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Chapter 7

Recap: Muffled voices trailed form the lower levels of the household. Deidara scrunched his face up in distaste "I hate having demon meetings they always drag on, un."

"There are more of you?" his companion questioned as they made their way down the stairs. The blonde chuckled at his naive partner "Yes there are and it's time for you to meet them."

Deidara led Sasori slowly down the wooden stairs, through the hallway and towards the door where the voices were coming from. The door slowly creaked open and five pairs of eyes were set upon the couple. Sasori ran his pupils over the five sitting around the table he recognized four and knew three by name. I know Kakuzu, Itachi and Zetsu. The one sitting next to Itachi was in English and I don't know who the pierced one is.

Deidara wrapped his arms securely around the thin waist of his boyfriend and whispered, "You don't know everyone here do you, un." Sasori shook his head gently and continued to stare at the group in front of him. "Well you know Itachi, Kakuzu and Zetsu. The tall one next to Itachi is called Kisame and the last one is called Pein, un."

"Good morning sleeping beauties." Said Kakuzu happily with a smirk planted upon his face. Deidara pulled his precious closer to his body revelling in the warmth that radiated from the smaller male. "Morning, un." He yawned sleepily, nuzzling Sasori's neck.
"Blondie, unwrap yourself for two minuets so we can start." Kisame said with an evil smile.
Deidara grumbled and reluctantly released Sasori from his grasps; the then lent down and whispered "Go and make yourself something to eat." Sasori gasped when Deidara brushed his cold fingertips lightly along the red heads ribs. Pleased with the reaction the smirking blonde sat on the empty chair next to Zetsu.

The smallest male walked from his frozen spot in search of the kitchen. "Your boy has nice legs." Commented Kakuzu grinning. Sasori's face had heated at the unwanted attention. A growl sprang forth from the blonde's throat; Zetsu placed his strong arms around Deidara before he leapt across the table. "Back off, un." Snarled the dhampyr.
The calming voice of Pein broke the tension in the room "Stop it, both of you, I apologise for their actions Sasori." Zetsu released the unruly blonde who had calmed at the tone used by the pieced man.

"It's okay Pein." Replied the small red head. "Can I ask you all something?" questioned Sasori. The group stared for a few seconds before nodding their approval. "Well, Deidara said you were all demons and I was wondering what kind of demons you are."
Itachi was the first to reply with "We are all different types. I am an Orc. An Orc have red glowing eyes as you can see. We are a very communal race but we enjoy violence and can be very selfish."

Kisame took a breath and said "I'm a Gelso. A gelso is a rare water dwelling ceature that is why my skin has a blue tint. We are very possessive creatures." His hand wormed around Itachi's waist and pulled the raven closer to him, Sasori smiled shyly at the action.

Zetsu answered "I'm a Kappa. I'm sort of like Deidara because I have traits like a vampire such as their stamina, strength and heightened senses. However I have green skin."

Kakuzu was next and said "I'm a Tiyanak. I am the offspring of a human and demon. I can look either demon or human depending on how I feel. I have more human traits than demon as I inherited more of my genes from my mother."

Finally Pein answered the question "I'm an Adramelech. I'm the chancellor to the demons of hell and president of the high council of devils. I am the last of my kind."

Sasori nods trying to absorb all the information. "Are the others demons?"
Pein shook his head lightly before answering "No they are human just mated to us."
With another nod of his head Sasori walks towards the kitchen in such of some tea. "Back to business, I call you all here because a Myurr has been sending demons to the void in order to obtain all the power of the underworld" explained Pein.

"What do we know about them already" questioned Zetsu
Kisame answered with "A myurr is a serpent demon you can spot them due to their giant claws, however they do have a human form also. When the first demon battle happened they were the highest rank and were field generals for the forces of evil."

"We also know that they only answer to the dark lords and can be highly intelligent." Finished Deidara
"The myurr we are looking for escaped into the human world ten years ago." Pein added, he noticed that Sasori had tensed while waiting for the kettle to finish boil. He couldn't know who we are talking about could he? Pein thought.

"Why has he only been found now?" asked Kakuzu
Deidara opened his mouth and said "Because he killed a dark lord and went on the run. Many upper level demons presumed him dead."
"Why are we after him now?" Zetsu asked bewildered.
Kisame brought some light to the situation by saying "The dark lord had a son who would have taken over. The myurr is trying to kill him."
Zetsu sighed afraid to know the answer but asked "So which one has been causing all the trouble." He held his breathe; hoping the name that passed Itachi's lips was different to the one he was dreading.

"Orochimaru" Most of the table stiffened at the name and looked wide eyed at their leader.

Sasori who was happily drinking his tea tensed at the name and as memories came flooding into his mind the cup he had held fell to the floor, smashing across the wooden floor boards.


The night was silent. The moon shone down upon the deadly quiet streets below. In an average house a small boy no older then the age of six was wrapped up in his wonderful dreams. A scratching at the window pane disturbed the young male. His soft brown eyes stared into the darkness around him. More scratching was heard and the young male slowly went to look at the window. As he opened the curtain he found nothing but the blank darkness staring back. He leaned to rest his tiny head against the cool glass and noticed a figure standing at the door. The figure looked up and smiled at him. His skin was pasty white, his hair was as dark as night while his eyes were a sickly green. The young boy realised it was his teacher Orochimaru. He rushed to open the heavily locked door and allowed his teacher inside.

Once inside his teacher grinned at him before walking into the kitchen. "Ochimu what you doing here." Asked the innocent child.

"Well Sasori I'm here on a very special mission." Came a cold reply. The man had turned the gas cooker on causing small lights of fire to appear. He dipped his hand into it and dragged it along the wall leaving an orange flame in its wake. "Why you doing this?" asked the Sasori his eyes wide with fear. A dark chuckle sprang forth from the elder as he painted the kitchen with orange, yellow and red. "You see little one I want more power than I have and therefore I must kill what is in my way. Which just so happens to be your family." A shocked looked crossed Sasori's face and it melted into anxiety and fear as he followed the pattern of red and orange that danced through his home. The colours spread towards the wooden stairs blocking his only was to his parents. He screamed as he watched it run across walls, doors and floors.

A pale white hand covered his mouth but it was too late the elders had been aroused from their slumber. They ran from their room to the stairs and stood unable to go any further towards their struggling child due to the rise in flames. Orochimaru laughed and said "What is wrong my lord, are you unable to help you child and wife from this?" The demon flicked his pink snake tongue against the child's ear.

The young red head screamed for his father and mother hoping they could save him. Soon the world was spinning, all he could hear were fuzzy sounds, and darkness encroached upon his surrounds before enclosing and clouding his mind.

When the small boy's eyes opened again everything was white and there was a faint being noise. His surroundings became clear and he could see his grandmother sitting in a small wooden chair next to the bed he was lying in. He tried to speak but no words came out. The women looked up with a sad smile and patted his head telling him to rest more. All he could think about was where his mother and father were.

End Flashback


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