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Following this, there is a brief smut scene that is rated M for obvious reasons. The rest is T for language and mild sexual stuff. Now you know.

Part Two

Before I gave Alice what she wanted, I took a moment to take in her angelic form. It was like gazing at a masterpiece created by the most talented sculptor in the universe; only the masterpiece was alive and knew how sexy she was.

With just my left index finger, I traced around her body, starting at her lips, then trailing downwards to her chest, circling my finger around her soft, yet lovely breasts. I toyed with each of the pink buds—first the right, then the left—for a solid minute, then moved down lower to her flat, toned stomach, pausing only to dip my finger into her adorable navel.

"Bella," Alice whined.

"Just a moment," I whispered, my mouth watering as I continued lower to her hips. After I passed a certain point, Alice growled and grabbed hold of my shoulders to yank me back on top of her, her mouth latching onto mine until the only thing I could focus on was kissing her.

"I don't like being teased," she growled against my lips. I could see the amount of desire smoldering in her black eyes as she gazed at me hungrily. I knew from experience that keeping her waiting wouldn't end very well, but then, I enjoyed being able to make her squirm with the slightest touch and considered continuing. "Don't you fucking dare, Bella."

I scowled, knowing she'd looked into the future. "Cheater."

"Please," she begged. "Just…please."

Hearing the desperation in her voice, I complied and kissed her on the lips again. Her fingers dug into my hair as our lips danced together until I pulled away and pressed my lips all over her face, ending with her cute button nose. She giggled at that, but her giggle turned into a moan the second I moved to her neck and started sucking on her pulse point.

My hands came to a rest on her hips as I pressed my warm body against her colder one, reveling in the way our body temperatures mixed as I nibbled, licked and sucked on different parts of her neck, starting from the left and slowly making my way to the right side. Alice loved every second of it, too, since her neck was one of her most sensitive areas.

Alice started purring and the urge to touch more of her caused my hands to shoot up to grope her breasts while I started going lower, kissing her collarbones and beginning to lightly press my center against hers, both of us moaning at the same time. Alice's fingers tugged at my hair while I toyed with her nipples with my fingers until my mouth was ready to take over.

I used my tongue to give each of her breasts some loving, swirling it around the nipple while Alice mewled like a happy kitten underneath me. The noises she was making, coupled with the taste of her skin and my own growing arousal, caused my heartbeat to increase and my hands moved around to lovingly grope Alice's sculpted ass.

Alice moaned louder and nearly tore out a chunk of hair. "Alice," I said against her skin.

"Sorry," she moaned, moving her hands to grip at the bed instead.

I finished sucking on her left nipple, then continued lower to the plain of her stomach. No sooner did I begin to lay kisses all around it did Alice arch her back to press her belly into my face. I wrapped my arms around her waist when I got to her bellybutton, which I dipped my tongue into and explored, Alice letting out another loud moan.

Fuck, she tastes amazing, I thought, nipping at her skin while my tongue swiveled around.

"Bella," Alice breathed. "Bite me!"

I didn't pause to question her request and bite down hard onto the cold, firm flesh around her navel, Alice moaning once again, her hips bucking in pleasure. I heard the sound of tearing fabric, but I ignored it as I pulled away to briefly marvel at the set of bite marks now circling her navel, mirroring the ones her sister Amara had. I had to admit; it looked hot.

"Did I hurt you?" I asked, the realization quickly sinking in after I finished admiring.

"No!" Alice replied breathlessly. "Don't…stop!"

With a shrug I kissed her navel, then trailed lower, coming to a stop at her center. I kissed the edges of it—driving Alice up the wall—as I marveled at how moist she'd become and leaned in close to breathe in her rich, intoxicating scent. I shuddered at how strong her arousal smelled and felt mine increase even more as I slowly slipped a single finger into her.

Alice moaned again while I kissed the area, slipping another finger in and curling both upwards at the same time. I then began rapidly pumping my fingers in and out, Alice's body thrashing about as my speed picked up and I used my free hand to grope her rear while I kissed and licked around the area. I could feel her growing wetter by the second, too.

It didn't take long for me to bring Alice over the edge. She ultimately screamed my name as her body convulsed and released at that moment, her delicious honey covering my fingers while I smiled at my handiwork. Grinning, I pulled away and sucked on them, moaning at the explosion in my mouth as I moved higher up to lie next to Alice, who was breathing raggedly.

"Fuck," Alice moaned, smiling giddily. "That was awesome."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," I purred, unable to stop sucking on my fingers.

Alice turned to look at me, love swirling in her eyes before she pulled me in and kissed me, moaning when she tasted herself on my lips. We kissed passionately for several minutes, then Alice pulled away and trailed her tongue across her lips.

"I love tasting myself on you," she purred. "I taste good."

"You do," I agreed.

Alice suddenly lifted me up and jumped on top of me, purring sexily. "I bet you taste just as good as I do, if not better," she said, the huskiness in her voice surprising me. "Why don't I return the favor and find out, hmm?"

She kissed me rapidly before I could respond, then began gently sucking on my bottom lip, her body vibrating against mine all the while. My mind was hazy for a few minutes as she continued to do this from the pleasure coursing through me, but eventually I came out of it and began to kiss her back fervently as she switched between kissing and sucking on my bottom lip.

Then she pulled away from my mouth and began sucking on the lobe of my left ear. I shuddered and dug my fingers into her silky, messy hair, reveling in the multitude of pleasant sensations I was feeling thanks to Alice's body. The purring, her cooler temperature, what her mouth was doing, her fingers beginning to toy with my navel ring…I almost turned to mush on the spot.

Alice eventually moved lower to my neck area, starting at the left side, which she kissed and licked the same way I had done to her, the only difference being the fact that my body was covered in a light coat of sweat, though Alice didn't seem to mind. In fact, the way she lapped up the tiny beads of sweat from my neck made me think she actually liked the taste.

"Mm," Alice purred. "You're so yummy."

Alice's tenderness, combined with everything else she was doing, was causing warmth to begin forming in the pit of my belly, a familiar warmth that I knew and loved from the previous times Alice and I had made love. Then buildup only excited me more, and I started squirming under Alice as she continued, eagerly awaiting her to finish.

Suddenly Alice bit down on my neck and I gasped. The bite wasn't too hard and the pain disappeared a split second later, but the fact that my vampire was biting me all of a sudden took me by surprise. Even more surprising; I kind of liked how it felt. Alice paused to glance up at me, a mixture of amusement and hunger twinkling in her eyes as she moved to kiss my throat.

When she made it to the right side of my neck, Alice's left hand slid up my stomach to begin playing with my breast while I felt her teeth graze against the skin of my neck. For a moment, I wondered if she planned on biting me again, but then she did something I didn't expect; I felt her teeth nip at the skin, causing me to bleed a little, then lapped up the blood.

Alice moaned and her purring grew stronger. "Delicious."

She did this several times while continuing what she was doing with her hands, even going as far as pressing her lower area against mine, making me jump and gasp in delight. Alice smirked against the skin of my neck, kissed my pulse point, then trekked downwards. I could feel moisture building in my lower region as the warmth in my stomach strengthened.

She proceeded to give my breasts the same loving attention I gave to hers, only she added in her signature "Alice flair", adding in a bit of nibbling around the center of my breasts while flicking my nipples with her tongue to drive me crazy in anticipation before finally giving me what I was begging for—which I knew to be payback for when it was my turn.

Once she got to my stomach, Alice's attention became fixated on the new bellybutton ring she'd given me, playing with and loving it in every way imaginable. She tugged at it, licked it, she even lifted the piercing up to swirl her tongue around the inside of my navel as she had earlier in the day, making me moan and knead my fingers into her hair.

"I love your bellybutton ring," Alice purred, the close proximity of her mouth sending a pleasant wave through my body thanks to her vibrations. She kissed my navel again, then moved down to my center, lightly blowing on it to tease me, making me squirm around. Alice smirked at me and kissed around my center. "My, my, Bella, you're so wet…and you smell fucking good."

Her nose brushed against it and she breathed in. "Mmm…fuck, Bella, if I could bottle your arousal I would. It's so sexy and delicious…"

"Alice…" I whimpered, biting my lip, her sultry words only increasing the moisture. It felt like there was a geyser welling up inside of me that was about ready to burst.

"What's wrong, my sexy wolf?" Alice asked, circling her finger around my center, which made me yelp. "Feeling the pressure?"

"Alice!" I growled. "Finish it!"

Alice giggled. "Oh, very well."

She slipped one finger in, then another as her tongue entered me, the combination quickly driving me over the edge. I screamed her name in ecstasy as the orgasm blasted through my body and my eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head. Eventually my body relaxed and I sighed as Alice snuggled against me, lapping at her fingers just as I had.

"Yum," Alice purred, pressing her lips to mine. "You do taste pretty damn good."

I let out a sigh and turned my head to gaze into her pulsating eyes. "You…"

"I know, I'm awesome," Alice crooned, kissing me so I could taste myself, which made me moan. "So are you, love."

I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly. "I love you, Alice."

"Love you too," she replied. "We're not finished yet, though."

I don't know how long we spent in bed making love. We each went another round, adding in more loving kisses, more fondling, more…everything. By the time we finished, my heart was thundering in my chest and I was soaked in sweat as I stared up at the ceiling, Alice breathing just as heavily as I was as she lay in my arms.

Her cold body felt amazing pressed against mine, helping me to relax while we gazed lovingly into each other's eyes. Being lost in her angelic gold eyes was one of the greatest feelings in the world; I could be lost in them for days without a single complaint, soaking in their beauty and the emotions that shone in them whenever she looked at me.

"You have no idea how beautiful you are," Alice murmured, breaking the pleasant silence.

"As beautiful as you, I hope," I replied. We kissed several times, my heart calming down and our bodies fully relaxing against one another. I felt like I was in Heaven. "God, Alice…that…"

"Was fucking wonderful," she finished, lightly nipping my ear. "I agree. Best sex yet."

"What do you want to do now?" I asked breathlessly.

"Snuggle," she replied, nuzzling into the crook of my neck. "Stinky."

I rolled my eyes, but I wasn't going to argue with her request. We snuggled together for a solid hour, bathing in one another's presence. I buried my nose into her hair and breathed in her rich vanilla scent as Alice began playing with my navel ring, which I didn't mind, since it felt good.

We kissed several more times, Alice wrapping her free arm around me. "You know, I'm really glad we ran into each other that day in the woods," Alice said. "If not for that, we wouldn't be here now with our bodies pressed together like this. Which would stink worse than every wolf at La Push combined, I'd imagine. I wouldn't have anyone to cuddle with."

"Nor would I have someone to cuddle with," I agreed. "Did you see us meeting? I don't think I've ever asked, even though I'd wondered for a while."

Alice shrugged. "I didn't see you, no. I saw that spot where we met, however, so I knew it had some importance, which is why I went there. It could have been a trap for all I knew, but I would have dealt with it and kicked ass had that been the case. Imagine my surprise when I run into a big white wolf that smells like rotting garbage."

"Do I really smell that bad to you now?" I asked.

She giggled and kissed me again. "No, Bells. I like calling you Stinky, though. I mean, I've always called you that, but never as an insult. It's a compliment, like the way Rose and Amara use it when they address you. They mean it lovingly, not insultingly."

"I bet that wasn't the case when we first met," I chuckled.

"No, it wasn't, but they got over it," she replied. "I mean, since three people in this family are mated to wolves, it's kind of something we needed to get over."

"Could be worse," I said. "You could be living on La Push."

Alice shuddered. "I would have to rip my nose off, I think. Yuck."

"Aw, poor Alice," I chuckled, kissing her nose.

"Have I told you how sexy your bellybutton ring is?" Alice asked, flicking the ring for a moment before returning to fondling with it and my navel alike. "I kind of wish I could get one. I bet it'd look sexy on me, too. In fact, I know it would. What do you think?"

I smiled and poked her navel. "I think it's sexy just the way it is."

Alice beamed at me. "So why'd you get yours pierced?"

"Leah dared me to," I replied, glancing at the new piercing dangling from it. "Well, I guess it wasn't so much a dare as it was a "you should get your bellybutton done, it'll look hot and make Alice horny as hell," I guess. I asked if she was getting hers pierced and she said yes, but then I did it and she told me she'd lied to me on purpose."

"I'm glad she did," Alice said, smirking.

"I can't believe I'm going to be living with you from now on," I said, resting my head on top of Alice's, staring into her eyes with wonderment. "I mean, not too long ago I was living with Leah in her home ever since my parents died and I honestly never thought it would change. I liked living with Leah, don't get me wrong. She was always protective of me."

"As she should be," Alice said. "She's your best friend, after all."

"She still is protective of me," I chuckled. "Just like you are, Ali. But you know, I'm looking forward to living here. I see Carlisle and Esme as my parents and the others are the siblings I've always wanted. Plus, my best friend will still be living me. It won't be complete until Raina moves in, but having her close helps. This…I'm going to enjoy it."

"I know you will," Alice giggled. "Why wouldn't you? You've got me!"

"Yes, yes I do," I agreed with a smile. "What would you like to do now?" I thought about it as the question left my mouth and I considered going to visit Leah and Amara. "Actually, why don't we go see Lee and Ama? It'll be nice for us to hang out for a while."

"Agreed," Alice said.

She kissed my navel ring, then jumped up to put her clothes back on while I did the same. It didn't take us long to finish and leave our room to find my best friend and her sexy mate, knowing they were likely in their new room, which Alice entered without even knocking. I paused for a moment, unused to entering someone's room without knocking.

"C'mon, Stinky," Alice giggled, motioning me inside. "They're decent."

Amara and Leah's room was badass. It had a total punk-rock "I can kick your ass" vibe to it from the dark walls and the kind of furniture spread about. The duo were lying in bed, just as Alice and I had been, but they were fully clothed. Of course, their hair gave away the fact that they'd been much busier not too ago, just like Alice's and mine likely did.

"What's up, bitches?" Amara asked, waving to us.

"Not much," Alice replied as I closed the door. We came and sat on the edge of their bed, both giving us lazy smiles. "I see great minds think alike, huh?"

"We wanted to break in the new bed," Leah said. "I was hoping to break in the rest of the room, but I don't want to ruin all the work Esme put into it. I mean, we already destroyed part of the bed, which can't be helped. How was your evening, hmm?"

"Probably as good as yours," I replied, wrapping an arm around Alice.

"I wouldn't doubt it," Amara snickered. "So, Belly-Button, looking forward to joining the awesome-as-fuck Cullen family?"

I smiled at her nickname for me—she'd given it to me some time after we met, but it became especially true after I'd gotten the piercing, which Amara liked almost as much as Alice—and nodded in agreement to her question.

"I am, yes," I replied. "Still a little surprised, but I'll get over that soon, I'm sure."

"What's there to be surprised about?" the redhead asked.

"She never thought her life would amount to much excitement," Leah answered. "I remember when she was little, the cute, dainty brunette girl who loved nature and wanted to be a veterinarian that 'saved the lives of every known animal'. Then she shoots up to my height and learns she's a werewolf and that goes down the drain."

Alice and Amara laughed while I blushed, shooting Leah a glare. "Not cool, Lee-Lee," I grunted.

"You wanted to be a veterinarian?" Amara guffawed. "For real?"

"What?" I shrugged. "I've always been an animal lover. It's a little pointless now since my girlfriend and her family kills them to survive and I've done so too, but I still sometimes think about being one. Is it that bad that I like to help innocent creatures?"

Alice cooed and kissed my cheek. "No, it's sweet and honorable, just like you are."

"Hey, I'm not saying it's bad," Amara agreed. "Funny as hell, yeah, but not bad at all."

"Did you really not think you'd amount to much?" Alice asked after their laughter died down.

I saw the look in her eyes, one of disbelief, and smiled. "To much excitement, Ali. I always figured it would be dull and boring while jackass over there went out and made a ton of money without me. She was strong and pretty when she was little and that hasn't changed aside from her becoming stronger and hotter. Me, I was always plain. I figured my life would be plain."

"You were dead wrong," Alice remarked. "You're sexy, strong, and confident and you have an equally sexy, strong, confident woman at your side who will always love and protect you."

"And I'm thankful for it," I replied.

"As am I," Alice agreed sweetly.

"I've got a random question," Amara said, pointing to Leah and me. "Did you two ever hook up?"

"A few times," Leah replied with a nonchalant shrug. "Mostly when we were bored."

"Or lonely," I added.

"Hey, now," Alice said, scowling. "None of that."

I chuckled and kissed her cheek. "This was before you, Alice, remember that."

Alice nodded and nuzzled into my neck while Leah and Amara chuckled. We sat there in comfortable silence for a few minutes, no one really needing to speak, since there wasn't a whole lot to talk about. Plus, sometimes, silence was better.

"Are you going to miss living on La Push?" Alice asked, eventually breaking the silence.

"No," Leah snorted. "I won't. I'll miss seeing my mom and making fun of my dorky brother, but I can do that any day of the week. Everything else? The constant invasion whenever I'm in wolf form, the bitching and whining of half the other wolves, the constant drama, the short tempers flaring out of control? Hell no. I won't miss those one stinking bit."

"Likewise," I agreed. "Especially Jacob, Raina's annoying brother. What a pain."

All four of us grunted in unison at the mentioning of the hated name. Whereas Raina's qualities—tall, strong, beautiful, cool, level-headed and intelligent—her younger brother was the exact opposite in practically every way. He was short tempered, egotistical, brash, chauvinistic, vain and, above all else, a total ass. And he didn't bother hiding his hatred for the Cullens, either.

He was one of the main reasons I wanted to be gone from La Push to begin with, one of the reasons I nearly jumped for joy when Alice asked me to come live with her. There were other annoying wolves too, sure, but Jacob was on the top of the list. His immaturity made a lot of people uncomfortable, in fact, which was why Raina always made him patrol by himself.

I felt bad for Raina, too, having such a pest for a sibling. They argued constantly and, were it not for Raina being taller and stronger than he was—not to mention perfect timing—Jacob likely would be the Alpha, an even bigger reason to leave. Then again, I didn't have to deal with it anymore, so I didn't care. He was nothing to me now.

Leah, clearly on the same wavelength, nodded. "I think I'll tell him off tonight."

"Why?" I asked. "Why bother with him?"

"Because I like pissing him off," Leah replied, smirking.

"That's my girl," Amara crooned.

I furrowed my brow for a moment, then realized something. "Oh, yeah, we have to grab our things, don't we? Crap, I almost forgot about that."

"Not yet you don't," Alice said. "That can wait until later."

"I know, but it still needs to be done," I commented. "Later."

The four of us reminisced about the past year since I first imprinted on Alice, followed by Leah doing the same to Amara and finally Raina to Emmett, the most surprising of us since I'd always pictured Raina being single for most of her life, if only because she never seemed interested in dating anybody other than Sam for a brief period of time.

We talked about how Alice and Amara came to be vampires in the first place, each waking up alone and having to struggle with her inner animals for years before learning to control themselves and how each found the Cullens in her unique way.

"Do you think things would be different if you couldn't see the future?" Leah asked Alice.

Alice snorted. "I'd still be a badass."

"No one's questioning that, Ali," Amara snickered. "But would you still be here?"

Alice considered the question. "I think so," she replied. "Even before I discovered my gift, I had a sense that somewhere out there, I belonged. I didn't know where, but I followed my gut until my gift kicked in. Without my gift, I would've probably searched around much longer, I'm sure. I still would've found the Cullens at some point, though."

"Would we be mates if I hadn't shifted?" I wondered. It was something to think about, since, had I not become a wolf, I wouldn't have known about vampires beforehand or imprinted on Alice, which connected us on more levels than a normal human would understand. We fell in love more quickly that way, but neither of us complained in the end. Still, what if?

"That's a dumb question," Alice said, giggling and poking me. "Of course we'd be mates. It would've been a bit longer for us to get together, but nothing would change other than your smell and height. It wouldn't have mattered to me, though. I would still shower you with love, affection, gifts and my awesomeness no matter what."

I kissed her in thanks and she giddily kissed me back. She pulled me on top of her as she laid back on Amara and Leah's bed, neither of us caring that they were blatantly watching us make out since it wasn't anything new to us. Alice even wrapped one arm around me and pushed my head closer, seemingly intent on picking up where we'd left off in our room.

"Uh, girls?" Amara said. "As hot as it is to see you two make out, could you do that in your room so there's no threat of the fucking bed collapsing on us?"

I removed my mouth from Alice's—to her annoyance—and smiled. "Yeah, sorry about that, Alice is just super horny all the time, so it's hard for to ignore her."

"I am not super horny all the time!" Alice disagreed. All three of us stared at her blankly and she bit her lip. "Okay, I am, but that's not my fault!" She pointed to my bellybutton ring. "How am I not supposed to be horny with that showing?" She groped my breasts. "Or those?" She pointed to my crotch and squeezed my ass. "Or these?" Then she pointed to my face. "Or that?"

Leah and Amara burst into laughter while I stared at Alice hungrily, knowing every inch of me appealed to her in some way. It excited me and aroused me at the same time and I saw the exact feelings mirroring in Alice's warm eyes as well, but I decided we would have more "fun" later on tonight after I'd brought my things to their house.

Alice's eyes glazed over briefly, then she scowled. "Aw, come on, Bella."

"No, Ali," I replied, kissing her nose. "You can wait."

She growled. "You fucking stink!"

I thought about it for a moment, then grinned. "What say we remedy that, then?"

Alice opened her mouth to respond, but stopped herself and instead cocked her head to the side before it dawned on her what I was suggesting. Wordlessly, she shot up, grabbed my hand and led me out of Leah and Amara's room, the two laughing behind us since they both knew I was referring to Alice and I showering together.

Rather than take me to the Cullens' massive bathroom, however, Alice took me to our room instead, a fact that confused me until I noticed a door on the opposite side of the room that I hadn't noticed before for some inexplicable reason. Alice opened it and I stepped inside to find that it was our mini-bathroom, complete with a very luxurious—and big—shower stall.

"How the hell did Esme do all this?" I asked, looking around. "Where did—"

Alice cut me off with a powerful kiss as she kicked the door shut. "No silly questions," she said huskily, tearing her clothes back off. "I want you naked."

I stared at her in awe, wondering where this side of her came from. What do I care? I thought, immediately pulling my clothes off as well. I then stepped into the shower stall, Alice in step behind me as she closed it and turned the water on. "So, how do you—"

Once again, she stopped me with her lips, but she didn't stop this time, she simply pressed me against the wall of the shower and allowed her mouth to do all the work. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close while I let her dominate my mouth until I grew impatient and fervently kissed her back, switching places with her so she was against the wall.

Fifteen minutes of back and forth kissing later, we finally broke apart and I turned the warm water on to begin our shower. Alice hugged me as the water began sprinkling down on us, an amused expression forming on her face as she looked at me.

"I just realized something," Alice said.

"What?" I asked.

"You're going to smell like a wet dog after," she remarked, wrinkling her nose. "Ew."

I laughed. "No, that would only be if I were in wolf form, Ali. Besides, you told me not too long ago that I don't smell bad, right?"

"In human form," she replied. "You stink in dog form."

"I'll keep that in mind," I said. "So, who gets to wash who first?"

"I'm washing you," she purred, nipping my ear. "You got to do me in bed first, after all."

God, she's sexy when she's like this, I thought, unwilling to argue with her point.

Alice proceeded to wash me head to toe with a fancy, wonderful-smelling shampoo. She took her time tenderly scrubbing every inch of me, adding in kisses and compliments as she trekked down my form. She even had me remove my piercing to clean the area—then lick it for good measure—until she made it all the way down to my feet.

After finishing my body, Alice did my hair. I closed my eyes and shuddered as her cool fingers massaged my scalp. Once I rinsed my hair, we switched places and I pulled Alice close to my arms as I began washing her body. I did the same thing she had; I took my time, massaged her and kissed every inch of skin once the soap was rinsed off. Then I washed her hair as well.

"That feels good," Alice purred.

"I'm glad," I replied.

We kissed for a long while after our bodies were cleaned, then finally got out. Since we didn't need to dry off—Alice had to spin around rapidly for a few seconds to dry and all I had to do was wait for a couple of minutes due to my body heat—we simply walked out of the bathroom naked and found a new change of clothes.

I was about to put on one of the tops Alice bought for me, but she stopped me. "Bellybutton ring," she said, pointing to my stomach. I rolled my eyes, yet I complied with her request and found a shorter top to replace the one I'd worn before.

"Happy?" I asked.

Alice grinned. "Very much so, yes. Thank you."

"No problem," I replied, tousling her already messy hair.

We sauntered downstairs holding hands, the various smells from earlier long gone. I could tell right away that the other wolves had left except for Raina, who was sitting next to Emmett on the massive couch in the family room playing video games with him, Jasper and Rosalie. All eyes shot up when Alice and I entered, instant grins forming on all four faces.

"It's so nice of you to join us," Rosalie remarked.

"Have fun breaking in the new bed?" Emmett asked. "Ooh! Did you actually break it?"

"No, Em," Alice said as we sat down. "We have a much healthier respect for Esme's hard work than you and Raina do, thank you."

Raina scowled. "I respect it! It's just…hard not to break things during sex, that's all."

"You're too rough," I chuckled, wrapping my arm around Alice as she snuggled into me.

Emmett laughed. "Too rough? Please! There's no such thing as too rough!"

"There is when it breaks my furniture, young man," Esme shouted from another room, quieting Emmett down instantly while the rest of us started laughing. Esme appeared a few feet away, smirking with a twinkle in her eyes. "That goes for all of you. If you break my furniture, I'll kick each of your asses and take it out of your allowances, got it?"

"Yes, Esme," we all replied in unison, Alice and I giggling right after.

Esme shook her head. "You kids are going to drive me insane, I swear." She paused to reflect on her statement, then chuckled and flitted away while the others went back to their gaming.

"Excited to join the family?" Jasper asked me some time later.

"Yes," I replied. "Why wouldn't I be?"

He chuckled methodically. "Only asking out of curiosity, that's all."

"I suppose we'll have to get used to having the windows open," Rosalie commented. "It's bad enough having to smell one mutt, but two? This house will stink for the rest of eternity." She turned to Raina. "It'll be even worse when you join us."

Raina chortled and playfully elbowed her back. "I know, blondie. How's about I start wearing air fresheners around my neck, would that make your nose feel better?"

Rosalie scoffed. "No, it wouldn't."

"I don't get what the big deal is," Emmett said. "She smells awesome to me."

"It doesn't bother Carlisle or Esme," I commented, grinning when Rosalie scowled at me.

"I have a sensitive nose," Rosalie replied. "I can't help it."

"You have a sensitive everything, Rose," Alice shot back with a giggle.

Rosalie and Jasper paused to glance at one another mutually, neither hiding the smirks tugging at their lips while Raina and Emmett groaned. Alice, quickly realizing her poor word choice, cringed and proceeded to bury her face into my stomach to try and erase whatever crude mental images of her siblings in bed popped into her mind.

I merely laughed. It felt good to be with the Cullens like this. The lighthearted teasing, the obvious friendship and the underlying affection between Rosalie's complaining and Emmett's jokes made me smile. With a family as tightly knit and loving as this one, I felt truly blessed to have the chance to become a bigger part of it the way I was.

"So, Stinky," Rosalie said, grabbing my attention. "Alice and I are going into town later this week to shop, would you like to come along?"

"Wouldn't it drive your nose insane?" I asked.

She shrugged. "Yes, but I'll suffer if it means being with my best friend."

The glint in her eyes made my heart melt and I always cooed at the sudden display of affection. It was true, though; Rosalie was my vampire best friend, just as Leah was my wolf best friend. She didn't show open affection very often—because it's Rosalie—but the moments where she did always warmed me inside, among other pleasantries.

"Of course, Rose," I replied. "I'd love to go."

"Good," Rosalie said, smirking. "What about you, Amazon?"

Amazon, I giggled in my head.

Raina arched a fine eyebrow, then shrugged. "It beats being stuck on La Push all day. I'll give Sam and Emily the duties and take some much needed time off. What about Lee and Amara?"

"Oh, they'll be going," Rosalie said, her smile turning sinister. "Whether they like it or not."

Emmett glanced at the blonde, then at Raina, then to Alice and finally me. "Girls are weird," he said, shaking his head. "I'll never understand your obsession with shopping at all. I don't get what the big deal is about trying on clothes, though."

"You're a guy, Em," Alice replied, pulling herself away from my belly. "You wouldn't get it."

"It's the desire to look good even when they already look good," Jasper replied. "Women have always been pressured into being "beautiful" in the public eye, so that's why they spend a lot of time with their makeup and wardrobe and whatnot. It's the sexist belief system that's been ingrained into society for ages. Apparently, even immortals aren't untouched."

Rosalie eyed her husband for a solid minute of silence. "That may be true for humans, Jasper, but that isn't even close to our reasoning," she stated in response.

"Because you're already beautiful," Jasper replied with a smile.

Carlisle appeared at that moment, gentle smile in place. "All women are beautiful, boys. They always have been and they always will be, regardless of what they wear or what they look like."

"Yup," Jasper agreed.

Alice, Rosalie, Raina and I "aw-ed" at the compliment as Carlisle nodded to us in his fatherly way before disappearing again, likely to be with Esme. Emmett scowled, like someone had stolen his favorite action figure and dropped it into an un-flushed toilet.

"Man, you guys suck ass," he groaned. "Make me look bad and everything…"

"You do that on your own, Emmett," Alice giggled, causing Emmett to scowl. "We still love you though, Emmy. Most of the time, right, Rose?"

Rosalie snorted. "Most."

Things settled into a comfortable silence after that—other than the sounds of video game violence echoing throughout the house—even after Leah and Amara came to join us, with messy hair and lazy grins adorning their faces. Other than a joking remark by Emmett, no one said anything about it and we sat there in content peace.

Eventually, I decided it was time for me to head to La Push and grab my things. I didn't know how exactly I would be taking my stuff with me—as I didn't have a car—and I knew Leah would have the same difficulty, but when I mentioned it to Alice, I noticed Carlisle and Esme appeared, Esme holding something in her hands.

"Before you go, we have a gift for the two of you," Esme informed us as I stood up.

"Really?" Leah asked. "What?"

"Come and see," Carlisle replied, motioning for us to follow.

Leah and I shared a look, then headed outside, Amara and Alice close behind. I knew from the knowing smirk on their faces they knew what "gift" we were being given and I started to wonder what they would be giving us that would be outside. Then it hit me, seconds before I saw the two brand new cars staring back at me. And I knew automatically which was mine.

"These are from us," Carlisle said. "They're a welcoming gift for joining our family, since Amara and Alice informed us that neither of you had vehicles to bring your things in."

"You can keep your motorcycle, Leah," Esme added. "There's a space for it and your new cars already set up in our garage, which the girls will show you to later."

"Holy shit," Leah breathed, taking the words right out of my mouth.

"Here you are," Esme said, presenting us each with a pair of keys.

She kissed both our cheeks and gave us tight hugs, then Carlisle did the same as we snapped out of our daze and thanked them for the cars. They waved off our thanks good-naturedly, then left as we returned our gazes to our brand new vehicles.

"What the fuck are you two dogs standing around for?" Amara asked. "Get in them!"

I didn't hesitate to jump into mine—which I recognized from the sky blue color, since it was my favorite—Alice climbing in without a word right after me. With a grin, I inserted the keys and revved my new ride up before driving off to La Push. The fact that Alice was with me didn't hit me until I was practically driving over the La Push border.

"Oh, crap," I said, turning to Alice.

"Relax, Stinky," Alice giggled. "Raina called and had it cleared. Amara and I are only here to help you and Leah pack up your things, nothing more."

Relieved, I stopped outside our soon-to-be-old home and Alice dashed inside. I followed after her and saw that there were already empty boxes scattered about the floor, waiting to be filled with clothes, jewelry, pictures and anything else Leah and I wanted to keep. Within the next hour and a half—thanks to Amara and Alice's help—the house was mostly barren.

I found myself standing alone in what used to be my room, touching my hand to the wall as I reminisced about the time I spent living here by myself with only Leah to keep me company. I was young when my parents died and thankful when Sue and Harry Clearwater took me in, which apparently was at Leah's request, though they would've done it regardless.

"Thinking back?" Leah asked, coming to stand by me and wrap an arm around my waist.

"Yeah," I replied. "A lot of memories here."

"It's not like anything's going to change," Leah reminded me.

I nodded. "I know, Lee. I just…this is a big deal to me for some reason. It's a new phase of my life, a new chapter, almost. I won't be waking up in this room to you yelling at me or wrapped in your arms anymore, I won't have to punch Jacob Black in the face to shut him up or listen to Sam and Emily drill us. I won't even get to tease Seth the same way! I'll miss that."

Leah laughed heartily and kissed my cheek. "You can still do those things, dope. Nothing's stopping you from it; you'd just have to bring your lazy ass over here from now on."

I felt a pair of cool arms curl around me from behind and Alice's chin came to rest on my shoulder while her fingers went to work on my navel ring. I smiled at her and at Amara when she came to join us, looping one arm around Leah's shoulders.

"It stinks in here," Amara remarked, snickering. "Guess that's to be expected."

"Would you like to get going or reminisce for a while longer?" Alice asked.

"Let's go," I replied. "I'm eager to…continue where we left off."

Alice's eyes burned into mine with love and desire as I scooped her into my arms and kissed her passionately. She kissed me back with just as much passion and before I knew it, we were in my new car making out. When I pulled away, I placed her in the passenger seat and started the car, eager to get back home to have some more private time with my Alice.

I smiled as I drove off, thankful to have met her. She was the greatest thing to ever happen to me and nothing would ever change it. I laced the fingers of my right hand around her left while I drove and we shared a smile. I knew she felt the same way that I did. And it made me all the happier, knowing my eternity would be with her.

"I call top when we get back," Alice said.

I laughed. "Whatever you want, babe, but you know I'm better on top."

Alice snorted. "Keep telling yourself that, Stinky. Someday it might come true."

"I love you, leech," I said with a smile.

"Love you too, mutt," she replied. "Now shut up and drive."


A/N: And there you have it, a second half with a love scene and an actual closing. I have to say, while I didn't initially intend to do this, I'm kind of glad I did, because now it feels...complete. Before it ended and there wasn't really a real "end", which is why I decided to finish it off. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed the second half and I hope I did well on the love scene.