"Can you imagine how it is to feel your toes again? Can you imagine how it feels to know that you´re strong again? Warm blood, warm flesh instead of cold stone? It´s a delight! These legs and arms.. These muscles .. This is the perfect body! I can feel it! A strong heart is beating in its chest, this body won't burn out. Zero my loyal friend, you did a great job. But go now and spread the word that our victory is near," he said in Cain's voice, while he was staring at Zero with Cain's icy blue eyes.

The gemstone had won. Zero knelt down in front of him and a shiver ran down his spine, though he smiled because of their success. His master had possessed the body of the stinking Cain and now the former Tin Man wouldn't be the Hero of the O.Z, but their newest dark ruler. What an ironic destiny, 'what a delight,' he thought to himself. With a formal bow he left the hall to spread the news and get the troops ready, now they would head to Central City and the war would begin .

He looked into the mirror. It was him. His blue eyes, his short blond hair, his Tin Man uniform. But it wasn't his words that had left his lips and it wasn't his actions that would cause pain and trouble in the O.Z . None of the Longcoats could hear him scream, no one could see that he was in terrible pain . He was a prisoner in his own body. Too weak to control it anymore. Now he could imagine the pain Azkadellia had gone through. Oh, how much he had wished that his body wasn't the right one. Ever since he had decoded the plan of the Ruby, he had wished to die. For Glitch's sake, for his son's sake ... for the future of the O.Z... but it was hopeless. Wyatt Cain would destroy his world and he would kill his family ... Although he wouldn't do it voluntarily. The gemstone let him live like a spirit imprisoned deep down in his mind. But he could feel, and what he felt was pain and sadness. The possession pulled at his nerves and it exhausted him. He wanted to stay awake, he wanted to try to get rid of this wizard, but in the end he fainted and everything turned black again. The coldness wrapped him up and left his mind empty.

He awoke again after some time and to his horror there was a dead body lying in front of his feet ... A dead body that belonged to someone familiar .

Glitch screamed! Not very loudly, but enough to wake his friends and to make them jump in concern. The advisor had fallen asleep after his nightly observation of the stars and sky and now he couldn't stop screaming, he had seen terrible things and he wished them to be wrong .

" Glitch er, Ambrose, ssshh, everything is all right, what happened? Did you had another nightmare?" D.G touched him gently and stroked his shoulder.

She looked worried and so did his sister, Raw and Jeb. He looked at them in shock and was unable to speak .. But then he forced his mouth to form some words.

" Cain .. he… will come .. and …he will.." he stammered. Then he broke into tears and D.G had to prevent him from falling onto his face.

" What is with my dad?" Jeb asked anxiously ...He couldn't see the man in front of him suffer, but he also needed to know what he was talking about. After some time, Ambrose caught his breath again and swallowed.

" Your dad is going to kill us !" he said and then threw up .

Patrick was lying in front of his feet. Dead. His body was covered in blood and his face showed an expression full of fear. Anger was building up in him, but his body laughed .

"What did you do to him?" he asked the gemstone .

"Mr. Cain, you´re awake? That is good. I see you found out how to communicate with me .. that is good as well. Now let me explain why I killed that boy. Because I love to kill people! I know that this answer sounds simple, but think about it: Most of the people live for stupid things like: Love, Hope and Joy. BAH! But I live for something more passionate ... Death ... Blood and Control. My sisters had it in their veins and so do I, but there is a difference between me and my sisters. I will win and nobody will stand in my way. I'm more powerful than anyone you know .. or ever knew," he answered and laughed with delight and passion.
Cain was unable to answer or to counter. He kept starring at the dead body of the poor boy. He had planned to escape with the boy and had failed. Anger was replaced with guilt and Cain decided to fade away again. But the gemstone stopped him.

"Now that you´re here anyway, I want to introduce myself properly and if you decide to stay longer, I'm going to tell ya what I have planned for your beloved Country and your family," he said mischievously . Cain sighed, did he really want to pay attention to this stupidity? He had to admit that he wanted to: "Knowing the plans of an enemy can be very helpful," he said to himself .

"I'll listen to you, master," Cain answered a bit proud of himself. Making this man believe that he obeyed his wills would be very helpful as well.

"And again you made the right decision, I´m impressed by you Mr. Cain. My name is Rubinius and I will understand your snickering for I know that the name of a man imprisoned in a ruby shouldn't be Rubinius but that is the name my parents had chosen for me," he said and indeed Cain had to snicker, but this joy didn't last for long, it wasn't the right time to laugh about such foolish things. He needed to know his plans, so he let Rubinius talk again.

"My sisters always believed that eternal darkness would bring us victory and power over the Royals of the O.Z and so they spent their lives finding a way to lock the two suns behind the moon. And indeed one of my sisters found an appropriate way to make their wish come true, but soon she failed. Of course I don't have to tell you that Mr. Cain, I know that it was you who helped the princess. I don't believe that eternal darkness would help me at all. I never believed in that. I trust in dark magic like my sisters but while they caused trouble in the O.Z and became the mortal enemies of everyone, I decided to fade into the darkness ... I wanted the people to believe that the brother of the witches is nothing else than a fairytale. And my plan worked. One day only a year and a few months ago, my sister came to me when I was already in the shape of this ruby. After the death of our eldest sister, I had locked myself in this form to rise again when time would come. My sister never understood why this plan of mine was so important for me, but she came to me in order to make a deal with me. She knew that she would fail, she could feel it. The young body which she had possessed was too kind-hearted, too powerful and the sister of the princess was on her way to ruin everything my sister had lived for. She never forgot my dark plans and at the hour of her despair, she placed confidence in me and my plans. She told me that she was growing weak and she begged me to fulfill the dreams of our family. I promised to snuff out all of the Royal's lives, but added that I wanted to do it my way. Those words of mine relieved her, and so she disappeared again. A month later, a group of Longcoats were sent to me, which told me that my sister died through the hand of the Princess. I vowed vengeance and that was when I started to search for a body," Rubinius finished his long lecture and Cain felt exhausted.

Now he knew how it came that the witch knew of her death, but what dark powers and magic was this guy talking about? He never revealed the whole plan, he was talking about plans and what distinguished him from his sisters, but nevertheless he left Cain in the dark

"That sounds very nice my Lord, but what about the evil plans and dark magic you're talking about all the time? How will you defeat the Queen and her daughters? How will you fulfill the dreams of your sisters, if you don´t plan to bring eternal darkness to the O.Z?" Cain asked, he didn't care about being careful, he had been careful much too long.

"Oh, I will bring darkness to the O.Z., Mr. Cain but not like my sisters. In my eyes you seem to be too curious about my plans. I guess you should rest now and who knows ... maybe you will find out what I'm planning before it's too late," Rubinius said and followed with a wicked laugh. Cain didn't know that he could laugh like that.

Then he felt dizzy, how could this wizard could control him like this? Cain didn't want to snooze away but his eyes felt tired. It was strange that he could feel his eyes although they weren't his eyes alone anymore. His mind went black again, too soon he fainted again. He was caught in a doom loop.

"Are you sure that you saw my dad?" Jeb asked in confusion.

"I´m 100% sure! I don´t know why, but there is a connection between us. The dreams I have, they are visions. I'm sorry ..it seems as if something or someone has possessed your father," Ambrose answered in a low voice.

"Do you think that we can change his fate?" D.G asked. All of them were shocked and none of them could believe that something horrible had happened to Cain.

"I suggest that we return to the Palace as soon as possible, then we have to warn the country. But there always is a way," Ambrose sighed.

Or so he hoped.