Azaria's head laid in a field of grass. Her eyes opened to the sounds of birds chirping and the grass waving. There was a slight breeze that felt good on her face. The sky was nearly clear, and the air was fairly cool. The rays from the sun warmed her face and her eyes opened slowly. She was confused where she was. She sat up and looked at herself. She was wearing a long white dress that waved in the breeze. Her feet were bare, pale, and smooth. She stood up and looked around, only seeing an endless field of grass, blue sky, and warm sun light. She enjoyed the breeze hitting her face and any limbs that were exposed. She skipped in the field carefree. She past by a tree, a really tall and wide tree. It had really dark green and healthy leaves. The leaves rattled in the wind. They made a crisp sound while at the same time sounding soothing. She continued walking through the field until the ground began shaking. She instantly stopped and tried to keep her balance as the ground continued shaking. The ground beneath her began to split in two. The two parts moved away from each other, creating a fire pit down below. Azaria did not know what was happening. She fell backwards and landed on her butt. Fire blasted out of the pit which startled Azaria. She stood up and ran back. She past the tree again and hid behind it. Cracks appeared on the ground and they were getting closer to the tree. Holes were created and the world around her was falling apart. The ground beneath her collapsed and she fell. She fell and fell and then she blacked out.

Azaria woke up in a daze and a headache. She was in the same spot where she blacked out. She stood up on her knees, feeling a little weak. She looked at the stone floor beneath her. She vomited on the ground which made her feel better but at the same time like crap. Fox ran up to Azaria to go see if she was okay now. "You okay?" Fox said.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Where is everyone else?"

"Just outside, the ball said we shouldn't move you. I wouldn't want to move you with those wings in the the way."

"Me either" Azaria said. Fox handed her some kind of napkin or wipe. Azaria took it and wiped her face with it, getting rid of all the vomit still on her face. "Thanks."

"Anytime, you able to stand up?"

"I think so" Azaria said. She slowly stood up, still feeling slightly dizzy. Fox helped her move around and together they walked outside. Once outside, Azaria was fine and they could see the rest of the group looking at some of the ruined statues. They walked to go reunite with the rest of the team. Kane noticed that Fox and Azaria was behind them.

"Good to see that you're alright." Kane said as the two got close.

"Yeah, just needed to take a power nap." Azaria said.

"Well now that you're awake, you can get the hell off of my temple." the light ball said. Everyone started to walk back to the base.

"Asshole" Fox mumbled.