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Simon rushed forwards, certain now that his glimpse of Jay was not simply wishful thinking on his part. He caught Jay as she ran into his arms. He held her tightly as they spun around, and he unintentionally let out a loud laugh as Jay kissed his cheek over and over again. She was still the same, but different at the same time. Her dark hair was pulled into a high ponytail with her thick side fringe falling over her face. She was taller than the last time he had seen her, but otherwise; she was still the same little girl he had left. Her intense green eyes still shone with seemingly unending laughter, and the same few freckles still dotted over her nose and cheeks lightly, barely visible. To anyone else, they may not have been noticeable, but Simon knew everything about the girl in front of him, better than anyone else in the world.

"What are you doing here?" Simon exclaimed as Jay's feet were planted back on the ground.

"I work here now." She explained, squinting in the sunlight.

"What?" Simon questioned, the smile sliding from his face like slowly melting ice cream.

"Exactly what I said brother; I have a job here now."
"Brother?" Rebecca called, overhearing their conversation with surprise. "Of course! You said your name was Hill. Simon, you never told me you have a sister."

Simon gave Rebecca a slight irritated glance before turning back to Jay.

"We'll talk about this later, alright. Where are you going now?"
"I was taking her to Colonel Marks." Rebecca told him, not unaware of Simon's cold expression all of a sudden.

"Thank you Rebecca, I will take it from here." He said simply, taking Jay's elbow and bending down to retrieve some of her bags. Rebecca stood, taken aback by what had just played out in front of her, as Simon and Jay walked away briskly.

"What do you think you're playing at?" Simon hissed when he was sure they were out of earshot.

"Simon, this is a warzone; they ask for volunteers and so I signed up." She told him, keeping a calm tone to her voice. She had known how Simon would react, but he was being more level headed than she had expected. For now.

"It's dangerous Jay; don't you know what you've gotten yourself into?" he vented, feeling the blood rushing to his face. He wasn't angry, like he thought he should be, but he was desperately trying to work out what was going on in his little sister's head.

"I know its dangerous Simon; believe it or not I do listen when you speak to me." Jay replied curtly.

"Then what the hell do you think you're doing?" Simon demanded again, but before Jay could respond, a tall, shaven headed man with a red medical shirt approached them.

"Who's your friend Simon?" The man asked, and Simon fought to keep a civil expression on his face when he answered.

"Colonel Marks, this is-"

"I'm Jay Hill, Sir." Jay introduced herself, cutting off her brother. She knew he would be angry for a while, but she thought that she might as well get it all over with in one go.

"Ah yes," Colonel Marks responded, disregarding Simon. "Follow me Miss."

As Colonel Marks began to walk away, Jay immediately followed, with Simon a pace or two behind.

Colonel Marks quickly showed Jay around the base, not taking any notice of the fact that Simon was following. Jay wasn't sure what she had been expecting, but the hospital was definitely a lot more sophisticated than she had imagined. She was introduced to so many different people that it almost made her head spin, and Jay knew that she was going to have a tough time remembering all of the names, but she made a huge effort to commit them all straight to memory. She had no idea how long she was going to be there, and she didn't want to waste time not talking to people because she wasn't exactly sure who they were.

"...And finally, this is Sergeant-Major Graham Kelly." Colonel Marks concluded "He's going to sort you out with somewhere to sleep."
"Actually Sir," Kelly interceded before Colonel Marks could say anything else "I had been hoping to talk to you about that before Miss Hill got here. It seems that there is nowhere for her to sleep."

"It's ok; I can bunk on the floor somewhere." Jay offered with a smile, not wanting anyone to think she was a nuisance within her first hour.

"Actually Miss, we have a bed; just no place to put it." Kelly replied, looking to the Colonel for an answer as to what he should do about the problem, as small as it was.

"You can put it in my room if you like." Simon offered with a sigh. He knew that it was too late now to simply send Jay home, so he may as well keep her somewhere he could keep an eye on her.

"I don't think that's a good idea Simon." Colonel Marks answered with a wary expression. He trusted Simon with the patient's lives, but not so much with the women who came onto base.

"It's alright Colonel," Simon informed him simply "Jay's my sister."

"Oh," both men responded, each of their eyes going from Jay to Simon, and back again.

"Huh, yeah," Colonel Marks finally said "I can see it now. Alright, put the bed in your room. It'll only be until somewhere else is found. Luckily for you Miss Hill, it seems to be fairly quiet right now, though that could change at any moment, so you may have some time to settle in before getting to Simon can give you a more detailed tour. Welcome to Kandahar." He finished before giving Simon and Kelly a quick nod and walking off to continue working.

"Right," Kelly carried on "Let's get that bed moved."

Within twenty minutes, the two men had managed, just about, to get the single bed into Simon's room. Kelly left the siblings to arrange the furniture. Simon was moodily silent as he moved one of the cabinets across the floor to make room from the bed, declining Jay's offers to help.

"I still don't understand what possessed you to do such a stupid thing Jay." He muttered after a few minutes of steely silence, not looking at his sister as he began to put the sheets on the bed.

"I was tired of being alone." Jay murmured back as she started to help him, ignoring the irritated glances she earned from her older brother.

"Then you should have joined a bloody book club!" Simon exclaimed angrily.
"You know what I mean." Jay responded, her own voice raised slightly.

"And what about university? What do you expect to do about that?"
"I'll go when I leave here. I wanted to get some world experience first." She told him casually, shoving her pillow into the case.

"World experience?" Simon blurted suddenly "You could have got world experience by teaching English in France like you wanted to do. Or Copenhagen. You've always wanted to go there, ever since you were four of five. Anywhere but a damned warzone!"

"Oh I get it; it's ok for you and Ollie to be here, but not little Jay. No, she's too young, fragile and female for this kind of work, let's leave her at home, spending countless nights wondering if her brother and boyfriend are even alive because neither of them return her phone calls anymore." Jay vociferated furiously, throwing the pillow back on the bed.

"What did Ollie say about all this?" Simon asked in a suddenly calm tone that contrasted so strongly with his former attitude that Jay was slightly taken aback for a second.

"He doesn't know I'm here. I haven't spoken to him for a few weeks." She replied quietly. "Look, Si," she continued with a small sigh "He's been stationed in Kandahar for a while now, and if he got hurt, this is where they would send him. He used to call me every week, without exception. I haven't heard from him for almost two months now. I had to know that he wasn't here."
"So this is what this is about?" Simon replied, his hands on his hips, thinking that he had finally worked out Jay's motive for such a stupid decision.

"Don't give me that Simon," Jay barked "You know I would do exactly the same thing if it was you."

"Don't you think I would have called you if he was here?"

"Well I don't know Si, you're not exactly very forthcoming when it comes to talking about this place."

"There's a reason for that Jay, and you can't just up and drop everything to come here, on the off chance that I forgot to mention that your boyfriend was here just because he hasn't called you for a while, when he could just be, maybe, I don't know; doing his job, and trying to stay alive."

"Fiancé," Jay mumbled, looking down at her feet.

"What?" Simon blurted out, surprised by the sudden change of topic.

"Ollie asked me to marry him last time he was leave, and I said yes." She explained, holding up her left hand that now held a small ring on the fourth digit.

"And when were you going to tell me this?"

"Ollie wanted to wait until all three of us were together again. But you make that difficult when you make excuses every time Simon." Jay snapped back.

Simon took a deep breath to keep himself calm. The last thing he wanted to do was start yelling and balling, possibly attracting the attention of almost everyone in Afghanistan.

"Jay, listen to me; there are a lot of women out there who have loved ones in the army, but they can't all get jobs wherever the hell they feel like it just to be closer to then."

"Simon, I'm here to help, like I said, and don't you dare accuse me of using such a precious resource as a hospital out here as a ticket in. Ollie is not the only reason I'm here, and neither are you. If knowing that you both are safe is a bonus then so be it, but I won't have you stand there and make out like I only care about that. I want this war to be over as much as everyone else and I'm trying to do my share in making that happen, just like everyone else on this base!"

Jay could feel her voice and hands trembling with anger as she looked at her brother. She almost couldn't believe that Simon had had the audacity to make out like she was here for her own purposes. Yes, he and Ollie had been a deciding factor, but the decision to offer her services, as limited as they were, had been one she had been considering for a while.

Before she had time to do anything about it, Jay felt Simon's arms wrapping around her again, and she breathed him in. God, she had missed him.

"It's so good to see you." He whispered honestly, and they stood like that together for a few elongated minutes, savouring the feeling of togetherness again.