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Pairings: PeinxKonan, ZetsuxTobi, KisamexItachi, KakuzuxHidan and DeidaraxSasori

Chapter 1:

Sasori's POV


"I'm leaving now grandma!" I shout through the doorway as I walk out into the chilly weather pulling my red jacket closer to my body. Walking to school has to be the most tedious thing to do on the planet actually now that I think about it moving house is also I pretty horrifying task. I hate having to move all the time, but its always my fault we have to move; I don't mean to get into trouble its just I have a habit of doing so. New house, new school, new place and new friends; I don't make friends easily, I prefer to sit by myself and carve, paint or read, I never was one for having lots of friends around me. I had none in my last school and I don't think I'll have any here either. Grandma Chiyo always tell me to try harder and let people see 'what a nice boy I am' but I never do, no one seems to understand that things are my fault and that nothing can undo the things I have done. Enough with that train of thought, there's no need to bring up the past.
I stop at the school gate and just stare for a little while, surveying the area watching the students that seem to be everywhere, swarming around, bumping into each other, talking; it's so loud here too, not that I don't like noise but I prefer the quiet of the library or abandoned art room.

I don't even know where I am, I'm supposed to find the reception but I haven't got a clue where to look, just wandering around aimlessly. I thought I was heading in the right direction until I hit someone and landed on my backside. "Ow of course I would fall stupid small body" I grumble I have always been small for my age but sometimes it's ridiculous when say that you can't be seventeen because you look fifteen.
Something above my laughed, I look up and gasp at the sight. Oh god I'm going to get killed! My mind was screaming at me to run because the person I had run into was like six foot tall half of him was black and the other half white, he had this weird spiky plant like thing around his head, he wore a black cloak with red clouds on it and looked like he was going to kill me. I stood slowly and rubbed the back of my head. "You okay?" he asked politely I was stunned to say the least and stuttered my reply "Y-yeah I'm okay just a bit off b-balance" I hate when I stutter I also sound like an idiot; he smirked at this I guess he thought I was weak and little, well I am little but I'm not weak never have been; just because you can't see the muscles doesn't mean they are not there. I glare at about to ask what the hell he is smirking at when an ear piercing scream is heard "ZETSU"

Another tall boy ran from around the corner of the corridor, he was wearing all black also he had the same cloak on, black with red clouds, and had on a black and orange swirl mask, he seemed to be in a rush for some reason or another but I wasn't caring too much all I wanted was to be as far away from them as possible.
I started to turn around and walk to a different part of school but a hand clamped down on my shoulder and kept me still. I turned, glared and asked "what the hell do you want" I presume is name is Zetsu because the other boy is at him animatedly as if waiting for an order. Zetsu chuckled at his face broke into a predatory smirk I should have run when I had the chance. He lent down and whispered in my ear "I want you to come with my and Tobi here so we can introduce you to our friends." My eyes widened at the prospect of having people to call friends but soon think about how well that has went before. I don't want to be friends you wouldn't understand anything, just go away.
"I don't want to meet your friends sorry" I say back face completely emotionless and try to pull my arm from his grip but soon realise he is too strong so I raise my right hand and swing it at him. I hear a crunch and it looks like I have broken his nose, his grip on me disappears when he gaps his nose. I grit my teeth and say "Now I want you to leave me alone understand, I don't want to meet you friends and I don't care who you are just leave me alone." I hiss tuning away and walking down the corridor in the hopes of never running into them again.

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