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GENRE: Mystery! Comedy! Drama! Action! (and AU)
PROMPT: I want sort of a buddy-cop dynamic where Kagami is the reckless detective who's had one too many offenses, so now he's stuck babysitting this weak looking rookie, Kuroko, who's always got his nose stuck in some detective novel and just looks really, really useless. Hyuuga is the chief of police, and Ms. Aida Riko is the mayor—the plot is that she's been framed of some crime (your choice of body) and at some point someone gets suspicious her rival Akashi, who's running against her this upcoming election, had something to do with it. OP would LOVE tons of bromance, and any romantic relationships (whether it be KagaKuro and anyone else) is totally optional and OP will be fine with any pairings.

Kagami Taiga scowled as the chief of police, Hyuuga assigned him the newest member of the detective force. "Kagami. This rookie would be under your wing and you will be teaching him the ropes on how to work. Please be sure to teach him the right way to solve crimes." He knew it was Hyuuga's way of telling him not to be so reckless and exactly why Kuroko was assigned to be under his wing.

It was not his fault for being reckless when no one believed him whenever he mentioned that his instincts were telling him something about the case and Hyuuga usually refused to give him the approval or it took a while before he finally gets it. Soon he simply gave up and went straight to gather the evidence he needed to prove his theory correct.

The detectives were all under Hyuuga along with the police officers so Hyuuga's words were law. There were very few detectives here too so he could see why Hyuuga seemed happy to have another detective around. Probably one that was not like him and actually solve cases with his head instead of his instincts.

"Nice to meet you, Kagami-kun. My name is Kuroko Tetsuya." Kagami glanced at the male he was supposed to be looking after and sighed. Was Hyuuga serious about having him in their forces? Kuroko looked weak and small, not to mention that he was holding onto a Sherlock Holmes mystery book? Was this some wannabe detective that read too many mystery books?

"Tch. You better not get in my way. You're weird." For some reason, his instincts were telling him to be wary of him, like if he was not careful, Kuroko might get him. Glancing at him again, Kagami wondered if his instincts were messed up for the first time. How was this small weak-looking male dangerous in any way?

Still, Kagami decided not to question his instincts and watched Kuroko carefully. Maybe he would understand why his instincts said Kuroko was dangerous in the future. For now, he just had to wonder what to do with this male during cases. "How old are you anyway?" Judging from the small frame he had, Kagami wondered if he just graduated from school or something.

"I'm twenty-two this year, Kagami-kun." Kagami's eyes widened in surprise and he was looking over Kuroko once again. "What? You're the same age as me? But you look more like some kid." Kuroko's eyes narrowed and Kagami wondered if he had stepped onto a landmine.

Especially when there was a sudden chilling aura around Kuroko and his expression was an irritated one. "Kagami-kun. I'm no way like a kid. Don't judge me because of my small frame and that have nothing to do with being a detective." Definitely a landmine when even his tone was cold and harsh.

Kagami had to admit that body size had nothing to do with being a detective. Usually brains were what mattered, except for his case. His instincts were good enough to help him solve cases, although he often did things rashly and without going through the proper procedures and authorisation. That was why he got into so much trouble. Kagami often charged into a place to look for clues based on his instincts without Hyuuga's approval and other things related to that. The number of offenses he had because of that was huge too.

"What can you do then?" Even without his small frame, Kuroko looked really useless and seeing someone reading a book while talking to you was rather irritating too. Kuroko had only looked up to face him from time to time. The book was still open and Kuroko still had not stopped reading it yet. "For one thing, I'm more observant than Kagami-kun."

That was the only response he got from Kuroko who excused himself to look around the space he was being assigned to as his office. What was that suppose to mean? Was Kuroko mocking him now? Sure he often missed out certain details and a poor judge of character and if it was not for his good instincts, he probably would have failed to be a detective.

Not that he would even tell Kuroko that of course. No one needed to know that all he was good at was his instincts and thinking things with his brains was pathetic. Kagami barely even passed the theory test for his job too. His results back in school were pretty pathetic too.

Glancing in the direction of the now settled Kuroko who was still in the midst of reading, Kagami walked towards him to ask another question out of boredom and to find out more about his new partner. "You're a fan of mystery novels?" That must be a stupid question. Why else would he be reading it if he wasn't interested in the book?

"They're interesting. You can learn a lot from books, Kagami-kun." The book was snatched away from Kuroko's hand and Kagami skimmed through the book. "It's boring to read so many words and it takes time before you reach the part that explains the whole mystery to you. Why can't they just cut to the point." Kagami twitched at the thickness of the book and shoved the book back into Kuroko's hand.

This felt like studying in school all over again with those boring textbooks. Kuroko seemed amused, although his facial expression was very much almost the same except for that small hard to notice smile that irritated Kagami. "Are you laughing at me?" Kuroko might not have laughed but Kagami felt that he was mocking him.

"Sorry. Someone else I know says that when I ask him to read too." Kuroko apologised and glanced back towards his book. He was frowning when he noticed that Kagami had turned the page. Kagami on the other hand was slightly surprised. Kuroko did not seem like a people person, so he actually had friends?

Kagami's face must have shown his thoughts since Kuroko was looking at him strangely. "Do you have something to say, Kagami-kun?"Kagami started off shaking his head but decided against it. He might as well ask and get his curiosity settled. "You have friends?"

Kuroko blinked and nodded his head. "I'm rather close with six people." What a strange question and Kuroko decided that his attention would be much better with his book than Kagami. "You don't seem like someone who would interact with people much." Kuroko shrugged and turned a page from his book.

"I suppose. I knew them for a few years already." This surprised Kagami even more. So he had old friends to boot? Kagami himself only had a few friends he knew but they were in a different country currently. "Anything else?" Kuroko asked and Kagami shook his head.

This newbie barely caught his attention and he seemed boring like he thought. He might as well just go on and start telling Kuroko what they were supposed to do for their job. After going through the boring procedures and stuff he usually did not care about, he was able to go back to his desk and sit. It took him a few hours to bring him around and all the other stuff, which were much longer than he liked.

Sadly that was over fast enough when Hyuuga entered the place and called out his name. "Kagami. There's a case for you. Kuroko, you should come too since you're currently his partner." Kagami furrowed his brows and headed towards him. "So what kind of case is it this time?" The last few ones were rather stupid and boring, with people wanting him to track down things that they lost and misplaced.

"A burglary case. An antique jewellery set was reported to be missing from an Imayoshi Shoichi." Kagami sighed, looks like it was some boring case again. Why did all the cases he was being assigned to all had to do with missing items recently? "Oi. Kuroko let's go." He looked around for his partner but Kuroko's desk was empty.

Where did he go? "I'm over here, Kagami-kun." His eyes widened in shock and he looked towards to his left. "Since when were you here?" Kagami did not even see or feel Kuroko around earlier. He was rather surprised when he heard Kuroko's straight answer that he was standing there right from the start.

Hyuuga seemed surprised too and Kagami concluded that Kuroko was hard to notice besides looking weak. Despite their surprised expressions, Kuroko's face remained blank. "Aren't you upset that no one noticed you?" Kuroko raised his shoulders and shrugged. "I'm used to it. My presence isn't noticed easily. There's only one person who could always notice me."

The thoughts that both Hyuuga and Kagami had were something over the lines of that being sad and pathetic. To not feel anything from his lack of presence was something that he must have grew up with if he could say that he was used to it monotonely.

"Just head towards the scene. Kiyoshi and the rest are already there. They were nearby so I sent them over before the two of you." Hyuuga announced and the pair was being sent towards Imayoshi Shoichi's place together. "Who's Kiyoshi-san?" Kuroko asked enquiringly. "The second in command of the police force. He usually gets send towards cases with us at the same time but sometimes they head over there earlier if they're nearby."

A nod was his response and the rest of the ride was quiet with Kuroko reading his book and not saying anything else. Kagami looked away and silently thought what was the point of having a partner if his partner just reads and does nothing else? He might as well just continue working alone and he did not think that he would work well with him too.

"Oh! Kagami! You're here. And where is that new partner of yours that I heard about." Kiyoshi waved them over and Kagami quietly told Kuroko that this was Kiyoshi. "I'm Kuroko Tetsuya and I look forward to working with you." Kuroko bowed politely and Kiyoshi laughed awkwardly at the bow. He wondered when on earth Kuroko appeared next to Kagami…

"There's no need to be so polite. I'm Kiyoshi Teppei, I look forward to working with you too. I hope you work longer than those other recruits we had that decided that this was not their cup of tea too. So where did you work at before this?" Kiyoshi asked with a smile and Kuroko's answer was fast and straight to the point. "A bookstore."

Kagami coughed loudly to catch their attention, before they both started any other conversation and lose track of what they were supposed to be doing. "Oh right." Kiyoshi scratched his head sheepishly and pointed to them in the direction of the apartment. "Oops. I forgot that we're on a case."

Now that his attention was back towards the case, Kiyoshi started explaining about what the victim told him and how the house had been broken into. Apparently the house was broken in earlier in the day while he was at work. Kagami raised an eyebrow at the remark that the glass door by the balcony had been broken and the thief probably entered from there. This was the second floor, did the thief climbed up? That seemed pretty unlikely.

"This here is the victim, Imayoshi Shoichi." A rather tall guy wearing spectacles glanced towards their direction and Kagami introduced himself as the detective of the case quickly. Kuroko on the other hand, observed the male with a small frown, he had recognised who this was but luckily Imayoshi did not seem to recognise him or notice him for that matter.

He quickly excused himself and walked around the place to look for clues. The pieces of glass were indeed being on the inside, as proof of the fact that it broke from the outside. But Kuroko knew it was something that Imayoshi could have done himself too. "Huh?" He commented softly to himself as he noticed something strange.

It was probably nothing at the moment and he turned his attention towards the safe instead. There were no signs of it being broken so the thief was either someone who knew the lock combination or an expert in safe breaking. "So the only thing that went missing was the antique jewellery set?"

Seeing that Kagami was questioning Imayoshi, Kuroko decided to move closer to listen in better. "The thief most likely went away with the thing he thinks he can escape easily with." Imayoshi answered swiftly and Kuroko watched him carefully. The answer was way too fast and the other responses he gave were just as quick.

"So you're a basketball player?" Kiyoshi asked as he looked around the cabinet near the safe. Imayoshi smiled smugly and nodded his head. "I used to play in High School. One of the trophies is back when I was the Captain of the team with the currently renown basketball player, Aomine Daiki." Kuroko's face darkened when he heard him boasting about that.

He turned away from the rest of the conversation and continued his previous job of looking around the place. The front door was still in place so the thief should have escaped from the place he entered from and yet Kuroko found something strange about that. Maybe he should have a talk with Kagami later.

"That guy sounded rather interesting. To think he was the captain of such a strong player before." Kiyoshi mused as they headed back towards the station. "Is that so? That Aomine guy is such a good player?" Kagami questioned curiously. Kuroko tuned them out as Kiyoshi explained to Kagami who Aomine was. He had no need to listen to them talk about someone he knows very well.

"Oi Kuroko." The book he was reading was snatched out of his hands and he looked up to see the culprit glaring at him. "Have you been listening to us?" Kuroko shook his head and grabbed his book back. "I thought the both of you were going to talk about basketball the whole time so I tuned you two out." Kuroko answered truthfully.

Kagami was obviously annoyed but Kuroko paid no attention to that and turned back to his book. "If you're not going to talk about the case, just let me read my book." He ignored Kagami's remark of what a useless partner he had and continued reading his book. There was something he wanted to ask about the case but it would be better when the both of them were alone.

"Nee, Kuroko. What do you think of the case?" Kagami asked him once they were both back in their respective seats. Since Kuroko was being assigned to work with Kagami, his desk was allocated next to him, much to Kagami's chargin. He had always liked the fact that the table next to his was empty and he could speak to himself without worrying that people would judge him.

Kuroko's attention shifted from the book to him and those unreadable light blue eyes focused on him. "Shouldn't Kagami-kun be the one to talk about the case? You're the one with the most information and the detective in charge is you." Kagami scowled at the monotone tone used and his brows furrowed as he spoke up.

The reason he wanted to hear about Kuroko's view was because his instincts were disagreeing with the clues and Hiyoshi's statement. "According to the search, the glass door to the balcony was indeed broken from the outside and since he was living on the second floor and there's a pipe nearby, the thief could have used it to climb up. The safe shown no signs of damage so the thief could be a professional lock picker, the time of the theft is believed to be around slightly after ten in the morning to six in the evening. The neighbours are all working people so most of them wouldn't be around in the building during working hours so the thief could have broken in during that time. The police believe that someone had broken in and the clues seem to fit too. There were signs of the house being searched and the thief most likely made off with what he could carry. That jewellery ser was expensive looking too so the thief knew he could make a fortune from selling it."

"Kagami-kun really thinks that it was done by a professional thief?" Kuroko asked softly and Kagami gazed at him in surprise. Never had someone actually ask for his opinion and actually mean it. "No. My instincts tell me that the owner is the one who faked the theft. I don't have the proof and they won't believe me till I have it. You don't believe me too, do you?"

Kagami heard the book being closed shut and Kuroko's full attention was finally on him. "Why don't you look for the proof to prove that your instincts are right then? If no one believes you, I will. There's nothing wrong with having a theory that doesn't fit the clues, why should you believe what the others think when it isn't proven yet? I trust you and I'm fine with being your partner and your form of support. You have been solving cases on your own accord haven't you?"

The words sank in slowly and his eyes were roaming around Kuroko's face to see if he meant what he said. Kuroko's face was hard to read and Kagami chuckled as he ruffled Kuroko's hair. His hand was slapped away soon and Kuroko was glaring at him as he straightened out his hair. "I have. But you do know that my way of solving crimes revolves a lot around my instincts which no one else believes in right?"

Kagami had to laugh at that. Hyuuga had never believed in his instincts and was always pressing him to solve crimes the right way. Everyone else just stay clear from him whenever he tells them his theory and they would all only help him when it was something that would not get them into trouble. "Like I said, I trust you and I believe in your methods. Seeing that you trust your instincts so much, it has never gone wrong before right? If that's the case, why should you stop trusting it then? If it matter so much to you, I will be the brains behind your instincts and make you the number one detective here. Just like a shadow created by a light, I will do my best to support you."

The statement caught Kagami in surprise. So Kuroko really did mean what he say? He knew he must be smiling now, those words were something he never thought he would ever hear. The part about making the number one detective was less important than those other words. "Make me the number one detective here? Aren't you thinking too highly of yourself? But you're much more interesting than I thought. Why not? If that's what you decided to do, I see no reason why I should stop you. So how are you planning to prove my view correct, person who's going to be my brains?"

"By checking on Imayoshi-san's details first. I overheard that he bought insurance for the jewellery set so he could be in need of money and faked the theft to cheat insurance money." Kagami considered the possibility and his instincts seemed to agree with that too so Kuroko should be on the right track. "I will check that out and Kagami-kun should go and see if the insurance company is going to pay him for it."

Kagami scowled at the order and he resisted the urge to just yell and ask who was the real person in charge was. But he had to admit that he would not know how to do it without just jumping in straight without getting in trouble with Hyuuga again. He had no choice but to follow Kuroko's suggestion and just see how that would work. Investigating and collecting information was never something he liked doing and he usually skipped out on such. That was why he had so many problems with Hyuuga and the rest….

"Fine." Kuroko gave him a nod and he was soon typing away on the computer. Glancing at him for another moment, Kagami smiled and turned towards his own desk. He had work to do and for the first time ever, he had a partner who he could count on. No, the real important thing was that he had someone that trusted him, trusted his weird ways of solving crimes.

"So what did you find out?" Kagami asked as they ate breakfast together. It was sort of weird since he was used to eating alone and he did not expect Kuroko to actually accept his invitation to dine together. Kuroko did not judge him when he mentioned he was one to use his instincts to solve crimes and neither did he say a word when Kagami ordered meat for breakfast while others would always look at him strangely for that. "Imayoshi-san's father recently lost a great deal of money in gambling and the debt's rather huge. I checked his financial status and he didn't seem to have enough to cover it." Kuroko answered while taking a sip of his drink.

Kagami stuffed a forkful of meat into his mouth and chewed before sharing his own information. "The insurance company is going to compensate him for it and the amount's rather huge too. There's the motive and everything but we still lack the proof for it." Stabbing his fork into another piece of meat, Kagami's brows furrowed together as he tried to think of any clues he had missed out during the investigation.

"The proof won't be that easy to find. It's Imayoshi-san, we're talking about. He's a rather cunning and smart guy." Kuroko's face seemed to have darkened while he talked about him and Kagami wondered how Kuroko knew that. "You know him?" Kuroko shook his head and his facial expression was back to his usual one.

"Not really. I checked his background and his grades were really high and his statement and answers to all the questions were flawless. That shows his cunningness doesn't it? He seemed to have a model answer for everything and all the questions were answered in a few seconds." Now that Kuroko mentioned it, Imayoshi did answer everything is a rather fast way….almost like he had already prepared answers for such possible questions.

Still, they were lacking the evidence to prove that this was a cleverly thought up plot to cheat insurance money. "There's something I have been thinking that it's weird for a while now. You remember those glass pieces on the ground right?" Kuroko continued when Kagami nodded his head in a confused manner. "There were traces of some of the glass pieces missing from the ground and there were glass pieces inside. So it means that the thief must have stepped on those glass pieces by accident and some of the pieces fell from his shoe when he went in. The thief was suspected to escape from the same place he came in from right? But there weren't any traces of glass on the balcony railing he should have needed to step near the pipe he would be using to escape. There weren't any sign of an object he used to break the glass door too. Isn't it strange that there were signs of the glass pieces being stepped on when he entered the house but no signs of it when he escaped? Even if he walked the same path, he should still have stepped on some glass pieces and yet there was nothing. How was a thief supposed to climb a pipe while keeping an object that could break the glass door into pieces? If he was carrying a bag, there's no way he would have escaped with just a box of jewellery and not some other stuff. It's not a simple case of getting away with just things that he could carry. There were other valuables that he could have taken too."

Kagami had to admit that Kuroko had a point there. Those were good points but they still needed something more solid to prove that Imayoshi was the culprit. "I checked and it turns out that Imayoshi-san was away from the office around one to three in the afternoon. He had a meeting near his house and he was said to have eaten lunch before he went back to his work place. I managed to call the person he was meeting and he said that Imayoshi and him parted ways around one forty."

"So that's why you had us walking around the food places near here before you finally decided on where to eat." Kagami finally understood why Kuroko had him all the way here to have their meal and why Kuroko had asked him to wait outside before he was left the place. "I did some poking around before I found out that he was here for his lunch yesterday. He left this place around two twenty and it only takes him at most ten minutes to walk over to his work place. There was a missing gap of thirty minutes that he could have caused the fake break-in."

Kagami grinned, looks like Kuroko was thinking along the same line as him. "I checked with the bank earlier too. He visited his safe around seven last night after work and according to the workers, he was putting in something and the only thing he took out was a small box. Do you think that could be the jewellery set he placed there?"

Kuroko shrugged and Kagami blinked as he noticed the open book in Kuroko's hand. When did he open that book? "I'm not sure. He could have done that and he might have taken something random from the box as a way to throw off suspicion as to why he went to the safe. How did you know he placed something in anyway?"

"According to two of the workers who saw him passed by them, he had a box stuffed in his jacket and when he came out, the box wasn't there anymore and in its place was a smaller box in his hands. They only noticed it because they were standing on his left side and they could see part of it on his right underneath his jacket, almost like he was hiding it." That was very suspicion and Kagami stuffed the rest of his food into his mouth.

Now that they had a motive and the clues, he just needed to check and if the jewellery set really was in the safe, he would have all the proof he had. His sleeve was grabbed and he glared at Kuroko who had a firm grip on it. "Kagami-kun, calm down. We can't just storm into the bank and demand that they let us see the safe. They won't agree when it's against the bank's policy to give away their customer's privacy. We'll have to seek permission before we do that."

Kagami agreed reluctantly. He had enough warnings for this term already and if he had another one, chances are that Hyuuga would suspend him for a short period of time. He raised his fist up and offered it to Kuroko who blinked before bumping it with his own. "Let's both do our best to get this case solved." Kagami was in a good mood and he failed to notice Kuroko's change in facial expression when he retracted his fist back.

After wasting time telling Hyuuga and Kiyoshi about his theory and about all the possible clues they had gathered, they finally gotten the permission to check it out. Hyuuga still doubted them but Kiyoshi seemed to think that their thoughts could be true since he thought it was suspicious how the answers to the questions they asked were answered so quickly.

"So the police is suspecting me of trying to cheat money by stealing my own valuable and claiming insurance for it? Don't I need a motive for that though?" Imayoshi asked and Kagami was starting to get why Kuroko called him cunning when he watched his eyes carefully. "Your father's gambling debt." That was all Kagami replied.

Imayoshi did not give up and continued arguing. Kagami answered calmly with the information that both Kuroko and him found out. Imayoshi was persistent though and his points were all quickly said to be unproved. "If you're certain you're innocent, there isn't really a problem to open the safe now is there? You can just open it and we will be on our way after checking and affirming that there isn't anything." Kuroko finally spoke up and Kagami watched in surprise as Imayoshi widened his eyes and there was a sudden gleam in his eyes.

"You got me there. I didn't notice that you were here—" Kagami wondered if it was just his imagination or Imayoshi was going to continue his sentence before Kuroko interrupted him. "I was here right from the start. Now can you just open the safe?" Imayoshi locked gazes with Kuroko for a short while before smirking and turning to the safe. Had Kuroko words convinced him to open it? That was strange.

The safe was opened and there was a dark blue box like the two workers mentioned inside. Kagami grabbed hold of the box and the others started checking out the other things in the safe. Kagami's face fell when the box turned out to hold some coins and nothing more. "I gues—" He did not get to finish his words when Kuroko took the box away from him.

He blinked in surprise as Kuroko opened the box and scooped up the coins and placing them in his palm. He was hitting the inner part of the box lightly before he turned towards Imayoshi. "There's a hidden compartment in the box isn't it?"Imayoshi looked stunned before he grinned. "I guess that's no hiding it now. Even if I deny it, you will find a way to break it open and when that happens, the jewellery inside might get damaged."

The box was passed over to him and Kagami watched in wonder as the hidden compartment came into view and a jewellery that looked exactly the same as the picture he saw of the stolen one. "Looks like I underestimated the police force. I was too confident that my plan was full-proof that I failed to notice of the small slip-ups I did. The one who found something strange about them was you, right?"

Imayoshi was looking straight at Kuroko when he spoke that. "Just like an observant person to notice such small details. To think that my full-proof plan gave way just because of you and how you grew suspicious because of such things that most people would overlook." Kuroko was silent and Kagami decided to speak up when his partner shown no signs of wanting to speak.

He explained that the both of them were suspicious from the start and the way Imayoshi acted did not help to ease their suspicion. Imayoshi was still only looking at Kuroko despite what he said, like Kuroko was the main reason why his plan failed. "Good bye, shadow."

Kagami watched puzzledly as Imayoshi was taken away. Who was that directed to? Kuroko was sticking his nose back in his book again and Kagami knew it was pointless to talk to him when he seemed so engrossed in his book. It was the first time that he had solved a crime without getting in any trouble and Hyuuga seemed surprised that his instincts was correct for this case. Kagami grinned and offered his fist to Kuroko again, but his fist was opened and Kuroko lightly high-fived him back instead. He was unable to ask why Kuroko did that when they were interrupted by Kiyoshi.

"Good job, Kuroko!" Kiyoshi said as he patted Kuroko on the head. His hand was slapped away and Kuroko seemed pissed as he asked him not to touch him. This was like when he ruffled his hair before, Kuroko must really disliked being touched if he got mad from such a gesture. "Tch. So I don't get a thanks but he does?" Kagami grumbled before Kiyoshi ruffled his hair too. "This wasn't what I meant!"

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