Chapter One:

Good things must come to an end...even humanity...

A KP/Terminator crossover

Dark cloud's filled the sky, what was meant to be a nice sunny warm day, turned into a dark, cold and drizzled week, rained poured down onto Middleton filling the streets with cold freezing droplets of water a cold breeze would wash over the land, in and out, second by second it would seem to get colder. The rain continued to pour with no end in sight.

Location: Possible residence

"I wonder if Kimberly is alright" Mr's Dr P stood in front of her kitchen widow, her gaze gluing to the window, only seeing drops of rain pour down in front of her house. Her arms crossed, as the only thing that would cross her mind was her daughter's safety.

"It's alright dear, I'm sure she can take care of herself" Dr Possible only a few feet away from his wife, sitting down relaxed in his chair, reading his usual pick of the newspaper.

"I find your lack of concern for our daughter concerning"

"Honey, I'm as worried as you are. You know how Kim is with her missions, busy saving the world and all that jazz" Dr Possible continued to flip through the pages of his paper. "She's in good hands, Ron is with her, a trust worthy boy he is" Dr Possible let out a stern cough.

A smile formed on Mr's Dr P face "I didn't know you trusted Kim in Ron's hands, after threatening to shoot him into a black hole a few times, you've really warmed up to him"

"Well as long as she's in his hands and only his I guess I could let it slide, I've learnt that he isn't all that bad, apart from being goofy at times, a bit of a pig at dinner and losing his pants in front of us and her at really inappropriate moments" Dr possible lowered his paper and placed it on the table, slowly he stood up and made his way to his wife. "You can say I've really warmed up to the boy. He treats her right, the twins enjoy his company when his over, he seems to have an interesting perspective on things and he can cook a mean dish" he wrapped his hands around his wife's waist pulling her in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Are you really the same man I married, what if they end up in bed together then?" Annie turned to face her husband, her hand resting on his shoulders. "Then what?" she smiled, easily trying to get under her husband's skin.

"I've already accepted the boy as Kim's Boyfriend, can we please not push it that far?" James let out an uncomfortable smile, trying to avoid eye contact.

"How would you know they already haven't" Annie giggled, raising a smug smile to her husband.

"Then he's a dead ma-" James quickly figured out what his wife was trying to do, he could see the smile on her face growing. "Nice try honey" he returned the smile, his grip beginning to tighten around his wife's waist, pulling her in even closer to him.

"Since you're so comfortable with the boy, I wouldn't mind grandkids" Annie continued to push her husband's buttons.

"Now wait a minute, who said anything about grandkids and at their age, my Kimmie cub is too young to be a mother and fragile"


"Talk about all the responsibility and to put it on top with all her school work" Dr Possible continued to bicker.


"I don't even think the boy has a stable job yet and talk about-"

"James!" Annie raised her voice, snapping her husband from his usual rants about things. "Now that's the man I married" she kissed her husband before he could counter back.

Location: Middleton high-school Roof

Kim laid on her back as the rain continued to pour; her mission clothes wet and stained with dirt and mud, small cuts could be seen visible on her arm, her right sleave completely torn off. Her body remained motionless and still, her eyes closed her breathing slower and more deep than usual.

"Kim…" a distance and quite voice called out to her, almost sounding weak and shrivelled. Kim's eyes snap open, leaning up holding her head in pain, dazed and confused she looked around trying to find the origin of the voice. Quickly coming back to reality she realised what had happened "Ron?" picking her self up, every part of her body aching in pain, bruised and tired she looked around for her boyfriend. "Ron!" she screamed out.

Slowly limping forward in pain Kim made her way towards the voice she had heard, "Ron please be alright" every step she took a stinging like sensation would travel throughout her body. "How could this happen?" a cold breeze washed over her body, sending a cold chill down her spine.

Ron laid on the cold concrete floor, his body numb from what had happened, slowly his eyes opening to his own conclusion "how could it end like this?" slowly he could hear footsteps approaching him. " that you" a dark shadowy figure stood over the blonde boy, shading him from what ever rain would touch his badly injured body.

"Target still responsive…solution….termination" the figure reached for the blonde's collar and lifted him effortlessly. Blood dripped from Ron's open wound. The stranger held Ron face to face, there eyes meeting with each others; Ron's eyes tired and exhausted the stranger's eyes, dull and lifeless.

"If you lay your hands on KP, I won't forgive you" Ron snarled, bitting his lower lip in anger.

"… Response…negative, KP? Secondary target listed Kimberly Ann Possible, target confirmed" the strangers eyes glowed red for an instant before fading back.

"Don't touch him!" a quick flash of red hair launched itself into the stranger's back, a swift kick delivered into her enemies spine, Kim's facial expressions changing from helpless to anger, pushing through the pain that had filled her entire body, her only goal was protecting Ron.

The man dropped Ron to the floor stumbling forward a few steps, before turning around to face the red hair heroine; another set of ferocious kick was launched into his body, pushing him further and further away from his target. Each kick Kim delivered into this stranger seemed to prove affective. Until the final kick landed into his face connecting and knocking him of his feet, sliding him away a good couple of feet away from then "what some more" Kim said exhausted, her stamina running on empty, quickly falling after her assault desperately trying to stand up.

"Wow Kim I didn't know you cared so much" Ron let out a warm chuckle.

"Ron!" Kim quickly rushed to his side, her legs giving way again, collapsing beside her boyfriend, kneeling close to his head. "We'll get you help" Kim placed his head on her lap, forcing out a smile to her boyfriend, "Everything is going to be fine" tears flooding her emerald eyes, gritting her teeth in pain, trying to force back the tears.

"Why the wet works Kim" Ron lifted his hand up weakly to wipe Kim's emerald green eyes with his blood torn sleave. If there was anything he hated it was seeing Kim cry. "Or we could just blame it on the rain" Ron let out a warm smile.

"Just shut up you idiot" Kim grabbed her boyfriends hand, before he could finish wiping her tears, she placed his hand on her cheek. Ron could feel the warmness in her cheek as she could feel the coldness in his touch. "Of all the times you pick to be you really think now is a good time" she returned the smile.

"From all the things I would think that would do me in...Shego's plasma, Bonnie's looks, getting food poisoned from BuenoNacho, loosing my pants in front Mr Barkin, your dad blasting me into a black hole" tears began to flood Ron's dark chocolate eyes, quickly the realisation of death would soon be upon him was sinking in "getting shot is what kills me, talk about lame"


"Yeah KP..."

"What did I say about shutting up" Kim let out a small chuckle, the last of her tears slowly disappearing. "Don't you even dare think about giving up, you owe me a date and a romantic dinner, complete with all the home made cuisine you can cook?"

Ron confused, questioned her "When did I promise that?"

"You didn''s what you owe me for saving your ass" Kim let out a small laugh, trying to keep Ron's mind from drifting of sleep and focused on her words.

"That's my girl, it's a done deal, the Ron-man aims to please his lady"

"Also a foot massage" Kim added on.

"Don't push your luck KP" both teenagers began to laugh, even if they were both in unbailable pain, there laughter came out natural, filling the air with a sense of hope and joy. A few minutes after there was a pause between the two, Kim staring into his chocolate brown eyes and he staring back into her's, Kim leaned her head forward to kiss her Boyfriend, pulling up his head for him. Locking lips there kissed seemed to last for awhile, neither of them wanting to break away, as the rain continued to pour, soaking both of them, it didn't matter, nothing mattered at that point only that it would all be alright.

Kim braking the kiss off first she closed her eyes, scared on what to do, then it hit her, reaching into her lower pockets, she felt for the one device that could help them "damn it, where is it?" quickly her eyes panned and scanned the entire roof scanning for the one object she needed, Until her eyes settled onto a certain figure.

Kim had spotted her Kimmunicator, its blue light frame stood out in the cold and dripping darkness, all sense of hope quickly slipped away. A pair of fingers wrapped around her device, holding it in his hand.

His lifeless gazed gluing to the two teenagers and Kim's gaze striking back at him like daggers, a lot of things were going through Kim's mind at the time, but the only thing that would continue to pop up was "Give me back that Kimmunicator!" the redhead growled.

The man remained quiet and still, his stance firm and stable, his gaze focusing to the teenagers and the now aggressive Kim "...negative"

"Ron, wait here...I'll be back" Kim smile downwards to her boyfriend before placing his head gently to the ground, pushing up, her knees aching in pain, she stood, her stance slouching and putting most of her weight on her good leg, her breathing slowly beginning to rise.

"No Kim wait..." Ron tried his best to lift himself up to try and stop his girlfriend. But to no avail his energy had been completely drained, his body unresponsive and still, his guilt growing to his position of helplessness to his partner. "Move damn it move..." Ron raised his head to see Kim walk away, he could see the pain in her movement, each step she took a surge of pain would travel through her body, he could feel it from just lying on the floor "please move..." Ron whispered to himself.

Kim stopped in her tracks to turn to face Ron "are you forgetting Ron" she smiled, denying all prove of pain in her body, her face remaining calm and focused "anything is possible for a possible" she said in a cheerful upbeat tone, before turning back to face her opponent.

"Give it back!" Kim demanded. Only a few feet from the stranger who attacked them she stood her ground.

Slowly the man's eyes would pan to Kim then to Ron "survival rate...67%...survival rate...42%" in a quick instant the man tightened his grip, a cracking sound filled the cold air, slowly lowering his hand the remains of Kim's Kimmunicator dropped to the floor, Kim eyes widened in horror and silence as her chances for help slipped away, Piece by piece of her device hit the ground into a splash of a puddle "Survival rate...decreased" the man said plainly.

Kim could feel her anger boiling up inside, building up, blinded by rage she charged the man, every ounce of strength she summoned to give her a running start. Leaping into the air she followed her charge with a running side kick, high enough to hit the man in the face. Everything seemed to slow down around her as her adrenaline kicked in. The drops of rains hitting her face and body, her heart beat which would pound vigorously in her chest... "Mum and dad...tweebs and you Ron I'm sorry" she thought.

Before the kick could land everything was consumed in a bright flash, for that was the moment the future had changed...the day Skynet gained an advantage in the war...

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