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Note: The last 100 words or so was rushed because I realized I would have to make it a two-three shot so in this second part I'm going to redo that part as if it were a memory.

Part Two: Vengeance

Pulling the scarlet thread I smiled in satisfaction as the thread fluttered in the awakening breeze from my sudden jolting movement, the thread fluttered at my eyes level, flowing like a scarlet river before me. Glancing past the thread held in my fingers I smiled at Ai, as her crimson coloured eye's widened in surprise at my sudden decision, but I had been telling the truth when I said my sister's happiness was worth more to me, even if I did just give up my soul. Sparkling green eyes surveyed me through messy black hair; a shiver ran down my spine from his close scrutiny, I felt as if my very heart were exposed to this man beneath his gaze.

And it probably was seeing as he held company with Hell Girl, Ai Enma. For all I knew he could be a demon or even a Death God but that didn't stop me from thinking her was handsome, unbelievably so but handsome nonetheless. Lowering my eyes from his burning emerald eyes and Ai's strange crimson coloured gaze, I stared at my empty hand my own golden eyes widened in shock as I took in my empty palm, my mind wondering where the sapphire blue voodoo doll had gone. Lifting my head to ask I was frozen as emerald eyes blazed into my gold ones as I realized that the strange, yet handsome man had moved so he was standing directly in front of me.

He was close enough to my partially naked body that heat radiated of his own, warming my flesh, unconsciously my body began to arch towards him and I had to pull myself back forcibly, it wasn't a noticeable movement but he had caught it. He brushed his fingertips against my own and little sparks of electricity ran through my fingers as a gentle shiver ran down my spine, warming me. All the way down from my hair to the tips of my toes. Slowly he tugged the scarlet thread from my grasp and a smirk appeared on his lips as my eyes widened as he began to wrap it around my slender wrist.

Looping it twice around my tiny wrist, he lifted my hand with his fingertips so the scarlet thread was at his eyes level as he began to secure it to me by tying a small yet cute bow. Releasing my wrist it fell back to my side, the coarse fabric of the scarlet thread scrapping against my hip bone as my arm came to a stop at my side. Heat spread from beneath the thread and wherever else this strangers fingers had touched me, by the strange glint in his eye I wondered if he was having the same reaction to me.

My body felt weak, as if I hadn't eaten or slept for days and a strange fog began to blur my vision. Feeling my knees buckle I began to fall forward, but the strange with the emerald eyes caught me with ease as my body relaxed against him I heard him sigh in relief as he caught me before I hit the floor. Darkness began to pull at my conscious and it was sending me under…

Eyelids fluttered against my cheeks as I forced my eyes to open, turning my head my golden eyes took in the scene around me; a classroom? Paintings were hung up on the walls, the bright colors dizzyingly bright against the otherwise stark walls. Art work lay drying on benches and shelves upon shelves along the back wall were filled with all kinds of art supplies, from paper, to pencils and paint. Pushing myself up on my elbows, I felt my hair brush against my bare arms sending gently shivers rolling through my body at the single familiar feeling, of my unbound hair against my skin.

Sitting up I felt the gentle scratch of lace against my skin, my golden eyes widened as I took in the beautiful dress. Lace wrapped around my skin underneath my collar bone with a small black underdress that reminded me faintly of a simple shift used as undergarments in the olden days. The lace dress was sleeveless which explained why I had felt my hair against my exposed skin. Gentle curves in the fabric rested against the top of my breasts giving my small chest, well more, by the defining fabric. At the waist the dress cinched in gently, revealing my tiny waist, as I slid of the desk and stood the dress fell just halfway down my thigh revealing tanned shapely legs.

Heals clattered against the vinyl floor as I righted myself I smiled at the black heals on my feet, and liking the way the straps crossed along my feet, stark against my tanned skin. The only thing that was familiar about my attire was the double laced scarlet thread that wrapped around my wrist but I noticed a new emerald drop pendant that had been threaded onto the strange bracelet. Without thinking about it I rubbed the emerald colored stone between my fingertips as my mind wandered back to that handsome man. Glancing around me once again I wondered to myself why this placed seemed so familiar though I had never set foot in a place like this.

But then I knew why this classroom was so familiar, it was my sister's art class- but why was I here? The sound of a sliding door reached me, as the door at the end of the classroom began to open painstakingly slowly, an old man who was wearing simple brown clothes and a large hat with a scarlet scarf strolled into the room, tugging on the arm of one of the girls I had seen terrorizing my sister, "This is only the first one Miss." He said to me his voice deep.

I was taken aback as he called me Miss but I recovered as he released the girl and she ran to the other side of the classroom, huddling against the wall. A woman walked through the door, the same elegant woman from before. Her pale skin was stark against her dark dress, she too brought another girl, and her wide green eyes were filled with fear, "The second one Miss." She too released her and I watched in satisfaction as this girl too scampered to the other side of the room like a mouse; throwing her arms around the neck of the other girl.

Watching as Ai walked through the door I noticed her attire had changes, she wore a back flowered kimono with different colored material wrapped around her slender frame, she too brought another girl in tow, "The third girl Naira." Her voice was quite, the other girl had tears streaming down her face but I watched emotionlessly as she crumpled to the floor sobbing, too afraid to move, her dark hair clung to her tear stained cheeks.

One left to go. No sooner had I thought this but the last girl was pushed roughly through the door, she tripped over the lip of the door and fell to the ground her curly golden hair falling in her face as she cried out in pain, "And the last on my dear." I lifted my eyes from the girl and smiled as he walked through the door his green eyes blazing as he looked at me, his eyes lowering to my fingers as I rubbed the emerald stone between my fingertips.

Letting my hands fall back to my side I turned away from him, embarrassed by his scrutiny. Clasping my hands behind my back I just stared into space unsure what I was to do, if I were truly meant to do anything at this stage. Ai glanced at me; her crimson eyes filled with pity as she saw me fighting with myself, as I decided whether or not to punish them for what my sister had nearly done to herself because of them or let them go. But then my eyes strayed to the crimson thread and my golden eyes went from liquid fire to hard, solid gold.

"Do you know why you are here?" I heard the old man ask, Wanyuudou; the name whispered through my mind as if I had known it all my life. And perhaps I had but I don't remember ever meeting him before.

Silence ensued as none of the girls responded with words, the two on the other side of the classroom huddled together staring at us with wide fearful eyes like dear in headlights, I turned my golden eyes to them and they almost shrank beneath my hard gaze. Cutting my eyes to the girl that had fallen in a heap, she had curled herself into a ball and tears slid down her pale cheeks, but then my eyes rested on her, the last one. Her pale blue eyes stared back at me in fury as she slowly began to realize who I was, I watched as the light dawned in her eyes and then her lips curled up in a snarl.

"I know who you are," she practically hissed at me, her lips pulling back to reveal her teeth in a feral manner, "You're the freaks older sister. What was your name again?" I watched as her eyes flickered from side to side as she thought about it, "Naira, your just as creepy as you sister."

Ren, hissed at the girl as she spoke to me cruelly, my head snapped up to stare at him, his green eyes blazing at her in anger, she turned fearful blue eyes to him, so her hair fell over her neck, brushing against the dirty floor. I watched as she shrank away from him in fear and something welled in my heart as he scared her as I seemed unable too. Silence filled the area and I glanced at the others, the old man was watching the girl with his dark eyes, scanning their faces to see if they were contrite for what they had done. The woman smirked down at them all, and I watched as she practically caused them to fall apart.

Ai I noticed was watching me with a small smile gracing her pink lips, I nodded to her and she spoke softly, "Do you wish to reconcile for what you have done to Renata?" she asked her eyes scanning the girls.

As she spoke I watched as the two girls huddling together snapped their heads up, "We didn't do anything to her." They whined but something told me they were lying and from the furious look on Ai's face she knew it too. The girl crumpled in a heap just shook her head furiously, her short strands of hair whipping against her cheeks in her denial. But the last girl, the blonde just lifted her head and smiled, "I did nothing to that freak."

Finally snapping I moved quickly my heals clicking against the floor as I walked, I stopped directly in front of her, my eyes blazing, "If you did nothing why did my sister feel the need to attempt to commit suicide?" I questioned her, crouching down beside her; I allowed my eyes to blaze with unveiled fury, "How dare you treat anyone cruel enough that they would rather die than spend another second near your cruel presence." I snapped she drew away from me in obvious ear for her safety.

I felt warm hands wrap around my wrists, turning my head I glanced up to see Ren holding onto me, he tugged me too my feet and wrapped a single arm around my waist, holding me against him so I didn't do anything harsh, "Don't bother, Ai will take care of it now."

Pausing I glanced to Ai to see her smile as she spoke a strange mantra filled with power:

"Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness.

Bringing torment and pain to others,

Oh damned soul wallowing in your sin."

She lifted her arm and the chiming of bells began to fill the area, and strangely enough I followed the gesture, she paused and shut her mouth as I lifted the arm with the scarlet thread, not even noticing the Hell symbol attached to the thread, resting against the emerald stone, "Perhaps it is time to die." I finished my voice had a slightly musical lilt to it as I finished the binding curse.

Chiming of bells went off and the four girls had disappeared along with Ai, glancing around me I noticed the other two, Wanyuudou, the old man and Hone Onna, the beautiful yet wraithlike woman had disappeared along with her. But Ren's pale arm was still wrapped around my waist; he pulled me closer to him, the heat spreading through my entire body from his gentle touch. His slender fingers splayed along the flat of my stomach and as he released me his fingers trailed along my abdomen gently, leaving a trail of fire against my skin. Turning around I glanced up at him, staring into his handsome face, his emerald eyes stared into my gold ones and then his eyes traced my curve of my neck to my collar bone.

Embarrassment spread through me as he scrutinized my chest, and annoyance spread through me as he furrowed his brow in surprise. "It's not there." His voice was puzzled slightly and he reached for me, fingers brushing against my collar bone as he stared at my breasts, tugging on the neckline of my dress he pulled it down, to the beginning of the underdress, his brow furrowed further as he took in my unmarred flesh. I still didn't understand what he was going on about. Perhaps he was just trying to fool me into thinking something hadn't worked and this was all a set-up.

But the confusion in those beautiful emerald eyes was real and not filled with a cruel malice to fool me. Reaching up a trembling tanned hand I slapped his wrist away, it was then he saw the scarlet thread at the same time I did, noticing the second pendant that dangled from the double lopped thread, this one was tied to the second look, it was a strange pendant, not exactly an eyes but resembling one with three curls spreading away from it, "No way." He whispered as he caught my wrist in his hand, staring at the thread. Wonder filled his gaze as he stared at me; with those bright expressive eyes.

Tugging my hand gently from his grasp he watched me as I backed away from him, "What do you mean 'it's not there'?" I asked confusion filling my voice and fear filling my heart as he stalked forward towards me, emerald eyes narrowing as he watched me attempting to escape like a cat watches a mouse scurry along the ground. It was a moment of predator and prey and I realized I was the prey.

Trying to dodge him and run past him quickly, but he caught me with a single arm, gently pushing me against a desk, capturing me against the hard wood of the desk and the press of his lithe body. Trembling beneath his touch and gaze, I went limp, letting my body relax, when he realized I had given up he released me and took a step back, "What are you?" he whispered staring at me with those wide green eyes, never allowing them to stray from my face. I stared back at him with my wide golden eyes, wondering what he was on about; and never knowing that I was anything but human.

A Few Weeks Later

Slowly walking beside my sister and her small group of friends I smiled to myself as her lips split into a grin as she looked around her. At the girls that almost flocked to her side and the guys that waved to her from across the grassy plains beside the school. Her caramel colored hair burned golden in the bright light of the morning sun. She was happy, now that those girls no longer existed in their minds, she was free like a bird that had been set free from her cage, or a flower that had finally gotten some sun that was able to flourish and bloom.

Her gaze lingered around the girls around her but I noticed the small furrow that appeared along her brow as she glanced around, her eyes sliding over me, unseen. In exchange for her happiness I had given up the one thing I cherished most, her, my sister. But to see her smile like that for the first time in a long time, carefree and happy, it was worth the pain I endured every day. Watching over her but never able to speak to her. I had told them my own personal hell was my sister's unhappiness but I never thought that my sister wouldn't lose me, that I would lose her instead, because she had forgotten me just as she forgotten those four girls.

But instead I was given an ultimatum, instead of never seeing her again I was allowed to watch over her, for all eternity as her shadow, her own Dark Angel.

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