Part I: Unexpected Future

She ran across the open field with a sack tucked tightly in her arms. Her worn out shoes flattened the grass underneath her with every step she took. She had a scared look on her face, was she late for something? The answer was clear when she looked behind her and saw two men chasing right behind her. They were thin, and looked to be quite in shape, more so than the girl with the sack. They ran, and the two men were catching up to her pretty fast. The girl was breathing heavily as she continued to run. Her running came to a halt when she tripped on her own feet, slightly twisting her ankle as well. As she fell, everything seemed to fall in slow motion. The grass came closer to her ever so slowly, the sack flew out of her hands in front of her, and soon her face met the ground. The two men caught up to her, chuckling at her fall.

"Well, look what we got here, another peasant failing to steal our grain, what do you think we should do Morris?"

"Maybe we should throw her with the pigs. The boss wouldn't mind having deep fried Elyos for dinner tonight."

The small and hungry girl turned over on the ground, and backing up slowly, anxious, nervous, scared. She looked like she was about to cry from all the feelings she was having. She continued to back up slowly as the two men stared at her with an evil look, laughing at what misfortunes will happen to her. A small watch slipped out of her pocket and fell to the ground. The two boys stopped laughing and looked at the gold watch that fell.

"Look, is that pure gold? Where did you get this from peasant? You steal it? Grab it Morris!"

Morris went to go pick it up, but the girl snatched it up before he could. Morris grabbed her wrist and tightened his grip on the girl which caused her much pain. She wouldn't let go of the watch however. It seemed to be of quite value to the girl, not money value, but something more personal, the way she held it in her hands, not letting anyone take it from her like it was her own heart or something. Morris continued to pull on the girl's wrist, hoping she would let go, she never did. The man became more aggressive, and slapped the girl across the face, which disoriented her and made her drop the watch. Blood dripped from her nose from the impact of the hand. The watch was picked up by the other man who proceeded to inspected it. He put it up towards the sun to get a better view of it. What an impressive watch it was, smooth, golden, glass as strong as steel, and the hands of the watch were as sharp as pins. The two men were amazed.

"It's gold alright, we can make some kinah off of this, thanks peasant, you can keep the grain sack."

A tear ran down her cheek and fell on her worn out brown leather shirt. Her sadness turned into anger which turned into protection of that watch. As the two men started to walk off (who were laughing as they did) the girl stood up on her two legs firmly and dashed towards the men. She tackled the man who was carrying the watch and they both fell to the ground. She may look like she couldn't handle herself, but she's stronger than she looks. The man dropped the watch out of his grip, and the girl snatched it and ran towards the town that was nearby. The town appeared to get bigger and bigger as she ran towards it, and was beginning to become clearer yet it was still blurry from this distance. The peasant girl continued running with the watch firmly in her grip and the men still chased right behind her. Her running came to a halt again when she ran by a tree and one of the tree branches seemed to grab her shirt. She continued to try to push forward, hoping the branch would let go of her shirt. The girl continued pushing forward until she heard a big ripping sound and fell back down onto the ground. She tried to get back up, but fell down again onto her back. She stared up into the sky and the leaves of the tree, then felt a slight breeze on her body. She looked at the branch that had snagged her and saw her shirt hanging from it. She looked down at her and realized that she no longer had a shirt on, just a small bra that covered her breasts. The two men caught up to her again and laughed at her again.

"You're a clumsy one, fast one too" one man said and grinned at the girl. "You also have a nice pair there too" he continued saying as he stared at the young girl's breasts. Not only was the girl nervous and nearly about to cry, but now she was embarrassed and really felt like crying. She fought back the tears and tried not to show any weakness. She held the watch firmly and strongly in her hands.

"What do you think we should do this time Morris?"

"Take the watch, and keep the girl for ourselves" Morris said with an evil chuckle and grin.

The girl was scared, she didn't know what to do, it was check mate for her, she could feel it. She closed her eyes and continued to hold the watch. She could sense one of the men extending one of their hairy hands to grab her. Then she heard someone coming, and when she opened her eyes, a fist was being thrown into the man's face in front of her. The man was knocked over, and brought Morris down with him. The one who threw the punch didn't look like he was from the town close by. He looked about mid twenties. His clothes were new, bright, and unused. He had a white shirt on with some dark green pants and sandals on his feet. I looked at his shoulder that was facing me and it had lettering on it. It had the initials E.A.R. He's from the military, what is he doing here?

"You two better leave." The soldier said to the two men. The two men stood up slowly, and wiped the grass and blood off their ugly white faces. They both grinned, not knowing what they're about to get into.

"We were just playing a nice game of tag was all" one of the men said still grinning.

"Leave. . ." The soldier sounded serious and he gave the two men a stare they'll remember for the rest of their lives. The two men knew they would lose this fight and it wasn't worth the effort, they walked away from the girl and moved towards the horizon. The girl looked at the soldier with amazement, and relief. He looked at her and extended his hand to her. She placed her hand in his, and he helped lift her up onto her feet.

"Are you okay ma'am?" His voice was as kind as his eyes. She looked down at her legs which were slightly scratched and bruised from all the falling. Then she realized that she didn't have a shirt on, and blushed as she responded back.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you for saving me" she said in her young and innocent voice, still blushing. The soldier slipped the shirt off of the branch and handed it to her. She accepted the shirt, and covered herself with it. The back was ripped, but it could be stitched up. She stared at the soldier's face, so young and smooth, and white. He had black hair, really short black hair. He had quite some muscle on him too, but he wasn't like a stone wall or anything, but still really fit. The girl seemed ashamed to even look at the soldier, she smiled at him and looked at his shirt, which looked much better than the one she was wearing. "I have to go now, again thank you, I have no idea how I can repay you."

"Don't worry about it, those two were perverted assholes."

She giggled in agreement, and smiled at the soldier one last time before walking into the nearby town. Before she got to the entrance, she looked behind her and saw the soldier walk off. She smiled again. She was happy, really happy. She walked into the town.