Rose snickered from her hiding place on the roof.

'Rose you are evil' Albus Potter joked as he watched his cousin prepare for a prank his uncle Fred would've been proud of. 'You're going to get killed, you know that right? By the whole family!'

Rose merely shrugged and continued with her preparations.

She had been planning this prank for days now. It was April Fool's Day, and she wanted to give her uncle George and his deceased twin brother Fred, a good present for their birthday.

Rose had been particularly cautious with her practical jokes recently as she was set to be starting her first year of Hogwarts exactly five months from that day, and her mother had already told her that she'd be attending Beauxbatons Academy if she got herself into any more mischief.

It was safe to say that Rose didn't have a very good relationship with her parents. She was just too different from them. She wasn't particularly smart like her mother, Hermione, and not as passionate about quidditch as her father, though she was a naturally talented player.

Rose preferred the company of her not-so-goody-goody cousins (Al, Teddy, Fred, Roxy, Victorie and James) and friends from her dance school.

'Rose, please! You're going to get us both in trouble!' Al pleaded, suddenly realizing the gravity of the damage that this joke could cause.

'Look Al, I didn't ask you to follow me up here. Besides, it's too late now. They're ready.'

'Rose, No!'

Rose simply smiled as she watched the flame descend down the wires of twenty fire crackers.


The flames were so close now


It was getting hotter



All at once the fire crackers exploded, sending bright colours into the sky and causing tremors on the ground. Everywhere you looked there was magnificent arrays of shapes and colours.

Rose stood there on the roof, watching the scene unfold around her. There were cousins, aunts and uncles running around frantically, some cheering (mostly the younger cousins and her uncle George) and some yelling. Her grandfather looked torn between excitement and anger, while her grandmother was yelling 'ROSE!' over and over again at the top of her lungs.

'You've really done it now Weasley' A voice said from a few metres away.

'Malfoy. Should've known it'd be you' Rose replied, smirking. She turned around to face the boy.

'I have to admit, though. It looked pretty brilliant' Scorpius said, his face slightly red due to the compliment.

Rose rolled her eyes. 'Aw? Wittle scorpy still hasn't gotten over his crush?'

'I don't have a crush on you!' he said too quickly.

'Sure you don't. When did you get here anyway? I thought I told you to come at three thirty. Its only two'

'I was bored, plus my father wanted to drop in and see your uncle for his birthday before he went to the, you know, burial site'

'Whatever' Rose said, trying to think of a way to steer the conservation from getting too emotional.

'So, Malfoy. Wanna take the blame for the fire crackers?'

'Are you fucking insane Weasley?'

'You'd get rewarded you know' Rose said, moving slowly towards where Scorpius was standing. 'I'd kiss you'

'On…on the lips?' Scorpius squeaked. Rose smiled. She loved how only she was the one who could do this to him. It was a well known fact that Scorpius Malfoy had been crushing on Rose Weasley ever since she started attending his mother's dance school six years ago.

'Mmhmm' Rose said as she moved so her face was only inches away from his.

'All you have to do is to tell everyone that you were the one who did it'

Scorpius looked hesitant, but made his decision as soon as Rose's pale hand brushed a blond lock off his face.

'It was me! Scorpius Malfoy! I exploded the fire crackers!' Scorpius yelled from the roof. There was an uproar coming from inside the house, but Scorpius couldn't care less. Rose leaned in prepared to give him a small peck on the lips when Scorpius did something surprising. He pulled Rose in and crashed his lips upon hers.

Unknowingly to each other, it was both Roses and Scorpius' first kiss. And it was magical, and passionate – not a word commonly used to describe a kiss between two ten, nearly eleven year olds. They both pulled back to get some air and stared at each other.

Scorpius didn't think Rose could look any more beautiful than she did at that moment. Her long, straight, auburn hair was dancing in the wind and her big green eyes were shining. Her lips were swollen and she was panting from the exhilaration of the kiss.

Rose stared at Scorpius. She had secretly been crushing on him too, but of course would never admit that to him. 'He's just so handsome' she thought, staring at his dishevelled blond hair and hard-set, structured jaw.

'Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy!' A woman's voice sounded from inside the house. 'Get here immediately!'

'Go on Scorp, don't want to keep Mummy waiting do we?' Rose teased. She moved towards the edge of the roof but before she climbed down she pecked Scorpius on the lips again.

'Let's keep this between us, okay?' She smiled and made her way down the ladder.

Scorpius stared after her and touched his fingers to his lips, thinking he was the luckiest boy in the whole wide world.