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Futurama Fan Fiction

"Kiss my shiny metal ass!" Bender yelled as he left the room.

The planet express delivery team of the year 3000 sighed at the anger robot and went back to talking about ways to raise money.

"Never listens to me!" Bender grumbled to himself as he stalked down the street of new, New York, "What's wrong with honest left?"

He opened the door on his body and pulled out a cold beer. Drinking it in one gulp, he crushed the can against his forehead and tossed it behind him.

"Oh god, my eyes!" A woman cried from behind him.

Without stopping to look behind him Bender walked into the liquor store. He walked down the aisle muttering things like, crap, gay, and too fizzy, as he walked by the drinks. He stopped walking when he found what he was looking for. Beer so perfect he didn't feel right steeling. Not to say he didn't do it anyway.

After making sure no one was watching he quickly slipped a six pack into his compartment.

"If you wanted some beer you could have just asked." A girl laughed from behind him.

"W-who goes there?" He yelled twisting around widely.

"Calm yourself, asshole." The girl smirked, "I'm only a human girl. It's not like I can rip your heart out." She laughed.

The woman looked to be around the age of 27. She had chin length red hair and hazel eyes. Her face looked short of childish in a cute way, but you would have to be blind to not see the sassy way she held her self. Her arms were crossed, all her weight was on one foot, and a smirk was set nicely on her face. She had on a black tank top and knee length jean shorts.

Bender froze. Taking out the beer from his compartment, he stared at the picture on it. It was the girl.

"Y-your-" He started.

"Mandy Brace, the maker of one of the top beer companies in the entire universe? Yep, that's me." She cut him off.

Bender's eyes zoomed in on the girl as he stared at her in shock.

"As I was saying," Mandy went on as if she didn't see Bender openly staring at her, "If you wanted a beer you could have just asked."

Bender snapped out of quickly, "You telling me you would have just given me beer if I asked, meatbag?"

She smirked, "You're the first robot I've seen that has the balls to try and steel my beer."

She walked over to the beer and grabbed another six pack, "You coming, rustbucket?"

"I'll go anywhere with free drinks." Bender followed, happy, "You wouldn't happen to have any cigars on you by chance?"

Mandy laughed and tossed him a smoke over her shoulder. 'This broads not half bad.' Bender thought as he followed her out of the store. The store's owner, which usually keeps a close watch on Bender, didn't even look twice at them as they left.

As they moved down the street they both opened a beer and drank it in one gulp. Mandy tossed the empty can at a convertible hover car as it drove by, making it swerve to the right and crash into a bank. Before anyone could blink the bank was getting robbed. She laughed at the sight and downed another beer.

"Are you a human looking android?" Bender asked, confused at the strange why this girl acted.

The girls he knew would have felt bad about steeling beer, even if it was their beer, and they definitely wouldn't laugh at the sight of a crashed car.

Mandy smirked, "I get asked that a lot. No, I was just raised by robots."

"Ooooh." Bender stated, finally getting it, "So you kind of like a living robot."

"Yep. Underneath all the living crap, there's nothing but a cold heart robot." She tossed him one of her beers.

Bender gave his own robot smirk and downed the beer, "Cool, so you want to go steal the money off of a robot emperor."

Mandy shock her head, "No way!"

'Always too good to be true.' He thought, sighing.

"I just met you. We can do that after we steal from that woman's purse." She winked, pointing at a tall model of a woman with a blue purse at her side.

Bender's eyes zoomed in on the purse. His eyes going x-ray so he could see inside.

"Sure why not?" He shrugged, "She's got some jewels in there."

"Lead the way." She smiled, "Oh yeah, I don't know you name."

"The names Bender." He answered putting out his hand.

She grinned, "Well, it's nice to meet you Bender."

Their hands locked and they shared a look of trickery and evil. The same thought went through their heads. 'This is going to be fun.'