'Rose Weasley. You are now in your fourth year at Hogwarts. I simply cannot tolerate this imprudent behaviour. If you miss potions again you will be serving detention every Saturday until the Christmas break.' Professor Zabini said.

Rose had the decency to look ashamed. Of course, she wasn't really ashamed. She had a good reason to miss class. Hans Harvett asked her on a 'study date' which was actually code for a 'snogging session'. Yes, sixth year Ravenclaw hotty Hans Harvett had asked fourth year Slytherin princess Rose Weasley out.

They didn't actually do much besides snog and occasionally feel each other up, but Rose he knew he knew she wasn't some prude.

Rose has…let's just say, a 'reputation' at Hogwarts. It was a well known fact amongst the Slytherins that Rose was the first person in their grade to lose her virginity. It was the end of third year, when she was nearly fourteen, and at Donavon Flint's infamous 'End of Year Bash'. She had been snogging a seriously cute fourth year called Andrew. Their drinks were spiked and both of them were very drunk. Eventually everything got out of control and the next thing she knew, was being woken up by a very angry Scorpius and levitated back into her own dormitory.

Since first year, Rose and Scorpius had slowly grown apart. As much as Scorpius liked Rose, he began to tire of her attitude and cockiness and avoided her more and more. In addition, she had quit dancing which consequently devastated Scorpius' mother. And Scorpius held much respect for his mother.

By the end of third year the only time they even acknowledged each other was in class when they were forced to sit together, which thankfully wasn't very often.

When Scorpius found Rose sleeping naked (covered by sheets) next to Andrew, an egotistical boy in his dormitory, his heart sank. He couldn't believe Rose had gone all the way. Before the age of fourteen as well. It was just sad, especially knowing that it couldn't possibly have been special for her.

You see, despite the indifferent act Scorpius put on, he really cared about Rose. He wanted to see her happy and grow up well. There didn't seem to be an explanation for how she turned out.

Rose's relationship with Scorpius wasn't the only one that suffered as she grew older. Once Rose's family (extended and immediate) caught gist of her reputation at school – courtesy of her cousins – the entire family, save for Teddy, had been furious with her. Yes, even Al and James. As if getting into slytherin wasn't enough, Rose Weasley had to go and be the bloody princess, no, queen of it.

But Rose didn't care. She had had enough of her over bearing family, and if being the Hogwarts slut and slytherin queen was what it took to be free from their clutches then that was what she was going to be.

Professor Zabini's voice brought Rose back to the present. 'Miss Weasley? Were you even listening to a word I just said?'

Rose's blank expression told him she hadn't.

'That's it, you are banned from tomorrows Hogsmead trip!'

Rose may not be brilliant, but she was smart enough to know not to argue with Professor Zabini. As she was walking back to the slytherin common room in a sombre mood, her pale arm was pulled by a tanned, muscly one.

Before she could register what was happening she felt big, masculine lips on hers. Knowing it was Hans, she wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. Hans Harvett was the best fucking snogger Rose had ever had the pleasure of snogging. Hans leaned in and tangled his fingers in her auburn hair.

'Fuck Rose' He murmured as he moved his mouth to her neck. He slowly pushed back some of hair, smothering the exposed skin with kisses. He slowly moved his right hand to cup her pussy.

Rose moaned as Hans rubbed her cilt through her soaking panties. 'Hans…need to….uuhh….feel you inside….'. That was all Hans needed to hear. He picked her up, and locking the door of the classroom, he slammed her into the wall pushing his erection into her centre. They both hurriedly rid themselves of their clothes and he began to thrust in and out of her, initially at a slow, steady pace, but then escalating into a fast passionate rate.

After they finished they both slowly pulled their uniforms on. That was just was Rose wanted. A nice quick shag between classes. Oh SHIT, class!

'Shit shit shit. Harvett what time is it?'

'Uh, I dunno like three?'

'Three? SHIT' Rose grabbed her books and moved towards the door.

'Hey…Rose?' Rose looked up.

'You're a good fuck'

'I know' she grinned. But realizing the time, she sprinted out of the classroom.

Rose ran like the wind to the transfiguration classroom all the way from the potions dungeons, while hurriedly flattening her hair and straightening her uniform. At 3:02 she arrived at the classroom – 17 minutes late. Oh God, she hadn't been talking to Professor Zabini and shagging Hans since 2:45 had she? She was going to have to manage her time more effectively.

'April-Rose Weasley! You are no less than 17 minutes late!' Professor McGonagall barked.

'Err…sorry professor' Rose said meekly as she made her way to the only available seat in the classroom. The one at the back next to the dreaded Layla Parkinson.

'See me after class' the professor said in a dangerously low voice.

Aware of her slightly lopsided uniform and untidy hair, Rose made her way to her seat. The entire class was staring, obviously judging her. It wasn't hard to guess what she had been doing. Unfortunately she didn't have any friends (if that's what you could call them) in this class. Otherwise they would've at least not been looking at her. Rose heard the word slut being thrown around the classroom, fortunately not heard by McGonagall.

As Rose got out her parchment and quill to copy notes off the board, the infuriating voice of Lalya Parkinson sounded in her ear.

'You're such a whore, Weasley' She said, her voice filled with malice. Rose ignored her and tried not to let Parkinson distract her.

'Is it true you had a threesome over the summer? With another girl?' Rose just clenched her fist and kept on writing.

'Imagine what your grandparents would think. Probably turning in their graves at the thought of their granddaughter being known as the slytherin c*nt'.

Rose had received many insults in her time, but none as vicious as that. What would Grandma Molly and Grandpa Arthur have said, had they been alive. When they both died last year Rose had pretended not to be too bothered, but inside she was devastated. She didn't care what the rest of her family thought of her, but Rose had a whole other level of respect for her grandparents. They would probably have been ashamed of who she was. Disgusted, even.

Had anyone been looking closely at Rose Weasley at that moment, they would've seen a stray tear running down her cheek.