Chapter 11: Going Home

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He awoke with a terrible headache building up. He knew that this wasn't good because it would cause him to recover for much longer. When he opened his eyes everything around him was whirling, or to be exact: Everything above him was whirling. He was lying on his back and all he could see were a few whirling trees and two suns glued on a blue sky. His ears were ringing and he felt sick. He rapidly concluded that his sickness was the result of his headache. His heart was already broken and he had cried so why does that stinking Zero had to hit him with the iron bar as well?

He seemed to like torture and pain, Ambrose thought. Slowly the memories of the event came back to him and slowly he noticed that remembering could really hurt. Cain had yelled at him, called him a liar ... told him that he didn't love him anymore. Especially the last aspect made his heart ache. Resolved, he decided to spend the rest of his life on the ground ...what could harm him now? His heart was broken, his head was aching and he didn't see a reason to spend his life in the palace near a happy family and a boy who reminded him so much of his beloved Cain. He knew that Cain had been out of his mind but he also knew that he wasn't able to change that ... But he wondered why Zero had spared him from more torture ... why he was now lying outside, free. Was Zero getting weaker..or was he part of something worse? And why had Cain cooperated with him? But most importantly he wondered where he was. His surroundings didn't look familiar and he felt too week to sit up. But then he heard a voice screaming his name ... fortunately this voice sounded familiar.

"Ambrose! God here you are! Az, Jeb, Raw I found him", D.G screamed and her deep blue eyes appeared in front of his gaze.

"Doll," he whispered. The young girl looked at him in horror and he wondered if the iron bar had injured him that badly.

"Oh my God Ambrose, what happened to you?" she said with a shrieking voice, the others had arrived as well and the all were staring at him in utter shock.

"Could you please help me to sit up? I'm going to tell you everything but I need to feel the ground under my feet, I can't talk when everything is upside down," he wheezed.

Jeb took his hand and lent him his shoulder to lean on. The advisor stumbled to a tree trunk and let himself fall onto the rotten piece of wood. Then he stared into the air while he tried to collect his thoughts. The youngsters were anxious to hear the story of her friend and so Azkadellia couldn't hold back her curiosity.

"Where did they take you? We got attacked in the night but we were able to defend most of the Longoats with our magic. We thought that we won but then we noticed that you were gone. Did you find Cain? Is he alive?" she asked nervously.

"Az we should let him rest first," her sister interrupted her.

" No. No. It´s O.K, D.G, I'm fine," Ambrose stammered while his eyes kept focused on a little butterfly in the air. He could just fly away and never come back, he thought absent-mindedly. Then he cleared his mind from this thought, he had to give Cain a chance. Believing that Cain's word had been true just felt wrong. He thought about it again and decided to fight for an answer, so he looked to his friends and started talking.

"I guess you all and especially, Jeb , deserve to know what I found out about Cain," he said and he knew that the next step wouldn't be easy. Not only his heart would be broken. He had been so egotistic ... He wasn´t the only one who loved Cain. Cain had a son, Jeb would miss him the most. D.G and Az, they loved him like he was their own father and Raw ... Raw had been one of his closest friends. They all would be hurt. Maybe not as much as him (except for Jeb) but it wouldn't be easy to handle.

"First off: He is alive," he said with a sigh, because he knew that this would make them all happy without knowing what would follow. And yes it was just like he thought. They all jumped into the air, and full of joy, they began laughing, to his surprise Jeb fell around his neck and hugged him tight.

"Thank you for not giving up on us. Thank you for starting to search us. I knew that you're the right guy for my dad ...Without you he would be lost," he whispered and padded him on the shoulder as a sign of comfort and gratefulness. Ambrose gulped. It would be harder than he thought. After Jeb had stopped their hug, Az and D.G started bombarding him with questions again.

"So you're here now, but where is Cain?" D.G asked. Ambrose thought about the consequences for a long time and it took him a lot of courage but then he answered with a sad voice.

"I'm afraid that he won't join us on our way back home," he said and all his friends stared at him in confusion.

"But said… that my dad is all right. I.. I don't understand," Jeb stammered and his hands began shaking because of his anxiety.

"I .. I know and what I said is true, but I don't know ... I guess I have to tell you the whole story. Would you please be so kind and sit down. What I'm going to tell you is not very easy for me, so it would help if you sit down," the advisor answered, his voice nothing more than a whisper. His friends sat down, next to him on the tree trunk and with sunken hearts and opened ears they listened.

"I don't want to go too much into detail but that is what happened: The Longcoats who came here kidnapped me and brought me to a majestic palace ... I don't know where the place is, but it must be a place in the South. Zero was the leader of the troop and it makes me angry to say that he's a free man again but it's true. When we arrived at this palace they first brought me to an empty room and there I had to wait for Zero. I didn't want to flee because I had this strange feeling that I knew the place ... And I indeed knew this place. A few days ago I have had an awful nightmare about this palace but thought that it was only a stupid illusion of my mind. I was so wrong! Half an hour later, Zero came back and brought me to a giant hall, there stood a table and at this table sat Cain. Of course I run to him and fell around his neck in joy, but suddenly I noticed that he was kind of unapproachable and cold ... I thought it was because of his present situation but then he started yelling at me! I was so confused and till now I didn't know why he yelled at me, but his voice was filled with so much hatred that it ripped my heart into pieces. He told me that I'm the reason for his anger and he told me that he doesn't love me anymore ... I barely took attention to my surrounding, but I can swear that there was a red gemstone talking to me and Cain. Then Zero came to me and hit me with a iron bar, that was when I passed out and you found me. I know that sounds strange and confusing, but something is wrong. And although Cain is alive, I'm afraid that we lost him. He wants to stay there, he's on Zero's side now and even though I don't want to believe it and even though I don't want to say this: We have to let him go ... He knows what he's doing, I could see it in his eyes ... We should let him do what he thinks is right for him. But I can't give up already. We should head back to the palace and ask the Queen for an advice. We should tell her about this palace and this strange gemstone. It's killing me to think of leaving Cain behind, but I don't see another solution and I hope that you agree with me," he said, tears filling his eyes. He was exhausted and buried his face in his hands. The friends were silent for a long time, sitting in the woods with heads sunk and eyes closed, but D.G stood up and comforted her friend when she heard him sobbing.

"I know my father .. Well not very well, because we missed to spend most of my childhood together, but I know that you're right Ambrose. He knows what he's doing and if he really decided to stay there we have to trust into his actions. I don't believe that he yelled at you without a reason. He did it on purpose, maybe to save you. Something wicked is going on and I think that we should do what you suggested. The Queen will know what we should do next," Jeb answered. Ambrose lifted his head and nodded.

"Thank you for your understanding. I hope that you're right and that Cain wanted to save me from something wicked. It's hard to trust into actions that are unknown but we knew that this mission wouldn't be easy," he countered while he stroked the tears off of his face.

"I knew that you would come back! I knew it! You didn't lose your wide-eyed optimism, that is for sure! Whoever thought that you could lose it was an idiot," , the younger princess said and smiled to her friend in relief. Time had changed things, just like she had thought.

"So we're going to head back to the palace now?" Az asked and Ambrose nodded.

"We have no time to spare. If Cain really is in danger we need all the time we can get!" he said and so they left without hesitating any longer.

On their way home, Ambrose thought a lot and when night had come, he laid on the ground and watched the dark night sky.

"Maybe they're right ... I shouldn't give up hope ... I was too fast.. He couldn't be right ... He didn't speak the truth. He wanted to save me. How could I think that he lost his love for me? Cain is in danger and I will save him, even if it will cost my life," he thought triumphant. This war wasn't over yet. He didn't sleep that night, but his head stopped hurting and so did his heart.

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