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"Congratulations, Akashi-kun." Kuroko greeted once Akashi arrived in the room they reserved for their celebration. "Akashi! You're late as always." Midorima commented in a displeased tone. "Calm down. You know that happens all the time and he's the mayor now, of course he would be late." Aomine argued boredly. The four of them had arrived first and spent the next twenty minutes waiting for the guest of honour and Murasakibara to arrive.

A month had passed since then and Akashi had recently won the election to be the mayor. "Aka-chin was caught in a meeting with the chief of police." Kuroko's attention was caught quickly and he turned away from the drink he was sipping from. "Hyuuga-san? I see he's doing fine." Kuroko stated. "He is. And he agreed to help out with my cause."

"Why wouldn't he? Akashi-cchi's cause is one that benefits all the people." Kise yawned and leaned towards Midorima who instantly moved away. "That's true. Akashi's plan was something all of us agreed on when we were young." It was something that the young Akashi wanted to achieve back then and the other five agreed with it instantly when they learnt what it was.

Kise grinned as he remembered the them by then. "I could still remember it like it was yesterday. Akashi-cchi suddenly telling us that he wants to be the mayor when he grows up. Every single one of us were shocked and he proceeded to explain to us what he wanted to do without minding our shock or paying any attention to us."

"That was how Akashi-kun was like. He knew we would listen regardless so he didn't have to care. It was a surprise when he said he wanted to make the government a corruption-free place and the people wouldn't have to suffer with heavy taxes with the politicians pocket the people's hard earned money. We all supported the idea and Akashi-kun even thought of how to clean them off. First he had to become the mayor and he would work with the police force to enforce the new law for corruption and bribery. That way all the people who work in the government would be people who really care about the people instead of their own pockets." The perfect government and the people would not suffer anymore.

Those thoughts was what made them agree to help Akashi with his cause. Never in their widest imaginations that to achieve it, it would be so hard and they would have to go through so much trouble. "Kind of childish of us huh? We actually thought it would be easy to help Akashi become the Mayor and things would go smoothly." Aomine laughed as he recalled their naïve selves thinking that there would not be any trouble to do it.

"We were sure proved wrong when Akashi started being targeted and we have to protect and help him by killing off his enemies instead of him being the one being killed. The government was way too corrupted than we thought when they actually retort to such things. They increased taxes even during inflation to feed their own goals and pockets." Midorima said in disgust as he recalled watching the politicians plotting against each other and seeking their help to get rid of their competition.

Akashi spoke up this time. "You won't see any of such people around anymore. I pretty much handed those people to the police and with this, the Kiseki No Sedai is no more. Unless for some reason, we have to revive it. The five of you are free to live your lives as you please without dirtying your hands anymore. Thank you for working with me till now."

"Aren't you too polite? It was for our own sake that we helped too. Besides, even if the Kiseki No Sedai doesn't exist anymore, we still have our bonds together and meet up together." Kise stated with a huge smile and the others are nodded their heads in agreement. "Like our friendship from a few years would just vanish without the Kiseki No Sedai linking us together. We were separated during High School and that didn't affect us either."

It was a long path and it took them nearly seven years before they reached their cause. A few years of killing and staining their hands but everything was worth it. They were still unhappy about killing Momoi but that was something they came to accept. Sacrifices were necessary, especially when it's something for the people. They could not view their friend as someone more important than all the other people.

A few lives in exchange for this might not be worth it to other people but it was to them. Those people they killed with the exception of Aida Riko, Kagami Taiga and Momoi Satsuki, really did deserve to die. They were greedy people and some of them would be willing to do anything to get the things they wanted. Some of them were involved in human trafficking and stuff that had the ministers covering for them and the police unable to find out about it because of that.

Akashi was working as the mayor along with Murasakibara helping him and the pair were usually too busy to meet up with the rest when they organised meetings. Thus, the meetings were rather rare unless it was related to work. But they all made sure to meet up at least once a month and Akashi's cause was going along well.

It took a while before Akashi got rid of all the corrupted politicians and even then, some of them took bribes and Akashi made sure they were punished severely and banned them from ever working in the political area ever again. Strict laws were enforced and taxes were set without the people suffering. The police force did well to support Akashi, despite Hyuuga being wary of him due to the case with Aida Riko. Akashi was trying his best to make the people working there care more about the welfare of the people and even if he was not the mayor anymore, his system would still carry on. Until then, he would do his best with Murasakibara assisting him.

Kise continued being the spoke person for Midorima's business and after Kise's persistence in gaining his attention; Midorima had relented and treated him slightly, just slightly better. He still denies them being involved in any way though. But the other four knew better than Midorima was just denying that Kise was more important to him than any of them.

He must have at least taken a liking to him if he meets him for meals everyday even without any need to meet up. Kise was always happy and spammed the other four with text messages that Midorima had asked him to eat with him again despite all of them asking him to stop sending them such text messages. They were still happy for them regardless and none of them showed signs that they were aware of it in front of Midorima. Midorima was still suspicious of their strange smiles whenever they meet though. Kise was probably going to be a model and either work for Midorima or relax when he finally retire from his job.

Kuroko finally bought over a bookstore and hired workers to run it for him since he did not have time to watch over it often. He had ended up joining Aomine's basketball team and the two started playing basketball together like how they used to do in Middle School. Kuroko also moved in with Aomine permanently instead of the temporary stays he used to stay when he came by.

Kise had teased the both of them of acting like a married couple and living enough was not enough that they both had to work together too. During their free time, they would both work in Kuroko's bookstore, although Aomine was only good at manning the cashier and he spends most of his time reading some random magazines instead of books.

It was a simple life but it was good enough for the both of them. They were the most least well to do compared to the other four and neither of them cared about that. As long as they got to spend each day with each other and live the rest of their lives the way they want and having fun at the same time. Basketball was a game they both loved and getting to play it while being together was a life they were satisfied with.

Each and everyone had started living their own lives again and they would meet occasionally to catch up with each other and to talk about old times. Bringing up Momoi was still a rather disheartening topic but they talked about her anyway to show that they still remember her. The least they could do for killing her for their cause and they were reminded of how much they had dirtied their hands to come so far.

They were sure they would walk the same path even if they could choose to change their past. Living in a non-corrupted place was the best and lesser people would suffer then. Watching people smile more proved that what they did was worth it. Before, everyone's faces were of suffering and now they were able to live a more carefree life. No matter what the future would bring, they are going to continue living their live the way they want now and never resort to what they did in the past ever again. Kiseki No Sedai was no more and they would make sure that a day where it came back would never happen.

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