Author Note: I have writen this story as an one-shot but later I have changed my mind and divided the story in five chapters - this is the reason why I didn't get into details.

Nothing is meant to be taken seriously - I was in a good mood while writing this story and wanted to bring you some joy.

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Split Personality

Chapter 1

Miss Popularity and the Nerd

The queen of Tokyo University walked onto the campus. Numerous pairs of eyes swiveled to stare in her direction. She was the kind of girl men desire, and the one other girls aspire to become. They called her 'Miss Popularity'. She wasn't overly tall - she had a petite body – and her hair was a brilliant shade of orange. She moved her body with the grace of a swan and her lovely face made all men surrender to her will.

Her name was Mogami Kyoko.

Kyoko was currently in her third year at University. For two whole years she enjoyed the attention everyone afforded her, and this year would be no exception.

While she was walking to the table where her best friends were sitting (Kotonami Kanae and Amamiya Chiori), she saw the man who held captive the hearts of all the girls, hers included– Fuwa Sho. For the last two years she played the unapproachable girl. She often refused his invitations to different parties. Kyoko had decided that this year she was finally going to give in to his charms, but she would let him sweat another few months.

Before giving her full time to Fuwa, she needed one last entertainment – a new target, or as she called it a 'new project'.

She finally reached the table, and her friends greeted her. Happy conversation immediately followed.

"Good morning Moko-san, and Chiori-san!"

"Good morning to you too!" both girls answered.

"How did you spend your vacation? I went skiing in the mountains."

"I wasn't nearly as lucky as you." Chiori said glumly. "I had to work during my vacation. I saw this adorable Vintage Bag that I really wanted to buy, but my parents said if I wanted it I would have to work for it. My parents won't provide me money for 'my snobbism to grow'."

Moko gave Chiori a sympathetic look.

"I had to work too. This year I've decided to get my hands on the history teacher. I had to do some serious research to find out more about him."

"Did you have any luck?"

Moko grinned.

"Of course I did. I found out a lot about him, and this year he will be mine."

"Well, we've known for a long time that you've have a crush on him. What about you Kyoko-chan? Will this be the year Sho becomes yours?" Chiori asked.

"Yeah, I figured I've spent long enough torturing the boy. So this year I am officially becoming his lover, but not before having a last project. I need to find someone who will do everything I say."

The girls paused a moment in their conversation as their sharp gazes roamed around the campus looking for a suitable target.

The first person who offered an option was Chiori. She saw a strange looking girl wearing glasses.

She was perfect for Kyoko.

"What do you say about her?" She pointed at the nerd girl. "She's in my philosophy class. She has good grades, and she's smart. She's shy too, and seems the obedient type. She will definitely do what you want her to do."

"I don't know. I am not into girls this year." Kyoko said, frowning.

"What about that guy?" Kanae motioned to a red-haired guy whose face was covered with freckles. "He's in my history class, and he's good at english too. You would have the opportunity to improve your English."

"I don't know. He doesn't seem to be my type. I want someone more special. We should search more until we find the right one."

He didn't want to be here, but he still had two more years until graduation and then finally his days as university student would end. In the first two years he thought he would die. The male students liked to pick on him and call him some pretty mean and nasty names. The girls always laughed when they saw his appearance. He wore 'nerd' clothes – his shirt was always inside his pants and he always wore a bow tie. His hair had a severe part down the middle, and he wore thick glasses. He was always shy around girls, and he could barely say two words to them without stuttering.

He was the laughing stock of Tokyo University.

His name was Tsuruga Ren.

While he was walking with his books held close to his chest, a pair of eyes gazed at him.

"What about him?" Kyoko asked her friends. "He's in my literature class, and he's a top student. Also he's one of the smartest guys in the whole university. I noticed he's shy around girls, and I bet he would be an easy target for me."

"I heard about him too. The male students like to pick on him. Well everyone except for Kijima-san. People say that if wasn't for Kijima-san, the nerd would have a daily smack-down with the other guys."

"Yeah, he's good friends with Kijima-san." Chiori lowered her voice, and the others leaned in close to listen. "I also heard that the rector is an acquaintance with Tsuruga-san's family, and the rector blackmailed Kijima-san to protect him."

"Yeah, Kijima-san has a violent past, and normally he would have been expelled, but the rector decided to keep him. The rumors must be true."

"I have decided. Tsuruga Ren is my new project for this semester." Kyoko declared after listening to her friends.

Somewhere at the top floor of University building, the rector – Takarada Lori – was talking with his right hands – Yukihito Yashiro and Kijima.

"Today we start a new year. Your mission will be the same as last year. Make sure that Ren-kun doesn't lose his glasses for any reason. You know what would happen if you fail to maintain this task."

Kijima knew his role very well – don't let anyone remove Ren's glasses. If someone should succeed in doing so, his other self would come to surface. Having his other self come to light was something that could never happen.

"I will do my job well." Yashiro assured Lori. "For two years we have succeed in our task. This year won't be any different. I will watch over Ren, and I will try to keep him away from girls. We don't want his other self to come to the surface, especially not around a girl."

"I am happy to have you on my side. Now go and protect the girls from Ren-kun!"

The two men left the rector's office to accomplish their mission. They hoped this year they wouldn't have the same problems as before.