When returning downstairs from checking on her mom, Kyra heard her phone vibrate telling her she had an incoming call, and without a moment's hesitation she answered and it turned out to be Lucretia. Without trying her lips on their own command curved up into a Cheshire like smile.

With sweaty palms Kyra juggled her phone from one hand to the other as the conversation went on from checking on one another to finding out neither one had nothing better to do so they both agreed to popcorn and a movie on her mom's couch. With a quick goodbye Lucretia grab some movies before she was on her way to the Harts while Kyra was getting the popcorn ready in the kitchen.

As soon as the popcorn dings Jake came bustling downstairs to into the kitchen to grab a quick snack. "Hey, sis" Jake entered as he push through to the fridge to grab something.

"What are you doing? Shouldn't you be doing your homework or something conspicuous that isn't downstairs?" Kyra growled angrily, just when she thought she would be alone down stairs.

Jake looked at her funny then out of nowhere like fungus a thought came to him as he notice his sisters peculiar status, and with a wicked grin he says "She's coming over isn't she?" the brunette laughs to himself and Kyra glares at him as her face becomes red as a tomato.

"Shut-up!" Kyra retorted turning away from laughing brown eyes as she opened the microwave door and snatched the popcorn bag. She turned around with the popcorn bag in hands and pointed a free finger at Jake. "You listen here little brother, I suggest if you don't want that pretty face of yours written on by my sharpie with a repeat of what happened with Chip you will do as I say and run up to your room and not leave it till she's gone, understood?" Jake gasps and nodded frantically and ran up as Kyra smiled to herself triumphantly.

After leaving Kyra retrieved a crystal clear bowl from one of the cabinets from down below and poured the buttery flavor popcorn inside as it filled up to the top.

Just leaving the kitchen with bowl tucked under arm she hears the door belle ring and she smiles knowing its Lucretia on the other end. Setting it on the table she hollers, "I'm coming!"

Rushing to the door with a foolish smile she greets Lucretia with an even bigger smile seeing those golden layers cascading straight down over her shoulders to her waist in freedom.

"Hey, Miss. Scarlett O' Hara," Lucretia winked cheekily at Kyra using her nickname for her boss/friend. "I brought the movies since I knew you'd start the popcorn; hope it has lots of butter in it by the way." Lucretia oblivious to Kyra's blush shoves four different movies her way.

Kyra nods "yeah there's plenty of butter. Come on in" Kyra moves as she opens the door wider. Passing by, Kyra got a nice whiff of the blonds fragrance that was a mixture of her natural essence and white Gardena. While trying not to pass out from the intoxicating smell of her 'Friend' she followed and watch as she walked in those damn shoes making her look like a lethal weapon that made the redhead's heart beat just a little too irregular.

Grumbling to herself as to why she got herself in this mess in the first place, why couldn't she like her brother Mike instead? Why did it have to be a dang girl of all things?

Like her life wasn't screwed up enough with having two divorcee parents that were still in love with each other that were too stubborn to admit it, and not to mention her past of being committed in a rehabilitation center for her eating disorder a year ago, then there were her many failed attempts at a relationship with her previous boyfriends.

Washing away those thoughts with a mental shake of the head she turned toward Lucretia who was staring at her awkward. "You alright?" Lucretia rubbed her friend's shoulder not realizing the effect it would give her so she was shocked when Kyra flinched away from her touch.

"Oh, yeah. I'm sorry about that, just a headache. So what movies you bring?" Kyra lied as she turned the conversation toward something else.

Lucretia eyed her one more time only to find her blue eyes emotionless so she shrugged her precious attempt at figuring out what was wrong. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show it's a classic and I know how much you love the blond dude that's bare skin- with only golden underwear were he shows all the goods!" Lucretia laughed indiscreetly.

Kyra rolls her eyes "His names Rocky! Though you would know that by now, considering you watch that show just as many times as me." Kyra joked

"Yeah, well at least I don't watch it just to watch men in drag" Lucretia quip

"I can't help it, it's kind of a turn-on for me watching macho guys showing there feminine side with paint and lingerie, it's kind of sexy, don't you think?" Kyra grins shamelessly while watching Lucretia blush. "Ah-ha so I'm not the only one"

"well fine but I think the red head is pretty sexy in it too" Lucretia flipped a lock of Kyra's hair behind her ear making Kyra swallowed hard at the close contact and stutter as she says, "Mag-enta" clearing her throat she tries again with a stronger voice "Her name is Magenta the Domestic"

"Hmm, well she was pretty Ho-ot" Lucretia moves closer and Kyra feels her hot breath on her sleek neck making her shiver. Backing up suddenly she jumps in awareness of the closeness so she grabs the dvd's at another attempt of avoiding the turmoil bubbling below.

Lucretia sighs and backs up thinking maybe she read Kyra all wrong maybe she wasn't interested in her in that way. Well she was hot and had a great bod and a gorgeous voice a voice of a siren with an angry beautiful edge to it that made her warm with bliss inside, she probably had guys wooing her with their idiocy plots by the minute. She hated the thought that she belong to someone else. But if just having her as her friend was the only way to have her in her life then so be it she rather have Kyra in her life then no Kyra at all, she was a great girl to be around and she wasn't about to risk that just because of a crush.

"Heavy Metal…Blade Runner…Something's gotta give?" Kyra raised her eyebrow up at the last one in question at the blond as she shrugged.

"What? Can't a girl like a romantic comedy? Plus I can't help it it's so sweet makes me cry all the time seeing a middle age man who's a player that chases after all these younger woman and gets a heart attrack then recuperates at his young girlfriends mothers beach house, sleeps with the mother the mother finds out it's a one night stand gets angry they break up she starts dating a younger man and he starts dating young woman again only the find out he fell deep for the woman whose heart he broke and can't really go on so he searches for her in Paris and finally admits he loves her and they live happily ever after. I'm such a sucker for that sort of thing; go ahead I know ya wanna laugh."

Kyra couldn't help but smile "Na, I know what you mean, I mean men can be such idiots at times look at my dad he threw away a perfect women only to realize seven years later what a mistake he made and now it's too late, he's too scared and mom's not trusting enough. When your that age it's like skating on broken ice, you'll never know if you make it across knowing your drown in the end. That's my parents for you skating and drowning. It's fun at first then" Kyra snapped her fingers to make her point "their gasping for air hoping they won't drown in the process."

A closed raspy voice that sounded like she had been crying for hours interrupted.

"your right about one think Kyra your father is scared sh**less, he doesn't have the balls to love anyone else but himself why else would he give up and run away from being a man."

"Oh… mom I didn't hear you coming down" Kyra rushed to the older redhead.

"Mom you should be in bed resting that fall you took was pretty nasty I don't think the doctors would have approved of you walking around."

Gently pushing Kyra away Reba maneuvers over to Lucretia "so what are you girls up to?" Ignoring her daughters reprimand she sits on the couch.

"Mrs. Hart we were just about to watch some movies, care to join?" Lucretia asks politely as Kyra shakes her head no only to get the blond to wave the red head away and to join them for the movie fest. "I would love to Lucretia even though my daughter wants to get rid of me."

"It's not that mom, It's just that…Uh… you should get some rest with your high blood pressure and the doctors visits"

Reba rolled her eyes "That is the lamest excuse I ever heard, you must be your father's daughter." Reba turned her head to the blond. "So what we watching?"

"Well we have a choice between a 70's musical…two sci-fi flicks…or a romantic comedy? What would you prefer Mrs. Hart?

"Romantic comedy of course if it's alright with you girls? And please call me Reba; Mrs. Hart makes me feel old nowadays."

"no problem" Lucretia took the disc out and put in As Good As It Gets in the dvd player and pushed play the previews began and the girls settled down by each other, Reba in the middle like a watch dog even though she was oblivious of the attraction between the blond and young redhead and the girls on either side of the mom.

As the movie began they began moving with the popcorn with hungry hands as the titles and theme song came into view.