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"This" is talking

"This" is Kurama/Truth/jutsu

"This" is thinking

Chapter 1:


Was the shout of many of the mentioned young man's friends. Uzumaki Naruto, newly promoted Jounin, son of the Fourth Hokage, Namikaze Minato and The hot blooded Habanero, Uzumaki Kushina, and hero of The Fourth Great Shinobi World War, has just turned 17. It has been one year since Naruto and his friends had defeated the man known as Tobi and since the young sage had become the most widely known shinobi in the Elemental Nations. Like his father before him, Naruto was now a legend in his own right and that fact alone made the young Jinchuuriki grin ear to ear every so often.

Of course not all things were happy and peaceful, Uchiha Sasuke, Naruto's best friend was killed by Naruto during the war and since then his team had been feeling empty inside, Haruno Sakura taking it the worst do to the pinkette's feelings for the deceased Uchiha. Yes, Sakura tried to pretend that she was fine with what happened to her first love but both Naruto and their sensei, Kakashi could tell that the girl was hurting inside and that fact alone makes Naruto feel guilty every day.

The blond sighed, why was he being so sentimental for? It was his birthday, a time for celebration, so Naruto stood up and dusted of his red coat and flak jacket. Since his promotion, Naruto decided to wear the official uniform along with his red sage coat during most of his time and only wore his usual jumpsuit while off duty...Which was rare. Tsuande tended to keep Naruto busy since his promotion in order to get the whole Jounin leader experience.

"It's not like I need it," Naruto mumbled to himself as he walked towards the picnic table where his friends were waiting for him.

"Thanks guys you don't know how much this means to me." Naruto said as he sat down between Sakura and Kakashi.

"Nonsense, Naruto it's only right that you should be able to celebrate your special day after all you've been through." Kakashi reasoned, turning to his former student "Just enjoy yourself."

Naruto grinned "Thanks, sensei"

The group of friends enjoyed their day, going from the park to the Akimitchi's B.B.Q restaurant at Choji's suggestion. The group enjoyed themselves, reminiscing on old times such as, The Chunin Exams, something that made Naruto and Sakura lightly cringe considering that little event was the catalyst for negative future events, mostly involving Sasuke. Seeing that both her student and cousin were getting uncomfortable, Tsuande decided to change the subject.

"Alright everyone, it's time for the birthday boy to open his gifts." Naruto silently thanked the Slug princess for the change of subject and enjoyed opening the many gifts his had given him, among them was a bouquet of varies flowers for his garden from Ino, a ticket for free Ramen for the month at Ichiraku Ramen from Ayame and Teuchi, and a few medical supplies from Sakura. However, the biggest surprise came from Kakashi who was holding a rather old looking scroll.

"Naruto, I've watched you grow in strength and in personality over the years we had worked together on the field. I cannot deny that you're stronger than me now and with that i think it's time you've received your birthright." Kakashi opened the scroll to reveal a blood seal. "Draw blood and swipe the scroll."

Naruto did as instructed and with a poof, the scroll was activated to reveal...A tri-pronged kunai.

"This...Kakashi..this." Naruto couldn't find the words to describe how he was feeling at the moment. He began to tear up as he stared at the very weapon that made his father, Namikaze Minato, a legend.

"Hiraishin no jutsu, your father's most prized technique. His will instructed that you would receive it when you came of age and when you had reached the rank of Jounin. Use it with pride, Naruto and be careful if you use too much chakra, you can overload the technique and end up somewhere you weren't planning on going." Kakashi instructed, Naruto looked on in awe, not able to form words at what he was holding. He gave a foxy grin to his teacher in thanks sense he felt as if he couldn't speak.

"Oh and before I forget, take these." Kakashi handed his student a few more kunai and a belt full of seal tags that were necessary to perform the jutsu.

"Thanks, sensei," Naruto said before rushing off to the nearest training grounds in order to begin practicing. The others shook their heads at his antics and quickly followed after him.

Naruto was found setting up the seal formula onto a tree with a huge grin plastered on his face which, of course, was understandable. Its not every day you receive one of the most powerful jutsu in existence as a birthday gift and on top of that, it's was his father who created it. He felt butterflies in his stomach, this was it, he was about to come one step closer to continuing his father's legacy.

He backed up a few steps just as the rest of the group arrived to watch the display however, some were concerned because he had never practiced a jutsu of this magnitude before. Tsunade saw the concerned looks on the Konoha 11's faces and smiled softly.

"Don't worry, after Naruto's encounter with his father during Pain's invasion, he began to study Minato's history including his jutsu." The Hokage explained

"So you're saying he knows how it works?" Sakura asked, still a little concerned.

"To an extent, yes. However, the amount of chakra needed for the jutsu to work is very specific. Hopefully, he knows that."

(SPOILER ALERT: No, no he doesn't :p)

Meanwhile, Naruto was tuning out everything around him, too excited to be using his father's legendary jutsu. So excited that he didn't notice that he was unconsciously channeling chakra through the kunai...or the static that the weapon began generating.

"Alright, lets test this baby out!" Naruto shouted in joy.

Everyone turned their attention back to their blond friend. Kakashi's eyes widened in horror when he noticed the condition of the kunai.

"NARUTO, NO!" Kakashi shouted, but it was too late, the Jinchuuriki had already launched the kunai.

"Huh? You say something, sensei?" Naruto asked in confusion. Before Kakashi could give a response, the group heard a loud thunderclap and turned towards the speeding kunai that had just made contact with the tree where the formula was drawn. They never expected the tree to implode on itself on impact and a giant, spiraling, vortex to appear in its place.

"W-what the hell is goi-" Naruto froze, he felt a strange pull on his torso and heard his friends gasp in shock. Naruto turned to look at them.


"N-Naruto, what the hell is that?" Sakura asked, pointing at her friend's lower body. Confused, the blond looked down at himself to where he felt the pull and nearly screamed when he noticed a long, black arm gripping onto him. To his horror he noticed that the ghostly limb was coming out of the vortex he created. He had no idea what was happening, had he done something wrong when performing the jutsu? He was sure everything he had done was correct. He had never heard of freaky black ghost hands coming out of a vortex to be an effect of using the Hiraishin. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore, he flipped out.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!" just then, dozens of other arms shot out of the vortex and latched onto Naruto. "HEY LET GO OF ME, DAMN IT! LET GO!"

Team Kakashi jumped into action, trying to save their comrade. Kakashi tried using Raikiri to cut through the arms but, to his shock, that he only passed right through them as if it was an illusion. Sai tried using his Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll for the same objective but it failed just the same. Sakura tried to pull Naruto out of their grasp with her strength but he wouldn't budge.

"Damn it let him go! Let him go!" Sakura kept on repeating the same line until she was driven to tears.

"Sakura," she looked up at him and discovered that he was beginning to tear up as well. "Let me go."

Her eyes widened in shock and her grip only became tighter. The arms, meanwhile, began to tug and pull Naruto in albeit slowly because of Sakura's strength.

"Please, let go Sakura, you'll be dragged in too if you don't." Naruto stated, his voice showed the clear pain and fear that was he was trying very hard not to show on his face.

"No, damn it! I already lost Sasuke, I can't lose you too, Naruto. I can't" Sakura began to sob softly, Naruto was having a hard time not doing the same and stared at the pinkette before sighing softly.

"I'm sorry," he said softly "Kakashi, please." Kakashi nodded solemnly and gripped onto his only female student. Pulling hard, he was able to get Sakura to let go. The arms, as if, feeling the loss of the force that was holding them back, pulled hard but faltered slightly when Naruto began dragging his feet. The others looked on and saw the familiar sight of yellow eyes with horizontal pupils and orange pigment surrounding the eyes, Sage Mode.

(play 'Let it Out' from FMA: Brotherhood I had it playing while I was writing this part and it works.)

"EVERYONE…DON'T WORRY…ABOUT ME…I PROMISE…I PROMISE I'M GONNA GET OUT OF THIS…AND COME BACK TO YOU…COUNT ON IT…I SWEAR…I SWEAR ON MY NINDO!" With a grin plastered on his face, Uzumaki Naruto, Hero of Konohagakure no Sato, was pulled into the vortex and vanished from the world he called home.

"Naruto, no, don't leave us...NARUTO!" Sakura's cries echoed through the training grounds as she grieved for her friend.

"Oh man, my head is spinning, where the heck did I end up?" Naruto thought, taking in his surroundings...of a completely white space. Nothing but white for miles it was as if he was somewhere yet nowhere.

"Welcome to my domain, Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto spun around to find an odd figure, a completely white silhouette with a strange dark aura surrounding it like an outline.

"What the hell? Who or what are you?" Naruto asked, getting into a defensive stance. The figure grinned at the young Shinobi.

"Oh, I'm so glad you asked. I am God, I am the World, I am the Universe, I am Truth, I am everything and I am all, and I am also you." the figure explained

"Okay, say i believe what you say, what happens then?" Naruto went to grip one of his new kunai..only to discover that they were missing.

"Oh about those pesky weapons of yours." Truth lifted his weapons pouch and threw it at Naruto who caught it easily. "I removed them, sorry but I can't have you going home just yet."

What! You bastard! Give those back!" Naruto demanded rushing towards Truth, his arm cocked back, ready to smash this thing's head in. However, Truth easily caught his fist and twisted his arm behind his back, catching the rookie Jounin off guard.

"Sorry, boy, but there is a reason why I had you brought here when you overloaded that jutsu of yours. Using my powers, i was able to manipulate your jutsu formula so I could bring you here. Now if you complete my little mission of mine then I will send you home." Truth explained

"W-what kind of mission?" Naruto asked, gritting his teeth, this thing had one hell of a grip.

"Oh nothing too hard, I just need you to protect a small country from an ancient evil." Truth said casually as if it was the most simple thing in the world.

"Wait, what?" Naruto asked

"Yeah you see a certain annoyance that has been a thorn in my side for centuries has separated itself of its seven deadly sins and has devised a series of events that can mean the death of millions. I have seen your actions in your own world and you may be just what I need to end this little game of his." Naruto just stared blankly at Truth as it explained his 'mission', he sort of got the gist of it. Stop some asshole with a god-complex from killing people. Seemed like the usual crap he normally had to deal with so why not?

"Alright, I'll help you, as long as I can get home afterword's." Naruto stated

"Of course, boy, just get the job done." Truth said

"Okay..soo, how do i get outta here?" Naruto asked with a wide grin. Truth simply pointed towards something in Naruto's direction. The blond Shinobi turned around in confusion to see...a giant gate...that was open...with those freaky arms coming after him again...oh and there was an eye in the center of the gate. Naruto gave the figure a deadpan look.

"I really don't like you." He said as the arms grabbed him once again. Truth waved it off with a shrug.

"Get in line, kid, oh and you're welcome for the knowledge." Truth called out as Naruto was dragged into the gate. Said ninja just stared in confusion.

"WAIT! WHAT KNOWLEDGE!" Naruto shouted as the gate closed. Truth chuckled a little but, stopped when it heard footsteps coming from behind it.

"I must say, he has a rather unique personality, wouldn't you agree?" Truth asked the new comer

"Hn, Naruto's always been that way, I'm glad he seems a little more mature since we last met. But the dobe will always be the dobe in my opinion." familiar blood red eyes with three tomoe in each spun widely. "I'd like to see how strong he is now."

"Now, now, you know your mission. Remember to behave yourself or you can forget about our deal." Truth said with a hard edge to its voice.

"Tch, fine, send me now." the newcomer was grabbed by the same arms as Naruto before him although, he was much calmer then than the blond. The gate shut behind him as Truth grinned.

"Hehe, good luck to both of you, Uzumaki Naruto and... Uchiha Sasuke."

And that about wraps up the first chapter of Amestris Protector. Yes i brought Sasuke into this story, why? Well thing is i miss the old, good, Sasuke and i decided that it would be cool to have him working with Naruto again. Although he won't be particularly nice just think of him as an anti-hero mostly. Yes the two will be meeting Ed and Al and will be traveling along with them throughout the story, but Sasuke won't show up until after the fight in Dublith. I might as well say it so yes, both Naruto and Sasuke will have the ability to use alchemy due to the gate of truth giving them knowledge on the subject and it will be prominent in usage and they will use their jutsu just as much. Now if you're wondering about Truth and Sasuke's deal that won't be explained until after he shows up. And the Hiraishin side-effect is just something I made up, if anyone wants to use it just PM me. So I hope you enjoyed and remember review honestly, later ^^.