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Chapter 1


Think back to your favorite story and try to look past the dashing hero long enough to notice their sidekick. The friend or sibling that is ordinary to the extreme, except for the fact that they're important to the hero.

That would be me. Plain Jane Bella Swan, known only because my twin brother, Edward, refuses to let me hideaway in my books.

Edward Swan is the all-American guy: outgoing, popular, star athlete, outdoorsman, award-winning marksman, and he's even smart enough to graduate high-school a year early and head off to U-Dub on a full scholarship without me.

But not even the three-hour drive dissuaded him from coming home to hang out with our friends in Forks, or drag me to Seattle a few times. I'd met his girlfriend, Alice, on my second trip to Seattle, but I always seemed to miss his roommate, Jasper. Even my dad met him when he came to town for a weekend hunting trip while I was on a fieldtrip.

And that was a damn shame, because from the pictures I'd seen of him, and all the stories I'd heard about the Texas-born Jasper Whitlock, he sounded like a pretty awesome guy.

Not that anything would come of it, because besides the fact that he could land anyone, Edward was the king of the cockblock. Maybe it was his desire to go into law enforcement, or the fact that he liked to remind people that he hunted deer, but before he went to college no guy would dare look at me, let alone touch.

"Bella, come on, we're about to go up. I know Principal Green is a bore, but you can't sleepwalk across the stage." I rolled my eyes at Jessica's exaggeration; she was not someone I would miss.

We stood and made our way to the side of the stage, our class was only seventy-seven students, so it would be quick. I heard Edward's voice first when Rose crossed the stage, then again for Emmett, so by the time I was handed my diploma, he sounded as if he might lose his voice from all the screaming he was doing.

With the ceremony over, I started pushing through the crowd to where I knew my family would be. Strong arms swept me up as Edward spun me around. "Bella, Bella, Bella, congrats sis!"

It felt good to have him here, and I was excited to be joining him at U-Dub in the fall. The twin connection was no joke and with us there weren't really any secrets.

"Thanks, Eddie," I said just in time to hear Emmett's booming voice.

"Hey, how come she can call you Eddie, but I get punched when I do it?"

"Because, I spent nine months kicking her in the side when my mom was pregnant with us. This lil one can do no wrong." Edward smiled down at me right as Alice came up and hugged me.

"Congratulations, Bella." She squeezed me again before handing me a bouquet of wildflowers. "I was going to get you roses, but Edward told me that you'd like these better."

Nodding, I took a whiff of the flowers before hugging her again. "He's right; I was never a roses type of girl."

"Bella, I want you to meet Jasper. Jazz, this is my sister, Bella."

I looked beside Edward and as soon as I made eye contact with Jasper, I stopped breathing. Pictures didn't do him justice in a pair of gray slacks and a white button-down shirt. His blond hair was slicked back, but I could tell it was probably a wavy mess when he didn't use hair products. The tan color of his skin made the blue of his eyes pop and his pink lips were moving so I was obviously missing his hello.

"It's nice to meet you too, Jasper. I've heard a lot about you," I responded, hoping to cover the fact that I'd missed everything he'd said.

Thankfully, Rose stepped in to explain my stupor. "You'll have to forgive Bella, we were up late having a spa night so we'd look our best for today."

"Well, you both look beautiful, so it was time well spent," Jasper said it with a smile and a wink, the honeyed tone and his Texas twang were enough to make me swoon.

"Okay kids," my dad said, ending the conversation. "Edward said that he and Jasper need to pick up a few things, and Bella, Alice needs help with her supplies, so why don't you kids head to Newton's now, and we'll see you at home. Just try and remember we have a six o'clock reservation at the Lodge."

"We will, Mr. Swan," Rose said as she led me out to her car.

Emmett, Rose, and I drove in her car, while Edward, Alice, and Jasper took his truck, heading straight to Newton's Olympic Outfitters.

Once inside, Rose and Emmett began picking out what they needed, while Alice dragged me around looking at everything they had to offer.

"So when you guys go camping and hunting, what do you get?" she questioned as she ran her hands over the various items on the shelf.

"It depends on where we're going, and what we're hunting. But you realize that we're going to be staying in a really fancy cabin. All you're going to need is some clothes you don't mind getting dirty for when we go into the park, and some boots if you don't want to use your sneakers. If you want a backpack then you can get one, but I don't really see a need for it."

"Well, I'm going to be wearing some of your brother's flannels and I have some simple jeans and tops. So let's look at some boots." Alice dragged me to the shoes and I helped her find a pair.

"You know, Alice, they sell clothes here if you want to get some, instead of wearing Edward's," I told her but she just giggled.

"Listen, Bella, I know Edward would never give you this piece of information, so I feel like it's my job to help you on the man front. Guys love it when you wear their clothes. I'm doing it to get him all hot and bothered so we can enjoy our time in that nice big bed."

Shaking my head, I made a beeline for Edward and dragged him away from the register where he was paying for our things. "You and Alice, and Emmett and Rose are taking the two upstairs bedrooms. I'm not sleeping anywhere near you two couples."

"Bella, we're not divvying up rooms until we get there and see them," Edward started and I cut him off.

"I'm not sleeping across the hall from either my best friends or my brother having sex, and you said the upstairs bedrooms had king-size beds, so why are you arguing?"

Edward thought about it just as Alice walked over with her boots and backpack. "Is everything okay?"

"Sure, Ali, we were just talking about the room situation for the cabin. It looks like you and I are in the master bedroom, and Rosalie and Emmett will be across the hall."

"That's fine, baby," Alice said as she winked at me.

We paid for our purchases, and then I climbed into the back of Edward's orange Chevy truck. Jasper got in next to me and we drove home, giving us a little time to get everything put away upstairs before dinner.

Alice followed me into my room and sat her Newton's bag on top of her suitcase. "Thanks for letting me crash in your room, it would be really awkward sharing a room with Edward in your dad's house."

"Don't worry, it'll be fun. It's not like I had many sleepovers growing up, just Rose," I admitted.

"Well, that will change next year. I have a private room, so I'm going to make sure to have you over for girls' nights. It'll be so much fun!"

I was a little scared of a girls' night with Alice, but thankfully, Dad called us downstairs to go to dinner so I didn't have time to think about it.

I walked downstairs with Alice to see Edward and Jasper had put on sports coats and even my dad was shifting uncomfortably in his suit, so I grabbed my leather coat and we all headed for the cars.

The Lodge was crowded when we got there, but we were shown to a table and soon I was hiding behind my menu. I really hated being the center of attention, and Emmett and Rosalie were a few tables over with their parents, so tonight was all about me.

Edward and Jasper spent the first part of dinner talking about the campus with Dad, filling him in on all the various hangouts and telling their tamest college exploits from the past year.

When the meal came, Dad asked about our plans for the week and we told him about the hiking paths and trails, as well as all the things our cabin offered. The place was huge, but with the maximum six people that they included in the price, it meant that we got it for relatively cheap when we split it equally.

As the conversation continued, Alice had mentioned that her present was back in my room, and Edward's present was my portion of the cabin, so the only person I was expecting a gift from was my dad, making the small package Jasper sat beside my plate unexpected.

"You didn't have to get me anything, Jasper," I told him.

"It's not anything too special, but Edward said you didn't have it, so I picked it up." I tore off the paper to reveal a DVD of the newest PBS version of Mansfield Park, my favorite Austen book.

"Thank you, Jasper. It's perfect," I said, smiling up at him.

My father's throat-clearing broke our eye contact, and soon he was handing what looked like a watch box across the table.

"Dad, you didn't have to get me jewelry," I admonished him as I popped the lid and stared dumbly down at the key ring sitting in the box. "It's a Happy Bunn… you didn't?"

"Well, it looks like I did." He smirked, his mustache dancing over his crooked smile.

"Oh, my God!" I ran around the table and hugged him around the neck. "Thank you, Daddy!"

"You have to be shitting me?" Edward yelled out. "I tried to get Jacob to sell me the Rabbit for over a year, and he sold it to you to give to Bella?"

"I think he's hoping to test out the backseat with her," Emmett whisper-shouted as he walked past us to the bathroom.

"Over my dead body," Edward and my dad said at the same time, causing the rest of the table to break out laughing.

"You needed a car for college, and even with as well as you did with scholarships, I couldn't afford to get you something newer. Sorry, Bells." My dad looked like he was ashamed that he couldn't afford two car payments at the same time on top of putting two kids through college.

"Dad, I love it. If you had gotten me something new, I probably would have yelled at you for wasting money."

The waiter brought out our dessert, so I settled into my seat and we finished the meal. I made a quick trip to the bathroom before we left, and was surprised to see the end of a pretty intense conversation going on between my dad and Jasper. I walked up to the table, grabbing my DVD and ending whatever they had been talking about before we walked to the parking lot.

"Okay kids, I won't be back before you leave, so be safe and try to make a few of the meals. Your sister's going to celebrate, not be your personal chef."

I rolled my eyes at the comment, and we all got back in Edward's truck, driving straight home.

I was shocked to see Jacob at the house, leaning against my car when we got there. He walked over and handed me the second set of keys, smiling as he gestured towards the car. "Want to take it for a spin, see how it handles?"

That right there was something I hated. Jacob was great, but he wasn't my type, and he never took no for an answer. "We're heading out early tomorrow; I really should go in and get some sleep."

"Come on, a half an hour won't matter that much," he pushed, but then I felt someone walk up beside me, their presence palpable.

"Bella, why don't you show me where I'll be staying tonight." Jasper's twang had a sharp edge to it, and the innuendo was clear in how he made that comment, causing Jacob to back away. When Jacob was back in his friend's car, Jasper whispered, "Sorry for being so forward, but you seemed really uncomfortable."

"No, thank you for that. I honestly believe Jacob doesn't hear the word 'no.' To him, it's like a sound so high-pitched that only dogs can hear."

We headed inside and the boys vanished, leaving Alice and I to go up into my room and finally reveal my gift. She opened her suitcase and pulled out a shopping bag, dumping a bunch of lace, satin, and spandex onto my bed. "I remembered the last time you came to Seattle that you said you didn't have a lot of nice underwear, so I got you some staples, along with a few that will drive any man crazy. Plus, I know that Edward is like a giant walking chastity belt, so I assumed you didn't have a lot of bikinis. So, we'll use this week to get him used to the idea of you being a woman with a body, instead of his sister."

"Alice, this is way too much," I started to tell her as she opened my suitcase and pushed in some of the items scattered across my mattress, taking the rest with her to my dresser.

"No it isn't. If your mom wasn't across the country living life with some preschooler, then you would have had the feminine support to break these men out of their cavemen ideas. That's what I'm here for. Think of me like a surrogate sister until the day your brother makes it official."

"What?" I gasped, as tonight seemed to be a night for surprises.

"He hasn't asked me yet, or anything. I just know that he's it for me, and he seems to feel the same, I just think he's afraid of saying it too soon."

I nodded; grabbing my pj's to change in the bathroom while she used my bedroom. By the time I returned, Alice had climbed under the covers and was flipping through the channels on my TV. We spent a little while hanging out before turning in for the night.