I could hear everyone cheering my name outside. My mind was set and I was going to win this thing. I mounted my horse and looked through the crowd finding mom, dad, Darry and Pony all shouting my name I gave them a smile and listened to the announcer's voice crackle out of the speakers

"Now we have our contender Sodapop Patrick Curtis one of Tulsa's favourite bronco!" The horn sounded and the horse, Bessie, set off in a frenzied run. I jolted forward but held on strong. Bessie sure was moody today she isn't normally this bad. I didn't show it but I was a little frightened, I was losing my grip. As each moment past I felt myself falling off when Bessie jumped up and I felt something tear in my leg. I let go and grabbed my leg crying out in pain. People rushed onto the arena and pulled Bessie away a doctor from the side ring ran to me

"What's wrong where does it hurt Sodapop?" I trembled out an answer through the tears

"My leg help" Some people picked me up and put me into an ambulance and rushed me to the hospital. Next thing I saw was someone trying to inject me with a needle but I am terrified of needles and freaked out, but they got someone to hold me down and put me under. I woke up with a bandage around my leg and my family watching me. Ponyboy jumped up and hugged my neck

"Sodeeeepop! You're awake!" I hugged him back and smiled

"Hey Pony" He clambered next to me and I kept my arm around him. Mom and Dad turned to me while Darry went off to fill in the rest of the gang who were apparently waiting. Mom started to talk to me

"Honey Bessie knocked you off and the doctors say you tore a ligament" I nodded and smiled

"When do the doctors say I can get back to my horse dad?" He frowned

"Son" He looked down making me more on edge "I don't want you to saddle bronc anymore" I looked up

"But Dad…"

"No buts Pepsi cola it's hard enough already, I don't want to see you like that, ever, again" I looked down as I could feel that I was going to bawl.