it custom made—that allowed my pale belly to be exposed to the world, which I was beyond fine with, a pair of designer shorts—also bought by Alice—and shoes that I'd bought myself.

"Hey, sexy," Leah greeted me, kissing my forehead. "Ready to gorge yourself on food and sex?"

I smirked. "You bet. But you know, there's more to it than just sex, Lee."

"Yeah, yeah," Leah replied. "The whole "melding of the souls" thing, I know, Ama and I have gone through it plenty of times. It's an amazing feeling to be connected with the person you love most in the world and we're damn lucky to be able to experience it. I only wish it wouldn't stink so badly when we got there." She winked at me. "Only kidding."

The scent thing was strange. Initially, when I'd first phased, the vampires stunk terribly, as if someone had taken a year old corpse and sprayed it with an overdose of perfume, the overly expensive, stinky kind. After I imprinted on Alice, however, it became less potent and rank over time to what it was now: only mildly sweet.

Alice's scent didn't faze me; in fact, it never had. She'd always smelled like rich vanilla from the day we met, although apparently I didn't smell the same until much later. It didn't bother me, however; it gave me something to tease her with if the need ever arose. And it did. Frequently.

"Ready to go, Lee?" I asked, receiving a giddy nod in response. "Is Seth coming?"

Leah shook her head. "The twerp is going to stay behind and help our mom out. He's not the only one either. Raina's idiot brother Jacob is staying and a few others, too, since they can't stand the smell of the Cullens or they simply don't like the Cullens. You, Raina, Sam, Emily, Quil, Claire, Embry, Crystal, and I are the ones going."

"More food for us," I said with a grin.

We ran out of our house and got onto Leah's motorcycle, with me sitting in back, my arms wrapped around my best friend's waist. She revved her motorcycle up, then we were off, speeding towards the Cullen mansion, our soon-to-be new home. It was strange to think about, too; we'd be living in a house full of vampires. Oh, the irony.

Thanks to her speed demon driving, it didn't take Leah and me long to get to the manor, which had now doubled in size since I last saw it—less than a week ago! Leah parked her motorcycle near their garage, and we walked towards the house together, the door already open.

"Bella!" Alice chirped, colliding into me within seconds, causing us both to topple down. Her lips attacked mine instantly, her cool mouth feeling wonderful against my warmer one. It wasn't long before I felt her icy tongue trailing across my bottom lip, silently asking for entrance that I was more than happy to grant. Unfortunately, a loud throat clearing stopped her.

We both looked up to see Esme, Alice's mother, standing there with her hands on her hips and an amused smile as she shook her head at us. Carlisle, her husband and Alice's father, was standing beside her with his usual placid expression, smiling at us while we sat up.

"Hello Bella," Esme greeted me kindly. "It's nice to see you again."

"Hi, Esme," I replied. "Hi, Carlisle."

"Hello," Carlisle replied, just as pleasant as his wife. "How are you doing?"

"Good," I replied, looking to Alice. "Scratch that, I'm doing awesome."

The Cullen parents chuckled merrily as I stood and helped Alice up. I proceeded to hug both of the Cullen parents, since they'd become more or less my parents during the time I'd known them, something I was eternally grateful for. They were both loving, generous people who had no biases against welcoming a shapeshifter into their home, and they were tons of fun to be around.

Both hugged me back, Esme giving me her usual tight squeeze before releasing me, neither bothered by my scent in the slightest. And while I would have loved to catch up with them, I was broken from my train of thought by Alice giddily poking me in the side.

"Are you hungry, babe?" she asked.

"She's always hungry!" shouted Leah from inside the house.

I rolled my eyes while Alice giggled cutely. "Yes, I am."

"Come inside, dear," Esme said. "I know you and Alice wish to have some fun time together, but that can wait until after you've eaten the dinner we prepared."

I nodded and laced my fingers around Alice, following Carlisle and Esme inside their mansion, which I always enjoyed visiting. The house was gigantic and full of exotic things, like tribal masks, antiques of all shapes and sizes, multiple rare flowers…the works. But the most exotic parts of the house were the vampires inhabiting it, for certain.

In no time at all, the rest of the Cullens were standing in the foyer, minus the exuberant Amara, who was likely with Leah at the moment. There were only three others: Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett, who was mated to Raina. Emmett, of course, gave me a huge grin and came over to scoop me into a massive hug like his mother had done.

"Hey there, Fido!" he greeted after releasing me, still grinning. "Nice to see you!"

"Nice to see you too, Emmett," I replied, punching his shoulder at the "Fido" remark, though he used it in an endearing and playful way rather than an insult.

"Bella," Jasper said, extending his hand out to me while his other was around Rosalie's.

"Jasper," I said, shaking his hand and chuckling at his faint Southern drawl. "Rosalie."

Rosalie smirked. "Good to have you stink up the house again, dog. Your company was missed."

I snickered and stepped forward to hug the beautiful blonde—who was an inch taller than I was naturally, amazingly enough—who happily hugged me back. She was the one Cullen that took the most time to warm up to me, but in the end, we'd become like sisters.

"Where's Amara?" I asked, glancing around for the belly-baring redhead. "With Leah?"

"That she is," Jasper replied with a chuckle. "You know how they are. After she made that comment about you, they ran upstairs, probably to wait until the other wolves arrived."

"We're the first ones here?" I said, mildly surprised.

"We'd have the windows open and the fans going if you weren't," Rosalie informed me.

"Har har," I deadpanned, rolling my eyes.

"Emmett, Jasper, could you come help me set the table?" Esme asked from the dining room.

"Yes, ma'am," Jasper replied, kissing Rosalie on the lips. He dragged Emmett with him into the kitchen while the three of us remained standing where we were.

"Nice bellybutton ring," Rosalie said, poking the piercing that Alice was busy staring at.

"Thanks," I replied. "It's nothing special, though."

"I disagree," Alice said, licking her lips. "It's making me hungry…"

"Oh, brother," Rosalie groaned.

Rosalie eventually went to help the rest of her family while Alice and I sat down in the family room, cuddling up on the couch while we waited for the others to arrive. By the time they did, Alice and I were close to initiating a full make-out session, but of course Esme stopped us, telling us that there'd be plenty of time for it later.

About an hour later I was sitting down at a massive folding table littered with every food item conceivable staring back at me. Alice sat on my left—despite not being able to eat and the scent of the food being repulsive to her—while the other wolves sat around the table, chatting amongst themselves while we waited for Leah to join us.

"If she doesn't show up soon, I'll grab her," Raina said. She sat beside Emmett, who was also weathering the smells that disturbed him, though he didn't complain about them the way my Alice did. Not that I minded—she was always adorable when she did.

"I'm here," Leah announced, strutting into the dining room, her mate walking directly behind her, towering over both Leah and me at 6'2. Her nose wrinkled and she stopped as Leah sat, the various smells particularly harmful to Amara due to her sensitive nose. "It's okay, Ama. Once I finish, we'll continue where we left off," Leah said with a wink. "That's a promise."

Amara smirked. "You'd better, bitch. If you don't, I'll rip your clothes off, make out with you on the floor, then drag your ass back upstairs."

"I'd like to see that," remarked Quil, earning a light smack from his mate Claire.

"So would I," Emmett agreed.

Raina rolled her eyes. "Keep your pants on, Em."

A throat cleared at that point and our attention was drawn to Carlisle and Esme, who stood at the opposite end of the table, clearly wanting to say something.

"Thank you all for coming to our house," Esme began. "It means a lot to us that you've all come to see us as allies, and we feel the same despite our differences in the past. This dinner is meant to symbolize our friendship with you and how thankful we are to have you on our side. Plus, it's also a celebration to welcome the two newest additions to our family, Bella and Leah."

"You've helped this family in more ways than one," Carlisle added. "Not only did you bring happiness to two of our daughters, you've also helped bring this family closer together as well and created a stronger bond with our friends at La Push. We welcome you into the family and we'll be more than happy to do the same when Raina decides to join us."

I glanced at Raina, who smiled tentatively at them while Emmett beamed. "We thank you for your kind words and inviting us here," Raina said. "I'm sorry if you felt insulted by the ones who didn't want to come. I decided against forcing them to, since it'd be wrong of me."

"It's fine, dear," Esme replied. "We understand. Now, enough chattering. Dig in!"

We started eating at once, each of us taking one of the various food items and eating. The food tasted fantastic and best of all, it was all the foods I loved. Hamburgers, pasta, fresh salad, fresh bread, chicken…every item tasted wonderful and I lost count of how much I ate. Either way, within the next hour, the entire table was vacant of food.

After I finished, I thought about helping to clean and hanging around downstairs for a while, but a tug on my arm forced me to change my plans. An eager Alice pulled me along upstairs while the other wolves and Cullens chatted, leading me into her—or rather, our—new room.

When I stepped inside, my eyes widened in shock at what I saw: it was beautiful. The paint on the wall, the furniture…everything; it looked like someone had actually mixed together Alice's old room with my room in La Push. It had our styles melded together perfectly.

"Wow," I breathed. "This is awesome."

Alice giggled and shut the door behind us. "I helped Esme with everything since I knew what you liked would fit perfectly with what I liked. Just like we fit perfectly together as a couple." She stepped forward to press her lips to mine while her left hand tenderly stroked my cheek, a warm smile adorning her face. "I have a present for you."

"Really?" I asked, kissing her back. "What?"

"Sit on the bed," she said, pointing to the massive bed in the center of the room.

I removed my shoes and placed them near the door, then went to plop down on the fluffy bed while Alice disappeared into the massive closet on the left side of the room. Less than a minute later, she walked out with a small box with a neat purple ribbon in her hands. She stopped in front of me and handed me the box with a sly grin.

"Open it," she said. Curious, I carefully undid the ribbon then opened the box. Inside was a beautiful and intricately made golden crescent moon with a tiny diamond embedded into the center of it attached to a small chain. "It's a bellybutton ring. I had it custom made for you because…well, I love it and…" She bit her lip. "You know…"

"It's gorgeous, Alice," I said. "Thank you."

"Would you put it on?" Alice asked.

I saw the enamored look in her eyes and snickered. "Sure thing, babe."

I easily removed the silver barbell I already had in and replaced it with the new ring Alice had given me, rather enjoying the way it hung below my navel. Alice reached her hand out for the previous piercing, which I handed to her without question. I watched as she eyed the silver ring with wonderment, playing with it the way a kitten would play with a ball of yarn.

"You're weird, Alice," I laughed, though I truly felt it was adorable.

"I like shiny things," Alice said with a shrug. "Sue me." She got up and placed the barbell on a nearby nightstand, then turned around to smirk at me. "Now then. You've filled your belly, you have a sexy new bellybutton ring, and we're all alone in our new room. What do you say we continue where we left off before being interrupted, hmm?"

Her lips were on mine before I could respond, her cool hands pushing me back against the bed as my arms curled around her. I gladly allowed her to dominate my mouth with hers, especially when her tongue traced across my bottom lip again. This time, there was nothing to stop her from slipping her tongue inside my mouth, both of us moaning in unison when she did.

Alice's cool tongue swirling around the inside of my mouth felt heavenly, and when it began to play with my tongue, I moaned again. My hands found their way into her hair as she continued to kiss me and play with my tongue, her lips curling into a smirk against mine from the reaction I was giving her, which I couldn't help. She knew what I liked.

I felt her body begin vibrating against mine when my hands moved up to comb through her silky, messy hair, one of my beloved's hotspots. After a good long make-out session, Alice pulled away from my mouth and gazed at me lovingly.

"I love you so fucking much, Bella," Alice purred. "I can't even begin to describe how much you mean to me. You're the center of my universe, my burning sun. You're warm and sweet, beautiful and dangerous, but more than that, you're a beacon of hope for me. You represent everything I've ever needed in my life. In fact, you saved my life."

"Alice, I—" She silenced me with a finger to my lips.

Alice pulled me to her mouth to kiss me again. "No, Bells. I have to get this off my chest." She pressed her forehead to mine and gazed into my eyes, her angelic gold orbs like gigantic magnets that I found myself drowning in. "You have no idea how much you mean to me, do you?"

"I do," I said with a smile. "The same amount you mean to me."

She smiled back at me. "More, Bells. I know your imprint thing pulls us close together, but that love you feel is stronger for me. It's just how vampires are. That doesn't matter, though; what matters is that we're together and nothing can or ever will separate us. No one stands in our way and we have eternity to be blissfully happy together as a couple."

"I agree," I replied. "You did the same for me, Alice. I've loved you since the first day we met and I'll never stop loving you. And if I'm your sun, then you're my moon. Cool, exotic, fierce and a force to be reckoned with, that's for damn sure. I could go on for days listing all the things I love about you, Ali, but to put it simply: I live for you."

"As I live for you," Alice replied. "God, we sound cliché as hell, don't we?"

I chuckled. "Who cares? It's the truth and no one can take it away from us."

"Enough of the sappy shit," Alice said suddenly. "We can be tender and sexy at the same time, and right now, all I want is you on top of me, doing what you do best."

"I thought what I did best was being an amazing girlfriend?" I questioned.

"Yes, and part of being an amazing girlfriend is giving your equally amazing girlfriend the supremely amazing sex she's requesting," Alice replied, wiggling her eyebrows.

"You're a perv, Ali," I chuckled.

"Deal with it," she purred, ripping her shirt and bra off in seconds, her pants and underwear joining them on the floor not too long after.

My jaw fell open at the sight of her naked form even though I'd seen her naked countless times in the past. Each time, however, it was always brand new to me, namely because she was so out of this world in the sexiness department, it blew my mind. Then again, she wasn't the only sexy one between us, and two could play at that game.

In one rhythmic motion, what little clothing I was wearing was removed, dropping onto the small pile gathering at the foot of our bed. Alice's eyes bulged, and I saw the desire in her eyes double in size as she licked her lips once more.

"Fuck," Alice said. "You're sexy."

I immediately yanked her forward and placed myself on top of her. "I love when you cuss," I whispered, leaning in to nip at her left ear, making her moan and shudder. "I also love how your cool body feels when it's pressed against mine. You have no idea what your body does to me."

"Then show me," she said huskily into my ear. "Please, dear God, show me."

"Gladly," I purred.

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