Brock Hart looked at his son as he folded his last t-shirt in his suitcase before he would leave behind the house that was three houses down from his beautiful ex-wife with the fiery hair and personality.

"Jake…" the words came out of him like a whisper to the wind as he sat down next to his suit case rubbing his hands up and down on his snugged denim that hugged him perfectly on his thighs showing off how tight and hard they'd become from all those hours of working out at the gym trying to get another broken marriage and trying to repress a love he thought died years ago off his mind with pumping weights and lifting things that were even too heavy for an ex-college football player like him to weigh.

Jake looked up "yeah, dad"

Brock didn't know how to put this into words but he needed to know before he left behind Houston and the one woman he had loved for more than half his life.

A lifetime would never be enough to forget that woman.

"Just take care of your mom…" For me, he'd wanted to add

He lied that wasn't the exact words he wanted to tell his son but what was the point in involving his children when he'd already hurt their mother so much anyways.

Brock looked away and sighed as he got up and slammed his suitcase shut. He couldn't tell Jake his oldest son that he was still in love with their mother and he was just too damn afraid of watching her move on so he was planning this faux of an idea of running away like he'd always done when he was afraid.

Anyways I'm doing the right thing. I'd only be hurting her more if I stuck around, and I care too much for her to hurt her any more then I already have.

But leaving behind his regrets and mistakes was the best he could do for her. She needed to move on and he couldn't stand around and watch that happen. Even though he knew he deserved to watch her fall in love with somebody, somebody that wasn't a complete moron or a total idiot like him.

He knew he deserve to feel that knife turning-gut wrenching feeling in his stomach that he knew he would feel if she would fall in love and he knew she would fall in love again. But he just could not watch that even though it would be fare justice after her having to watch him flaunting Barbra Jean around her those six years.

God, what a total idiot I was…am

Love and Reba in the same sentence only sounded right if it was with him and he knew it never would. Never again! And he was to blame. He accepted it but that didn't mean his heart never throbbed at acknowledging his one and only regret in leaving her.

"How many more years are you gonna lie to yourself, dad? How many more grey hairs will it take for you to realize you're in love with her?" Jake folded his arms staring intently at the back of his father's head waiting for a reaction.

Brock turned around and was surprise to see his oldest son looking the most serious he'd ever seen him. Jake wasn't the type to confront and be all serious looking that was more Reba. Jake was the laid back sort much like him, but he guess he had the best of the both of their genes if you considered forwardness and being laid back to be good genes.

Jake went on "Kyra has her problems and Cheyenne well Cheyenne is busy with fusing over 'Cheyenne,' and Henry is too small to understand what is goin' on, but I'm not so blind dad. I've seen you and mom walk around eggshells for years. And I see the way you look at her…" Jake continued without giving Brock a chance to come up with an excuse. "You love mom and I know deep down mom is still in love with you even though she tries to deny it."

Brock was shocked of all things figuring he had everyone fooled with his emotions and feelings towards Reba.