He awoke to someone playing gently with his mud and blood filled hair. Shifting a little bit he opened his eyes to stare at Annabeth. He must've fallen asleep while waking for her to wake up. It wasn't like he could help it, he was just so tired. Annabeth looked healthy as ever- in fact, she almost seemed to glow. Her blonde hair was neat, her clothes clean, she even had a smidgen of lip gloss on.

"I'm so glad you're okay," Percy said instantly going in to kiss her. It was long and passionate. He didn't want to end it, but the sound of his cousins making gagging noises in the background made him turn to glare at them. Thalia seemed to have gotten new clothes somehow and was glowing as well (that made Percy think it was night time), while Nico was still in his battle worn armour, looking quiet tired.

"Thalia told me what they did;" Annabeth ran a thumb across his cheek "it's horrible,"

"I'm just glad your okay," Percy kissed her lightly "how long was I asleep?"

"It's about eight o'clock now….six hours?" Nico did the mental maths.

Percy stifled a yawn; "I don't think it was enough,"

"I need a hamburger and some sleep-"

An oh-to-familiar song began playing from Percy's pocket and he turned to it surprised. Digging around for a moment he pulled out the scratched, cracked and nearly broken phone Tony had given him. Percy wondered for a moment what the phone was made out of before answering.

"Next time you decide to go all macho man on us, maybe give us some fore warning," Tony came through the speaker, a little crackly. "Where are you three?"

"Olympus," Percy smiled at Annabeth who was slipping on her shoes "we get surprisingly good service up here,"

"Well the press knows you disappeared into the building six hours ago and have been staking out the place. It's taken an armada of SHIELD agents to stop them from storming the place. Fury wants you out," Tony seemed rather annoyed "Steve won't let us go out for Shawarma until you come, so hurry up. A car will be waiting,"

"Right," Percy pressed the phone between his shoulder and ear so his hands were free to work off the greaves.

"I'll forgive you if you get a photo of Olympus," Tony added.

"I shouldn't need to be forgivi-"

Tony hung up. Percy pulled the phone from his ear and gazed at it, instantly drawn in by trying to figure out what it was made of. From the looks of it glass, but that would make it some bloody strong glass.

"Apparently it's a media frenzy down there," Percy stretched out "and we have to go for Shawarma,"

"What?" Nico asked "I don't eat food I can't pronounce,"

"I have to take care of my Hunters," Thalia said.

"It would kind of give you away if I went with you," Annabeth wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly "I'm going to have Nico drop me off at camp"

Percy pouted at her "I'll go with you,"

"Percy, go enjoy yourself," Annabeth let him go "I'm fine, I promise,"

"I rather spend the time with you," Percy complained "and I need to check on Blackjack and Mrs O'leary, then I have to talk to Tyson-"

"You need food and sleep," Annabeth argued "go have fun Seaweed Brain. I'll stop by the tower tomorrow,"


"No buts," Annabeth smiled at him before heading over to the side of the bed "Hermes dropped these off,"

It was a large duffle bag filled with a hoodie, some fresh jeans and a simple T-shirt. According to the note it was like the helmet, no one could see his face when he had the hood up. The note also stated how sorry he was and he only did it because he was ordered to. Percy knew he could forgive Hermes. Hermes was always well meaning at heart. Apollo, Hermes and Poseidon are the only gods that Percy could actually stand and have civil conversations with.

"Love you," Percy said as he kissed her.

"Love you too," Annabeth replied before going over to Nico "by the way Seaweed Brain, destroying New York City isn't the way to get the girl,"

"I already have the girl, the whole ruining New York came after," Percy quipped back, watching as she disappeared into the shadows with Nico.

Thalia left the room as he changed. It was nice to take the armour off and actually let his body breathe. Placing the armour and his dirty clothes in his bag, he slung it over his shoulder and left the room. Olympus was still thriving with people and they offered hellos yet again. Percy noticed how Thalia seemed to glare up at the Throne room in disgust.

"I can't believe they did that," Thalia shook her head as they began along the path to the elevator.

Percy was silent for a moment as he turned to face the city. Pulling out his phone he snapped up a photo before replying. "I guess we actually don't mean that much to them,"

They entered the elevator. Percy scowled at the song Defying Gravity.

"We have to be worth something," Thalia said as the elevator dinged down to the final floor.

Percy slipped up his hood before walking out. Outside he was nearly blinded by the sudden flashes from the camera. Sending Thalia a look he couldn't help but smile.

"We mean something to them," He held open the door for Thalia.

The SHIELD agents cleared a path for them to walk through. The news reporters seemed to be going insane. It seemed they'd already come up for a name for Thalia. Huntress. Thalia frowned slightly at it before gazing up to the sky where Zoe glowed brightly.

"Gladiator! Huntress!" They called, trying to get a statement, or asking ridiculous questions.

"What do you say to claims you are brother and sister?"

"What do you have to say about the damage you caused this city?"

"Where are you from?"

"Where's Reaper?"

Percy had so many different business cards thrust in his face he never wanted to see paper again. Luckily in the car it was silent. "Huntress?" He asked "I still prefer Lieutenant Pincecone. More original,"

Thalia glared at him "Shut it Gladiator," glow around her brightening.

"I'm guessing Death boys Reaper?" Percy made conversation, careful not to let real names slip "now that's a cool name,"

"We're here sir," the driver said.

Climbing out of the car Percy found they were in a quiet part of New York that seemed to have escaped most of the damage. Thalia sent him a wave before leaving, claiming she couldn't go a minute without a proper American cheeseburger.

Inside the little shop he found all the Avengers sitting around a table. Shawarma was already ordered for Percy and waiting on the table. Sitting down he sent everyone a smile they couldn't see. Everyone seemed rather solemn given the situation.

"I'm sorry about Annabeth," Bruce said to break the silence.

Percy then realised why they were silent. To them Annabeth was still dead. He choked slightly on his meal in surprise.

"She actually, didn't, uh, die," Percy trailed off awkwardly "the big guys upstairs wanted the job done faster so they lied,"

"No one hurts one of my friends like that-" Thor began to stand.

"What kind of sick bastards are they?" Tony asked.

"Are you okay?" Both Steve and Bruce asked.

"That is just low," Clint muttered.

"If they have a problem with how we deal with things they can come and say it to my face," Natasha looked furious.

Percy gazed at all of them. They all looked so angry and disturbed by what had happened. A sudden realisation hit Percy. They actually did care for him. Each one of them was prepared to fight with him, risk their lives for him, and even go up against gods for him. Percy was glad his face was covered, because he was sure he would've looked really stupid. For the first time since joining, Percy actually felt like an honorary Avenger; a part of the team.

"It's okay guys," Percy cut through their threats to the gods.

"It isn't okay-" Tony began to argue.

"That's not what I meant. I mean you don't have to go starting another war because of it. The gods are…..oblivious sometimes. No doubt my father already gave my uncle a talking to," Percy rubbed his tired face.

"If you say so…." Tony trailed off "did you take that photo for me?"

Percy raised an eyebrow at the sudden topic change. No one else seemed to argue with it so he fished out the phone "what is that thing made out of?"

"Really hard shit," was Tony's reply as he looked at it "how come Asgard and Olympus can look like this and yet we're down here living in places like this?"

"You shouldn't be talking about it-"

"SHIELD cleared the block after the chefs finished cooking our food," Natasha cut him off "you can remove the hood,"

"Who designs these places?" Tony questioned as he continued to stare at the picture on the phone "is that a solid gold building?"

"Annabeth is actually the official architect of Olympus," Percy played with his food.

"I need to talk to her," Tony mused, handing back the phone "but first a toast!"

Tony picked up the soft drink that was placed near his plate.

"To the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!" They clinked glasses and drank deeply.

"Lets hope no other nut job decides to come down and destroy the city," Tony commented "no chance of your brother getting out is there, Thor? Because I think rebuilding New York every three months is not helping the global financial crisis,"

"Loki is not going anywhere,"

-this is a line break-

"You failed," Sif stood in front of the cell "again,"

"Did my brother fly in to save the day?" Loki stared at her from the bed with those dark eyes.

"The son of Poseidon finished her," Sif said, arms folded over her chest.

"Oh, so he is good for something after all," Loki smiled a cruel smile "are you here just to gloat or do you come with a message?"

Sif said the next things like they where dirt "if you tell the All Father why Hecate came to Asgard, he will take some years off your sentence,"

Loki smirked "Tantalizing offer, I must say. It is rather drab in here," he stood up and walked towards the bars "but I won't be staying in here much longer,"

Their faces were only separated by the bars of the cell. Sif looked at Loki's gaunt face before locking eyes with him.

"And why's that?" She questioned.

The man in front of her shimmered dangerously before disappearing completely. Sif stared at the spot the god of mischief had been previously.

"I unfortunately have more pressing matters to attend to," Loki's voice came from behind her "I'll be sure to tell Thor you said hello,"

By the time she had turned around Loki was gone.


Well….i promise they'll be a sequel.