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Chapter 5

Taming the Lion

Kyoko gazed down at the piece of paper she held between her delicate fingers. She sincerely hoped that the address was correct; the lovely villa she stood in didn't seem like the type of place where someone like Ren would live. She took two long, deep, calming breaths before she reached out and rang the doorbell. A maid opened the door. She presented herself and asked to see Ren. The maid led her through the large house and into his bedroom, where he was lounging on his bed.

Ren was shocked when he saw Kyoko. The woman of his dreams was standing in his room! He suddenly remembered what his other self did to her last night, how his mouth closed over her nipple and sucked it, and how his hand cupped her sex as his fingers pleasured her. He could feel her presence on his tongue and fingers; he blushed.

"Good afternoon, Mogami-san! What brings you here?"

"I need to talk with you. I think after the events of yesterday, there are some things that need to be said." She sat down on the bed next to him. "Before coming here I had a talk with Kijima-san, and he explained to me your condition."

"Oh, I see…"

"He told me you created this nerd version to protect yourself from girls. He said you suffered some kind of trauma. Also because of this your real self, the one beyond those glasses, which wasn't like this at the beginning, suffered changes as well, and has become someone potentially dangerous."

"That's why I don't bring him out anymore; he's a danger to himself and any female around him. When I was first created, I didn't expect this to happen."

"I know he likes to spend time with girls doing that thing." Now Kyoko blushed as she remembered their heated encounter the evening before. "But I have to know; does he have feelings for them when he's with them?" Kyoko waited with baited breath. This was why she came here, and she sincerely hoped the answer was worth the risk. After what seemed like an eternity, Ren gave Kyoko a small smile.

"I don't know exactly what he feels. I do know what he thinks, but I cannot feel his feelings; those cannot be felt. You need to ask him if you want to know."

If she needed to meet again with The Emperor of the Night againshe would. Kyoko reached over and took off his glasses, placing them on the nightstand by his bed. After an anxious moment she saw his seductive smile again. Kyoko wanted to jump on him and feel his hard body on hers. It took great restraint, but she quelled her desires.

"My little bird, you had come faster than I thought you would." He leaned in towards her to kiss her full, rosy lips. She backed away.

"I won't let you kiss me again until you've answered my questions."

"This man knows to pleasure women, not answer their questions." he replied playfully.

"Humor me."

"Whatever you say, my little bird."

"How do you feel about me? Was I simply just another girl for you, or do you actually feel something for me?"

"What kind of question is that? It's not obvious?"

"No, it isn't."

He suddenly maneuvered their bodies so that she was pinned underneath him on the bed.

"You're the first one I have tried to seduce twice. I never involve myself twice with the same woman. You're the first woman I backed away from twice without making you mine."

"The first time you stopped because we were about to be interrupted. The second time because you thought I wasn't ready."

This woman brought him to the edge of his sanity. Didn't he explain to her why he had refused to finish then? Did she even listen to anything he had said?

"My little bird…I said that I didn't want to take you in a random club restroom. I thought you deserved more than that for your first time. You think I didn't know that you're a virgin? I have no problem in taking you anytime and anywhere, but I want our first time to be something special."

"Wait a said you thought of me? Does this mean you have feelings for me?"

"Kami you're slow-witted. Yes, I restrained myself because I thought of you. My desire for you runs deep. I will not be satisfied with being yours only once. I want to be yours forever and always. I think now that we're done talking, I can show you how I feel."

"How?" he smiled deviously at her.

"What a silly question, my little bird." He locked his mouth with hers.

The sunlight crept its way into the dark room. The sun's rays fell over her face waking her up from her sleep. Kyoko tried to get up, but her efforts were futile. Her body was caged by strong arms. She sighed in surrender.

Kyoko looked at the man beside her; he was sleeping soundly. He looked vulnerable compared to how he looked while he was awake. Her mind was flooded with memories, she blushed furiously. The fact that he was sleeping naked and fully exposed to her sight didn't help her at all. In fact, it only deepened her blush.

When she had gone to see him that day, he had finally succeeded in making her his. He filled her body as she screamed his name in passion. They marked each other. She bit him on his neck and left deep scratches on his back, while he marked her skin with his kisses.

After they had finished for the first time, he had let her rest for few hours before waking her up and starting again. That had been Saturday night. It was now Monday morning. She hadn't left his room all weekend. Kyoko had been taken in various positions countless times and her throat was hurting from all of her screaming. He body felt very sore and raw; she even wondered if she could walk. He was merciless and insatiable.

Now her small, delicate fingers traced idle patterns on his chest. As if sensing her touch, his eyes opened. He stared at her luscious body, and felt himself harden almost instantly. He would never tire of her. His grip on her body tightened, bringing her closer to him. Kyoko was surprised by his sudden move but she was more surprised when she felt his arousal; she knew what he wanted. He was about to kiss her lips when she spoke.

"Ren, I cannot do it." his eyes opened wide in surprise. He couldn't believe that she was refusing him.


"We did it so many times already. My whole body is sore. Also it's painful down there. I need some time to rest and heal my body."

The relief was palpable in his eyes. He sighed as he hugged her tightly.

"So your refusal is connected with your physical condition, and not with your feelings for me?"

"Didn't I tell you that I loved you last night and the night before? Are you slow-witted?" Ren smiled at her words. Every time she told him 'I love you' his heart warmed up and his desire for her grew in intensity. This woman had caught him in her clutches.

"I love you too, Kyoko!" he whispered the words upon her lips. He gave her a soft, chaste kiss before sitting up. Kyoko covered her eyes. His nude form was in her sight, and her mind was flooded again with memories. "Today we have class. We had better shower and get dressed now or else we'll be late."

Suddenly Kyoko sat up, her mind fully awake. School? She couldn't go to school. Not with him like that. But she didn't want to hurt his feelings, so she tried to be casual.

"Ren darling, what if we skip class today?" she winked at him, and he grinned at her.

"So you want us to stay here and do naughty things?"

"No. I think we need to do something about you. I would never risk showing others your true face beyond glasses, but to be honest, those glasses are rather hideous. We need to go to shopping."


"Yeah. We could change your glasses with something more modern. Since you're held captive by glasses, I don't think it matters what kind you're wearing. Let's get a decent looking pair.

"Wouldn't be better for me to give up the glasses? After all, they aren't real."

"NO." Kyoko said sharply, startling him. "If those horny females see you, they would jump on you. I don't want others to see that seductive side of you. Only I am allowed."

Besides, I cannot be with you all the time. I don't want you to seduce another woman behind my back.

"So you're jealous."

"Of course I am. You're my boyfriend and I have no desire to let other women be around you. Besides, I think we need to work on your personality."

Now Ren was curious.

"It's troublesome to have two personalities. I think we need time to revert you back to your original self. We would do this gradually. First your other version could change in physical appearance. Gradually he would get used to the outside world, and his shyness would disappear. He would learn to have more nerve. The basic idea here is that you would eventually merge with your other self."

They spent Monday in town. They decided on a pair of glasses which wouldn't hide his beautiful face. Kyoko had also decided to change his wardrobe as well.

The next day they came to University together, linking arms. The students were wondering who the new guy was, and why he was with their Miss Popularity. Soon enough people figured out it was Ren with Kyoko, and the news about her having a boyfriend spread like a virus. Many gossiped about them being together, but she paid no mind to their malicious words. Ren was the man she loved and her best friends were on her side. That was all that mattered.

However one man was especially displeased by the latest turn of events. Fuwa Sho approached Ren, intent on teaching him a lesson. However in the end, the one who suffered physical injuries was Fuwa; he had met with Ren's violent side. Fuwa insulting Kyoko didn't help Ren stopping his harsh treatment of Fuwa's body.

News about Ren violent side never spread; Kijima and the rector took care of that. They were happy that Ren had finally found a balance. Their troubles with Ren the Emperor never arose again.

Finding love was the cure.

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