It's always hard to be the new girl in school but it's even harder to be the new girl in high school. I remember when I was in second grade and my dad got a new job. My brother Jeremy and I were the new kids in school but back then friendships were easy to make. You could walk up to anybody and say, "hey wanna play tag." Then boom two minutes later you were best friends with the person for life.

High school was different. Groups were exclusive and unfriendly at times. Walking down the hall right now I feel like I've already made some long life enemies with people I haven't even met. I held tight on to my pink binder as I looked for my locker.

I decided to be low key for the first day of school. I was trying to get by without being noticed today. I have on some nice dark jeans and a loose fitting gray tank top with a brown leather jacket. I couldn't help but have a leather jacket. It was like my security blanket, something I desperately needed nowadays. My parent passed away a month ago in car crash. After some bouncing around my young Aunt Jenna was able to convince social services of her competence. Jeremy wasn't helping the situation at all. He was developing a bad drug habit and a flare for trouble. Sooner or later it's gonna come bite us in the ass.

My locker was unfortunately in the far corner of the locker halls, which made the judgy eyes glued to me even longer and made me late to my first class, History. Tomorrow I would know better but today the nervous smile plastered on my face makes me look like an imbecile as I rush in late to class.

"Glad you could make it, Miss Gilbert." The teacher tells me. At first I thought he knew my name because I was the new girl but I soon recognized the guy as Aunt Jenna's new beau, Ric. His real name was something funny. I think Alaric but he went by Ric.

Of course everyone would forget to tell me that he would be my teacher. I only met the guy once and he seemed nice enough. I just hoped dating my Aunt wasn't going to cause any trouble.

"Hey Ric… I mean Mr. Saltman" I answer before I can put my thoughts in order. Some people giggle in the back. This was going to be a long day.

"It's Saltzman but close enough. Take the empty seat next to Miss Forbes."

I see an empty seat next a pretty blond cheerleader and follow suit. Ric continued to read through the syllabus as I took my seat. I didn't get the point of reading something directly from the paper but I wasn't going to argue against a free class.

"Hey I'm Caroline" the cheerleader tells me with a warm smile

"Elena" I answer and we shake hands

"So you're new here, right?"

"Yea, how'd you guess?"

" Small town. Everybody knows everybody or at least I know everybody."

"Cool" I say not knowing really how to respond.

"Well there's a pep rally today. You should come. It's going to be tons of fun." I could tell right away that this blond cheerleader would be talkative but she was friendly and I wasn't in a position to deny any friends.

"Um, sure. I got nothing else to do."

"Great. You can meet everybody including Stefan."

"Who's Stefan?" I ask and she nods to a boy sitting to the right of us two rows down. As soon as I turn my head, he shyly turns around to face Ric instead. I can't help but smile. The guy was nice looking and it was nice to be admired.

"He's our star quarterback and he was totally checking you out this ENTIRE time."

"Really?" I ask since I hadn't noticed.

"Yup and the guy next to him is my boyfriend Tyler. He plays football too."

Ric made a loud cough to regain our attention.

"Is there anything you would like to share with the class, Miss Forbes?" We both look at each other with huge smiles.

"Umm, nope. I'm good Mr. Saltzman. I was just talking to Elena about school."

"Well good but maybe you could do that outside of class."

"Already got plans" Caroline answered

The guy named Stefan turned around to look at me again. This time I shy away from his penetrating stare.

The class went by fast after that. In my next class, biology, I met a girl named Bonnie who apparently was good friends with Caroline. She seemed to be the more sensible one out of the two. She was also wearing a red and white cheerleading uniform.

The class after was less uneventful and by the time lunchtime came around I was starving. I tried a short cut to the cafeteria but I got lost fast. I ended up by the dumpsters. I could hear some voices as I approached the dumpsters.

"Lunch money now!" I heard someone scream. The voice was low and husky.

I soon noticed that someone had my baby brother up against the wall.

"Hey! Get off my brother" I yelled

The boy turned around swiftly, as my brother struggled against his grip. The first thing I noticed was his eyes. Yes they looked tired and slightly purple underneath but they were a sharpest color of blue I had ever seen.

"Not until he gives me some money." He told me while he looked me over.

"Let him go! I've got some cash." I told him with my chin high, hoping that I seemed confident.

He let go of my brother abruptly and my brother shot off like a rocket.

"Some brother you got there. I wouldn't be surprised if already wet his pants." The boy commented

I pushed eight dollars into the boy's hand. "What do you even need this cash for anyway?"

"Drugs," he said with a smile, "But I'm not gonna get much with this lousy sum of cash."

"Well, that's all my brother had."

"Well if I shook him up too, then I could have had gotten sixteen dollars."

"Well aren't you handy with math."

"I can be handy with a lot things." He said with significant eyebrow movement.

"Get a life asshole."

The guy rolled his eyes and walked away.

I was so hungry by my next class that I was squeezing my stomach tightly to keep it from growling but it didn't stop my stomach from being embarrassing. By math class I think my stomach was trying to digest itself. I sat in the farthest corner of the classroom in an attempt to keep my embarrassment to a minimum.

When I saw Stefan come into class I quickly put my book bag on the empty seat next to me before he got any ideas. I was humiliated enough in my last class when my stomach was louder than my soft spoken English teacher. Stefan took a seat far away from me and I was thankful for my quick thinking. Soon all the seats were filled and I took my backpack off the seat next to me. Unfortunately Mr. Blue eyes walked in a few seconds before the bell rang and of course my seat was the only one left.

"Well ain't that sweet, you saved a seat for me." He told me sarcastically

I rolled my eyes. This guy was the bane of my existence right now. My stomach growled embarrassingly as he took the seat next to me.

"You hungry?" he asked

"What do you think?" I asked rhetorically, "You took my lunch money."

I honestly didn't expect what happened next. The guy took out candy bar and placed it guilty on my desk. His face looked like I just told him that someone had died.

I was going to refuse the candy bar but my stomach protested only seconds after. I don't think I've ever eaten a candy bar so fast in my life. I don't even know what kind of candy bar it was, it could have been a snickers bar.

"Sorry" he told me sincerely

His face was so heartbreaking that I couldn't help but say, "S'okay"

"Guess I owe you lunch." He told me with a wink. I couldn't help but smile at the guy who almost beat up my little brother today.

The class started moments later. Staring straight ahead I caught a glimpse of Stefan but he wasn't staring at me. He was staring down the blue eyed guy.