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Chapter 1: Decisions

"You look great to me. I don't know why you want to change yourself." Cain knew that he was yelling and that the reason for their fight was foolish but he couldn't stop.

"You think I want to spend the rest of my life, being like this?" Glitch ground his teeth. He couldn't believe that his love didn't want him to go under the knife for re-brainment surgery.

"No! I know that you want your memories back, that it's hard for you to hold a thought, and that you want to be a "normal" person again, but don't you understand how dangerous brain surgery can be?" Came the answer of Cain, his voice still trembling.

"Oh, I don't know? Hmm let me see, oh yes! Of course I know how dangerous it is because a part of me went through one! Remember?" countered Glitch.

It had been the first time in ages that he had been able to hold a thought and remember what he was talking about, and the conversation had to be a silly argument.

"Forget it!" Cain was sure that all his begging was to no avail.

"I guess I will Tin Man, that's why we are arguing!" Glitch answered, but Cain was gone. Glitch could only hear how he slammed the door. He was now left alone in his old laboratory.

He sat down on a chair and covered his face in his hands. How long had he been like this? He couldn't remember how long Cain had been behaving so stubbornly when it came to his surgery. They had been a couple for one year now and everything in Glitch's life seemed to be perfect ... until the day the alchemists of the Queen told him that they finally found a way to reconnect him with his brain. Being a head-case had become a regular lifestyle for Glitch and everyone around him appreciated him, but his urge to become the Royal Advisor to the Queen again had never faded away. Cain made him whole again and his love helped him to control his glitches, but he also knew that he couldn't live like this forever. He wanted to remember, he wanted to stop his headaches, his clumsiness, even if this behavior was loved by everyone else. He didn't want to become stiff and boring, that was for sure but he couldn't believe that his wide eyed optimism and his caring attitude and his love would disappear. He was sure that being reconnected with Ambrose again, would make him the perfect combination between the brilliant genius and the caring, funny and lovely Glitch he was now. So why didn't Cain want to understand him? Cain had gone through the same hell as him and he loved him, so it was no wonder that his attitude was a miracle to Glitch. " Forget it!" The words were rushing through Glitch's mind and the anger of Cain's voice still hurt him. 'Forget it', that was the point, only a few seconds later and Glitch had forgotten everything they were talking about only 30 minutes ago. He observed his laboratory and asked himself why he was sitting on a chair covering his face.

"I must have been thinking about something, I hope it wasn't important" he said to himself and stood up. Suddenly he heard a loud grumbling noise. "Oh dearie me, it seems that I am hungry " he said with a wide grin and within a second he left his laboratory and made his way to the kitchen.

On his way he got lost three times, but he didn't mind. His goal was to reach the kitchen before midnight, so his optimism kept him from going nuts. Finally he reached the kitchen just in time to meet D.G, Raw and Azkadellia sitting at the kitchen table.

"Hi Glitch, are you searching for something to eat? You have to taste this apple pie it's Yummy!" D.G was smiling at him.

"Oh, Hi, D.G. It would be my pleasure to taste some of it!" Glitch answered and returned a beaming smile.

He sat down next to his friends and took a piece of pie into his hands. After he had eaten it, his friendly gaze turned into a frown.

"What's up Glitch?" D.G asked.

"Glitch sad" Raw said.

"It's ok, I'm fine D.G, it's just that..." Glitch started talking, but something kept him from going on.

"It's just what?" Azkadellia asked with a frown.

" I...I can't remember," came the shy answer of Glitch

"It's ok. I guess you´ll remember it soon," D.G said

" I hope so, I think it was something important," Glitch countered, trying to smile so that nobody would get worried.

Later that night, Glitch had awful nightmares. Most of the time he was haunted by the same old nightmare he has had since the medicoats took his brain. He was lying on a cold surgery table, his wrists and head tied to it. Raynz was bending over him, telling him that he had to count back from one hundred. He could hear himself begging for his life but to no avail ... every time he heard Raynz say, '96' the image faded black and he awoke with a start, dripping in sweat.

It had to end now, he knew it, but he couldn't recall why his heart told him that it was the wrong decision. He wasn't sure, but he felt that it had something to do with Cain. Cain? Right after Glitch left the kitchen earlier, he was surprised to see the Tin Man pass him without saying a word. He had called his name several times, but no answer came back. When he entered their room, Cain was lying in their bed, his eyes were closed. He must have said something very stupid, there was no other reason why Cain would behave this way. But what was it? God, how much he hated to forget things ... he had to go under the knife ...it was the only chance to escape this nightmare. He rolled over to stare at Cain's sleeping form. He was so beautiful when he was sleeping and he looked so …serene. When he let his nimble fingers brush over Cain's cheek he could suddenly hear the other man coughing and blue eyes were now staring at brown ones.

"Oh, I'm sorry darling I didn't want to wake you." Glitch pulled his hand back.

"No, no it's ok ... I wasn't really sleeping, you know... there are too many things rushing through my mind," Cain answered .

"And I thought that it's bad to have nothing in mind. Must be awful to have too much in your head, I guess," Glitch countered and smiled sheepishly.

"Yes… But you still want your memories back, am I right?"Cain now asked and Glitch's smile dropped.

"Did we have an argument about it again?" he suddenly asked, and he felt like all his memories were coming back to him.

"Kind of, but I ran away. I'm sorry sweatheart, but I still think that it's too dangerous. I don't want to lose you too!" he said and his voice became a trembling sound again.

"But you also know that I'm aware of the consequences and that I am willing to risk them. Cain, it's sweet that you want to protect me and that you don't want to lose me, but I'm a grown man ... a broken man ... I can't live like this my whole life. I want to remember every single minute we spend together. I want to remember every time we kiss, I want to remember you! Don't you understand?" Glitch said with a sad face, tears beginning to fill his eyes.

"I understand, that's what makes it worse," Cain answered after some time.

"Cain I love you and I'll never leave you, I promise. You have to trust the work of the alchemists and you have to trust me!" Glitch took the hand of his love and kissed it.

" I'm afraid" Cain whispered.

"Me too, but as long as we're together nothing can harm us. I want this surgery but I'm not going until you let me," Glitch whispered back.

"You won't change into an arrogant and stiff aristocrat, you have to promise me that O.K?" Glitch's face lit up and a smile started to cover his face.

"I promise, Oh Thank you Cain. Thank you! You won't regret this decision." Glitch bent over to share a passionate kiss with Cain.

" I hope not," Cain thought to himself and let himself drown in their love.