Chapter 3:

A new weapon on our side

101110110101010110Systems online...5...4...3...2...1...CPU still intact...
Cyberdyne Systems Model 202 Seriesw...11011000101 WARNING! Multiple errors detected...
Power cells: 89%...
Skynet nexus link: disconnected...cause of interference unknown...
Audio receptors: online...optics: Not responding...cause unknown...
Location: unknown101001010110

"Its trash, nothing but garbage now. I say depose of what's left and find out what makes it tick"

"Apart from all the extended damage this unit received, his far from trash. Sure his lost most...okay, lots of skin and his motor functions seem to have taken some major damage, but his operating systems are still running at least 80%"

Scanning Proximity...error...retry...error...11010110
Motor functions...unresponsive...retry...error...0011

"This thing killed all my men, there sacrifice was for nothing!"

"Actually there sacrifice benefit us much more than you think, sure we lost a few good men, but this masterpiece of a engineering technology is more than enough to make up for it"

Scanning voice recognition:...scanning...Scanning
Motor functions...unresponsive...retry...
Source of inference...identified...unknown radio waves detected (main source of interference)

"You son of a bi-"

"Easy now, I'm only stating the facts"

"Can you even hear yourself, listen to what you just said. My men, my entire team were killed by this..this..thing, in cold blood and your saying it's a masterpiece a god damn Mona Lisa!" Josh's voice heightened by his anger.

Voice identification recognised...Josh Mankey...secondary voice...not recognised...
Source of interference...found...matching signal...signal matched...countering...

"Why are you getting so emotional from a simple explanation, you've completed your mission, patch up and get some rest"

"Well you're not the one who's going to have to face their families, their love ones...their can General Director support such an order? Do you think any of their families will share your twisted view?" a saddening tone filled Josh's voice.

"It wasn't a few hours ago you agreed to her orders in retrieving this unit and now all of a sudden you have a change of mind. Ok maybe under normal and calmer circumstances you would agree with me"

"Is your head really that far up your ass? Haven't you been listening to anything I've said?...Here, let me make it clear for you. This abomination is nothing more than a killing machine, an instrument used for only one thing. It's only programming is to kill anyone that gets in its way, there is no way in hell you can reprogram something like this, or even if you should"

"Well I've hacked into its data banks and memory core. According to its prior mission status it was able to take out you and your men in a matter of minutes. No weapons what so ever, just its own tactical calculations and environment scan's"

Secondary voice scan: complete...identification...unknown...matching voice with other known...Targets...
Systems status:...80%
Multiple endoskeleton breaches and damage repairs damaged...
Endoskeleton/design repairs highly recommended...Skin-covering: 38% new covering required
Recording: unknown argument..

"What the hell is wrong with you? You seem almost pleased and impressed on how this thing easily slaughtered my men!" his voice radiating with anger and disgust, to what he had heard.

"Well no offence to you and your dearly departed comrades, but how can I not admire its tactical achievement, my mistake. I meant tactical Achievement's. There seems to be other assassination missions recorded and they've all been accomplished with high performance. Further more this unit portrays a unique flexibility complex similar to that of an acrobatic or gymnast.

"I should really consider putting a bullet through your head..."

"The endoskeleton structure is lighter than that of its cousins the T-series, but at the same time displays the same physical strength. It was more than sheer luck you were able to get in a few hits before this unit was able to operate at its maximum efficiency"

"Go screw yourself you sack of shit! Maybe you don't understand the situation here, what I've been through, what I've seen" he paused for a moment, breathing in deeply then continuing "That thing nearly ripped off my arm and you're not in the least bit worried if it turns loose in our base"

"Hmm, you've seen to have forgotten who I am, I have taken every necessary precaution, I've scanned its entire structure and design. It can't do the least bit of damage even if it got loose"

Optics restored
Motor functions...unresponsive...error1110101
Scanning environment...scan complete

"We'll look at this? He seems to have restored his optics, fascinating he must have countered our jamming signal" the second voice said amazed.

"Huh, aren't you a sight for sore eyes? I liked it better when you were offline" Josh's features had roughened over the years, his face scared with various cuts and small burn marks, his physique a now medium tone build, his hair shorter than it was when he was younger. An angry scowl filled his features.

The second man was at least a few inches taller than Josh, he wore an old and almost torn lab coat, a pair of mechanic goggles rested on his forehead and fingerless gloves on his hands. His build was a bit more skinner than Josh's but he still maintaining a toned figure.

"Just think about it Josh. All the possibilities with this machine, we can analyse it, learn its weaknesses and strengths. We can develop new weapons against them and we can secure our victory in this war" without knowing it Josh walked away in silence, his head lowered in anger and disgust to what he had heard, enough was enough their argument was going nowhere.

"Not without the cost of a few good men. Is this war really worth losing their lives over?" Josh said in silence to himself, using his one good arm to push the doors open.

"A lost is still a lost, human life or otherwise, winning this war is high matter how grave the cost" the man turned his back to face the endoskeleton.

Scanning facial features:...complete
Identification:...Wade Load...previous status: unknown...updating...Active

"You think you can get it up and running again Mr Load?" a stern female voice rose behind the former team tech possible guru, spooking him a little in the process, but at the same time bringing a reassuring smile to his face.

"Ah, I didn't hear you come in, good evening General Director" Wade greeted the unknown figure.

"...Answer the question Wade" a sharpening hiss heightened her voice.

"Well of course I can, sure we would need to replace a few parts, restart his systems, run a complete system diagnostic, a few spit shines and it should be good as new" Wade let out a heavy chuckle, wiping a tear from his eye in the process. The female figure remained silent from his poor excuse of humour, the cold dead silence that had filled the room earlier slowly returned.

"Funny..." she said cold and sarcastically, a female figure could be seen just near the entrance of the room, her arms folded she leaned against the wall behind her. Covered by shadows her identity remained hidden. "I see the Mad Dogs leader of unit 03 is more than pissed"

"Oh, his just a little...moody is all, hmmm I should have thanked him for his efforts with the mission. Even though he did scrap this unit pretty bad"

"How long?"

"Sorry, excuse me"

"How long till it's completely operational?"

"Well from all the damage it's sustained, I would say about" a quick calculation formed in his head "hmmm, two years" he concluded.

A soft female chuckle suddenly filled the room, it was somewhat unexpected to Wade. He had not heard a girl's chuckle in years, busy in his work load he had forgotten what it sounded like, in general Wade had forgotten a few many things, the warmth of the sun, a good heavy satisfying meal and even smooth and relaxing feel of a warm shower. The Director was amused to what he said "...You've already proven you have a bad sense of humour, a year is all you need"

"What? No no no no no, a year isn't enough"

"A year is all you get. I don't care how you fix it, as long as its mission ready, is that clear?"


"I said is that clear Mr Load!" her voice stricken with authority and absolute domination, the former boy genius backed away a little.

"...Yes General Director" turning back he faced the exposed endoskeleton "computer, initiate system override clearance Wade" suddenly the light began to flicker a female computerised voice began to speak.

"Voice identification identified...beginning current unit system override"
Scanning...female voice identification recognised...

Identification:...WARNING!...unknown hacking detected, unauthorised system shutdown...WARNING-g-g-g1011010101Error...ERROR...1010011system shutdownnnnnnn... slowly the crimson glow of the machines optic faded to black.

"He's insane if he thinks he should reprogram that monster" walking back and forth wall to wall, his anger continuing to boil and emerge from his lips as hatful spite. "How dare he!"

A dark and almost low light hallway, there would be a gap between each lap source, in the ceiling the laps were a good metre away from each other, leaving small parts of shadow between each lap and not well lit. There seemed to be nobody else walking through these ghostly walkways and the only sounds was coming from someone's room.

Josh had made his way to his quarters, his own personal safe haven, somewhere he could relax, catch his breath and calm his mind from his missions. The room was nothing special, a bed its own bathroom and a toilet. Even if it felt crowded it was better than nothing. It was the only thing that was close enough to home or what remained him of it. "there sacrifice benefit us much more than you can't be serious Wade"

"Damn it Wade. Why did you have to be an such ass!" he shouted, a sudden sharp pain travelled through his right arm, not completely healed he was already stressing out his injury. "Arrg" Josh kneeled in pain. A sudden shadow loomed over him.

"You know you should be getting some rest about now" a female voice originated from the door way. Raising his head up he looked to his visitor, an uncomfortable smile raised upon his face.

"Go away, I'm not in the mood for guest" picking himself up he faced the door way "Unless you got something important to say, I advice getting lost" his pain still visible, using his own anger to mask over it.

"I can tell" her voice remained smooth and calm, no trace of fear or doubt. She returned his hateful gaze with a calm and friendly smile "I'm sure you can make an exception for me"

"...What do you want?"

"Josh...I heard what happened on your mission" breathing in deeply she continued "I know this is going to sounds kind a stupid and childish but-"

"Spit it out women!" he growled.

"I'm here for you if you want to talk" she finished "you can growl, snarl or even shout at me, but I'm not going anywhere. You don't have to hide your pain with anger" taking a few step forwards she made her way towards Josh, until she was only a hand reach distance apart from him. "Please Josh, get some rest. If not for you then for me" she smiled.

"Why would you care?"

"Josh... We've been friends for years, your health is my greatest concern. You need a break from these missions and as harsh as this's a good thing you injured your arm"

Her blonde hair tied back in a pony tail, it hung over her shoulder. She wore a medic/military uniform, her slim and athletic figure mixing in with the right curves on her body, who ever she was she had aged beautifully during her years, regardless of the War raging on the outside world.

Josh's anger slowly began to subside, her smile so innocent and pure, looking into her eyes he had almost forgotten his argument with wade. "" a sudden sharp pain sprouted in his mind, "damn it" Josh kneeled down in pain, with one hand on his forehead. A burst of memories began to fill his mind, all he could see and remember at the moment was the mission, as graphic as it was he could see it all.

Tara quickly rushed to his side to aid him, trying to hold him up "Josh!" checking his temperature she could feel his forehead burning "Crap, Josh can you hear me!" his attention elsewhere, his gaze to the ground, like he watching something play again and again "Josh listen your going into-"

Her voice becoming more and more distant to him by the second, until all he could hear was a high pitch ring in his ears, his sight slowly beginning to blur and shifting back to his last memories of the mission.

Josh and his men had positioned themselves in blind key points for their ambush, circling the entrance that they had planned that their target would come through. The silence of the Smarty mart mixing in with cold blowing sound of the blizzard was all that could be heard. Remaining still and patient they waited for their targets approach.

Checking his wrist communicator, with a built in perimeter display, a small red dot was closing onto their position. The device would continue to flash faster and faster their target got closer. Josh could feel his heart beat increasing, almost like a pounding drum in his chest. "5 clicks away, lock and load men" he whispered into his ear piece.

The rest of his team ready and willing "3 clicks" another whispered.

"1 click" the rest of them peeked out of their cover, their sights aimed at the entrances.

"0's here" nothing, all which passed through the entrance, was another cold breeze. Looking puzzled and confused they looked to their leader. "Josh sir where is it?"

"Signal says it should be standing right there?"

"Is there some kind of Magnetic interference Sir?"

"What do we do?"

From all fronts Josh was getting mixed signals from his men, what was happening? Was something wrong? Were the perimeter sensors on the fritz? "Hold your positions for another 5 minutes" he ordered "What the hell is going on?"

A few minutes had passed, nothing had changed or happened, the entrance remained un-entered by their target. One by one his men slowly emerge from the shadows and concealed positions. "What the hell are you doing? Get back into position!" Josh ordered, still remaining hidden. "That's an order!" wide eye he watched one by one, more and more of his men stepped out "You idiots!" He whispered into his ear piece.

"To what sir? Nothings coming" a soldier called out.

To Josh something certainly felt odd, a deep nerve in his head screaming out to him to observe with care and another itch at the back of his head signalling him to order his men to stay clear "something's not right, something's..Off" then he heard it, a disturbing sound, a type of pounding against a concrete surface was what he heard. Looking up puzzled he gazed to the ceiling. "Run!" he screamed to his men.

They all looked to him with unsure and questioning looks "From what? Nothings he-" the crashing sound getting louder and louder they all looked to the ceiling, something was hammering away at the roof from the outside. Cracks quickly began to form around the rumbling of smashing. Little too late, there was nothing they could do.

Josh watched as the remnants of the roof quickly began to cave in on top of a few men, dust, debris and snow shot forward around the ground flowing forward and around the area with a huge crash. A few lucky men dived out of the way before what was left of the ceiling landed on top of them.

Josh covering his eyes due to the dust that spat his way, slowly he lowered his hand and looked to pile of debris that laid in wake on the ground. He could make out a few movement that were his men that weren't crushed but then a silhouette just on top of the rumble, still cover by dust and snow he couldn't make out the unknown figure. Two crimson glows lit up from the smoke looking back at him "shit...Run!" he called out to his remaining men to clear the area "move now!"

His men, still recovering from what had happened could barely hear Josh, until a few of them looked back to the same glowing orbs that glared at Josh.
Flashback end

"Arrg" Josh grovelled in pain, after the vision he had just saw the graphic images that had buried itself in his forehead, he couldn't take it anymore, his mind pouring out like a fountain of gruesome horror he mustered every bit of his mental capacity to forget what had happened. Without knowing it using his one good arm he swag it around instinctively as hard as he could, a few seconds later he had hit something. Slowly he opened his eyes to what he had done.

A red stinging pain had been sent through her cheek, Tara only looked to josh with concern and sadness, ignoring the pain she moved closer to Josh, quickly embracing him in a tight and warm hug.

Her grip was almost like a vice to Josh, Josh was unsure to what was happening "Tara I'm so sor-"

"Just shut up you idiot" tears began to flood her eyes "you're lucky we're friends, I would have kicked your ass for what you just did" she chuckled "I know the memorise hurt, but you have to forget and move on. No matter how hard it me I know..."

Josh slowly hugged her in return. The hug lasted a while between the two friends, Tara's tears slowly beginning to dry and Josh's anger and hate towards his missions success slowly beginning to fade, neither of them willing to let go. Both of them enjoying the other's tight and warm embrace. Unknown to each other they wanted the moment to last much longer. Tara bit her upper lip "Josh I-"

"Cute guys" another male voice came from the room's doorway, the moment between them broke. As quickly as the hug formed between the two it was suddenly broken and dispatched. Both of them picking themselves of the cold concrete floor to face this new voice "Oh don't stop, I was about to join in"

Slowly the man made his way inside Josh's quarters, passing Tara by he looked to Josh dead in the eye. The man was a foot taller than Josh, his blonde hair cut in a short military do. His build seemed to be larger than Josh's, to Josh the man was almost like a goliath to him. Josh's only response was to return the gaze that he was given. Neither of them willing to back submit from their gazes "For a puny man, you sure seem to have a big attitude" the blonde goliath smiled downwards to Josh, his smile giving of a cocky expression.

"For a big boy you sure seem to have a puny sense of humour" Josh returned the smile.

"AHAHAHAHA!" the blonde man let out a loud and hearty chuckle that echoed in the room "Josh bro, don't be like that, come here and let me give you a squeeze you ant!" quickly Josh was lifted off his feet and embraced in a big strong hug, he was overpowered by the blonde man as easily a young boy would be overpowered by an adult in a arm wrestling match. There was no contest in who had the upper strength between the two.

"You're crushing me...please stop..." Josh squalled gasping for air any way he could. "You blonde bound muscle freak...let go" he squeaked.

"HAHAHA!" Josh's voice couldn't be heard over the man's cheerful laughter "I don't think I can hug you any harder. But if you insist I will try my best" slowly the man's grip began to tighten around Josh's back "you need to put on some more muscle mass on my friend"

"Let go you idiot you're crushing me" Josh placed his good hand on the man's face trying to get his attention.

"I know right it's been far too long" the man only smiled, unsure that josh was pushing of his forehead. "HAHAHAHAHA!" moments after Josh's struggle, the man could feel something toughing on his shirt.

"Brick you idiot you're crushing him" Tara's face submerged in disappointment.

"No I'm not" Brick countered.

"See for yourself" she pointed to Josh.

Brick quickly looked back to Josh to see that his friend had nearly fainted and was still gasping for air "Oh" he concluded after realising his grip on his already injured friend "Sorry about that" he only rubbed his hair in embarrassment to what he had done.

"Normally we would shake..."

"Well she hugged you, so why couldn't I?" he said simply.

"Security systems are up and running General Director"

A radio like voice echoed in the room, its voice originating from an old speakerphone . The room would give of an almost lonely and gloomy feel, its only occupier would be sitting in a chair. The only light source would originate from an old lamp which had been placed near the end of the desk. The lamp would flicker on and off spontaneously.

"Perimeter sensors and turrets are activity detected on the surface"

A chair facing in the opposite direction to the desk, a female figure sat in the chair, her attention seemed elsewhere.

"Civilian camps seem stable, no criminal activity"

No response came from the female figure, she remain as quiet and still as the room.

"Mad-dogs units 04, 02 and 05 are out on salvage back in 30 minutes"

"What kind of hell do we live in?" finally she spoke "Nothing is once what it was" Slowly her chair span around. "I miss the good old days..." reaching into her drawer she pulled something out, an old picture of some sorts, the edges of this picture had been burnt "Oh junior why did it come to this, if only you had...if only I had" slowly she realised an uneasy chuckle "This future is a funny place, the outcome of all those years to where we are now" slowly she lit up a cigarette "Apparently smoking is bad for the skin and lungs...I literally don't give a flying shit" a cold silenced filled the room, the horrid smell of a new freshly lighten cigarette filled the air. Reaching further into her desk she pulled out an old liquor bottle "Crap don't have a cup" holding the bottle by the tilt she began to drink, small drops of purple liquid dripped down her cheek and onto her uniform. After sculling almost half the bottle she wiped what remained with her sleeve.

"Bring up potential candidates for recruitment..." a bright flash lit up in front of her, the light began to take shape of a holographic computer screen. A list of names poured onto the screen. "Computer...narrow down ages from 15 to 25" thirty names popped onto the screen "in physical capability, strength, reflexes, endurance and yada yada. You know what I mean"

Ten names were listed and highlighted. "Hmm" she began to read the name in her head "ah there you are...J-J-J s-s-Stoppable" the screen was almost too blurry to make out the last name, a sudden phrase echoed through her mind "Anything is possible for a Possible" she laughed mockingly "Ah good times" she returned to her drink, slowly she slouched back in her chair.

1 year later:

Switching to read/write mode:
New flesh covering acquired...
Power cells:...100%
Motor functions: responding
Systems diagnostic: complete
WARNING!: Combat experience...Erased! New data required
Hand to hand/fire-arms data...Erased! New data required

New mission parameters listed:
Assisting unknown military unit...
Ensure mission success at any cost...
Orders from team leader or General Director are high priority...
...Terminate skynet...

A Year had past to the events of that day, a strange post apocalyptic world was what was left of its former glory, if the world was to return back to what it was it would take a miracle. The skies crimson red in the day and as pitch as ink black during the night, venturing out in either day or night was considered extremely hazardous to one's life. As grim as the future was there were some small benefits to it. Race, culture, beliefs none of it mattered now, in a small and almost horrific way machines had united humanity together. The outside war seemed to be making no progress, small victories had been claimed by the resistance but more defeats would rumour around as well. Nothing was what it seemed now.

A New tale was about to unfold, even thou the youth of the past had grown up and fought the war, the youth of today was there last hope against the new and rising terrors of Skynet.

Author Notes:

More to come on what happened to the former residences of Middleton during the first phase of the war, and how the Machine apocalyptic world has changed them.