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Let's just continue after the school anniversary and the attack of the Phantom Task.

The room was dark, there was many peoples in front of me, most are wearing a white laboratory coat. The other man was wearing a military uniform...

I'm not familiar with any of them...

"Such a waste of funds. All of our specimens was a failure!" The old man with the white hair wearing the military uniform yelled as he showed his disapproval.

"General. Santos, look at specimen 'A-76' the body isn't rejecting the foreign cells!" the man with the blue hair wearing a lab coat pointed at me and the other peoples showed an astonished expresssion.

"He's waking up! Huh? Why is his eyes colored red? According to his background, he should have a pair of green ones."

"..Check his status..." the old man muttered as he walked closer.

"According to the scan, the genes has mutated with the component anf evolved into an unknown structure... We have failed..." another man with the lab coat yelled.

Failure? What does he mean? What is this?

"But according to the data, this specimen will live..."

"Though he's the only survivor of the 'Indra Project' the military have no room for failures... Dispose him..." the old man said but the other scientist voiced their objections.

"General! he's just a kid! Don't take his rights to live!"

"He's the only survivor out of a thousand specimens, please let him live!"

"Anthonidas Santos, don't lay a hand on that kid..." A cold voice suddenly resounded, the hostility was recognizable. Hearing that voice the old man stood properly and saluted at the woman who entered the room.

"Superior- Tsukuyo Orimura, what are you doing here in America?" The old man asked

"That's none of your business Anthonidas... Don not dispose 'Ichika' many lives was sacrificed and now one has lived. Don't take his chance to live a normal life..." The woman with the black hair and sharp brown eyes told the old man.

"Then what should we do with the 'A-76'?"

"Don't call him like that... Starting from now, this kids name will be—"

Then everything went blurry...

I woke up from the strange dream that I had. I was sweating heavily and my heart was beating really fast. My body was feeling really cold, my vision was kind of blurry and I can feel the adrenaline in my mind.

"Huh...? Ichika-kun? Why are you still awake... Are you okay?"

Waking up from my noise was Tatenashi-san, it's been 5 days since she have moved into my room. Much to Madoka-nee's annoyance, in those days, Tatenashi-san did nothing but to cause trouble for me.

"I don't know... It must've been a dream or something..." I muttered as I gasp for air, my body feels like I ran for hours...

"I'll get some drink, calm down, you're sweating a lot." she said while running in the fridge and getting a can of juice before giving it to me.

"Did you had a nightmare? You looked pretty wasted, are you okay, Ichika-kun?" she asked as I drank all of the juice in just one gulp, my usual elegance was gone and I was still panting heavily.

"Ha, ha, Yeah, it must've been a dream but I don't remember it..." I replied as I stood up, but I quickly collapsed on the floor, my legs was shaking non-stop and my body was very stiff.

Helping me to stand up, Tatenashi-san made me seat on a chair as her expression changed from drowsy to worried. She checked my temperature and immediately went in the kitchen to prepare something.

"You're temperature is really cold, let's cook some instant noodles to warm you up. Or do you prefer a hug? We can also do 'that' you know~"

"I'll stick with the noodles..."

After some minutes, Tatenashi-san prepared the noodles and served it to me. But there's a problem, I feel like the strength in my arms was gone. Noticing that, Tatenashi-san did something daring.

"Here, I'll feed you." Bringing the spoon closer to my mouth Tatenashi-san showed a smile.

"It's kinda hot..."

"You've been spoiled too much by your sister... Okay, onee-san will blow some air to cool it. Really, you're so spoiled Ichika-kun~"

8:30 am

I was walking to the cafeteria with Tatenashi-san, my body returned to normal but I didn't get any sleep. Tatenashi-san didn't sleep either, she was checking if I was sick.

Arriving on the cafeteria, a familiar face greeted me. It was Madoka-nee who is by the way, still annoyed that I have a roomate beside her. At first she fought but against the trump cards of Tatenashi-san, she lost the will or rather energy to fight. Sempai's tickle attack was really effective.

"Hmph, I can smell that woman's scent on you... " she muttered as she glared at Tatenashi-san.

"Ara ara, that's normal since Ichika-kun is 'living' with me afterall..." she replied with a cheerful tone as she linked her arm with mine. Madoka-nee being annoyed also linked her arm with mine as we walked in the cafeteria...

"Umm, It's really hard to walk like this..." The moment I said that I felt a pinch from them. What did I do?

"Don't you have something else to say?"

"Just shut your mouth..."

They replied like it was nothing. On a side note, a lot of stares was directed at us, it's still morning but these girls are already causing a commotion.

Also, how should I say it, since the both of them was dragging my arm to them. I can clearly feel their breasts being crushed under their uniforms. They are really soft... Noticing uneasiness, the both of them stick closer.

"Is there something Ichika?"

"What's wrong Ichika-kun?

Sticking closer to me, the sensation of their breast was even stronger! With me being this close to them, I could hardly stop myself from blushing, since besides Chifuyu-nee, Madoka-nee and Frejya I have never been this close to another girl.

"No-nothing, let's just get our breakfast..."

As we ordered our breakfast, Madoka-nee did her daily routine and feed me. Though this is normal, some girls started giggling from the site. Tatenashi-san was minding her own food, Houki was still glaring for some reason.

"Really, Madoka-chan, you're spoiling Ichika-kun too much." Tatenashi-san commented but Madoka-nee just ignored urging me to open my mouth.

"It's the job of older sister to take care of their little brothers..." Okay Madoka-nee, how many times do I need to tell you that you're only a minute older than me!

"Speaking of which... The Cannonball Fast is near. Have Madoka-nee prepared for that event?" I asked my twin sister who have problems in speed.

"Fuu~ I've installed the additional thrusters and the speed package will arrive this week. How about you Ichika?"

"Since the [ShiroYaksha Ginshiki] is a super speed type, I think I will have the advantage, and since there will be aerial combat, I'll not lose easily." I said with confidence, but hearing my words, the 5 representatives cadets, excluding Madoka-nee gasped. On a side note, they are in a table next to us.

My IS is an all out speed type that can release it's full power when in air. I can also change my primary modes when I get attacked, with the [Triana]. And thus, the only opponent I should worry about is Houki. Though my IS is a lot faster even with her [Fold-Out] armor configured to speed, I just can't let my guard down.

"Okay, everyone. Today we're going to have a lesson concerning high-speed maneuvering."

The assistant homeroom teacher, Yamada Maya-sensei's voice echoed at arena no.6.

"I said last week that this arena no. 6 is connected to the central tower so we can do a self-study on high-speed maneuvering, didn't I? Well then, let's have the personal-IS users perform first!"

After saying that, Yamada-sensei flashily directed her hand at me and Cecilia.

"First, equipping the high-speed maneuver package [Strike Gunner] is Alcott-san!"

The 4 firing bits that are usually equipped on the side binder, and also the missile bits connected to the hip part, so as to simultaneously use the propulsion power from these bits, totaling 6 units, seemed to be the package's special feature.

It achieved the high-speed & high-mobilization, by sealing every cannon mouth from each bit, and connecting them to the hip parts. At a glance, the bits looked like a blue skirt.

"And then, using normal equipment, but managed to create a virtual high-speed maneuver equipment by adjusting the thruster maximum output, Orimura-kun! Let's have these two perform one lap for us!"

Good luck! Those kind of cheering were heard all around us. Cecilia and I lightly raised our hands to answer the cheering, and then returned to concentrating our senses on our ISs.

"Orimura-kun! Please prepare your IS" With Yamada-sensei yelling that, I let my IS proceed into second shift.


The twelve wings expanded even more, the silver mask appeared along with the silver claw [Ginshiki], the whole arena was illuminated with the bright aura coming from my silver IS.

"Cecilia, are you ready?"

[Of course Ichika-san. This Cecilia Alcott is always ready.]

"Then, ...3, 2, 1, Go!"

Along with Yamada-sensei's flag signal, Cecilia and I soared to the sky at once, and then increased our speed to break past the speed of sound.

With my [ShiroYaksha Ginshiki] being at advantage, I easily passed Cecilia as the thrusters hidden in the wings let out a blue flame. My speed increases over time and with the Ultra-hyper sensors, my field of vision is clear even though I am moving at really insane speed.

Doing a sudden break in the corner, I was protected by the 12 wings from taking damage because of the force, that is another one of the ability of the [Silver Wings] to protect the IS when suddenly stopping even at high speed.

"I wonder if that will work."

Stopping for a second, I burst out again with [Ignition Boost].

Revealing the true form of the [Ginshiki], the much refined silver claw appeared, pointing it downwards, I released a huge amount of silver energy that made a great boost. I was moving at a super high speed that my Ultra-hyper sensor isn't helping much. But I clearly know what will happen to me-


Damn it! I am too fast and if I suddenly make a break, I will be crushed with the force. Much worse is, I may damage my IS and the worst is, It's definitely gonna hurt!


[Triana mode: Welsh Defense!]

Just in time, my armor got denser as I crashed on the arena barrier, the force was enough to shatter it and I crashed on the wall really hard, creating a really large dent to it in the process. Though I have the absolute barrier and 'Defense Mode' the pain wouldn't vanish completely. Right now I feel a little dizzy from either flying at an insane speed or crashing with an insane speed.

"Orimura-kun! Are you okay?"

Arriving there was Yamada-sensei, with the medical crew, the other girls have the terrified look on their faces on seeing a live super crash!

I deactivated my IS as I noticed that I got a few bruises from my crash. I was also super dizzy, I had to lean on the wall to remain standing. My vision was rapidly spinning and I just need to close my eyes.

"Ichika-san are you alraight? I'll take you to the infirmary!" Cecilia arrived while deactiving her IS and wrapping her arms around my neck, she was supporting me to stand.

"Whoa... remind me never to do that again..." I whispered to myself as I tightened my grip on Cecilia, for some reason she was giggling to herself, she must've find it funny for someone like me to crash like that in the wall.

"Sorry for the trouble Cecilia... The was too reckless even for me." I apologized as I sat on the bed in the infirmary, Cecilia was sitting beside me seemingly thinking of something.

"No, not at all Ichika-san. It's normal for even representatives to have an accident..." she replied taking a medicine for dizziness in the cabinet. I wonder if Cecilia will look good on a nurse's outfit. Or rather if Frejya was wearing that, hehe~

Taking the medicine from Cecilia, I quickly drank it and closed my eyes waiting for the medicine to take effect. I leaned in the wall resting, while Cecilia was staring at me. Is it me or did Cecilia looked more glamorous than ever?

(Great... I'm so dazed!)

After finishing my work for the company, I Serafall, was currently taking a break while staring at a picture of the most important person that ever to came into my life. The prince that showed me how wonderful the world is. my silver prince. Orimura Ichika.

Breaking my time was a man who entered the room without my permission.

" áns! I don't understand! Why did you declined my engagement offer?" he yelled as walked and stopped just in front of my table.

"Didn't I already told you the reason? I'm already inlove with someone else..." I said in a cold tone.

"Can he meet your expectations? From which family did he came from? Is he better than me?" he asked as I sighed.

"Yes, he's already more than what I dreamt, he is better than you in all ways." I answered as the man in front of me twitched in annoyance.

"I can't believe it! You have falled for someone worthless and—"

Before the man can finish his sentence, he was thrown hard in the wall by the girl with the purple hair and crimson eyes. She was glaring at him like she was gonna take his soul and the atmosphere turn cold in a second.

"Don't speak ill of my prince. Don't even dare to compare yourself to him. Basically you're just a trash." the purple hair girl hissed as her glare intensifies at the man. Anyone who looked at her will lose their courage and compsure.

"Get out of my sight before I murder you..." she commanded as the man hurriedly ran for his life.

Taking a few deep breaths, Serafall returned on her seat as she calm herself down. She always loses her cool when someone was speaking bad about her prince. Normally, she is a calm and elegant girl but all of that changes when someone insults her prince.

(Worthless bastard... How can he speak ill of my prince....)

I sighed as I continued to look at the photo of my prince, the anger from earlier quickly disappeared ad my mind remembered that day when I met him..

(GERMANY 2018)

That day was a combined school trip of our historical school and the prestigious St. Peter's Academy. For me that was a normal day, fake friends gathering around. Young suitors asking me for a date even though it's the first time we met.

"Oh, the students from 's Academy are arriving." one girl said as she and the others looked in the window.

"Look at the boy with the silver hair... He looks like a prince!"

"Kyah! He's so cute!"

"Will he board in this bus?"

All of the girls looking in the window of the bus let out an excited scream. I guess that the boy that they were chatting about is really handsome. But I don't really care.

(All of them are just the same... All of them are using a fake personality...)

In a young age, I have known human nature, they will stick to the strong ones so they can live and when the said person loses their power, they will leave that person just like that. My position can also be described like that.

Being born from a rich and influential family, I have never met any true friends. Each one of them was a fake, taking advantage to have me as their friend so they can use me as a 'friend' to have some special treatments and privilege.

I can look through their deceiving lies. In the end, I can never have a real friend. Such a friend is is rare in this world of business tycoons, a friend that you can trust doesn't exist, even family doesn't count in this matters.

That's why only a few members of our family has lived. Our enemy was not the other companies, but our own family members.

My thoughts was interrupted when the said students walked in the bus. There were some kids with the good looks and the aura but one was standing out. The boy with the silver hair and bright ruby eyes. He looks calm and approachable but his eyes was deep and hollow, it's the same as mine.

Those eyes was full of loneliness and pain. Even though he was smiling, I can tell that deep inside, he was lonely and there was something troubling him.

He seperated from the other kids and find a lone seat on the bus. Even though there was some girls offering to share a seat with him, he refused them with a polite answer as he took the last seat, just right behind me.

The moment he sat, his beautiful eyes looked in the window. He was a perfect model for a painting, he was a masterpiece that Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci would definitely make a model for their renaissance. It started to rain snow outside and the temperature got really cold.

As the bus moved, I looked at the silver haired kid with a passive expression on his face. He was the same as me, he was also looking for a friend that he can chat with. I can clearly tell that the other kids that arrived here isn't his friend. They have the same fake personality as the others.

"Umm, excuse me. Is there something?" noticing my stare he asked me. His voice was gentle but the same time hollow.

"No, it's nothing. My name is Serafall, may I know yours?" I asked while staring at him.

"Mine is Ichika, I'm honored to meet you, Serafall-san." he greeted with a small smile on his face. But I was wondering about something.

"Hm? What's with the -san part?" I asked being curious about the '-san' that was added in my name.

"Oh sorry, it's a culture in Japan to add honorifics in people's name." he replied keeping the small smile on his face.

"So you're from Japan. It's nice to meet you, Ichika...san."

Upon hearing my answer, the silver-haired boy named Ichika showed a beautiful smile as if being pleased at my act. His smile was really beautiful and I can feel my face being hot just from his smile. This is the first time I felt this, his voice was not really gentle and he's not pretending. The smile he showed was a real one.

(Can this be possible? Can he become my first real friend?) was the thought running on my mind, I was looking forward for this boy to be the first friend I can have.

At that moment, I began to have a nice chat with the silver-haired boy named Ichika.

Arriving on a mountain that was the third destination for our trip, I walked around exploring the magnificent view. Ichika was walking beside taking photos of the the view. He was really cute while having a small smile on his face enjoying the view.

We was walking seperated from the other students since they were too busy introducing themselves and bragging about thei states and other stuffs. Among them, only Ichika and I was the one who was enjoying the atmosphere with each other. Even though it's cold, we maintained the warmness by sticking close with each other

"Hey, Serafall-san. Why don't you take a pose near the cliff, I'll take a photo with you with the clouds as the background." he suggested and I nodded while running near the cliff.

"How's this?" I said outloud making a peace sign with my hands. This trip was really fun, with Ichika accompanying me, this was really great.

"Here, smile!" as he said that I smiled brightly. He pressed the shutter and I also jumped to have a nice pose.

The shot was taken but an accident happened. When my foot reached the ground, I slipped because of the snow covering the whole area.



The last thing I remembered was me falling on a rocky place while a flash of what happened on this day appeared in my mind. The most fun day in my life was ended by this accident.

Waking from my sleep, it was already night. I was laying on the ground and it was very cold. The sudden memories flooded my mind, I hugged myself from of the coldness. My right leg was broken and aching because of the coldness.


"Help me! Someone Please Help Me!" I yelled while crying, I was alone in the middle of the cold forest and I have a broken leg.

"Why? Just when I found someone that doesn't know me but became my friend in just a short time... Why is destiny seperating me from him?"

I have found a friend that was fun to hang out and does not hide his intentions. I want to spend more time with him, I wanted to know more stuff about him. I wanted to go to Japan with him touring me. I want to know him better, I want to know him better.

I cried in the dark and cold forest. I am feeling so bad, so lonely that I was seperated from him. Even though we just met each other, he's the first friend I had in this short 9 years of my life.

"Ichika... Ichika...Ichika..."

I called his name so many times but I heard no response.

(Did he abandoned me? No he can't do such a thing.)

Negative thoughts started to run in my mind. What if he hadn't informed anyone that I was missing. What if he forget that accident and proceeded with the school trip. What if another girl came to him and he forgotten about me.



I continued to cry my heart out with those thoughts, it was already nightime yet no one has arrived for me. They have forgotten about me. I'll die alone in this cold and dark place.

Though I was thinking about that, my heart was still believing that he will come. I've only known him for a few hours yet I wasn't giving up on the idea of him coming to save me.

That's right, my heart was still believing. I trust that he will come, no he will definitely come to save me...

"ICHIKA!" I yelled in the middle of darkness not giving up that he will come for me.

I yelled for hours and my voice was already low, the pain in the right leg was aching non-stop and the pain was too much.

With my last ounce of voice I yelled his name for the last time. If I'm gonna die here, then I will die while yelling his name.


My last yell resounded in the forest, and I seemingly heard a reply that I have been waiting for hours.

"Serafall-san! Serafall-san Where are you!"

With that reply my spirit rised again, the voice that I was losing suddenly returned, I yelled again to reply at him.



With the lights being aimed at me, I raised my hand to cover my eyes that was being blinded by the light. Even though my eyes was still adjusting on the light I can clearly see him. His silver hair and ruby eyes.

"Serafall! Thank goodness you're okay!" he yelled as he ran towards me and gave me a tight hug. I returned the hug while crying, he came here for me. He didn't forgot about me..

"Ichika!" I replied as I gave his a tight hug, this was a really great moment for me. He proved that he was concerned about me and he didn't stopped searching for me even though it's night.

Looking closer at him, he had a few wounds on his face and hands, he must've been searching for me for hours.

Firing a flare on the sky, he immediately asked me if I have any broken bones and injuries. His gentle voice was gone and he was panicking for real. I pointed at my right leg as Ichika brought out a first aid kid.

Using basic knowledge, performed first aid at my wounds and broken leg while waiting for the help to come. He also took out a container and poured a hot tea in a cup for me to drink, he removed his jacket and gently covered it to me.

"I'm sorry. it took me hours before finding you. I seperated from the search crew and listened to the echo of your voice." he told me as he gathered a few woods and lighted them with a match.

"I'm glad to see you again Ichika. I was scared that I will die her alone." I told him as I cried on his arms, his gentle hand started to caress my hair and whispered comforting words to me.

"I would never leave a friend in a time of need. Besides you can't die yet, I haven't even toured you in Japan." he told me as he held my hand tighly.

"Thank you Ichika..." I told him as I pulled him closer to me, giving him a full kiss on the lips. He didn't resisted as he comforted me with gentle words to stop my tears from flowing.

We waited for an hour before the rescue team arrived to help us.

After that accident, I was recalled to my homeland. My parents didn't allowed me to go into school again, since that day I was seperated from Ichika. But I promised myself that I will not let go of my feelings. I will find a way so that we can be together again...

That memory will never disappear. He's my prince, the only one that I will give my soul and body. I woudn't let anyone steal him from me, he's the only one worthy of my love. Someday he's the one who will stand beside me in the church.

Destiny itself agrees with me. That's why my I.S [Shiro Tenshi] has chosen me to be it's pilot, I will protect Ichika with all my might. I will love him forever and that will not change.

Ichika is mine and mine alone, I won't allow anyone to have him. Only my love can satisfy him, I'm the one who's destined to be his princess.

"My prince... Just a little more time... We will be together..."

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