Harsh panting. Silvery hair flashing in the breeze. Zero chanced a glance behind him at the damned persistent pureblood and upon seeing Kaname's brunette locks not too far behind, increased his speed even further, paying no attention to the people walking all around him.

His lucky escape came in the form of a group of American tourists milling around the entrance of an electrical appliance store. Putting on a burst of speed, he dove into the melee and made his way unnoticed, he hoped, past the glass doors of the boutique.

Turning the corner into the refrigerator section, Zero slumped against the wall, tangling his fingers in his uniquely coloured hair. Catching his breath, he sighed in exasperation. "That bloody bastard just doesn't know when to give up." he cursed.

Zero felt a wave of dizziness overcome him. Swaying slightly on his feet, he tried to grab onto the handle of a nearby refrigerator door, but his suddenly limp fingers just couldn't hold on. He stumbled, tripped and fell—straight into the arms of a tall, raven-haired stranger carrying a katana on his hip. "What the fuck? Another moyashi? Oi, get the fuck off me." was the last thing he heard before the world turned black.

Kaname frowned in disappointment as he lost sight of his darling, bad-tempered, high-strung, oh-so-adorable ex-human hunter. Damn! He was this close to making Zero his…

He sniffed daintily at the air and wrinkled his nose in disgust. Tokyo smelled horrible.

Wait. What was that? He scented the air again.

Zero. He smiled smugly, allowing himself a moment of triumph before disappearing into thin air, presumably after his beloved's trail.

Fuck this! Yuu Kanda sweared vehemently in his mind. He was just minding his own business, taking a leisurely walk after his meal, when this random silver-haired stranger fell literally into his arms. So what was he supposed to do? Today was so not his day, he thought, rolling his eyes.

Kanda was just about to leave the silverette lying on the floor when the sound of glass shattering greeted his ears. Swiftly, Mugen was pulled out of its sheath, meeting and fending off the lethal claws of a furious brunette with resounding clangs.

This guy, this must be where all the innocence activity is coming from! Kanda activated Mugen and leaped forward, shielding the unconscious stranger in an effort to protect him from the raging attack. However, his actions only served to further incense the crimson-eyed man, who jumped past him to stand over the pale youth still lying on the floor. "Zero is mine." he snarled, revealing the presence of razor-sharp fangs to a momentararily stunned Kanda.

His innocence appears to give him extraordinary strength and speed, and fangs like a vampire's… Kanda mused, as if analyzing data for his report to Komui. I wonder if he really needs to drink human blood?...

Kanda lunged forward, bringing Mugen down in a diagonal slash before pivoting and dodging the sharp-edged claws aimed right at his heart. Whirling around, he slashed at the space in front of him, and then in a surprise move, crouched down, suddenly changing the angle of the attack. He was rewarded with an irritated growl. The long-haired exorcist smirked, mentally cataloging the move for use in similar clawed attacks.

Suddenly, the scarlet-eyed creature vanished. Eyes wide open, Kanda glanced around uneasily, he turned around just in time to see something swoop down on him with astonishing speed from above.

Fuck! He jumped out of the way. Not fast enough.

He felt claws ripping through his right shoulder and down his back. Kanda stumbled a step backwards, clutching at the bloodstained rags of his Black Order uniform still hanging off his body. "I'm fucking screwed." flashed through his mind as he regained his balance and raised Mugen, already feeling his body starting to weaken.

Across him, the brunette smiled, licking blood off his claws.

Zero awoke to the metallic scent of blood. Immediately, his bloodlust flared into existence. Letting out a small gasp, he pulled himself into a half-sitting position and pressed his right palm against he tattoo staining his neck.

It worked for the moment, thankfully. The ex-human hunter sighed in relief, finally shifting his gaze from the wall, sounds of the surrounding chaos filtering into his dulled senses.

"What the fuck?" Amethyst-silver eyes widened in shock. Kuran was in full raging-mad-pureblood mode, his once elegant hands extended into vicious claws, eyes glowing blood red.

But who was the other guy? Zero racked his brains but came up with nothing. Nope, he was pretty sure he had never seen the strange, ponytailed man before in his life. Whoever he was, Zero found himself fascinated. He wielded a traditional Japanese sword with astonishing skill, grace and speed. For a moment, the silver-haired youth wondered if he was a vampire, then just as quickly, dismissed the notion. His hunter senses would have picked up on that.

Just then, the swordsman raised his katana high in the air with a cry of "MUGEN, SECOND ILLUSION!" Running two fingers along the blade, it shined with a strange green light before becoming seemingly longer and deadlier. He leaped forward, missing Kuran's neck by barely a centimetre.

Zero opened his mouth to groan in disappointment, but caught himself in time. Snapping out of his fascination, he took in his surroundings. His jaw dropped. The shit really hit the fan this time. Kuran was going to have a hell of a time modifying memories. A small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. That should keep him busy enough.

Returning his attention to the fight, the level D immediately whipped out his beloved Bloody Rose and fired a shot. With deadly accuracy, the bullet hit Kuran's right shoulder, effectively stopping him before he could gouge out his opponent's heart.

Zero quickly stuffed his gun back into his jacket pocket and moved towards the ebony-haired stranger, frowning when he saw blood staining his clothes. He performed a hunter charm to suppress his bloodlust before stopping an arm's length away.

"We have to go. Now." The lilac-eyed youth said, his tone serious. "Kuran's not going to heal at his normal rate for about two hours. We should leave before the rest of the Night Class arrives."

The injured samurai hesitated before replying. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Just move it! I'll explain when we're safe!" Zero replied, sounding frustrated.

The raven-haired swordsman thought for a moment. Deciding to trust the hunter, he strode out into the bright sunlight, expecting Zero to follow.