Percy Jackson: Anarchy

New York had been Percy's home his whole life. He felt at ease as he walked down the crowded streets, or walked into the pizzeria on the end of his street; nothing could make him feel out of place. Having the Avengers in New York though turned out to be a bit more of a worry than a saving grace. For some reason the city was now under constant attack from various things. (Percy always wondered why it was New York, not Tokyo or something.) Demigods had to be on high watch. That made things a pain when monsters attacked. Mist had become lax because of the Asgardian man's presence, and the magic done by the Loki. Mortals could see better now, so Demigods weren't allowed to fight a monster unless it attacked them first. Percy didn't hate the Avengers, but he wasn't their biggest fan either.

But Percy never thought he would become one of them.

It had started out normally, well, as normal as things can get for a son of a Greek god. He had a sword fighting class at ten, archery at 11:30 (he may have accidently hit a nymph), lunch and a movie with Annabeth in the city, and then he was due for dinner with his mum and Paul in their apartment.

Except he never actually got to eat dinner.

He was sitting at the table talking about his summer plans with Paul while his mother was finishing preparing dinner. They had gotten married six months ago, and Percy had actually gotten to like Paul a lot. He was everything his mother deserved.

"I think I'll stay at camp for most of it," Percy explained. "So many new campers are coming in all the seniors are having to make sure they know how to fight properly. Can you believe that someone actually thought to grab the sword to stop it hitting them?"

"For some reason I'm not surprised," Paul said with a smile. "Your mother and I were actually thinking of going on our honeymoon these holidays."

Between Paul working at school, and Sally on her writing and artwork, they had never had enough time for a honeymoon. Percy was fine with them going on it, but because his mother had a fear of flying they said they would prefer a cruise.

"Yeah, go ahead." Percy stood up and looked at the roast vegetables in the pan, trying to pick up a particularly crunchy piece of potato. His mother slapped his hand away and he rubbed it, acting hurt.

"Don't act like it hurts," Sally said with a smile. "Paul, can you turn on the TV? The news is about to start."

Paul nodded and stood up to turn on the small TV in their kitchen. Percy went to the fridge and grabbed a can of highly caffeinated coke before sitting down at the table.

"This just in, a Hydra like creature has been spotted near the Empire State Building.-"

Percy frowned. It sucked, knowing people were out there being hurt while he was stuck in the kitchen. His mother seemed to notice, because she motioned for Paul to turn it back off. Sending his mum a smile he took a mouthful of his sugary drink.

"So, still thinking of going on that cruise?" Percy changed the subject. "I could arrange a dolphin show, or maybe even hippocampi-"

"Thank you, Percy," his mother smiled at him as she set the food down on the table "but we wouldn't want you exploiting those animals."

"Ok," Percy chucked as he ladled food onto his plate "maybe I can-"

There was a solid knock at the door and Percy looked at his delicious food with a sigh before standing up to get it. His mother shot him a grateful look, and he made a mock salute before walking down the hall to get the door. He hoped it wasn't Nico (though it would be a landmark for Nico, actually knocking, not just shadow travelling in).

"Dad," Percy said surprised, looking up at his father who stood on the other side of the door. He went to bow, but his father stopped him.

"It's your house," Poseidon smiled at him, but Percy saw something off in his deep sea green eyes.

"What are doing here?" he questioned "I mean, uh, do you want to come in?"

Poseidon stepped in, bringing the smell of the freshest ocean with him. Percy still couldn't help but notice the off look in his eyes, like he had bad news to tell him. He led his dad into the lounge room before quickly telling his mum who it was. She just got an odd look in her eyes and nodded with a small smile.

"I'm guessing this isn't a family visit?" Percy asked as he sat down across from his dad, who looked particularly mortal at the moment, sitting in a lounge room.

"I'm afraid not," Poseidon shook his head sadly. "I must ask too much of you yet again."

Percy waited for his dad to continued, hoping to hell it didn't involve a quest, angry god, or a prophecy. Over the years he had come to dislike most of those things. Quests he was still on the fence with, they were fun at times.

"Your uncle has grown weary of the monster attacks. With these… the city now the Mist is fainter and come to prey on the fear of the mortals. Lord Zeus does not trust these mortals, yet alone the Asgardian, and he wants someone trustworthy within their ranks," Poseidon finished wearily.

"Did you just ask me to join the Avengers?" Percy asked, the ADHD part of his brain wondering if his almighty uncle had finally gone insane. "Wait, do they even know about us?"

"The Norse man has told them of all the gods," Poseidon frowned. "If we didn't have a truce with Odin, Lord Zeus would've rid him from the earth as soon as he stepped foot on it."

"What if I don't want to join their boy band?" Percy questioned. "Why not Nico or another senior camper?"

"Nico is busy with his own father's wishes, and Lord Zeus- much to his chagrin- admits there is no one better for the job," Poseidon sighed heavily. "I believe we should leave the mortals to their problems, but the council has voted."

"So I have no choice?" Percy questioned in annoyance. "Great! What about camp? And Annabeth?"

"I understand your anger," Poseidon said slowly "but it is what must be done. With you there they may be able to figure out where these monsters keep coming from. Tartarus is more well guarded then ever before, and yet they keep escaping. Think of it as a quest, you are there to help them get rid of the monsters."

"What will the public think I am?" Percy felt the anger rising up in him, but he quickly tried to quell it. "A mutant?"

"We can worry about that when the time comes," Poseidon stood up, the fish on his shirt momentarily scattering before returning. "I will accompany you tomorrow morning at nine to a meeting with Director Fury."

"I guess I'll see you then." Percy opened the door for the god of the sea.

"Do not despair, Percy, it is only until we find the source of these attacks," Poseidon tried to console his son.

After another mumbled goodbye Percy closed the door and shuffled his way into the kitchen. Paul and his mother where already eating, but they looked up at his approach.

"I put your food in the oven….What's wrong?" Sally stood up quickly and shifted over to her son. "What do they want you to do this time?"

He mumbled out something she didn't catch.


"They want me to do work with the Avengers," Percy said a bit louder before digging his hands into his pockets. "I'm going to IM Annabeth."

Annabeth, it turned out, didn't have much helpful input, which was a first. Great line. She pointed out the fact it was gods rule, and what gods said you had to do, you had to do it. She had told him though that she would try to spend as much time with him as possible and make sure Clarisse took his classes.

"Just hang in there, Seaweed Brain," she said, blowing him a kiss.


"I do not like this one bit," Thor stated over a plate of poptarts. "Greeks are not to be trusted."

"I thought you had a truce with them?" Pepper questioned over her more sensible breakfast of cereal.

"A truce does not mean we like them." Thor broke a poptart in half.

Natasha seemed to agree with the god of thunder: "We're fine as we are. We can handle these monsters on our own."

"You might be able to," Tony nursed a cup of black coffee, "but my suits can't. I'm going through them quicker then Thor goes through poptarts."

"As long as he isn't annoying, I'm fine with it," Bruce said as he sent a playful glare towards Tony. "I don't know if I can take any more annoyance."

Fury stepped out of the elevator and the group of super heroes paused in their discussion to look at the man, who just let his single eye roam over all of them.

"We need to be on good terms with all the gods in these realms," Fury stated. "We don't need another Loki incident happening. Now get down to the briefing room."

"Which one's coming?" Tony questioned like a little kid. "I hope it's Zeus. He and Thor can have a battle to see who the real god of thunder is."

"None of that will happen," Fury threatened. "I'm already sick of cleaning up after you; I don't need two gods battling it out on the streets again."

"You know you love us, Fury," Tony walked backwards with arms spread wide. "Anyway, you're the one who brought us together."

"And you weren't meant to be a part of the team," Fury commented dryly. "I can easily have you removed."

After a short elevator trip down to the briefing room, the set of heroes took up their usual seats at the table. Tony instantly pulled out his phone and began doing one thing or another on it, Bruce and Natasha seemed to be having a blink competition, while Thor was stroking his chin in thought.

"The guests have arrived," Jarvis said.

"Guide them up, Jarvis," Tony said as he kicked his feet up on the desk and looked at the security feeds. "Is that a Hawaiian shirt?"

"I don't like him already," Clint muttered darkly.

"Wait for it," Tony said, "three, two…."

A knock sounded on the door right as Tony said 'three'.

The door slid open to reveal not one, but two people. The first was a tall man who had a deep tan and a kind faced, framed by a neatly trimmed beard and raven black hair. He wore a Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts, making him look as if he just came off the beach.

The teen behind him though was obviously his son. He had the same raven hair and face features, even identically coloured sea green eyes. He seemed a bit less at ease, his eyes constantly moving, hand playing with something in his pocket.

"I'm Director Fury." Fury stepped forward and everyone would later swear they saw the teenager stifle a laugh. "And you are?"

"Poseidon," the man said simply, holding out a hand "God of the sea, lord of horses."

"Who knew gods wore Hawaiian shirts?" Tony shrugged and he saw the teenager smile slightly, obviously having have heard the comment.

"And this is my son, Percy Jackson," he gestured to the teenager who waved nervously. "He is the one my brother has chosen to serve with you."

The teen didn't look happy about that. In fact, he seemed completely out of the conversation, staring out the window at the Empire State Building.

"Zeus sends a demigod to help us?" Thor asked. "Does he mean to be insulting?"

Thunder rumbled outside despite the clear day and Poseidon frowned deeply.

"Lord Zeus is quick to insult, Thor Odinson, and I quicker in some cases," Poseidon rumbled. "Percy has more than proven himself."

"You blew up the Gateway Arch?" Tony asked the teen suddenly, making him snap back into awareness.

"It technically wasn't me, it was Echidna," he shrugged, but he noticed the odd looks he was getting, "not that Australian animal-" he shook his head "-actually, doesn't matter."

"You can sit if you want, the seats don't bite," Tony said, and the teenager shrugged before taking up a seat at the end of the table, starting to rock with the swinging mechanism.

"My son is only here to help you with the monster problem," Poseidon said, looking too serious for someone in a Hawaiian shirt. "They are as much a problem for you as they are for us."

"Why join us then? Why not just fight them yourselves?" Fury questioned as he watched the god sit down.

"If mortals find out of our existence the consequences will be dire. Because of Thor Odinson's presence the system that hides our happenings from the mortal has become weaker." He sat straight backed and with an air of power. "My son is the best chosen of those to help you."

Bruce flickered a glance at the teen that was currently pulling a loose thread from his shirt, wondering if that last statement was true. He seemed unable to focus on anything, and was always moving. Bruce, always the doctor, would bet his top dollar he had some sort of ADD or ADHD.

"These aren't the usual number of attacks, are they?" Natasha asked as she leant on the table.

"No, there are far too many," the god looked weary. "If you have any questions I suggest you ask them now."

"Can you get Blackjack for me?" his son asked.

"Of course," the god smiled.

"We'll be in contact," Fury nodded as the pair shook hands.

The demigod stood and bowed to his father before he left, making Clint frown slightly. The god then proceeded to speak to his son in a rapid language they didn't have a chance to identify, but the son seemed to understand because he nodded and replied shortly.

"Bruce, would you show Mr. Jackson around? I have some business to take care of," Director Fury said. "Barton, Romanoff, with me."

The two agents walked out without even a second glance towards Percy who was standing in the same position, tapping his foot. Tony offered a mock salute as he left, saying:

"Welcome to the team!"

Steve seemed a little more sincere as he echoed the billionaire's words. Thor, though, didn't offer any words and instead just left the room, red cape fluttering around him.

"I'm Dr. Banner." Bruce held out his hand. "Welcome to the Avengers."