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Chapter 10


"Oh Jesus," I moaned as Jasper hit me in just the right spot.

"I'm not Jesus, Darlin', I'm Jasper," he teased and I smacked him as he changed his pace.

I could tell he was close and I wasn't far off myself. Just as his hips stuttered out a broken pattern against mine and I bit back the scream I wished I could unleash, there was a steady banging on our door.

"Mama, Pops, EJ's trying to get outside to swim in the creek!"

I whimpered as Jasper rolled off of me and began to pull on his pajama pants muttering, "Cockblock Cabin strikes again."

I laughed at his nickname for the cabin that started it all, and it was hard to believe that ten years later so much had changed.

We quickly put ourselves together and walked out into the main room to see our son pulling on the sliding glass door with all his might, but he wasn't big enough to move the wooden rod that was sitting in the track to prevent it from being opened by little hands.

"Edward Jasper Whitlock, what do you think you're doing?" I said with my hands on my hips and my foot tapping out a steady rhythm on the hardwood.

"Nuthin'," he drawled out, thinking the accent would win me over, which it wouldn't.

"Don't lie to your Mama, Boy," Jasper said from behind me and then more footsteps echoed as Edward and his brood joined us.

"Told you, you'd get caught," Brady teased and all eyes fell on him.

"You knew that your cousin was going to try and go out to the creek and you didn't tell anyone?" Edward went into cop mode and his son was about ready to wet himself.

"Okay, boys," Alice said to break the tension, "you go up into your room and sit on your beds and think about what you did. I don't want to hear one word from either of you or you're going to spend the summer with your grandma."

The chorus of 'noes' and the thundering of little feet let us know the message was received. Even all these years later, my mother was still a threat.

"Ginny, why don't you go upstairs and get Abby, that way you can both help with the pancakes." The words had barely left my mouth before Virginia was up the stairs and dragging her cousin back down.

The four of us laughed, because it was still hard to believe we were here.

Jasper was true to his word, and I took the lead on everything.

I decided when we move in together.

I was the one to hint at waiting until our last year of school before getting engaged. Edward and Alice both graduated the year before us, but Jasper had opted for a program that earned him a Master's degree in five years, so we both finished at the same time.

And I was the one that planned a winter wedding for the December after we had graduated.

The wedding had been at Southfork, and it was at our wedding that my dad pulled me aside to tell me that he'd proposed to his girlfriend, Sue. She was instantly accepted into our family and we continued on as we always had.

My mom popped into our lives a few times since then, usually for a few days before she offended someone or the kids started to get weird around her. As sad as it was to admit, my mom still didn't get it.

Edward followed us down to Texas and he was now a cop in Dallas, while Alice had opened her dance studio and tried to keep from killing stage moms on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, my plans had become a little sidetracked.

EJ had been born forty-one weeks after our wedding day, and I put my writing on hold to take care of him. Nettie, Jasper's mom, had helped me find a way into the charity ball circuit and I'd been working on being the new generation of Whitlock women along with Charlotte.

Though my novel still wasn't ready to send out, I'd published a series of children's books that had done well, and with my little Ginny coming three years ago, my life was pretty perfect.

Speaking of my angel, she got her father and uncle to carry two chairs into the kitchen so they could help with the pancakes. I whipped up two batches of batter and then placed the bowls in front of them. Starting with Ginny, I poured in the blueberries, and then I added the chocolate chips to Abby's. The girls diligently mixed their ingredients in, as Jasper stepped in beside me.

"They grow up too fast, Bella. Even though I only go as far as the main house most days, I feel like I'm missing out since I took over for my dad."

"They do, Cowboy, but you'll have another chance to see it, so you better find a way to either be home more, or move us into the big house for the duration." I giggled as Jasper stopped mid-nod, my words clicking in his head.

"You're pregnant, Darlin'?"

"I am," I whispered and his lips danced across my neck.

"When is Charlie coming to get the kids?" Jasper asked, and I knew where this was going.

"After breakfast. Then Edward and Alice are heading to Seattle for the weekend, so we'll be the last two here." I smirked up at him, excited to get some real quality time.

Edward and Alice came back into the kitchen with their bags packed and sitting in the hallway as I poured the pancakes onto the separate griddles. Alice slid in next to me to turn the bacon.

"I can't believe Rosalie's so big," Alice whispered.

We'd seen Emmett and Rosalie earlier in the week, and she was seven months pregnant now with twins. It ran in her family as well and a little part of me was worried about how much things would change if I had twins this time.

"She is having twins, and she's all belly. I looked like a small beached whale when I was pregnant with Virginia."

"No, you didn't," the chorus of masculine voices rang out from the next room. My brother and husband were cracking up at their little moment.

We served breakfast and the kids ran off to the back room to watch TV as soon as they were done. Jasper offered to pack up the kids while I loaded the dishwasher.

The loud knock on the front door had the kids cheering as I walked to open it for my dad. Sue gave me a big hug as my dad swept Ginny and Abby up, resting them on his hips.

"How was the week, kiddo?" my dad asked as he set down the girls and moved on to try and corral the boys.

"It was nice to come back here and see everyone. And I know the kids are excited to go to Poppy and Gram's house." I loved watching his reaction to the kid's name for him. My father was all about those kids.

"And we're so happy to have them," Sue agreed as Jasper carried down their bags.

"Hey, Son, how's business treating you?" my dad started asking Jasper about the ranch and I took the time to say my goodbyes to the kids.

"You all be good for Gram and Poppy, and we'll see you on Monday morning," I told the kids, who all tackled me for a group hug.

"Okay, monsters, come over here and give me a hug before you leave," Edward called as the kids ran over to tell everyone else goodbye.

We got the four of them in the car and with a few final hugs for Dad and Sue, they drove down the road. Edward was already carrying out their bags, Alice having popped the trunk.

"I know you're as eager for a weekend alone as we are, so you all behave, don't do anything we've done at this cabin in the past, and we'll see you at Dad's on Monday afternoon," Edward teased as he gave Alice a hard tug to get her moving.

"Don't listen to Edward, I'm ready for you two to make me another niece or nephew," Alice called and I whipped out my phone to send her a message.

Already done, but don't tell Edward, I want to surprise him.

I saw her eyes bug out as she read the text, but thankfully Edward didn't see it.

They drove off a few minutes later and Jasper scooped me up, carrying me directly into our bedroom.

"How long have you known?" he asked.

"I suspected it last week, but the doctor confirmed it right before we left."

"I'm so excited for this, Darlin'. We're better settled, even with me having taken over. My dad said that he'd be willing to do any travelling that might be needed since he's not stuck in the daily running of the ranch, and my ma will love tagging along for the new shopping possibilities alone." Jasper's whole face was beaming and I loved that I did that for him.

So many people had wondered how we would make it work, me moving down south with no one but him around. But they didn't understand us. Even without his family, who welcomed me from the beginning, and my brother and sister-in-law following us down, Jasper had always been enough for me. He was my world and I was his; and our two – soon to be three – children only added to that.

"Where'd you go on me, Bella?" Jasper's voice called me from my thoughts.

"Just thinking about how unbelievably happy I am," I told him.

"That makes two of us." his voice was low and needy. "Bella, let me love you."

"You never have to ask me, Jasper. I'm always here to love and be loved by you."

Jasper stood up just long enough to take off his pants and shirt before he helped me out of my clothes. I was still sitting up on the edge of the bed when Jasper started his loving.

He started by kissing my forehead, and then traveling down my nose, kissing both of my cheeks, and then finally my lips. That kiss was long and slow, and I felt it clear down to my toes. When he did move, it was only to kiss a path down my neck and across my collarbone.

Jasper started to lean me back onto the mattress as he moved to my left breast, his hands still holding steady on my sides as he used his magnificent mouth to tease both of my breasts until I was at my breaking point.

That little whine let him know it was time to move south, but of course, he had to continue to tease me.

His lips ghosted across my stomach, and then he skirted the area I needed him as he moved to kiss down my leg. When he reached the ankle on my left foot, he switched to my right, kissing back up until he turned towards my sex.

His tongue touched my clit and I nearly leapt onto the ceiling, but the sure strokes of his fingers and the quick flicks of his tongue kept me in place as he drove me to my pinnacle.

I heard the rustling of Jasper's boxers being discarded as he climbed over my still trembling body.

"You're my world, Isabella Whitlock, and I thank God every day that you're in my life. I am blessed to have you, and that blessing only grows with each child we have together." I saw the tears glistening in his eyes, and I was quick to echo his sentiment.

"I was in the shadows before you came around, but ever since we've met you've chased the darkness away and surrounded me with the most dazzling light."

Jasper settled between my legs and then pushed forward, finding his way home. Our lovemaking was slow and sensual, an ebb and flow between us that kept climbing at a steady pace. The dance was well practiced over the years and soon I was calling out to my husband, my own name floating in the air.

I must have fallen asleep shortly after, because I woke up to a sandwich and a smile from Jasper. We ate in bed, and then the two of us napped together, my body easily giving into the warm, comfortable temptation that was sleeping beside my husband.

What surprised me more than my first nap, was the fact that my second one took me straight to dinner. Jasper had grilled steak and potatoes, making salads from the leftovers from last night and putting it on the table.

It was a sweet little meal for the two of us, and once again, my husband had a few tricks up his sleeve.

After the dishwasher was set, he dimmed the downstairs lights and put on the TV, starting a DVD that was already set up in the player.

As the sounds of a muttering old man reached my ears, I turned to Jasper with a watery smile. "Jeff Dunham?"

Nodding, he told me, "I have all of his specials, but I thought it was best to start where we did. Now, come over here, Darlin', I want to cuddle with my girl."

I laughed and slid into his arms. We joked around during the first special, and as we started up the second, Jasper started talking about the new baby.

"I know that we both agree that as long as the baby is healthy, we're happy, but a part of me wants another little girl that I can spoil. Ginny is thoroughly against me buying her anything in excess," Jasper pouted, and I was laughing at his expression.

"You wanted to buy our three-year old a pony, that's a little extreme. But I don't have a preference, I just want them to have your blonde hair," I teased him about both of our children being dark haired.


Our discussion in the cabin was a vague memory when we sat in the doctor's office and heard that we were having twins, but it didn't keep Jasper from grinning like a fool. "Another boy and girl, how do we keep getting this lucky?"

"I'll tell you once I survive it," I teased him back as we left the office.


It was an icy December evening when Jasper drove me to the hospital, my labor coming on fast and furious. At two a.m. on December 21st, Joseph James and Natalie Rose were born, and I knew right then that I'd be keeping a close eye on those two, because I knew all too well what it was like to be the younger twin, with a protective older brother.