'I'm not the one freaking out in here.' But you HATE the dark.' 'Not hate. Just don't like.' 'Then why aren't you freaking out?' ''cause you're here.' – Pre divorce fic

Kouichi K/Koichi & Kouji M/Koji

'Uh oh.'

'What is it Kouji?'

'I think the door's stuck.'

The four year old said those words as if he expected his slightly older twin to explode into hysteria, but when a minute had passed and the still mass squashed between him and the wall hadn't budged an inch, Kouji took a deep breath then said: 'Okay, don't freak out. 'kaa-san or 'tou-san are bound to notice, and they'll come and unlock us any second now…' His voice rose slightly in octaves.

'I'm not freaking out,' Kouichi replied, his voice slightly muffled. 'But can you move a little. I'm kind of squashed.'

'There's no room,' the other said shortly.

There was a stretch of uncomfortable silence, before Kouji broke it again.

'But you hate the dark.' It sounded almost pathetic. Kouichi knew s brother better, but he also knew better than to call the other out on it.

'Not hate,' he replied instead, a little thoughtfully, tilting his head up so he wasn't constantly breathing into the strawberry shampoo that still lingered on his brother's hair. 'Just don't like.'

'You're scared of it,' Kouji said flatly.

'Hmm…' the other agreed in a mumble.

'Then why aren't you freaking out?' The younger twin's voice had risen a little more. It was pitch black after all, and even as small as they were, it was a little cramped. And he really didn't like not being able to move. His brother on the other hand were more unnerved by the dark. Heck, he still slept with the night-light on.

''cause you here,' Kouichi said quietly. 'I can feel you, so it's not so scary anymore.'


For a moment, they both breathed deeply.

'I'm still scared,' the elder twin admitted after the silence stretched again.

'You just said you're not.'

'No, I said I'm less. But the dark is still scary.'

'It is,' Kouji admitted, and his brother suddenly cracked up. 'What?'

'You just admitted you'er scared.'

Kouji would have whacked his brother upside the head…if they weren't sandwiched together, and if Kouichi wasn't Kouichi.

'I did not.'

'Did too.'

'Did not.'

'You agreed.'

He had no argument to that, and the silence persisted until the elder twin broke it.

'What if we run out of air?'

'We won't.' Somehow, after their min-mockfight, he had calmed down a little. Maybe admittance was better after all. 'There's a vent remember?'

'Oh, right.' Evidently Kouichi had forgotten.



Another pause, and then some shuffling.



'Then who?'

Kouji thought about that.

'Maybe it's a-' he cut himself off. Neither were fans of rats.

One of them shrieked. Till this day, neither will admit who it was. And then silence echoed for a full minute as they both held their breaths…and then they both shrieked as there was a scraping sound, the sound of a key turning in a lock…and then they both fell out of the cramped space and onto their father.

Their mother would have certainly been jealous to hear that, and that moment, they'd never loved anymore more than the one who had rescued them from the cupboard. Of course, it was such a scary and embarrassing scene for both twins that they swore never to mention it again.

So, of course, they were arguing about who had shrieked first barely an hour later. After they'd calmed down (they were not crying, no matter what their father thought) and showered off.