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"There's nothing like seeing a thin, whiney man fall to the ground in tears." Mandy sighed, as if she was watching something beautiful, and she blew out the smoke from her last drag.

Bender grunted and chugged another one of her beers as they both sat on the bench across the street from the suicide booth. Mandy got a kick out of everyone of the meat-bags crys as they were denied the right to kill themselves. She was a lot more chipper than Leela and Amy. Definitely more twisted than they were. Really he couldn't understand how she was human. How can a human like to laugh at her own kind?

"You bored or something?" She asked after a while of them just waiting for the next person to come by.

Bender stared at her in what anyone would call a blank look. His robotic eyes staring right through her.

"Why do you ask?" He finally said.

"You haven't really been talking much since we sat down." She shrugged, taking yet another drag of her cigar.

"Don't get all girly on me. I don't talk much." Bender answered her in his snarky Bender type voice.

She rolled his eyes at him, "Your hard to get along with, aren't you?"

She said in a way that sounded less like a come back and more like a complement. It made him pause. When people say that he usally says something about every body loving him and to kiss his shiny metal ass, but what does he say if she said in such a good way.

"I might have heard a couple people say that about me once or twice..." Bender trailed off, not really knowing what to do.

She smirked at him and winked in a fluity kind of way, "Nothing beats a hard ass."

Bender chuckled at her wording, "I hear that!"

After that he seemed to relax as the crazy girl next to him talked. He found himself laughing a lot. Even throwing in a couple sick jokes to see what she would do. She always laughed at the crud joke, even adding on to them. Until after a while they were just sitting there trying to best the other one in who could say the best dirty joke.

The day went on like this. As if it was nothing new to them. They just talked and drank and smoked. She didn't even care that they were outside in the cold air and she never tried to get him to talk about thing real and important. They just told jokes.

It was easy and laid back. Bender wasn't even bored. He never talked to anyone for this long, let alone a girl.